Ds Catia P3

ds catia p3
DS CATIA P3 V5-6R2016 GA (SP0) Multilang Win64
Credit : TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ

If anyone need Catia V5-6R2014/2015, Contact me.

For CATIA P3 V5-6R2016 you need to install cracked server DSLS_SSQ_V6R2016x_Installer_20160205 from this release
DSLS_SSQ_V6R2016x server suports all lower (R21-R25) CATIA versions too

1. Install CATIA P3 V5-6R2016 GA (SP0). Do not run CATIA at the end of setup

ds catia p3 here ds catia p3
1.1. Delete if exist environment variable “DSY_DISABLE_WININET”

2. Install DS License Server V6R2016x build 20160205 (by SSQ)

ATTENTION! For more info about DSLS Administration see DSLS.pdf

2.1. Uninstall previous versions of DSLS (if exist)

2.2. Run “DSLS_SSQ_V6R2016x_Installer_20160205.exe” as Administrator

ds catia p3 get more info ds catia p3
2.3. After end of setup run “DS License Server Administration” will start automatically. If not run Start > Programs > DS License Server > DS License Server Administration

2.4. On “Server Definitions” tab double click default server “localhost”

2.5. In “Server Configuration” window copy to clipboard “Computer ID” value

2.6. Close “Server Configuration” window

2.7. Run “DSLS.LicGen.v1.5.SSQ.exe” as Administrator

ds catia p3 read more ds catia p3
2.8. Input your computer name to “Server Name” field (computer name mast be English letters, digits and – _ symbols only!)

2.9. Past from clipboard value of Computer ID to “Server ID” field

2.10. In drop-down field “Generate License For” select “CATIA_V5R21-V5R26.SSQ”

2.11. Change the number of licenses (optional) and/or deselect undesirable licenses (optional)

2.12. Click “Generate!” and confirm to save *.licz file. Wait for warning “All done! Enjoy!”, click OK and close LicGen

ds catia p3 read more ds catia p3
2.13. Go to window of “License Administration Tool”. On tub “Server Definitions” connect to existing server and click License > Enroll

2.14. Browse to saved *.licz file and click Open

2.15. In “License Enrollment” window wait for warning that all licenses to be received and click OK. Be sure that there are no warnings about not valid licenses!

2.16. Close “License Administration Tool”

2.17. Copy folder “Licenses” from crack to C:ProgramDataDassaultSystemes (overwrite original one if exist)

ds catia p3 check here ds catia p3
2.18. Copy file Clientnetapi32.dll to win_b64codebin (by default C:Program FilesDassault SystemesB26win_b64codebin )

2.19. Start CATIA, run “Tools > Options > General > Licensing” and select licenses for desired configurations and products

2.20. Enjoy 🙂

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ds catia p3

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