Why did I make a bot/spreader for pastebin?Confused Well the logic is simple enough; is a low-response spread option (manually you get less installs per paste) so I decided to make a spreader that can automatically keep posting links there after a given interval. So that we don’t have to waste our time in posting pastes with our servers. Pastebin Pilot will keep posting/reposting so that you keep getting more views/installs while you can work on something else or just chill Thumbsup.


Pastes in two modes: same paste or multi-pastes
In multi-paste mode Pastebin Pilot will restart posting when title-end is reached Superman
Automatically get paste-titles from ThePirateBay
Re-pasting time can be set as desired
You can load your own file with titles
Paste expire time can be set
You can use a proxy directly from within spreader
fileink informational fileink
Run, set-up and forget

Download: Pilot.rar

Ttcore Mod

How To Update Powersaves 3ds