Fuzzy Guard Tekken

fuzzy guard tekken
Learn Tekken 7 in a reasonable and appropriate order:

• I’m New, Who Should I Play?
– Pick whoever appeals to you the most.

• Movement
– Remember to SW, not just SS.

• Attacking & Defending
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– Do not default to crouching as it leaves you vulnerable to getting launched.

• Using auto block
– Never rely on auto block as it doesn’t work with most strings.

• Mix Ups, Turtles & Movement
– You can challenge 50/50 scenarios instead of guessing them, by either dealing out a faster move, or BD whilst blocking.

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– Most 50/50 options appear out of advanced movements such as a CD or WD, or when they are at a frame advantage.

– Create most scenarios by using movement. With this you can bait out turtles by whiffing moves that have very fast recovery.

• Exploring Your Strings/Combos, Using Backdash
– Set CPU Action 2 to Guard All, therefore telling what sequences are natural combos, or strings.

– Focus on the simple shit such as blocking a low and punishing wish a WS move, not just janky combos.

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– Remember to KBD more when you are under a lot of pressure and you want space. Worry about doing it juicily twice to begin with.

– Learn how to KBD on both sides.

• How To Use Backdash
– KBD whenever you are getting string cheesed on, especially by Hwoarang. This makes the opponent worried as their jabs/kicks will start to whiff, giving you opportunities to go on the offense.

• Introduction to Whiff Punishing
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– Create more opportunities to Whiff Punish with movement.

• Blocking Lows, Punishing, While Standing
– Figure out the best WS moves to use depending on the frame advantage.

– A SAFE standing move is -9 on block, since the fastest move is a 10 frame jab.

– A SAFE low is -10 on block, since the fastest WR4 is usually 11 frames.

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• What if You Don’t Know How to Punish?
– Suck it up and lab/learn the match-up to know when and how to punish certain moves.

• Counter Hits
– Set the counter hit option to random to learn how to CHC.

– Start baiting CH’s by being at a frame advantage.

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– Slower/longer range CH moves are better used when the opponent is waking up.

• Okizeme
– During Okizeme, it is usually best to hit them with a low. If they are then conditioned to block low, you can mix-up with a mid.

– Throws are also a great mix-up after their wake up.

– Opponents will have a lot of answers when they are knocked down, so you need to figure out what the best option is depending on what they do.

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– Most opponents will side roll so try and find the best move for that.

– You can also set the get up options to random, allowing you to practice the different timings people have.

– You really need to observe how people behave and adapt accordingly.

– Do not only focus on what the most damaging combos are, as sometimes you want a combo that leaves you with better Okizeme.

• Getting Off The Ground
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– You can only tech roll when you get knocked off your feet and then land.

– Cannot tech roll when stunned.

– 100% invincible during tech roll.

– When you recover from a tech roll, you can only do WS moves as you are in a crouching state, leaving you vulnerable to certain moves when you tech roll.

– This is when you use different wake up options such as:

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– Do not bother with Quick Recovery (holding f) as it is risky.

– Instead, hold b as it is safe and evades a lot of moves (when on the ground facing the opponent)

– If you get hit on the ground, it acts as a reset, giving you another opportunity for a tech roll. Therefore it is sometimes good to stay on the ground and wait for another opportunity.

• Mistakes Made By Beginners
– Get out of the habit of holding d/b as you will get mid punished, so mainly stay standing guard, eat low damaging lows, and block react-able lows that launch you.

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– SS and SW more to create whiff opportunities.

– Always have a plan when you’ve been KND, don’t just spam buttons.

– Don’t throw out random RA’s, instead weave it into combos.

– Don’t focus on 10 hit combos.

– Don’t try to Low Parry everything, as damage is reduced after it, and a WS move after a block usually does more damage and is safer.

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– Don’t only practice combos in the lab, instead practice your WS punishes, learning your general punishes, or learning strings you’re having trouble fighting against.

• Making Decisions in Neutral
– In the neutral, KBD to create whiffs, having in mind the best move to use to punish it.

– Useful to also run up to the opponent and block, to observe their reaction, reaping the rewards of your movement decision.

– Practice in low-block punishing, drill it into your brain. This applies to every single character, as it is fundamentally Tekken.

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– Keep it simple when things don’t go your way, and focus on movement + whiff punishing.

