Eldewrito Armor Customization

eldewrito armor customization
ElDewrito got updated to recently and peoople are back playing this game again! Come play (almost) Halo 3 on PC just like the old days with /v/ and co!

Eldewrito Armor Customization

>What’s Halo Online?

Halo Online is a F2P shooter using the Halo 3 engine released in Russia. However modders on >>>/halo/ have stripped out the cash shop and Russia only localization to make it work worldwide.

>Is there a document I can read?


>TL;DR, Where do I download ElDewrito?
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>How do I install this?

Download Halo Online from your direct link or torrent of choice, then install ElDewrito. ElDewrito will update as it needs.

==Just Werks Version== https://volafile.io/get/vj0zP2dXOg-N/Halo.7z

>Do people play this?
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Yes! There are between 50-100 players playing around the day on a regular basis as of so you’ll find people to play with.

>How do I join a game?

When ingame, press F11 to open the server browser. Then click on an open server and you’ll join it automatically. Passwords are case sensitive and If it’s password protected and you type in the wrong password the sounds of joining a game will play but it’ll take you back to the main menu.

>How do I change my name/armor?

Go to the player customization tab on the launcher and change the armor settings and name there. The armor changes in real time so it’s easiest to put the game windowed and then use the launcher.
eldewrito armor customization informational eldewrito armor customization

>Where can I find more info about Halo?

Check our local Halo board over at >>>/halo/. It doesn’t get updated much but that’s where you’ll find stuff when the devs aren’t dead.

>Is there a /v/ server i can play on?

We start servers in these threads and if you want to host one make sure to ask the thread or check to see if another /v/ server is currently up/full. JoJo usually hosts the game.

>There is no /v/ server how do I host?
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Its port forwarding with 11774 TCP 11775 UDP 9987 UDP and then you need to change the server name and password in the DoritoLauncher.

>I can hear others play ingame when i try to join but i can’t play

Update your game through the launcher or manually. The game is a leaked version of a Russian online game so there are many issues but the developers are hard at work to fix many problems

>How to make Armor looks not like shit (However its only client side but its worth it)

Pleddit Guide:
eldewrito armor customization eldewrito armor customization
1: You’ll want to download DarkToolKit Extract it in your halo folder or in its own file in your halo folder.
(Good idea to back up your maps folder before doing this to be safe) https://volafile.io/r/gfAZ5x so you dont have to make a Halo.Click account.

2:Open DarkToolKit and in the top left hand corner you should see “plugins” then go to TagGui.

3: On the left hand side you will have a tags list, navigate to “bitm” And search for “bitm 00000CC0” and “bitm 00000CC2” In the bitmap viewer press on the right hand side press “replace selected” And use the 2 dds files i provided to replace those textures. (http://www.megafileupload.com/hrgH/mp_masterchief-base_map-00000CC0.dds and http://www.megafileupload.com/hrgI/mp_masterchief-change_color_map-00000CC2.dds be sure you replace the correct files according to the files name.)

4.Congrats! Black under armor! 😀

Screens in game: http://imgur.com/a/7E9xr Screens of the textures: http://imgur.com/a/O0Wwv
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>Binding Buttons for flying camera on 1 life matches

Open the console ( ` default or F1)

input.bind o camera.mode flying

input.bind p camera.mode default

hit o to go into flying camera mode, hit p to return to normal
eldewrito armor customization informational eldewrito armor customization

>I want to Host and help but I have no maps, what do I

https://d.maxfile.ro/zqfdefuatr.zip This .zip contains maps and modes that JoJo uses however Haloshare.net hosts files for you to download, In file there is a read me to help you place the files


Hate to say it but we cant spoon feed everyone, if you have a specific error please screencap and we can help faster and it makes it easier due to a lot of people solving issues on their own. Also google or go on leddit if you have no other option. Remember to download the thing after Step 4 with the hyper links on the google doc, it adds dlls and other items.

eldewrito armor customization informational eldewrito armor customization

Set your dewrito_prefs to Read Only HOWEVER if you want to change it you must remove the read only and go into your Launcher and then redo it when your done.

>Known Bugs

Halo Announcer stops if host or client doesn’t have halo3.zip in mods/medals (https://d.maxfile.ro/clgdjczhcz.zip the File), make sure its titled halo3.zip when in your mods/medals)

You can fall through Icebox levels during Grifball and other modes and you have to reset the game

Grenades are always on
eldewrito armor customization informational eldewrito armor customization

If your files dont verify you must replace your updateServiceUrl with http://dew.halo.click/update_server/update.json in your .json file
eldewrito armor customization

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