Barbara Dunkelman Frown

barbara dunkelman frown
[14:01]Polendina Penny disconnected.
[14:02]*NoraValkyrie blinks.
[14:02]NoraValkyrie: ..People need to stop being shocked.
[14:03]Yang Xiao Long: it’s not shock, as such.
[14:03]Schnee Princess: You can have your body back now, Yang.
[14:04]Yang Xiao Long: it’s fine, why don’t you just keep me forever?
[14:04]Schnee Princess: If you insist.~
[14:04]Orphanmaker: Why is Yang pink?
[14:04]*Orphanmaker narrows her eyes as she arrives.
[14:04]*NoraValkyrie shrugs. Offers Orphan a cookie
[14:05]Schnee Princess: To conceive my child, naturally.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[14:05]Francis Drake: Does it matter?
[14:05]Schnee Princess: Regardless; for those who read, I hope you enjoyed.
[14:05]Yang Xiao Long: I’m pink for lots of reasons.
[14:05]NoraValkyrie: I always enjoy Weiss.
[14:05]*Hakuba applauds the display.
[14:05]Yang Xiao Long: What Weiss said is one of them.
[14:07]Tracist: ‘Ello, Angelique!
[14:08]NoraValkyrie: Angelique! White Chocolate or Dark?
[14:09]Orphanmaker: Milk chocolate preferably, or White if not.
[14:09]*Orphanmaker also settles on Lena’s lap.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[14:09]Schnee Princess: Also, good evening, Angelique.
[14:10]*Tracist brushes Angelique’s hair absentmindedly.
[14:11]*NoraValkyrie nods. ” Alright.” Making something nice for Angelique!
[14:14]Summoner Fujimaru: Hold up a sec.
[14:14]Summoner Fujimaru: > It wasn’t often she could indulge in her carnal lusts
[14:14]Summoner Fujimaru: citation needed
[14:14]Schnee Princess: What? I rarely have sex.
[14:14]*Corrin Hoshido huffs and pouts.
[14:14]*Schnee Princess files her nails.
[14:14]Corrin Hoshido: >:c I’m being called names.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[14:15]Schnee Princess: Like ‘cute’?
[14:15]Corrin Hoshido: Not nice ones.
[14:15]Barista Photographer: GOOD
[14:16]*Barista Photographer bullies Corrin
[14:16]NoraValkyrie: wait.. who is Corrin?
[14:16]NoraValkyrie: I WILL MURDER THEM!
[14:16]Schnee Princess: She’s a precious friend of mine.
[14:17]*Repulsive stretches, increasing the radius from which his… odor can be sniffed.
[14:17]*Barista Photographer calls Corrin all sort of mean names
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[14:17]*NoraValkyrie baps Velvet with a squeaky hammer
[14:18]Corrin Hoshido: ; ~ ; Stop it I am a sensitive girl despite my impassable superiority.
[14:18]Summoner Fujimaru: Corrin has people everywhere.
[14:18]Summoner Fujimaru: Much like I do, apparently.
[14:18]Summoner Fujimaru: butt sensitive
[14:19]Schnee Princess: Fujimaru is a tramp.
[14:19]Summoner Fujimaru: Seibah, please.
[14:19]Corrin Hoshido: Take that!
[14:20]Summoner Fujimaru: Your favorite movie might be lady and the tramp but we don’t have to remake fictional romances!
[14:20]*Schnee Princess promptly shoves Fujimaru. Jerk.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[14:21]*Summoner Fujimaru falls over, on her back
[14:22]Schnee Princess: I see. You’ve taken your natural position for defense.
[14:23]Summoner Fujimaru: It’s the perfect counter to hungry faceplanting.
[14:24]The Imperial Cult: fun things: a brain worm parasite crawling into your ear to make you into a depraved slut
not fun things: an ant crawling into your ear to be a pain in the ass
[14:24]Schnee Princess: Thankfully, that won’t happen. You trollop.
[14:24]Repulsive: Sensitive butts?
[14:25]Summoner Fujimaru: I can’t just be various Ts, Seibah.
[14:25]Summoner Fujimaru: Unless you’re calling me TnT which, erm. Thanks?
[14:25]Summoner Fujimaru: I think?
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[14:25]Yang Xiao Long: tUmUt
[14:25]Summoner Fujimaru: Corrin help me out here compliment y/n
[14:25]Yang Xiao Long: (Ha ha homestuck references)
[14:25]Akimichi: Lerl
[14:25]*Barista Photographer sneakily draws a heart on Weiss’s butt
[14:26]*Bicorn walks by and crits Gudako
[14:26]*Schnee Princess now has a heart on her butt. Right beside Velvet’s branded insignia.
[14:26]Akimichi: Someone give Nonon a womb tattoo.
[14:26]Corrin Hoshido: Compliment!
[14:26]Yang Xiao Long: but velvet’s insignia -is- a heart :thinking:
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[14:27]Yang Xiao Long: …actually so is mine.
[14:27]Yang Xiao Long: Huh.
[14:27]*Barista Photographer sweats a little bit. Oh right, that was there…her handywork was laking in comparison to that brand, huh.
[14:27]Summoner Fujimaru: Golly Seibah, thanks!
[14:27]Schnee Princess: Velvet is Yang…?
