Deceitful Wings Of Darkness Master Duel

deceitful wings of darkness master duel
Cards to craft/packs to open if you want a chance at opening high power cards and staples

Crafting a SR or higher from a pack will give you a secret key. This secret key will make its pack available for 24 hours, so plan accordingly with your CP usage and gem count.

Crafting a SR/UR will also give you a FREE pull from the aforementioned pack. Below the staples is a list with the cards that give you multiple free pulls. Consider this if you need crafting material, or are interested on multiple packs. You can check which packs will be unlocked when you craft a card by using the “How to Obtain” button on the deck building tab.

Keep in mind that many staples like Ash Blossom and Maxx C are currently only obtainable in Master Packs, so you won’t have this option for them. You have to craft them or get them the hard way. Sometimes a card you need will also be available in Structure Decks and the store bundles. Always remember to use the “How to Obtain” tab to prevent wasting resources.

Below is a list of high value craftable cards that will unlock the pack the staple is placed into. Keep in mind some packs will have highly generic options (Cosmic Mechanical Entities), while others will be niche at most (Glory on Wings, Invaders from Outer Space)

deceitful wings of darkness master duel informational deceitful wings of darkness master duel
Knightmare Cerberus/Phoenix/Unicorn >>>> Cosmic Mechanical Entities (also unlocked when “The Legend of Star Heroes” is cleared in solo)
Solemn Judgment/Warning/Strike >>>> Guardians of the Sacred Sky
Accesscode Talker >>>> Soldiers from the Storm (craft Lady Debug – SR -)
Nibiru, the Primal Being >>>> Invaders from Outer Space (craft King of the Feral Imps – SR -)
Harpie’s Feather Duster >>>> Glory on Wings (craft Harpie’s Feather Storm – UR -, or Icarus Attack – SR -)
Forbidden Droplet>>>> Deceitful Wings of Darkness (craft Forbidden Lance – SR -)
Artifact Scythe/Sanctum/Dagda/Lancea >>>> Awakening of the Ancients
Psy-Frame Gamma/IP:Masquerena/Psy-Frame Lord Omega >>>> Space-Time Transcendents

Selection Pack choice (you don’t need to craft a card to access the pack, but the pack expires after a few weeks)
deceitful wings of darkness master duel informational deceitful wings of darkness master duel

Adventurer Engine>>>>> Wandering Travelers (The Adventurer package – conformed of URs Water Enchantress of the Temple, Rite of Aramesir and Wandering Gryphon Rider, SR Fateful Adventure and R Dracoback, the Rideable Dragon – is one of the most powerful and splashable support engines in Yu-Gi-Oh, and I recommend you try to pull for it before Wandering Travelers expires)

SR Cards that unlock 2 or more FREE pulls when crafted

Marshalling Field
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (UR, only craft if you feel INCREDIBLY lucky, UR CP is extremely scarce)

deceitful wings of darkness master duel check more deceitful wings of darkness master duel
Raider’s Knight/Phantom Knights’ Rank-Up-Magic Force/Raidraptors’ Phantom Knights Claw (all three unlock the same packs)
Gateway to Chaos/Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight (unlock the same packs, BLS/Chaos and Gaia/Buster Blader)
Ancient Gear Gadget/Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon (unlock the same packs, Ancient Gear and Gadget)
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker/Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon (share one unlocked pack, share the same packs as Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon)
Artemis the Moon Magistus Maiden (Invoked and Endymion packs)
Red Dragon Archfiend (Assault Mode and Red Dragon Archfiend packs)
Into the Void (Infernity and Infernoid/Qliphort packs)
Destined Rivals (Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician packs)
Elemental Hero Shadow Mist (Vanilla HERO and Evil/Masked HERO packs, the latter has Super Polymerization as a drop)
deceitful wings of darkness master duel informational deceitful wings of darkness master duel

Have fun!
deceitful wings of darkness master duel