• Simplify your Decision Making
– Simplify what moves to use when whiff punishing, boiling it down to a major whiff punisher, and a minor whiff punisher.

• Pokes, Frames & Sidesteps
– Poking characters rely on hit and run attacks, with a strong emphasis on frame data.

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– Frames are a measure of time (1 frame = 1/60th of a second).

– The range game in Tekken is about controlling space, whilst the close range game is about controlling time.

– d/f+1 is a great move, as it is fast, mid, -1 on block, and has a small pushback. When combined with movement, it can be an extremely strong lock down tool.

– Try to think of moves in pairs, as you are not able to react to a single move.

– Around 90% of a move set is shut down when you are under d/f+1 pressure, and the only way to get out of them. The move needs to be 13 frames or under to interrupt it, such as jab strings, Magic 4’s & crouch jabs.

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– Side-stepping is also viable, as well as a PowerCrush.
d/f+1 – BD – Whiff Punish
is a great sequence.

– And now to respond to those reactions, you SS as they are linear moves.

– A loose rule of thumb is to SS in the direction as the limb that is coming towards you.

– It is best to SSR against crouch jabs.

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– Most d/f+1 should be SSL, with the exception of Law.
d/f+1 – SS – d/f+1
Is another great sequence when SS’ed into the opponents weak side.

– However, since d/f+1 is quite low damage, we would rather:
d/f+1 – Magic 4
This beats out any mover slower than a fast high, but loses to moves that goes under highs, high jabs and Magic 4’s.

– If you think the opponent will go for a high or crouch jab, SS.

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– Moves in Tekken are carefully constructed around Risk vs Reward, so choose the correct response depending on the match-up.

– Once opponents start respecting your sequences, throw out lows to chip away at their damage.

– Lows are generally weak in Tekken, so should be used sparingly and in set-ups.

– Jabs are able to be re-orientated if delayed during the opponents SS. Therefore SS’ing needs great timing to be executed well.

– DO NOT treat Tekken solely as a turn-based game, as defense and offense often bleed into each other, due to hit ranges, SS’ing, and the evasive crush system, giving you far more options in any given situation.

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• The Application of Frame Data
– Linking movements with moves together to create a sequence is incredibly important. Movement is the tool used to make both of these moves useful.

– Frame data can be learned in two ways:

– The boring way, which is recording moves in the lab and punishing them accordingly, however this is incredibly important.

– The fun way, is using it to create and recognize situations. Be creative in your offense by looking at the properties of your moves, such as its frames on block, hit, CH, and the different scenarios and options that come out of each of them. In this sense you are creating a 3 dimensional understanding of the strategy you’re applying.

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– It is crucial to understand the properties of your moves and when to apply them.

– Frame data allows you to make good or bad decisions.

– Understand frame data enough to become creative with it.

– Always consider the value of your moves depending on its frames, and the opponents punishers.

– You must also consider the value of your moves depending on how much HP you have. For example, a hop-kick at he start of a round is great, but had terrible value when you have low HP as it can be easily punished by a jab.

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• Importance of the One Jab
– Getting frame advantage is incredibly important for both your defense and offense. Therefore, a ONE JAB is extremely useful.

– It gives you + frames, even though it is usually +1, allowing for control of the situation and mix-ups.

– It is also not risky if your opponent SS the one jab, as it has fast recovery.

– It is also important to sometimes spam even at – frames, to cut the opponents pressure and make him think again before he controls the situation.

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– Unlike a hop-kick, one jab is safe when it’s whiffed, as it is nearly impossible to whiff punish it.

– The one jab is a small move, but does a lot for you. It is fast, controls the frame and situation, and is also very safe when whiffed.

– So, when in doubt, consider using one jab.

• Effective Sidestepping
– To know which direction to SS in, mostly use logic and intuition. You want to generally SS in the opposite direction it is coming from, but since you’re mirrored, it would be the “same” direction.

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– An exception to the rule is EWGF, as you need to SS into the direction it is coming from, which would be SSR.

– Apply defensive logic to your SS, taking into consideration if the move is homing, safe on block…

– Usually you should just block if you have no reason, but if you have a purpose, then SS accordingly to evade something specific.

• Which Way Do You Sidestep?
– To figure out a characters weak side, you can simply look up the spreadsheet and use it accordingly.