[14:27]*Schnee Princess c o n s p i r a c y
[14:27]Akimichi: I thought Yang was Phyrrah
[14:27]Yang Xiao Long: monkaS2
[14:27]Akimichi: :thonkeng:
[14:27]Summoner Fujimaru: No wonder yang fucks like rabbits
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[14:27]Yang Xiao Long: That would explain my need to breed like rabbits
[14:27]Yang Xiao Long: that too
[14:28]Schnee Princess: No, Fujimaru. It was an innocent.
[14:28]Schnee Princess: You’re a dirty trollop. A degenerate. Dirty.
[14:28]Schnee Princess: You smell unpleasant.
[14:28]Yang Xiao Long: Daym
[14:28]Yang Xiao Long: gottem
[14:28]Schnee Princess: Wait a second let’s go backwards.
[14:29]Schnee Princess: Did my autocorrect turn insult into innocent.
[14:29]Nonon: Why am I suddenly brought up for womb tattooing
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[14:29]*NoraValkyrie watches this all.
[14:30]Schnee Princess: If they tattoo your womb, I’ll just give you a repainting with my seed, Nonon.
[14:30]Schnee Princess: Then no one will know.
[14:30]Nonon: ♥
[14:30]Yang Xiao Long: People gotta pay me royalties to use Weiss’ dick, first.
[14:31]NoraValkyrie: .. I am so confused
[14:31]Schnee Princess: Are we trademarking Weiss Dick?
[14:31]Schnee Princess: Instead of Schlong it’s Schneelong?
[14:32]Summoner Fujimaru: I can’t believe Weiss is innocent around me…!
[14:32]Summoner Fujimaru: The only time, even. Is this… love?
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[14:32]*Schnee Princess stomps on Fujimaru’s face.
[14:32]Summoner Fujimaru: I hope not, cuz the cuckmemes, she–
[14:32]*Summoner Fujimaru ow
[14:33]Schnee Princess: Go hump one of your sluts from your admittedly impressively large harem.
[14:33]*Corrin Hoshido huff!
[14:33]Schnee Princess: Fine. You can hump Corrin too. She’s pouting.
[14:34]Yang Xiao Long: I do have this, Schnlong unfortunately, it’s not very good.
[14:34]*Barista Photographer is cocking a hard-light shotgun. Did she have to smack a bitch.
[14:34]Ochakuo Uraraka: Looks good though.
[14:34]A Ditzy Witch: heh cock
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[14:34]Schnee Princess: In which Velvet embraces her inner Yandere.
[14:35]*Barista Photographer don’t be silly Weiss. I cannot embrace my inner Yandere…if anything, I’d cut her arms and use them to hold you close~
[14:35]NoraValkyrie: …Killing Velvet is a scary Velvet
[14:35]Yang Xiao Long: I’m pretty sure in the picture I originally got it from, Goodwitch was ‘interrogating’ Weiss.
[14:35]Yang Xiao Long: With her riding crop.
[14:35]NoraValkyrie: Really now Yang?
[14:36]Yang Xiao Long: It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but i’m pretty sure that’s what was happening.
[14:38]Summoner Fujimaru: NOW JUST WAIT A MOMENT, SEIBAH!
[14:38]*Summoner Fujimaru point, phoenix wright etc etc.
[14:38]Summoner Fujimaru: I will not accept you calling my dear Servants and companions sluts! … The vast majority aren’t!
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[14:38]Summoner Fujimaru: Shuten is an edge case.
[14:38]*NoraValkyrie nods. ” Yang you know I love you right?”
[14:39]Repulsive: What to do, what to do…
[14:40]Schnee Princess: Take all complaints to my office and a secretary will see to you shortly, Fujimaru.
[14:40]Summoner Fujimaru: Huh. Surprising. []
[14:40]Summoner Fujimaru: Oh, alright. Hey Velvet!
[14:40]*Barista Photographer tucks her razorblade back into the sleeve of her secretary uniform…”Y-Yeeees?”
[14:41]*NoraValkyrie Velvet…bad
[14:41]Shuten-Douji: My “master called me a slut” sense went off.
[14:41]Shuten-Douji: My master is so unkind.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[14:41]Yang Xiao Long: Love? Me? Unpossible.
[14:41]*Shuten-Douji cues crocodile tears.
[14:42]Yang Xiao Long: People only want me for my body. My gorgeous, immpossibly well developed, muscular, sweaty teen body.
[14:43]Orphanmaker: Right. Time for sleep.
[14:43]Tracist: Night, luv!
[14:43]Tracist: Sweet dreams!
[14:44]*NoraValkyrie blinks. Well I like you for being you.
[14:44]NoraValkyrie: Sleep well Orphan!
[14:44]Nonon: Night from me too~
[14:44]NoraValkyrie: Good Night as well Nonon~
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[14:44]Repulsive: Night, Dorknon.
[14:44]Nonon: Shush dorkulsive.
[14:44]*Zoey Snowpaw makes her way in doing her best to find an empty couch without bumping into anyone
[14:44]Repulsive: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
[14:45]Repulsive: Dangit, she left before I could give my witty follow-up.
[14:47]Summoner Fujimaru: … I mean, you heard it all, Velvet, so just scribble it down.
[14:47]*Summoner Fujimaru facerubs Shuten, shhh, you get off on being called a slut –
[14:47]*Once and Future King smugs.
