Dragalia Lost Elemental Ruins

dragalia lost elemental ruins
EDITED 2021/11/12

>What is Dragalia Lost?
Dragalia Lost is a F2P action mobile game for iOS and Android developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo. Gameplay consists of controlling a team of up to 4 characters and traversing various stages and boss fights in real time combat, with one of 9 different weapon types. The game can be played either solo or multiplayer. Character building comprises your characters (Adventurers), weapons, dragons, and Wyrmprints. Adventurers and Dragons can be obtained from the gacha and from events.

>How big is the game?
The game is currently listed at 3.1 GB, but the file size increases significantly with each major update. Clearing your cache or opting out of downloading voices can help you save space.

>Is it P2W?
Yes, but that goes for all gacha games. Dragalia Lost features a PvP Battle Royale mode, which is slightly P2W. However, the game is perfectly playable without spending money. You will of course have to build up resources and spend them more carefully as a F2P player.

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>Is this game grindy?
Somewhat in the beginning, then no. The short initial period (approx. 2 weeks) is dedicated to make a stock endgame weapon, then you can leave the game on auto for you. There are monthly reward for semi-premium material and double reward drops are common.

>Is this game auto-friendly?
Yes. The repetitive content i.e. grinding is auto-able. Single/multiplayer very end game content are difficult and should be played manually.

> Can I ever catch up on oldfags?
Yes, the only thing you’re missing are few collab characters, most of them can be replaced by rollable characters gameplay-wise.

>Why isn’t the game working on my phone? Can I play on emulator?
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See https://dragalialost.com/en/news/detail/1344
Poorfag phones have been purged for the greater good. Emulators have not worked since the first couple months. Your only hope for a PC version is that Windows 11 supports Dragalia Lost.

>I got downloading error/cannot link a Nintendo account!/random connection error
Switch the region of your Nintendies account to the list of supported countries, or just switch to US, UK or JP if you’re unsure. (yes it’s doable)
Don’t download with work/school wi-fi
Nuclear solution if all failed:
download previous version of apk from here (you probably want arm64) – https://downloadapk.net
download split apk installer from the play store
use that to install the .zip you downloaded in step 1 (you might need to go to settings and enable “use zipfile api”, i did)
dragalia lost elemental ruins informational dragalia lost elemental ruins
launch dragalia and link account/accept terms
update dragalia from the play store to whatever the current version is

>What are some good F2P options?
The main character (default name Euden), Elisanne, Ranzal, and Cleo are all obtainable early in the main story and considered strong for their respective endgame content. Additionally, new players are guaranteed a 5* Adventurer from a restricted pool on their tutorial roll.

>Should I reroll? For what?
You can now reroll your first 5-tenfold summons without any account unbind/data wipe trick. All Gala units are available in this pool. Essential adventurers or dragons to reroll for:
Fire: Gala Mym / Gala Leonidas
dragalia lost elemental ruins dragalia lost elemental ruins
Wind: Gala Notte / Gala Ranzal
Water: Gaibhne & Creidhne / Lapis
Light: Gala Prince aka. (You)den / Gala Luca
Dark: Grace / Bellina (forma cerebro grande) / Gala Chelle (forma brazo derecho fuerte)
Grace Bellina is still good for all content sans Archangel fights (mid-very endgame content) and Trials of the Mighty’s Master (mid-endgame content) fight as they negate their gimmick. If you can luckCHAD all of these adventurers, you will probably never have to roll again.

>Why am I not having fun? Bosses die instantly when I turn into a dragon!
Early dungeons are repetitive and very easy to clear. The fun doesn’t really start until you get past the initial story chapters and start getting to the harder co-op dungeons.

>How can I raise my might?
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Levels for characters/dragons/prints/weapons, mana circles, dragon bonds, weapon bonuses, and castle structures (altars, weapon dojos, event facilities, etc.). Skip chimera weapons and ask /drag/ for Agito coop and go straight for agito weapons.

>How important is castle building?
Vital for progression due to the bonus stats you can earn from buildings. New players will start with a building speed buff that you should capitalize on while it’s active. Hustle Hammers will let you skip building time entirely, but you should save them for after the speed buff has gone.
Building priority should be with weapon dojos and elemental altars, the upgrade mats for which can be obtained from the game modes Imperial Onslaught and Elemental Ruins respectively. Also prioritize any building from an ongoing event, as you won’t be able to obtain upgrade materials for those until the event is rerun.
Most players will recommend using Wyrmite to buy 1-2 extra Smithwyrms.
Also check the Event Compendium where past facility events and raid events are listed. You can get facilities for various element/weapon buffs, adventurers, wyrmites, single summon tickets and more.

>What do I use Eldwater for?
Eldwater is used to promote 3* and 4* Adventurers to the next tier and to improve passive abilities. It’s also used to purchase Wyrmprints, which are character equips that will grant new skills or stat boosts. Eldwater can be obtained from events, rolling Adventurer duplicates, or selling dragons.
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>How do I sell shit? I’m running out of dragon space.
Teams -> Collection -> Dragons -> Part Ways
Note that unwanted dragons can be sold for eldwater. The conversion rate is the same as rolling a dupe character. Unbound dragons will sell for the equivalent of how many copies were used.

>Can I get Marth from Super Smash Br-/ Chiki/Verovero cute and f-
No. For limited characters, you’ll have to wait until their collaboration or event returns. For a list of limited units, see https://gamepress.gg/dragalialost/taxonomy/term/21546
Gala units are pseudo-limited in that they can only be summoned on Gala banners, but this banner returns once a month for a several day period. Galas provide boosted gacha rates on top of limited Adventurers, so new players will want to dump their wyrmite on these at the start.

>I still have questions! What about progression?
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Beginner Guide
Endgame guide

>What are the /drag/ alliances?
Here, make sure you post in the thread saying you applied if you enter one of these.
>High /drag/on trials
dragalia lost elemental ruins dragalia lost elemental ruins
>Take it Easy
>Cute & Funny
>Hotwife Mym
>Lin You’s Armpits
>Celliera fan club
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>New Fa-Friends
Old version by Pepino:
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dragalia lost elemental ruins

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