The Ultimate Langrisser Torrent 1.2


Thank you for downloading this torrent. This file is intended to be a quick
walkthrough of the somewhat complicated directory structure.

All archives in this torrent are in 7zip format. For your convenience the
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Windows version of 7zip has been included at the root level of the torrent.


Added: Langrisser Complete I II III Art Book
Added: Crest of Gaia: Instruction Manual
Added: Guyframe: Instruction Manual
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Fixed: Windows-incompatible file names

Added: Der Langrisser FX Promo Book
Added: Langrisser IV Original Soundtracks
Added: Langrisser I for Windows 98 (Traditional Chinese)
Removed: Langrisser IV Rips

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This folder has a collection of every Langrisser-related audio file ever. It
includes soundtrack CDs, vocal dramas and song albums fully tagged in both
Japanese and English with embedded cover art.

It also contains audio rips for games which never had an official soundtrack,
as well as packages for emulated music formats.

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* Langrisser II Memorial Drama CD [SBCD-0001], which was distributed with
a fan book in 1995, could not be found.

* Track times on LANGRISSER V ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS are off by 2 seconds,
causing brief clipping at the start of each track. This is not a bad rip:
it is a mastering error with the original CD.

* Winamp and the necessary plugins to play emulated music files can be
found in /Emulators/Winamp/.
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* “Elthlead Trilogy [HOOT].7z” is actually a copy of the Japanese PC audio
player Hoot that has been hacked to load only NCS games. It has been
configured to play the music from Elthlead, Crest of Gaia, Guyframe, and
History of Elthlead.


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All things related to text can be found in this folder, including art books,
scanned PDFs of the game instruction manuals, strategy guides, side stories
included as extras on the game discs and every Langrisser FAQ from GameFAQs.


* English instruction manuals for Der Langrisser and The Crest of Gaia
are available.

* All omake stories for Langrisser IV and V have been translated to
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English. There are no translations for the Langrisser III stories.

* The FAQs folder includes Bogor’s script translation for Langrisser V,
which does not yet have a playable English version.


This folder contains emulators for every system with a Langrisser game. All
elthlead elthlead
have been repacked to include any necessary BIOS files so it should be as
simple to use as double clicking and running the game.

We also included Daemon Tools Lite, a virtual CD-ROM program, to help you
with getting the Windows versions of the games up and running.

Users of Ubuntu and other Debian-flavored Linux distributions can obtain
most of the necessary emulators and audio players by installing the packages
audacious, audacious-plugins, bsnes, mednafen, openmsx, pcsxr,
pcsxr2-l10n-unstable, and wine.
elthlead elthlead

Wine is your best bet for emulating Dreamcast and the more exotic computers.


* The PlayStation, Saturn, PC-Engine and PC-FX emulators can load games’
CUE sheets on their own. There is no need to use Daemon Tools for
these games.

* Langrisser Millennium is available as an original GD-ROM image. It can
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only be played using NullDC. Do NOT attempt to burn it and play it on
a Sega Dreamcast.


This is the big one: every Langrisser game ever, and every release thereof.
We’re talking about multiple versions, multiple languages, and all translation
patches and hacks pre-applied so you don’t have to track down exotic tools.
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Each game archive includes a CODES.TXT that tells all known codes specific to
that version of the game. FILES.TXT explains the origin of each game revision
and credits any fan translators.

If you are curious what is available in languages other than Japanese, consult
the following table:

Title Platform English Korean Chinese
1. Crest of Gaia (PC-Engine) X
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2. Der Langrisser (Super Famicom) X X
3. Langrisser I (Mega Drive) X
4. Langrisser I (Windows 98) X X
5. Langrisser II (Mega Drive) X X
6. Langrisser II (Windows 98) X X
7. Langrisser III (Saturn) X
8. Langrisser III (Windows 98) X X
9. Langrisser IV (PlayStation) X X
10. Langrisser V (PlayStation) X X

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* The Saturn translation of Langrisser III is only a partial patch. It only
translates the menus.

List of Games in the Order of Story

This list tells the order of the games in terms of the Gaia chronology, in
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case you would like to play the series in the order of its telling rather than
in the order of release.

1. Langrisser III
2. Elthlead
3. Crest of Gaia (Gaia no Monshou)
4. Langrisser I
5. Langrisser II
6. Langrisser IV
7. Langrisser V
elthlead informational elthlead
8. Guyframe

Complete List of Games in the Order of Release

This list tells the order of releases for each game in the series. A release,
for these purposes, is considered an independent port to a new platform. As
such, translations between languages are not included in this list.

elthlead elthlead
1, Elthlead (PC-8801) [1987/03/??]
2, Elthlead* (X1) [1987/04/??]
3. Crest of Gaia (Gaia no Monshou) (PC-8801) [1987/07/??]
4. Crest of Gaia (Gaia no Monshou) (X1) [1987/08/??]
5. Guyframe (PC-8801) [1988/01/??]
6. Guyframe* (X1) [1988/01/??]
7, Elthlead (MSX) [1988/??/??]
8. Crest of Gaia (Gaia no Monshou) (MSX) [1988/??/??]
9. Crest of Gaia (Gaia no Monshou) (PC-Engine) [1988/09/23]
10. History of Elthlead (X68000) [1989/03/30]
elthlead elthlead
11. Guyframe (PC-Engine) [1990/01/26]
12. Langrisser I (Mega Drive) [1991/04/26]
13. Langrisser I: Hikari no Matsuei (PC-Engine) [1993/08/06]
14. Langrisser II (Mega Drive) [1994/08/26]
15. Der Langrisser (Super Famicom) [1995/06/30]
16. Der Langrisser FX (PC-FX) [1996/04/26]
17. Langrisser III (Saturn) [1996/10/18]
18. Langrisser I&II (PlayStation) [1997/07/31]
19. Langrisser IV (Saturn) [1997/08/01]
20. Langrisser: Dramatic Edition (Saturn) [1998/02/26]
elthlead informational elthlead
21. Langrisser V: End of Legend (Saturn) [1998/06/18]
22. Langrisser I** (Windows 98) [1998/10/02]
23. Langrisser II** (Windows 98) [1998/11/20]
24. Langrisser I&II&II Digital Collection (Windows 98) [1999/??/??]
25. Langrisser IV&V: Final Edition (PlayStation) [1999/01/28]
26. Langrisser Millennium (Dreamcast) [1999/11/03]
24. Langrisser III (Windows 98) [2000/??/??]
27. Langrisser Millennium WS: The Last Century (Wonderswan) [2000/03/09]
28. Langrisser III (PlayStation2) [2005/10/27]

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* These games could not be located to include in the torrent.
** These games are included, but not in the original Japanese version.

Final Notes

Years of work went into making this torrent, so please help us to seed for as
long as you are able.

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This torrent is the last chance to keep much of this material alive and
accessible to the international Langrisser fan community.

Mh3u Lucent Nargacuga

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