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– Pros however, don’t believe that characters have a weak side. Instead, it’s more about choosing what move you want to SS specifically.

– For example, it’s easy to label Mishimas as weak to SSL as you can evade EWGF and Hellsweeps with it, but it is a generalization.

– The spreadsheet however is still incredibly useful for beginner/intermediate play as it can change the flow of a match.

• Getting Over Your Fear of Sidestepping
– You need to unlock the the part of your mind thats feeling comfortable with blocking, and switch it with over with being comfortable with SS.

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– Once your response to it being their turn is to SW, having it feel natural and comfortable doing it, you will reap the rewards.

– Trust SS more, just as much as blocking, as most moves don’t track to both sides, and it also gives you more offensive options if done correctly.

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• Abusable Stings You Must Sidestep to Punish
– Eliza:
SS the last hit of her b+1,2,4 CH Launch string (Rising Chaos)

– Devil Jin:
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SSR the final hit of b/f+2,1,2 Tracking Space Control String (Laser Scaper), as it is b/f+2,1 is -10 on block. Do not attempt this if the wall is to your right.

– Bob:
SSR 2,1,4 Mid KND String (Barista Swirl) and whiff punish.

– Katarina:
SSL or duck the fourth hit of 4,4,4,4, or punish her if she does 4,4,4,4,4. The 10 frame interrupt window can also be used.

– Lili:
Try and Low Parry the last hit of 1,2,3 if your punishers aren’t that good.
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With 1,2,4, you are able to float her with a jab, or SSL it.

– Law:
SSR b+1,2,2 Delayable KND String (Dragon Cannon). High risk high reward version of Laser Scaper

– Miguel:
SSL 1,2,4 Pressure String (Upstroke)

– Lucky Chloe:
SSR/Interrupt Back turned f3+4,3+4,3+4 Evasive Launcher (Cali Roll)
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– Leo:
SSL b+1,4 CH Launch/Stance transition (Ding Zhou)

– Nina:
Duck Second hit, SSR the final hit of d+3,4,3 Pressure String (Easy Prey)

• At the Wall: Offense & Wall-jumping
– You can set it in practice mode so that you always start at the wall.
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– Observe what the best players do with your characters at the wall and copy it.

– The wall not only acts as a barrier that restricts the opponents movement, but it also changes the properties of certain moves.

– Go for wall splats for more damage and combos.

– Any time you “spin” the opponent, it wall splats.

– Treat the wall splat as a launcher leading into a combo.
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– Wall carry not only takes them to the corner, making them stuck, but it also gives you more damage and additional attributes to certain moves.

– To do a wall jump, do b,b,u,b. You don’t have to neutral so slide up to u.

• Check Out Your Character’s d/f+2
– General rule of thumb when you do d/f+2, if it unsafe on block, it will launch a crouching opponent. It will not launch if it is safe on block, eg, Hwoarang, Yoshimitsu, Asuka, Lee, Shaheen, Paul.

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• How Do You Deal With Pressure?
– To deal with pressure you need to specifically look exactly at the thing that is beating you.

– Read what you are getting fucked over by and adapt to it.

– Learn the real defense before you learn the gimmick escape.

• Record Functions & Solving Problems in Defense
– You have to be specific to whatever is fucking you up. Look at what is happening on the screen when you’re getting fucked up.
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– Examine this scenarios in the lab with the record function.

– Find the specific answer for each scenario.

– To get out of jab pressure, realize that they are high and not homing, therefore you can SW them, crouch jab to get your turn as its a high crush.

– For example, if you’re being pressured by Jin at the wall by jabs, he’s going to want to crack your defense down. In this case, he will probably go for a low or a throw, which is when you can go for a read hop-kick.

– Usually just standing block at the wall so you don’t get hit by wall-splat mids, and wait for your opportunity to then use a strategy, such as a SW, high crush, hop-kick, punch parry…
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– Just block, BUT keep in mind that the opponent will want to crack open your defense so you are susceptible to mix-ups.