[14:48]*Shuten-Douji hmphs. “You think me so improper!”
[14:48]Summoner Fujimaru: … Yes?
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[14:48]Shuten-Douji: I’ll have you know, master, I only get off on it a little bit.
[14:48]*Summoner Fujimaru gives Arthoria garlic bread, continues facerubbing the lewdest oni in town
[14:49]*Once and Future King omnomnom.
[14:49]*Shuten-Douji smug sip. Or at least an attempt at one, the facerubbing just ends up ruining it and spilling sake all over her chest.
[14:50]*Barista Photographer dutifully takes out a notepad and begins to scribble! “First, take out his Achilles tendons, so he doesn’t get to run off. Then made sure to smash both of his hands with a hammer or something alike to make sure he doesn’t get to fight back. Then, drag in back inside and tie him to a chair, from there on, several ways to proceed. Recomended course of action is to one by one remove his teeth, before shoving them up his asshole. Make sure to be careful while removing the nails, don’t want him to die of an infection before I fully manage to peel his skin off and the slowly one by one peel off his muscles, grill them, and then force feed them back to him.”
[14:50]Shuten-Douji: Oh no! You’ve gotten me all dirty, Master; please, use your tongue to clean up your mess. Ufufu.
[14:50]*Barista Photographer stops scribbling, and smiles back, beaming with that sweet smile of hers.
[14:52]*NoraValkyrie remind me to tase Velvet later
[14:52]Yang Xiao Long: hey careful with the gore you’re kind of toeing the line, there
[14:52]Barista Photographer: Oh fuck sorry I forgot about that rule
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[14:53]Barista Photographer: My bad, I wont do it again.
[14:53]Yang Xiao Long: it’s ok, ur still cute.
[14:53]Yang Xiao Long: even u r a stupid rabbit. ♥
[14:53]*Summoner Fujimaru hairtugs Arthoria into Shuten, go nuts glutton. 😐
[14:53]Fujimura Taiga: GAO
[14:55]*Barista Photographer cowers
[14:55]Barista Photographer: Still sorry I stepped over the line
[14:55]*Golden Lunarette goddesses into the room~
[14:56]Shuten-Douji: Ah! Tsk, it’s just not the same if it’s not my master’s tongue. I suppose a king’s will do however.
[14:56]*Yang Xiao Long petpets. Really, don’t worry. You said yourself you won’t do it again, so.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[14:56]The Imperial Cult: Shuten, is a fancomic of you a Doujin?
[14:59]Shuten-Douji: Yes.
[15:00]Repulsive: Hm.
[15:00]SHIELD Agent Rios: Evening, folks.
[15:00]NoraValkyrie: Hello.
[15:05]Yang Xiao Long: TFW no cute girl to eat ur ass while you play card games for children
[15:06]The Imperial Cult: You could call the chance of that happening a Yang Xiao Longshot
[15:07]Yang Xiao Long: >:I
[15:10]The Imperial Cult: One of my life goals is to have a pun contest with Barbara Dunkelman
[15:11]NoraValkyrie: You will lose
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[15:11]The Imperial Cult: It’s ok
[15:12]The Imperial Cult: The contest itself is its own reward
[15:13]Lustful Assassin: How do I add pictures to my profile. I want to make this as perfect as possible to my own standards.
[15:15]Summoner Fujimaru: First, you add twitch memes
[15:16]Lustful Assassin: No.
[15:18]*Celeste the Femboy lounges on a couch
[15:19]Shuten-Douji: What is this, “twitch meme” Master?
[15:19]Summoner Fujimaru: I’ll leave it to Yang.
[15:20]Sunny Dee: Just go to your edit profile and upload. If it’s comic form, put the last page first and go up from there.
[15:20]Sunny Dee: That way it’ll be in sequential order.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[15:21]Aluve: It’s me.
[15:21]Shuten-Douji: It’s you.
[15:21]The Imperial Cult: You can also drag and drop the images to reorder them
[15:21]Yang Xiao Long: Memes are the best.
[15:21]Yang Xiao Long: Especially twitch ones.
[15:21]Aluve: Yang is a meme.
[15:22]*Shuten-Douji frowns at Ritsuka.
[15:22]Lustful Assassin: Hmmm. Thanks.
[15:23]Repulsive: It’s her
[15:23]Yang Xiao Long: I am kind of a meme.
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[15:24]Barista Photographer: I’m the meme queen
[15:25]*Summoner Fujimaru tucks Shuten in, shh, go oni.
[15:25]Yang Xiao Long: No, you’re just a silly rabbit.
[15:25]Yang Xiao Long: Tricks are for kids, rabbit.
[15:26]Barista Photographer: My dick is for kids
[15:26]Barista Photographer: Wait
[15:28]*Yang Xiao Long sends Velvet off to prison.
[15:28]Aluve: …
[15:29]NoraValkyrie: ha
[15:31]*Barista Photographer has her way with every kid in prison
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[15:32]*NoraValkyrie ,,, chances are you will die cause that is frowned at in prison
[15:33]Nigger Shota: oh
[15:41]Schnee Princess: Aluve. You missed me using Yang.
[15:41]Schnee Princess: It was lovely.
[15:41]Aluve: I have trouble believing she wasn’t using you.
[15:41]Schnee Princess: Hmph. I have witnesses!
