Eso Start Main Quest

eso start main quest
Chronological order for quests in ESO:

Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
-Regardless of what tutorial you started at, if you want the best chronological quest experience, go to Glenumbra – Daggerfall (if you’re in the Daggerfall Covenant), or Stonefalls – Davon’s Watch (if you’re in the Ebonheart Pact), or Auridon – Vulkel Guard (if you’re in the Aldmeri Dominion), and speak to the “Shadowy Figure” to start ‘Soul Shriven in Coldharbour’, upon completing that you’ll be brought to your faction’s starting zones. Stros’ M’kai (and then Betnikh) for Daggerfall Covenant, Bleakrock Isle (and then Bal Foyen) for Ebonheart Pact, and Khenarthi’s Roost for Aldmeri Dominion. Complete your faction’s starting island main story, and then you’ll move on to the mainland of the first regular zone for your faction.

Then you’ll complete the main zone story chains of each of the following zones for your alliance. These questlines typically continue on to the next one after completing the last, but sometimes there are some times where the chain is broken and you need to move around a bit before the next quest starter will show up to you. Be careful when exploring a zone ahead before completing its main zone story, because later parts of the storyline can actually be done before its prerequisites, which will make less sense. There’s no real telling a main zone quest marker from a regular side quest marker.(edited)
You can do the Harborage Main Quests right after another, but I would advise spacing them out a bit. It used to be you’d do them every 5 levels, but they made it so you can do them at any level. Feel free to do them as often or sparingly as you like, but after you finish the 9th one, Council of Five Companions, wait before continuing further with that until completing your alliance zones.

You can do the Mage’s Guild and Fighter’s Guild quests as often as you like too, they’re pretty separate from the main quest, although it might be nice to have them done before moving on to the next stage after your alliance zone quests.The Thieves Guild is completely unrelated to any storylines, so feel free to do that whenever and however often if you want to do that for your character. The Dark Brotherhood main questline is also this way, but a lot of side quests in the Gold Coast where those take place, has a lot of recurring characters from the alliance storylines, so I would suggest at least saving the side quests there for later.

Here’s the zones for each alliance in chronological order:
eso start main quest eso start main quest

Daggerfall Covenant
-Stros M’kai
-Alik’r Desert

eso start main quest check more eso start main quest
Aldmeri Dominion

-Khenarthi’s Roost
-Malabor Tor
-Reaper’s March

Ebonheart Pact
eso start main quest eso start main quest

-Bleakrock Isle
-The Rift

After completing your alliance’s main zone stories in each of its zones, at the end of it you’ll be prompted with a quest called “Messages Across Tamriel” from your faction leader (or possibly Vanus Galerion in certain circumstances. If you’re given the quest from Vanus Galerion before finishing all of your alliance’s main zone stories, wait and finish them before continuing Messages Across Tamriel)

eso start main quest informational eso start main quest
Before continuing Messages Across Tamriel, make sure you’ve completed up to the 9th quest in the Harborage Main Quest series. The Council of Five Companions.
And if you want, I would suggest having finished the Mage’s and Fighter’s Guild storylines too, although it’s less important
After all of that, finish Message’s Across Tamriel, and then it’ll continue on to The Weight of Three Crowns, where you’ll begin the final zone of the main questline for the base game of ESO: Coldharbour itself.

I would suggest doing as many of the side quests in Coldharbour alongside the main quest for the best experience there. After completing all of the Coldharbour zone quests, you’ll do the final Main Quest of the Main storyline, with the Harborage, called “God of Schemes”

After completing God of Schemes, you’ll be given the opportunity to do something called “Cadwell’s Silver” and then “Cadwell’s Gold” after completing Silver. You don’t have to do them, it’s just basically them sending you to do the other alliance’s quests, with a blessing that makes it so that they don’t recognize you as your alliance’s hero (although that’s kind of a cop-out because NPC’s still comment on quests you’ve completed in other alliances, when in other alliance areas lol)

So you can either choose to do Cadwells or move on to the DLC zones. Those other alliance zones will always take place “in the past” regardless.
eso start main quest best of eso start main quest

Craglorn can be done at any time after the main quest (although it can be done before it too, there’s not much in the questline that references the main quest much)

Imperial City storyline is best done any time after the Main Quest.

DLC Dungeon Quests can be done in any order.

And then the rest go in this order:

Wrothgar (You can start this main questline by speaking to Stuga in either Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch or Vulkel Guard)
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Gold Coast Side Quests. One of the Side Quests called “The Sweetroll Killer” which gives a pretty big hint at some things going on in the next DLC’s, can only be done if you’re a part of the Dark Brotherhood and do a couple pre-requisites. It’s not needed to understand the story of the DLC’s in any way, but it does give you an extra dialogue option at certain parts in the following DLC’s because of hearing about a prophecy regarding them.

And then the second main storyline starts with Vvardenfell. There’s a Prologue quest for Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset, that you can do before starting those zones if you like, for an extra lead-in to the story there. Vvardenfell’s is called “The Missing Prophecy” and can be started in almost any tavern in ESO by speaking to Alessio Guillon. The prologue quest for Clockwork City is called “Of Knives and Long Shadows” and can be started by reading an Order of the Eye dispatch in almost any Mage’s Guild. The prologue quest for Summerset is called “Through a Veil Darkly” and can be started by speaking to Vanus Galerion in almost any Mage’s Guild. Yeah, he’ll be waiting there for awhile lol.

The Daedric Triad Storyline

-Clockwork City
eso start main quest best of eso start main quest
eso start main quest


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