Error -> Outdated
Solution: Download the latest loader from the website.

Error -> DeviceNull is already in use
Download and run as an administrator, then restart your pc

Error -> Failed to get ntoskrnl.exe
Boot into normal OS instead of the Windows 10 patch used by other providers.

Error -> HWID invalid
Open a “HWID-RESET” ticket and type your fourm username and reason for hardware reset.
Eg. Squish, New CPU

Error -> Failed to map driver
Unsupported windows version, Downgrade or upgrade to supported version (1809-21h1)

Error -> No subscription
Purchase a key from the website or an official reseller only, then activate the link that was sent to your email. If you cannot find it, check spam / All mail

Error -> Failed to load vuln driver
Disable / uninstall ESEA, FACEIT or Anti-Cheats/Anti-Viruses, restarting might also fix this issue

Error -> Unknown Error
Your username is incorrect. Please double check the spelling and try again.

Error -> Waiting for products
Your subscription is over. Purchase a key from the website or an official reseller, then activate the link that was sent to your email. If you cannot find it, check spam / All mail


Error -> 0xD0000201
The loader was unable to acquire your machines HWID. Please open a ticket and present this error message for support.

Error -> 0xD0000202
Intel Optane error, please disabe Intel Optane via this turorial

Error -> 0xD0000301
Internal network error, please try again on a VPN. If is the issue still persists for over 10 minutes, you may open a ticket for support

Error -> 0xD0000101
Unsupported windows version. Please downgrade or upgrade to 1809-21h1


Q: How can I activate my subscription?
A: You will recieve a link via email containing a text file with the activation link. Ensure you are logged in in on the forum, then visit the link. On successful activation you will be shown the message “Key activated”.

Q: My game is crashing when I load cobalt
A: Ensure you are fully loaded into the main menu and have finished downloading shaders before loading the software.

Q: Loader says “success” but the menu won’t show up in game
A: Ensure you are in a lobby, then press insert on your keyboard. If this still is unsuccessful, open a support ticket and we will be able to help further.

Q: How do I install scripts
A: You can download scripts from our website. After downloading a script, place the file in “C:CobaltScripts” then click refresh in the menu. If the script does not show up, ensure the file extension is .Lua.

Q: How do I install configs
A: After downloading a config, place the file in “C:CobaltConfigs”. Then you are able to load the config in the menu.

Q: Can I get level 1000
A: Leveling system is now patched and is no longer possible.

Q: How do I buy Cobalt
A: You can purchase from an official reseller or from the website. Be weary of scammers and only buy from users with the official reseller role.

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