[15:42]*Barista Photographer raises her hands
[15:42]Aluve: Velvet doesn’t count.
[15:42]Barista Photographer: FUCK
[15:43]Linked Lyria: I dun gone saw dem weissi throw ’em on that yanger character
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[15:45]Yang Xiao Long: Can confirm. She used me pretty dang good.
[15:45]Aluve: Impressive.
[15:46]Yang Xiao Long: My ear hurts. :<
[15:46]*NoraValkyrie kisses Weiss deeply
[15:47]*Schnee Princess bites Nora's tongue.
[15:47]*NoraValkyrie keeps pain
[15:48]Odjyn: I read that in the Darth Vader voice Aluve.
[15:49]Aluve: Darth Vader and I have a lot in common.
[15:50]*NoraValkyrie pulls away soon after that. " .. Why.. bite my tongue..?"
[15:55]Nigger Shota: Now I need to fuck a Sith. Dammit.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[15:58]Aluve: I'm not a sith.
[15:59]*Monkey King- Waves at everyone
[15:59]Aluve: We just both have children we're not aware of.
[16:00]Nigger Shota: I mean same.
[16:00]Nigger Shota: I have another thing in common with him. I'm black. 'u'
[16:00]Nigger Shota: And really like choking people.
[16:04]Fourth Prince: Choking is quality.
[16:04]Nigger Shota: Mhm.
[16:04]Caulifla: Force Lightning is my jam.
[16:06]Nigger Shota: Why not both
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[16:06]Nigger Shota: Shock and choke at the same time.
[16:06]*Nigger Shota really wants to do Darth Jacavo at some point. He's too much of a Star Wars geek to not want to.
[16:10]Busty Fuckmeat:
[16:11]Alexandra Taye:
[16:12]Nigger Shota: that overwatch version tho lmao
[16:12]Nigger Shota: good image too, BF.
[16:17]Kabris: Snapchat pone. []
[16:22]Littner: Dunkey did a video about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and mentioned how Pyra’s boobs are bigger than her head and literally the only thing he’s put in the video description is time codes to bits of the video where Pyra’s boobs are on screen
[16:22]Littner: lul2
[16:24]Cailee Prescyne: litt
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[16:36]Yang Xiao Long: Dang, this lady swag as hell
[16:37]Lucienne Macy: That actually was perfectly on-rhythm with the music I’m listening to.
[16:37]Lucienne Macy: What dark magic have you wrought
[16:37]Nigger Shota: I’m watching old Jim Sterling videos so it really doesn’t work with what I’m listening to
[16:37]Summoner Fujimaru: she has style, she has grace
[16:38]Nigger Shota: “I now have the urge, to fuck her face”…?
[16:39]*Soldier of the Apoc enters cautiously, looking for threats through the scope of his rifle.
[16:43]Littner: same
[16:43]Littner: i also fuck faces
[16:43]Littner: in my dreams 🙁
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[16:43]Auram: me too
[16:43]*Soldier of the Apoc finds no threats, and therefore lets his weapon fall to his side.
[16:44]Auram: sheep is dangerous ` ^`
[16:44]Nigger Shota: Fucking faces is fun.
[16:47]Summoner Fujimaru: You know what’s even better?
[16:47]Summoner Fujimaru: Handholding faces
[16:47]Auram: petting sheep
[16:50]NoraValkyrie: I’m off early. Night all!
[16:57]*Soldier of the Apoc noticed the sign out front saying “Den of Depravity” but so far is unimpressed
[17:00]Auram: almost like it’s night time and people r getting ready for bed
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[17:00]Soldier of the Apoc: True
[17:00]Soldier of the Apoc: But the other side of the planet hould be waking up
[17:01]Auram: the other side of the planet has to work in factories until they go to bed :q
[17:01]Soldier of the Apoc: Lol
[17:11]Elmi: I got some nifty gear for my healer
[17:11]Elmi: I’m close to bis equipment merrymonkas
[17:15]Angela: Aluve
[17:15]Angela: Sombra has a bigger ass in her new skin. []
[17:15]Widowmaker: Beau
[17:16]*Angela sits next to Widowmaker and shares tea.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[17:16]*Soldier of the Apoc waves at Angela
[17:16]Widowmaker: Maybe they can do mine wihz the next skin
[17:16]*Angela waves back.
[17:16]Imo: Mornin’
[17:16]*Widowmaker takes the tea. She wrinkles her nose a little, but does at least give it a little sip.
[17:16]*Soldier of the Apoc should really play his Wings of Remedy more
[17:16]Summoner Fujimaru: Angela with the hard hitting science.
[17:16]*Angela blinks at the nose wrinkle. She is particularly good at making tea!
[17:17]Soldier of the Apoc: Widomaker is french. They are weird
[17:18]Aluve: Someone really worked hard to figure this out. I appreciate them for it.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[17:18]Angela: Yes.
[17:18]Aliyah Saryn: Quench the thirst of the French by sticking your dick in their Trench.
[17:18]Soldier of the Apoc: ^
[17:19]Soldier of the Apoc: That’s funny
[17:19]*Angela blinks.
[17:19]Widowmaker: Hilarious.
[17:20]*Widowmaker takes another sip, sitting back, draping an arm over Angela’s shoulder and tugging her in to lean.
