Files Minecraftforge Net

files minecraftforge net
Download latest exe file (make sure it isn’t the stable version or else it wont work)
Open the exe once done
Make sure to download client
Once that is done you may want to launch first using your minecraft launcher
To launch go down to the play button and to the right will show that you are using forge it will likely be called something like “unnamed installation” if you don’t see it click on the installation and see if you have it within the selection
Once You have forge open go to the settings and look for a recourse pack option and click within it, “open resource pack folder”
Use the finder to go back a folder to get into the minecraft folder
Keep the folder open for later
Download this mod selection!4H5Sja4C!l5ihvsqGB1OVq0aJ4XpYUw
files minecraftforge net here files minecraftforge net
make sure to download as a zip at the top
Once you are done downloading it extract the zip and move the mod folder from you’re one window onto the minecraft window
Make sure that the mod folder is going into the minecraft folder and not any other folder, a screen will pop up telling you asking if you would like to replace the files or not you want to replace all of the files.
Once you are done with that close minecraft and open the launcher again
Select the installation panel and click your forge installation
Press more options and look for Jvm arguments
You will something that says this “-Xmx2g” click on it and change the 2 to a 6 “-Xmx6g” (this will boost loading speed and performance)

It is Highly recommended that you read this, to bring the framerate to more tolerable levels.
files minecraftforge net get more info files minecraftforge net
Smooth Lighting:Off
Smooth lighting level:OFF
Dynamic Lights:Fast (Turn off if you really want more frames otherwise keep it on fast for torch to give you a mobile source of light)
Render Distance:8 (If you want best frames set to 2, if yo want to see further set it higher but be aware of the frames drops)
Clouds: OFF/FAST
files minecraftforge net more info files minecraftforge net
Sun & Moon:On (good for natural directions)
Translucent Blocks: Fast
Dropped Items:Fast
Swamp Colors:OFF
Rain & Snow:Fast
Entity Shadows:OFF
Smooth Biomes:OFF
files minecraftforge net here files minecraftforge net
Clear Water:OFF
Better Grass:OFF
Custom Fonts:OFF
Connect Textures:Fast/OFF(note that you will get a freeze lasting a minute or two)
Custom sky:OFF
Custom Entity Models:OFF
Random Entities:OFF
files minecraftforge net check here files minecraftforge net
Better Snow:OFF
Custom Colors:OFF
Custom Items:OFF(Another Game Freeze lasting a minute or two)
Smooth FPS:OFF/On(On may make the looking at the screen more tolerable)
Fast Render:OFF (Will improve frames greatly but may conflict with mods so perform at your own discretion)
Smart Animations:ON
Smooth World:ON
Fast Math:ON(shouldn’t matter unless making world)
files minecraftforge net check here files minecraftforge net
Dynamic Updates:Off/On (If you like to explore/move around more then keep it off)
Lazy Chunk Loading:On
files minecraftforge net

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