• Strings You Have to Duck & Punish
– Gigas:
Duck ff4,2 CH Launch String (Gorefoot Impact) mid-high

– Hwoarang:
Duck d4,4 CH Launch String (Firecracker) low-high
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– King:
Duck df2,1 KND String (Double Hook Disaster) mid-high

– Law:
Duck b4,3 Homing Punish String (Tiger Fang)

– Xiaoyou:
Duck d3,4 Wall Splat String (Giant Slayer)

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– Dragunov:
Duck b4,2,1 Pressure String (Death March to Ear Grab) mid-mid-high

– Yoshimitsu:
Duck b2,2 KND String (Oma Kugiuchi)

– Asuka:
Duck d/b+4,3 CH Launch String (Kariashi Shiranui) low-high, similar to Hwoarangs’s d4,4

– Miguel:
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Duck/SSL 1,2,4 Pressure String (Upstroke)

– Nina:
Duck f3 CH Launcher (Siren’s Kiss) high-high, very hard to react to.

• Crushes, Hitboxes & Evasion
– High and low crushers are essentially tech jumps and tech crouches. They are both invincible to their respective moves they’re countering.

– Crushing & Hitbox evasion are two different things. For example, Claudio and Lars’s evasive orbitals do not high crush, but have evasive properties. They do crush lows however.
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– Mid crushes do not exist. There are no systematic rule that determines what those moves are, as it is more sporadic depending on the strange hit-boxes/hurt-boxes.

– Specials mids are considered to be low in the crush system, therefore vulnerable to low crush moves and Low Parry. This is a general rule of thumb, as some specials mids ignore this.

– PowerCrush (Hyper Armour) moves are a mix of defense and offense, absorbing damage whilst also dishing out your move.

– They absorb high and mid moves, and only absorb 100% of damage. They are not immune to clean hits.

– They do NOT absorb low hits, and throws are the perfect counter against power crushes as they are immune during the animation.
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– Jab strings are also great against them as you are able to recover during its animation.

– PowerCrushes are best used against slow recovery moves.

– Rage Arts do more damage scaling with the less HP you have. They also absorb strikes like power crushes, without the weaknesses. Most RA’s are 20 frames and -22 on block, whilst Jin’s and Steve’s are 13 frames and safe on block, but high. Lucky Chloe’s is Low (can increase DMG during the animation by tapping along), Akuma’s in unbreakable, but can be jumped, and Hwoarang’s is safe and mid, but can only be performed from Flamingo Stance. Paul can cancel his RA into an extended combo, Eddy’s RA breaks walls & balcony’s, and Bryan does a taunt after his.

– Crushing or invincibility is rarely instant, as they have a wind-up before the crushing properties take place.

– High Crushes usually kick in faster compared to Low Crushes, stopping Low Crushes from being a default tool for beating mix-ups.
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– Most High/Low crush moves evade lows at frame 9, whilst Asuka, Nina & Xiaoyou evade lows much faster.

– RA’s absorb hits on the 8 frame.

– Before their special properties kick in, they are still normal moves, so you can break them.

– An interrupted power crush can be CH.

– Crushing is qualified invincibility.
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– There is elastic animations in Tekken, eg, Paul’s d/f+2 after a SS, he will duck slightly further.

– Hit-box/Hurt-box animations are never perfect, so don’t get too frustrated if something fucky happens.

• Rationalizing Lows & Low Blocks
– Any Low that is faster than 23 frames will usually hit you unless you have a read. Only focus on the lows you visually see, and remain in standing guard for most of the time.

– Lows that are unsee-able should be considered as chip damage, then use that to formulate a read.
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– Eventually, when its predictable, you make a read and punish accordingly.

• Low Parry
– Don’t try to Low Parry all the time as it is risky. Default way to deal with Lows is to block them, but if you are certain a Low is coming then attempt a Low Parry.

– Some moves are a lot harder to punish on block, in which case a Low Parry is more valuable. A lot of these moves are slower and easier to see, making it a good contender for a Low Parry.

– Strings that have a Low mixed in are perfect for a Low Parry.
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• Low Parry vs. Blocking
– For example, Law’s d/b+3,3 if you block the second hit you do not get any confirmed punish as Law can block, therefore the reward you get from blocking is not as beneficial as a Low Parry, as it gives you more DMG and Wall Carry.

– Some moves NEED to be Low Parried to keep the opponent in check, the biggest being Law’s Junkyard.

– You need 1 frame to block in this game, and 2 to Low Parry, meaning there are some moves you can only block and not Low Parry, eg, Kazumi’s d/b+2,3.

