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free subscriber bots
[2012] Youtube viewet Tested & Working the 17/05/2012
Available Languages :
English (US), English (EU), English (SG), Espanol (EU), Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Polski
Ultimate Youtube Package
It’s been a while, but finally comprised a collection of tools to make you a success on YouTube -Enjoy!

1) Youtube Account Creator
Quickly create youtube accounts, perfect for mass rates, favs, and comments

2) Youtube Account Checker
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Bulk check all your youtube accounts for validity

3) Youtube Comment Poster
Instantly post comments to any youtube video

4) Youtube Friend Bomber
Gather ids, bulk friend add, bulk friend message
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5) Tubinator 2
Bulk gather, comment, subscribe

6) Tube Increaser 2
Best youtube view increaser out there!

7) Tube Booster 2
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Bulk ratings, comments, favs, views, channel views

8) Youtube Downloader
Download videos from YouTube, and every other video site

-Troubleshooting Guide – if you get any problems download this short guide

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