[17:20]*Angela would, to be honest.
[17:20]*Angela leans in as she is tugged, smiling.
[17:20]Widowmaker: Then get one. And get any hole you desire.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[17:20]Aliyah Saryn: Yessss
[17:20]*Soldier of the Apoc should not look at Widowmaker’s profile in the public library
[17:20]*Angela blushes, sinking down a bit.
[17:20]Aliyah Saryn: Buy a French.
[17:21]Imo: How much does a Frenchie even go for nowadays
[17:21]Widowmaker: More than you can afford.
[17:21]*Angela would have to pay? Goodness.
[17:22]*Soldier of the Apoc checks his account. “Does 40 million sound good?”
[17:22]Imo: I do enjoy a good challenge~
[17:22]Widowmaker: To fuck you? Non.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[17:22]Long Gate: The Multi-Million Dollar Ass?
[17:22]Soldier of the Apoc: No no. Just to strip for me. Or to Kill someone for me. Not picky
[17:24]Widowmaker: Murder is more likely, you would need to go through the Talon channels. Price varies on target and manner of the operation.
[17:24]*Widowmaker pets Angela’s head slowly, “… And non, you would not have to pay.”
[17:24]Soldier of the Apoc: Damn. I hate protocol.
[17:24]Auram: ~ u~
[17:24]*Angela brushes her head up against the cold, slender fingers. “..Ah.”
[17:24]*Soldier of the Apoc would pay 100 million to skip the channels and just do it.
[17:25]Auram: chump change
[17:26]*Soldier of the Apoc checks account again. Has $500,000,000 in spending money.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[17:26]*Auram pushes his glasses up with his middle finger so that they glare off the light. “heh…”
[17:27]Imo: Oh, Widowmaker, quick question. Ya’ use Slimcat by any chance?
[17:27]Widowmaker: Non.
[17:28]Imo: Gotcha’
[17:28]Soldier of the Apoc: Do you accept Visa?
[17:28]Aluve: Do you need help with Slimcat, Imo?
[17:28]Elmi: i’ll pay you in three carrots and not a vegetable more
[17:28]Soldier of the Apoc: ^ lol
[17:29]Imo: Nope! Just wanted to make sure of it for formatting purposes, thanks tho’ Aluve.
[17:29]Aluve: Mhm.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[17:29]Auram: i require 1 rub on the head
[17:30]Auram: 2 on the tummy
[17:31]*Maiev Shadowsong gives Auram a single pat to the head.
[17:32]*Auram presents his belly. ‘ v’
[17:32]*Angela sips her tea and relaxes.
[17:32]*Soldier of the Apoc offers Angela some biscuits, fresh made in his oven
[17:33]*Angela accepts and smiles. “Danke.”
[17:34]*Maiev Shadowsong …pats the sheep belly. Once.
[17:35]*Auram ‘ v’ vibrates. needs two belly rub
[17:35]*Maiev Shadowsong Say please.
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[17:36]*Auram flares his nostrils n’ breathes real quick. ‘ v’ pls
[17:37]*Maiev Shadowsong gives two belly rubs.
[17:37]*Auram :QQQQQ yesss
[17:37]Imo: That’s technically three, isn’t it?
[17:37]Maiev Shadowsong: I like to spoil him.
[17:37]*Auram pays Maiev a chunk of gold as her quest reward. ~ v~
[17:52]*Maiev Shadowsong gives the gold back to Auram. Has no need of money.
[17:53]*Hakuba brushes Auram.
[17:59]*Aluve picks at her teeth.
[18:00]*Auram sprawls out for dem rubs
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[18:07]*Hakuba lazes, and sprawls out.
[18:10]Jayda Volfire disconnected.
[18:57]*Gagsly gets sexy in it.
[18:58]*Gagsly strut.
[18:59]*Hakuba tiredly greets Gagsly with a wave.
[18:59]*Gagsly strut >:c
[19:02]*Prenya bakes.
[19:02]*Angela pecks Prenny.
[19:02]Angela: I got your skin.
[19:03]Enoshima Junko: That’s an intense peck…
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[19:04]Hakuba: Not like that, Junko!
[19:04]Hakuba: I… I don’t know.
[19:04]Hakuba: It wasn’t like that, was it Angela?
[19:04]Angela: …Okay reading that again, it does sound rough.
[19:04]*Angela corrects it to “I got Sombra’s new winter skin in Overwatch.”
[19:05]Gagsly: I want skin.
[19:05]*Hakuba exhales in relief.
[19:05]*Hakuba tosses a chocolate chip cookie over to Gagsly.
[19:05]*Gagsly watches it fall on the floor beside her ‘^’
[19:06]*Hakuba slumps his shoulders. “O- Oh. Not into cookies?”
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[19:06]*Gagsly prefers to be properly fed her snackums >:c
[19:07]*Virile Stallion arrives.
[19:09]*Hakuba crosses his arms. So stubborn.
[19:18]Yang Xiao Long: so many mages BrokeBack
[19:18]Smoldarra: You’re a mage.
[19:19]Yang Xiao Long: fuck you
[19:19]Yang Xiao Long: don’t ever say that
[19:19]Smoldarra: Stage mage.
[19:19]Yang Xiao Long: /banned
[19:20]*Smoldarra this just in with words from our CEO Darra.. “Fuuuuuuuuh-”
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[19:22]*Doing My Best does her best. Also, she’s a mage.