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• Ten Strings You Should Low Parry
– Alisa:
Low Parry last hit of 1,2,2

– Kazumi:
Low Parry d/b+2,3,4

– Feng:
Low Parry last hit of 1,1,2,1,3 (10 hit combo)

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– Lee:
Low Parry d+4,4,4,4

– Kazuya:
Low Parry 1,2,4,3

– Asuka:
Low Parry d/b+4,4,4

– Bryan:
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Low Parry his SS2,3

– Paul:
Low Parry qcb3,2,1

– Jin:
Low Parry last hit of 3,1,4

– Law:
Low Parry second hit of b+2,3,4
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• Mids vs. Special Mids
– Yellow Mids are regular mids that can be blocked standing, but not crouching.

– Special Mids can be blocked both standing and crouching. They are usually crouch jabs. Shittier version of a Mid that can be hop-kicked & Low Parried.

• Using Practice Mode in Tekken
– Focus on accuracy first, the speed will come with time and practice. That is great advice for Tekken and life in general.
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– How to move/Getting Comfortable with your character:
You want to first learn how to move with your character comfortably, such as performing a reliable KBD, SS… You need to get comfortable with these things, not just knowing how to do them.
Theres a level of comfort you can have when moving your character, so you are able to pull off these techniques without having to think about them.
Learning how to KBD during your opponents strings to stop their offensive is extremely important.
Practice being able to produce the KBD immediately after getting attacked a lot.
Your goal is to be comfortable SS’ing and KBD’ing these strings. Comfortable thinking about something and having it happen.

– Punishing:
Learning to Punish and Throw break as a reaction is important.
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You should be able to take free damage, and not let the opponent get any free damage from you.
Learn to react to the guaranteed stuff, like punishes on unsafe attacks, and learning not to give your opponent free damage as far as Throw Breaks go, since throws are free damage if you can’t break them.
It’s much harder to look at frame data, go in a match, knowing which moves are unsafe, without being comfortable executing the correct punish.
Practicing your punishes will make it more firm in your memory.
Use practice mode to associate your memory with the punish situation.
You want to have the situation in your mind, with the correct punisher alongside it. Then, when you go into a match and see it, you will know what to counter it with.
After using your correct punishers in matches, it’ll become more of a reaction instead of you thinking about it.
Practice the punish a lot in the lab, then in matches, look out specifically for it.

– Throw Breaking on reaction:
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The key to practicing it and training your reactions to break these is to not worry about speed. Instead you want to be practicing the association between the button and animation.
Make sure you only hit the button you know breaks that particular throw.
Look at the hands, and go through the mental process of identifying what type of throw it is (1, 2, or 1+2).
Make sure your body responds with the correct button press.
The speed at which you break these throws is a product of how good your practice and association is with the animation. You will eventually get fast enough to break it in time, so first focus on being accurate. Accuracy over speed.
Look closely at the hands, go slow, and be patient.

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– Reacting to Snake Edge:
Reactions in general are not about being able to do them fast, it’s more-so being able to react to the animation.
Focus on being correct, not fast.
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– Understanding Situations:
You will always run into new situations/strategy’s that you will have never seen before.
You want to know what your opponent is doing, and respond with the appropriate counter.
After mastering the basics, go online and play defensively. Observe how your opponents break down your defense, what options they were using.

– Options/Developing defense:
There are almost always multiple options to beat something in Tekken.
Every attack has some basic properties with a hitbox/positioning on the screen.
This makes situations in which it can whiff (being out of range), or SS’ing it entirely. E.g, Ducking Highs, Low Parrying Lows. Start up and recovery frames should also be taken into account when created a situation.
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There are a lot more options than you initially see when playing the game.
Best thing to do is go into the lab and ask yourself, based on those different attack properties, what you can do about that particular move (can I interrupt it, can I step it, can I backdash it, can I block and take my turn after).
You then want to test all of these situations to develop your defense and ability to counter moves.

– Building offense:
A great way to build your offense and to see the different ways your opponent can react to certain moves you do, you can record them in the lab and see what defense works against it.
Practice against your own things, and learn how your stuff gets blown up.
Really boil down each one of your most used moves and find out all the different ways it can be countered.

• Understanding & Practicing Hit Confirms
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– Hit confirmable strings are those that stay natural when they are delayed for long enough to allow you to visually confirm the last hit. The most popular being the Mishima 1,1,2.

