Butcher Block Table

Building A Butcher Block Table Out Of Scrap Wood

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butcher block table

Source – The 3D Handyman

In this video I put together a Redwood butcher block table using irregular pieces of reclaimed wood. There are quite a few challenges encountered in the process of building the table and I experiment with a 2 part finish in the end. As with all my videos I try to thoroughly explain my process and methodology every step of the way. Redwood is a really beautiful wood and hopefully this design does it justice!

There is a bit of a story behind the vintage wood used for this table and it took me a several years to work through this whole process. Eventually a bunch of muddy, bug-eaten blocks became my new 3D printer table. Part 2 of this series covers how I designed, tested, and built the solid 3D printed legs for this butcher block top.

Here is a link to part 2 of this series on making the legs:

Questions and comments are very much welcomed. I am a generalist and am not really a professional at any one given thing. If you have a pro opinion about something in the video, I would love to hear it!

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