[19:24]Steelhead: For all ya’ll. []
[19:29]*Yang Xiao Long has to bully Nino now. Sorry.
[19:31]*Doing My Best d-does her best though!
[19:31]*Yang Xiao Long likes her but cannot abide any….Magey-ness.
[19:32]*Yang Xiao Long will simply have to retrain her.
[19:32]*Doing My Best isn’t ready for a class change from Mage to Dragon’s Slut…
[19:33]*Yang Xiao Long W-Whoa what?! No!
[19:33]*Yang Xiao Long to like….Archer, maybe. Nino would make a cute AF archer.
[19:34]Doing My Best: Yes I would. We call her Rebecca.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[19:36]Yang Xiao Long: ….
[19:36]*Yang Xiao Long whoa
[19:41]Onyx Li: Change to kitsune class k
[19:42]The Imperial Cult: I remember my fox faunus OC
[19:42]The Imperial Cult: she had an umbrella that shot lasers
[19:42]The Imperial Cult: and was also a raipier
[19:42]Shuten-Douji: Can I change to kitsune class?
[19:44]Yang Xiao Long: i was gonna tell u that kitsune isn’t a class but as of fates
[19:45]Yang Xiao Long: actuall, ya, it is
[19:45]Onyx Li: Yes you can onifriend
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[19:57]*Onyx Li puts fox ear headbands on everyone
[19:59]*Repulsive yawns
[19:59]Shamrock Polynian: Oh dear.
[20:00]Repulsive: ?
[20:01]*Shamrock Polynian tilts his head back and says nothing.
[20:06]*Repulsive shrugs to himself, lacking self-awareness on what an atrocity he is.
[20:06]*The Imperial Cult is a cult with fox-ear headbands
[20:08]Yang Xiao Long: ha ha babies are stupid
[20:08]Smoldarra: That kid got rekt..
[20:09]Smoldarra: Splashed with water, falls down, hit in the head with a cup, and down the rest of the way.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[20:11]Yang Xiao Long: here’s somethin’ cute
[20:12]*Shamrock Polynian sips from a glass of water.
[20:13]Alexandra Taye:
[21:10]Eiran Eldred: I can relate.
[21:22]Prenya: This [] is the most Feels Good that has ever Feels Good-ed.
[21:28]Rain Down Justice: That’s a good Pren.
[21:32]Prenya: ~u~b
[21:32]*So hugs Prenya.
[21:33]*Prenya patto patto.
[21:33]Dark Sun Gwyn: Prenya, I’d like to request… a tart.
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[21:34]*Glysola has a feeling that was a pun.
[21:34]Yang Xiao Long: ur already a tart, gwyn
[21:34]Glysola: THERE’S THE PUN
[21:35]*Dark Sun Gwyn squint.
[21:35]Motion of the Ocean: More schoolyard prod than pun-
[21:35]Dark Sun Gwyn: First of all, how dare you speak to me you blonde dregling.
[21:36]*This is my Tomb gasp. Gwyndolin.
[21:38]*Prenya gives Gwyn a tart.
[21:38]*Dark Sun Gwyn enjoys a tart. Excellent.
[21:39]*Dark Sun Gwyn squint. Weeaboo social recluse little sister fantasy fan service.
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[21:39]*This is my Tomb frown.
[21:40]Dark Sun Gwyn: Am I incorrect?
[21:41]McSmol: No no, you’re Gwyn!
[21:42]*Lindsay D Lohan peeks in.
[21:42]Dark Sun Gwyn: I’m going to put you in the corner.
[21:42]*Dark Sun Gwyn swat swat swat, huff, puff. Who said you could touch me?
[21:47]*Orphanmaker drops in briefly.
[21:51]*Cailee Prescyne spins Angelique.
[21:52]*Orphanmaker whines briefly.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[21:53]*Cailee Prescyne stops after the appropriate number of rotations.
[21:53]Alexandra Taye:
[21:55]Shuten-Douji: Cailee is a spinwitch.
[21:55]*Glysola uses spin on Cailee.
[21:56]*McSmol is getting dizzy from all this spinning.
[22:00]*Cailee Prescyne powers up.
[22:06]Glysola: W O A H
[22:12]A Slob Hypno: And home alone I am. One roommate had to stay at work. The other two went to the movies.
[22:12]A Slob Hypno: So weird.
[22:14]*God-Queen Nyotengu spins Cailee.
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[22:16]*Cailee Prescyne POWERS UP!
[22:17]A Slob Hypno: Wow. Marik starts the duel with a 4k Ra.
[22:25]Prenya: Cailee please, you’ll get too powerful.
[22:27]Cailee Prescyne: They’re spinning me.
[22:27]Cailee Prescyne: I never asked for this.
[22:27]Glysola: No, I used Spin.
[22:27]Glysola: That’s different
[22:27]Cailee Prescyne: You’re different.
[22:28]Glysola: Yes, yes I am!
[22:29]*Prenya spins Cailee in the opposite direction.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[22:30]*Cailee Prescyne powers down.
[22:31]Prenya: This is good, now you have an acceptable power level for me to smooch.
[22:31]*Prenya mwah.
[22:34]*Cailee Prescyne doesn’t burn Prenya with her power now.