– Most of these strings are very risky on block, because on paper you should never be doing this.

– The settings you want in the Lab to really practice hit confirmable strings is are CPU Action 1 – Random Guard, and CPU Action 2 – Guard All. This helps you practice them as if it were a real match, forcing you to truly hit confirm it.

• Buffering, not Canceling
– Learn a move first if you’re having trouble executing it in a combo.

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– You can buffer moves certain moves in the recovery of the previous once, such as the QCF input of Paul’s Deathfist, with the last button press 2 being input when you’re free to act.

• Input Buffering: Combos & Tick Throws
– You do not have to be free to move to input all the commands of a move, as you buffer them in the recovery of a previous move.

– Make sure that the command is timed so that the very end of the input comes out just when you recover. This applies to all throws in Tekken.

• Breaking Throws
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– There are two main types of Throws in Tekken, Command Throws and Regular Throws.

– You break regular throws by pressing either 1 or 2, but not 1+2.

– For Command Throws, you need to visually see which arm is reaching out towards you and press the specific punch button.

– Throws are always breakable unless they are performed on your back.

– It is always in your benefit to break your throw and visually confirm the Command Throw.

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– You need to correctly identify the Throw Break or the game will cancel out your opportunity to break it.

– Chain Throws are breakable when a certain limb is being broken for a split second.

– Throws are unbreakable against Armour moves, and this only applies to the first Throw of a Chain Throw.

– Chain Throws are usually a mix-up between 1 or 2 or 1+2 inputs.

• Reacting to Throws
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– The fastest throw in the game is 10 frames, and you get around 14 frames to break it.

– You have to add the first 10 frames of the throw, plus the extra window of frames, now knowing how many frames you have to break that throw.

– 23 frames is usually the human threshold to being able to visually block lows.

– Lows can be anything and quite confusing, Throws on the other hand are always Throws and are easier to see.

– You can reduce the number of throws thrown out, by taking into account the command/regular throws your match-up has. It is very doable.

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– Normal throws are usually 12 frames.

• Command Grabs & How to Break Them

– Gigas:
Throw break 1+2

– Leo:
Throw break 1+2
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– Jack-7:
Throw break 1+2

– Kazumi:
Throw break 1+2

– Master Raven:
Throw break 1+2

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– Bob:
Throw break 1+2

– Josie:
Throw break 1+2

– Miguel:
Throw break 1+2

– Dragunov:
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Throw break 1+2

– King:
Throw Break Giant Swing, 1, can tech roll for less damage
Throw Break Shining Wizard, 1+2
Throw Break Tijuana Twister, 2
Duck a lot to avoid throws, especially when he’s running at you

• Familiarity with Situations Makes a Player
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– The key to remember to defend under pressure is being familiar with the specific situation, as there is no key answer to everything.

– Take into account where the wall is, where other wall is, who your opponent is, what he did last time in this situation.

– Logically, when your back is at wall, you want to get away from it ASAP by SW or blocking. BUT there are certain scenarios in which you DON’T want to SW as your opponent might be using a homing move.

– You need to be continuously making reads on your opponent, taking into consideration the property of their moves, where you both are on the stage, both of your HP’s, and the information your opponent has given you.

– The best best Tekken players are more familiar with situations.

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– Tekken is a game of situations, and the more familiar you are with the possibilities and variables, the better you will be.

– It is all a matter of knowledge, being able to apply it, and especially when you know how to manipulate your character in the exact way you want to.

– There is a boundless pit of knowledge that you can learn in Tekken, and you need to keep this mind set in situations to be able to adapt.

• Using Your i12 Punishers
– One of the first things you should learn in Tekken is your best block punishers.

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– Try to punish as much as you can, especially with your 10 and 12 frame punishers.

– You need to be able to distinguish between these two types of punishments very well.

– The difference in damage between a 10 and 12 frame punisher is HUGE.

– i12 punishers are fantastic to use at walls.

– Attempt going for i12 punishers instead of always defaulting with the safe i10 punisher.

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– Try and use the appropriate punisher for each frame. If something is not launch punishable, but more punishable than a 10 frame, DO IT.

– Choosing the correct punish is not only a thing of frames, but also what your characters moves are, taking into consideration if your punish will be in range.

– Learn how to block punish anything, then at intermediate learn how to use the right punishment for specific scenarios.

