Abandoned North Mine Botw

abandoned north mine botw
BGM_Castle: The music that plays when in or around Hyrule Castle
BGM_Dragon: Probably the music that plays when around one of the flying dragons. I’ve never heard it play once despite having photographed all of them
BGM_DungeonBattle_main: The Sheikah Shrine guardian battle music
BGM_DungeonBattle_outro: The outro to that music, playing when you beat the guardian
BGM_DungeonTutorial_lesson1 – …lesson4: Most likely the music that plays in the first four shrines
BGM_DungeonTutorial_outro: You guessed it – it’s the outro to the above tracks
BGM_GanonGrudgeBattle: No idea. Based on the GrudgeDragon track below, I guess that “Grudge” is a mistranslation of Malice
BGM_Goron013_Humming_day and BGM_Goron014_Humming_night: A goron humming/snoring to the tune of what sounds like Totaka’s theme
BGM_GrudgeDragon: Probably the music that plays when you “fight” the Malice-covered dragon
BGM_GuardianFixed: The music that plays when engaging a decaying guardian
BGM_Guardian_main: The music that plays when fighting a moving guardian
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BGM_Guardian_outro: The outro to those tracks
BGM_Remains*_A – …Z: The music that plays while navigating the bodies of the Divine Beasts. A-Z probably play depending on the level of completion before engaging the Blights
BGM_SpBattle_AssassinBoss: The music that plays when fighting Master Kohga
BGM_SpBattle_ForestGiant_main: The music that plays when fighting a Hinox
BGM_SpBattle_ForestGiant_outro: Yup
BGM_SpBattle_GanonBeast_Level1 – …3: These tracks are too calm to be battle music. Sorry, no idea
BGM_SpBattle_Ganon_former / …latter: These tracks are probably for the first and second phase of Calamity Ganon before he leaves the castle
BGM_SpBattle_Golem_main: The music that plays when fighting a Talus
BGM_SpBattle_Golem_outroLong: Yeah
BGM_SpBattle_Remains*Boss: The battle music for the first forms of the Blights
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BGM_SpBattle_Remains*Boss_latter: Battle music for the second forms of the Blights
BGM_SpSpot_AnimalMaster: I have never heard that track before, sorry
BGM_SpSpot_MazeForest_main: The Lost Woods’ music
BGM_SpSpot_Musician: Kass’s theme
BGM_Spot_AssassinBase: The music that plays in the Yiga Clan’s hideout
BGM_Spot_Cmn*: The “Cmn” probably stands for “Common”, with these tracks being background music for these general areas
BGM_Spot_DesertSmallOasis: This most likely plays in the various non-sandy areas in the Gerudo Desert
BGM_Spot_FairySpring: This plays near the Great Fairy Fountains
BGM_Spot_FlightTrainingSpot: This plays at the Flight Range, where you meet Teba for the first time
BGM_Spot_FrontierVillage_*: “FrontierVillage” is just another name for Tarrey Town. These tracks play depending on Tarrey Town’s questline
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BGM_Spot_HorseGod: This plays when you meet the Horse God. Pretty self-explanatory, I’d say
BGM_Spot_KakarikoVillage_Allday.m4a: This plays in Kakariko Village
BGM_Spot_NewGerudoCity_Allday.m4a: This plays in Gerudo Town
BGM_Spot_NewGoronCity_Allday.m4a: This plays in Goron City
BGM_Spot_NewHatenoVillage_Allday.m4a: This plays in Hateno Village
BGM_Spot_NewKoroguForest_Allday.m4a: This plays in the Korok Forest
BGM_Spot_NewZoraVillage_Allday.m4a: This plays in Zora’s Domain
BGM_Spot_RitoVillage_Allday.m4a: This plays in Rito Village
BGM_Spot_SouthernVillage_Allday.m4a: This plays in Lurelin Village
BGM_Spot_NorthMine: This plays at the Abandoned North Mine
abandoned north mine botw abandoned north mine botw
BGM_Spot_ObservationPost: This plays at the Observation Post, the spot where you start the robot humpy camel’s surf thingy