[22:42]Prenya: Perfect. ♥
[22:43]*Trashe sneakily wiggles in, makes no noise.
[22:43]*Twinks Awakening makes a bit more noise, humming.
[22:49]*Virile Stallion arrives.
[22:55]*Tracist sneakily wiggles in to Ashe’s lap.
[22:55]Tracist: Hoiya, luv.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[22:59]*Trashe sneakily wiggles hands up Tracist’s hoodie, cold hands need warmth.
[23:00]*Tracist tries her hardest to warm up Ashe’s hands and heart.
[23:02]Cailee Prescyne: Gaaaay.
[23:02]*Shogouki Rider Ikari recalls the days when he used Crit ADC Ashe. Good times…
[23:02]*Trashe snickers into her shoulder. Is warmed to the core by that.
[23:05]Tracist: Don’t make me warm up your heart too, Cailee.
[23:05]Cailee Prescyne: Are you saying my heart is cold?
[23:05]Tracist: No, but it could always be burning hotter.
[23:06]Cailee Prescyne: Fair enough.
[23:06]Trashe: She just wants to give you a hug.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[23:07]Life Fiber: That’s pretty gay.
[23:08]Cailee Prescyne: Hugs are okay.
[23:08]Yang Xiao Long: tracer is a gay
[23:09]Tracist: I am a big gay.
[23:09]Yang Xiao Long: a huge gay
[23:09]Twinks Awakening: Tracist. I think Trashe’s breasts are cold too, you should warm those up.
[23:09]Trashe: Super gay.
[23:10]*Tracist proves her gayness by kissing Yang and Ashe both.
[23:10]Twinks Awakening: That’s gayer than I allegedly am.
[23:10]*Trashe eyes widen, does her best to keep up. Well this is a new experience.
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[23:12]*Yang Xiao Long ?!
[23:12]*Glayze ducks in under the doorframe.
[23:14]Prenya: Yang is also a big gay.
[23:14]Twinks Awakening: Prenya is the biggest gayest, though,
[23:14]Trashe: I think Yang is the biggest gay.
[23:14]Twinks Awakening: The cake-bakin’-queer they all her.
[23:14]Prenya: I’m gay for dicks.
[23:14]Trashe: Same.
[23:14]Prenya: But I’m a woman, so what does that make me.
[23:14]Garasha: Good morning.
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[23:14]Cailee Prescyne: A loaf.
[23:15]Prenya: I’ll loaf you.
[23:15]Cailee Prescyne: I loaf you too. ♥
[23:15]Prenya: heartcute
[23:15]Trashe: Morning, Garasha!
[23:15]Trashe: Ooof so wholesome. ♥
[23:15]*Garasha facerub.
[23:16]Garasha: It is so early. Holy schnapps.
[23:16]*Cailee Prescyne rubrub.
[23:16]*Trashe rubs tusks.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[23:16]*Garasha’s tusks are firm.
[23:17]Yang Xiao Long: fuck you ‘ashe’, if that’s even your real name, i’m not gay at all
[23:17]Trashe: If you wanna fuck me that makes you gay though. It is my real name, why would you doubt that!
[23:18]*Garasha attempts to resist the temptation to go back to bed.
[23:18]Garasha rolls 1d20: 14
[23:18]Garasha: Fuck. I resisted.
[23:18]Squigly Contiello: fake and gay
[23:19]*Trashe slides into Garasha’s bed. Makes it more tempting.
[23:20]*Garasha goes to bed. She comes back hours later. The bed is thoroughly broken in.
[23:20]Yang Xiao Long: who said I wanted to fuck you, hoe???? >:I
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[23:22]*Trashe would speak but Gar did a number on her, just posts this. []
[23:22]Trashe: I gotta go get some food. See you in a bit!
[23:23]Garasha: Later, butt.
[23:23]Anna Sasamori: Like, byeee.
[23:24]Garasha: Garasha, or Taliya. thinking
[23:24]Cailee Prescyne: Thonking
[23:26]Garasha: No. Just thinking.
[23:26]Cartoon Network: Farlight more like
[23:26]Cartoon Network: Fortnite
[23:27]*Cartoon Network We should play Fortnite Farlight
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[23:27]Farlight: Ehat
[23:27]Farlight: Hello I was pinged
[23:28]Francis Drake: furlight I did it
[23:28]Cartoon Network: Hi it was me dorko cnwink Saying hi and what has you. Tosses an air kiss at Prenya too
[23:28]Francis Drake: I played Divinity
[23:28]Francis Drake: it was of the fun
[23:28]*Prenya catches it and leans in to smooch her wife.
[23:29]Garasha: Okay. Taliya.
[23:29]Farlight: I lovr Divinity
[23:29]Anna Sasamori: Like, heeey.
barbara dunkelman frown barbara dunkelman frown
[23:29]Farlight: Idunno what Fortite is
[23:29]Cailee Prescyne: Ciena is for cinnamin smoochies.
[23:29]Farlight: But I’mma smooch Ciena
[23:29]Taliya Winters: Tarliyar.
[23:29]Cartoon Network: It’s this hot new game everyone is talking about
[23:29]*Cartoon Network Oh no double triple threat smooches.
[23:30]*Cartoon Network Kisses Prenya and smooches with.