• Letting Your Opponent Kill Themselves
– When you notice an opponent that likes to party hard, you can really slow it down and let him kill himself.

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– Most of the time, good players will only do moves when provoked, unless you do something that makes them believe that they’re in danger.

– You want to provoke someone to feel as if they must act, and when you’ve created that scenario you have to decide on what they are going to do and deal with it appropriately.

– This explains how you lose 99% of the time, as you are being provoked into doing moves that they want you to do, putting you our of your comfort zone, which they then use against you.

– Identify the bad decisions you are making in a match and stop your opponent from taking advantage of it.

• Using the Power of Pushback
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– Consider the strength of pushback that certain moves have, as this can cause the opponent whiff, giving you an opportunity to punish with another move.

– Hit the lab and play around with your spacing/pushback tools.

• Assessing Combo Risk & Reward
– Use the combos that feel most comfortable for you, so you feel confident pulling it off in any situation.

– People choose combos based on 2 things, the amount of damage they do, and your consistency in performing them in a real match/in the clutch.

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– Factors such as wall carry and Oki potentials also comes into play.

– You need to balance the risk you have if you drop the combo, and the reward you get if you do pull it off.

• Balcony Break or Wall Combo?
– Thinking about whether or not to Balcony Break or Wall Combo is character specific.

– Keeping the Balcony Break after a combo can be extremely helpful to create more situations.

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– So if you get your mid launch and you’re close to the wall, being confident enough in your wall carry to the opposite wall after the balcony break, then go for it.

– However, if it is after an already long combo that you reach that balcony break, really think about what would be best in that scenario.

• Crouch Canceling
– A lot of times when you are forced into crouch, you might not want to do a crouch jab or WS moves, so your goal with a Crouch Cancel is to get back to the standing state with your regular moves as quickly as possible.

– To perform this, in a crouching state, if you tap up once you will SS into the background. When SS’ing, you can cancel it at any point by performing an attack.

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– So, you perform a move that forces you into crouch, you crouch cancel it by tapping up once, then cancel that SS by performing a move during that SS.

– A crouch cancel can also be performed by dashing forward. This is best used when you want to use moves that come out of a forward dash.

• Instant While Running
– To perform iWR, HOLD the last f whilst running, and then press the button needed.

– You do NOT have to press f,f,f+2.
You do f,f,f hold the last one, then press 2
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– A good way to practice this with Dragunov is to do CD+2 into iWR+2. If you do it correctly, you’re doing it fast enough. If not, get good.

• Grounded Hits, Spikes & Wakeups
– There are certain spikes in Tekken that you cannot tech roll, such as u+3+4 (Leo, Katarina). Instead you need to immediately stand up and block. This is performed by inputting u.

PASTE  Tsukikan

– Holding back after being spiked is usually the best option as it defends against all block-able mids.

– If you need to block a Low immediately, input u then d/b.
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– Holding back is the best option most of the time.

• Tech Rolls
– There are 4 types of tech roll in Tekken, these include:

– Left Side Roll, Right Side Roll, Quick Tech, Back Roll, performed by making button or directional inputs as soon as you touch the ground.

-For Left/Right Side Roll, the button input depends on what side of the screen you are on.
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– To Left Side Roll, press the punch buttons on P1, and the kick buttons on P2.

– To Right Side Roll, press the kick buttons on P1, and the punch buttons on P2.

– To Quick Tech Roll, hold the forward input when you touch the ground.

– To Bach Tech Roll, hold the back input when you touch the ground.

– The use of tech rolls are as follows:
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– You are invincible during a tech roll for a short moment, however it is possible to be hit by moves after the roll. This invincibility also applies to homing moves.

– It is important to know how long this evasion lasts in the rolling motion, and attack after if you are trying to catch tech rolls.

– There are certain moves that beat out Left/Right Tech Rolls respectively. It is up to you to find out which tech roll to use so you don’t get caught by a move (Homing moves cannot be evaded)

– Therefore it is very important to know which direction can moves be evaded.

– And when you are attacking, it is important to know when the invincible motion ends, and to use moves that will not be evaded with Side Tech Rolls.
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– It is very important to hold your guard after your tech rolls.

– The Quick Tech Roll has a hit-box on the legs, is a Mid and does 4 DMG. This crushes low attacks. However, this is easily interrupted and punished with a combo. There is a short period of time where you can’t block after the Quick Tech Roll, so be careful when using it.