BGM_Spot_SheikersTower: This probably plays on top of the Sheikah Towers
BGM_Spot_TempleOfTime: This is the track that plays in the Temple of Time’s ruins
BGM_Spot_Umayado: This plays around the stables. “Umayado” is Japanese for “stable” or “stable door”, according to Google
BGM_Spot_WaterSide: This probably plays in the south of Hyrule, near the beaches. Alternatively it plays on Eventide
BGM_horseDay_loop: This might play while riding a horse
BGM_horseDay_end: This might play after dismounting a horse
BGM_horseNight_loop: This might play while riding a horse at night
BGM_horseNight_end: This might play after dismounting a horse at night
BGM_spBattle_Sandworm_main1: This plays in the first phase of a fight against a Molduga
abandoned north mine botw abandoned north mine botw
BGM_spBattle_Sandworm_main2: This plays in the second phase of a fight against a Molduga. This is significantly more upbeat than phase 1
BGM_spBattle_Sandworm_outro: This plays after defeating a Molduga
BGM_spSpot_CastleTown: This plays around the ruins of Castle Town
Bgm_Spot_AkkareAncientLabo: This plays in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
Bgm_Spot_HatenoAncinetLabo: This plays in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Bgm_Spot_MamonoShop: This is the theme of Kilton, the owner of the Monster Shop
Event_BGM_GamanContest: Never heard that one, sorry
Event_BGM_GerudoLeaderDemo: Based on the name, this probably plays when meeting Chief Riju for the first time
Event_BGM_GetMasterSword: This one is obvious
abandoned north mine botw informational abandoned north mine botw
Event_BGM_IchikaraWedding: “Ichikara” is Hudson’s Japanese name.
Event_BGM_Impa: This probably plays in Impa’s house or while speaking to her
Event_BGM_MiniGameGolf: This plays during Boom Bam Golf
Event_BGM_MiniGameHunt: This plays during the hunting miniquest
Event_BGM_MiniGameParasail: This plays while parasailing for money
Event_BGM_MovingIchikara: This plays when Hudson leaves a place
Event_BGM_MusicianTalkHint_*: These are the songs that play when Kass gives you a puzzle
Event_BGM_MusicianThemeEnding: Pretty much the same as Kass’s theme, but with a nice ending
Event_BGM_RemainsElecBattle: This plays when you’re sand seal-surfing behind Chief Riju, trying to shoot robot humpy camel’s feet
Event_BGM_RemainsFireBattle_A / …B: These play when you’re trying to fire that one Goron at Vah Rudania. Theme B probably plays when you get spotted by a flying guardian
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Event_BGM_RemainsWaterBattle: This plays when you’re on Sidon’s back, shooting giant ice cubes out of the air
Event_BGM_RemainsWindBattle_Intro: This plays when Teba asks you whether you want to start the assault on Vah Medoh or if you want to turn back
Event_BGM_RemainsWindBattle_Main: This plays once you’ve started said assault on Vah Medoh
Event_BGM_RememberBgm: This plays when a memory cutscene plays
Event_BGM_RememberComplete: This plays once you’ve collected all memories
Event_BGM_RitoBrosDemo: I’m not sure what “RitoBros” even refers to, sorry
Event_BGM_SheikersTowerOpen: This plays every time you get another map piece
Event_BGM_SnowBowling: This is the background music for the Snow Bowling minigame
Event_BGM_ZoraPrinceCheer: This plays when talking to Sidon
Event_BGM_ZoraPrinceTalk: This is pretty much the same track, but louder and with a different intro
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Event_Bgm_GetTrophy: No idea. This might be related to the “trophy” you get after finding all Korok Seeds
Event_Bgm_MinigameRace01: This plays during the Gut Check Challenge
Event_Bgm_RaceStartFanfare: Sorry.
abandoned north mine botw

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