[23:30]*Farlight smeech
[23:30]Cartoon Network: I need to put on my santa hat but if I change my icon now Im scared the resolution of my Original one will perish
[23:30]Taliya Winters: I can’t put a santa hat on me because my avatar cuts off too high.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[23:30]Taliya Winters: Ripperoni smidgeroo.
[23:31]Cartoon Network: because it was made at 400×400 and profiles resize them to 100×100 so if I save it at 100×100 will the quality change again
[23:31]Cartoon Network: cnthink
[23:31]Cailee Prescyne: Thonking.
[23:31]Cartoon Network: thenkerin
[23:31]Taliya Winters: …
[23:31]Taliya Winters: Wtf is this.
[23:32]Barista Photographer: dab
[23:32]Nadotsuki: thunk
[23:32]Cartoon Network: This generally happens within a few moments of posting in here. Memes start to grow
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[23:32]Cartoon Network: and it
[23:32]Cartoon Network: is disgusting
[23:32]Barista Photographer: You’re disgusting
[23:32]Taliya Winters: No.
[23:33]Taliya Winters: I know what that is.
[23:33]*Barista Photographer smooch ciena
[23:33]Taliya Winters: I am talking about something else.
[23:33]Taliya Winters: Wtf.
[23:33]Cartoon Network: I am, but im gucci as fuk
[23:33]Taliya Winters: People are weird af.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[23:33]Cailee Prescyne: gucci
[23:33]*Cartoon Network All these smooches. It’s not even christmas yet. Where are the mistletoes
[23:34]Taliya Winters: Meesletoe.
[23:34]Anna Sasamori: That’s a nice bulge.
[23:34]Taliya Winters:

[23:34]Taliya Winters: oh nice
[23:35]*Cartoon Network Kisses Taliya.
[23:35]Cailee Prescyne: Mwah
barbara dunkelman frown informational barbara dunkelman frown
[23:35]*Taliya Winters blushes furiously.
[23:36]*Cartoon Network Did one cheek side, Cailee covered the other; Thumbing up to her partner in crime
[23:36]*Taliya Winters breathes quicker. Heart thumps in her throat. Cheeks red, shorts tented. Oh dearie me what a way to start the morning.
[23:38]*Anna Sasamori gives Taliya a smooch as well since everyone’s doing it.
[23:38]Cailee Prescyne: Naisu.
[23:38]Taliya Winters: I’m– I’m close.
[23:41]A Slob Hypno: Very nice, Caesar chan.
[23:41]Cartoon Network: Cailee is for; Holding hands and complimenting her hat and having very mouth-to-mouth conversations with
[23:42]Anna Sasamori: And fucking!
[23:42]Taliya Winters: So uh.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[23:42]Taliya Winters: Where’ Boomerang?
[23:42]Cartoon Network: My older sis? Overseas, doing my HW and yelling at me several times over about TTG.
[23:43]Cartoon Network: The usual. Family dinners are weird with her.
[23:43]A Slob Hypno: I like TTG.
[23:43]Cailee Prescyne: We can do mouth to mouth, Ciena.
[23:43]Cailee Prescyne: Or mouth to other things.
[23:43]*Cartoon Network O-oh
[23:43]Cartoon Network: cnsweat
[23:43]Cartoon Network: My sister looks like someone’s nanny []
[23:45]Taliya Winters: Boomerang used to be on my TV 24/7 when I was a kiddo.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[23:46]Cartoon Network: who remembers this []
[23:47]Cailee Prescyne: What about your other sister, [] Ciena?
[23:48]Cailee Prescyne: Also, Jack/Johnny bromance is good.
[23:48]Cartoon Network: Ah yes Adult Swim/FOX tan is cool and great. No nonsense advocate. Also I got her genes. Her bottom genes.
[23:48]Cartoon Network: It is.
[23:48]Cailee Prescyne: Yea, I can tell. []
[23:49]Cartoon Network: I miss those cartoon cartoon fridays crossover shorts they were so cool
[23:49]Cartoon Network: and then we invaded nickelodeons channel
[23:49]Cartoon Network: for a commercial telling people watching that channel to watch CN instead.
[23:49]Taliya Winters: I feel like I need a new avatar.
barbara dunkelman frown check more barbara dunkelman frown
[23:49]*Cartoon Network cnthinksaboutas
[23:50]*Trashe returns! Henlo.
[23:50]Taliya Winters: Hey.
[23:51]*Trashe smooches Taliya.
[23:52]Anna Sasamori: She’s like, gonna cum!
[23:52]*Taliya Winters is closer…
[23:53]Trashe: Wha- ok.
[23:53]Trashe: Don’t mess your shorts up!
[23:53]Motion of the Ocean: I’ve always adored the Johnny and Jack buddy comics.
[23:53]*Anna Sasamori finishes Taliya with a hands-on approach.
barbara dunkelman frown best of barbara dunkelman frown
[23:54]*Taliya Winters covers Anna from head to toe. At least her shorts are still okay.
[23:54]Anna Sasamori: Wow, that’s a lot!
[23:55]*Taliya Winters pants for a moment. “I–… thanks, I think?”
[23:56]Trashe: My turn.
[23:56]*Taliya Winters is still all thick and girthy and hung and veined. And still hard. Who knows, maybe she still has some in her. She probably does, given the look of those heavy balls.
barbara dunkelman frown

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