– Back Tech Roll is extremely useful, as it will make your character stand up whilst retreating backwards with a mini crouching motion, being evasive.

– If you mix Side tech rolls and Back tech rolls after combos, it can be helpful to confuse the opponent’s distance control on their offense.

– There is a very short moment where the character becomes unable to guard anything after the back tech rolling, however it is really hard to catch this (Useful for Steve).
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– During the combos, you can use certain moves to force you opponents to knock down face down. This allows the moves that hit on ground to be used as a follow up after the combo. In such situations, you will usually have to back tech roll to avoid the follow up attacks.

– It is possible to back roll even if you got launched behind your back and you’re knocked face down after the combo. Some moves knock you back and have a guaranteed follow up if you don’t tech roll.

– If you are holding back after getting hit by these moves, you can prevent the follow up by rolling back.

– Some moves will make you roll back on hit, and you will also get hit by the follow up if you don’t tech roll. If you are holding back after getting hit by these moves, you can recover quickly after hit.

– There are certain conditions in which tech rolls are disabled, such as:
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– Moves that nails and knocks character downward. (Usually Launch on hit)

– Knock down moves on Normal Hit.

– These moves can usually be launched punished on block, so it can be risky.

– If you do utilize it well, it can be helpful for your game plan. These are high risk high reward moves.

– Low moves that knocks character down on Counter Hit.
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– Combo finishers with nailing motion.

– After the floor break on Forgotten Realm, if you use the nailing motion moves, usually there is a guaranteed follow up to it.

– And other moves (Many more move specific cases).

– Throws that launch or have follow ups (But Bob and Law’s 1+2 grabs can be tech rolled)

– Conditions that limits tech roll direction:
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– Some characters have moves that flips the opponent on hit. In this case, you can only tech roll to certain direction.

– The side tech roll will be limited to one side, with less side movements. You can almost think it as standing straight up. In such situations, if you Back tech roll, you will be teching backwards with facing backward, which is extremely risky. Thus Back tech rolling is not recommended in this kind of situations. But if you do manage to Back tech roll in this situation, it will put you much more backwards, creating more space.

– Back tech roll on flipped situation moves backward by greater distance. It makes it difficult to measure the spacing for your opponent.

– On normal back tech roll, the window for offense is narrow and is hard to catch. Whereas flipped back tech is easier to catch.

– Tech rolling on ground:
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– When you are on ground, you can use all kind of tech roll using the same inputs. This is a common situation for the new players who doesn’t know you can tech roll on ground. If you don’t tech roll, you can’t escape.

– It gives you cancer if you don’t know about it.

– When you got hit on ground, press punch or kick button to side tech roll and guard after to get out of that position.

• What You Can Do After You’re Knocked Down
– Input 3 to throw out a low kick.
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– Input 4 for a mid kick.

– Hold back to get up while slightly moving backwards.

– Hold up to stand straight up, allowing for kicks to come out of it.

– Hold forward to roll forward, with kick extensions.

– If you input 1, you roll into the background.
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– Inputing d+1 will roll you into the foreground.

– Pressing 3+4 will give you a spring kick.

– Pressing 1+2 whilst rolling forward gives you a hand spring attack.

– Inputting down + one of the kick buttons will give you a toe tap.

– Sometimes when you are KND, your character will be on their stomach, leaving you with less options. You are able to Back Tech Roll, Quick Tech Roll, Roll into or away from the camera, or Roll forward.
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– If you input forward as soon as you hit the ground, you get a Quick Tech Roll.

– Also as soon as you hit the ground, inputting a punch attack will roll you away from the camera, and a kick attack will roll you towards the camera.

• Punishing wake ups in Tekken:
– FUFT Mid is -12
– FUFA Mid is -14
– FDFA Mid is -19
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– FDFT Mid is -14
– FUFT Low is -12
– FUFA Low is -13
– FDFA Low is -20
– FDFT Low is -17
– Forward Roll Mid/Low is -12
– Back Roll Mid is -15
– Back Roll Low is -12
– Toe Kick is -18
– Roll Cross-chop is -5 to 0
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– Spring Cross-chop is +10
– Spring Kick (Eddy, King/AK) is -25 to -15
– Spring Kick (Lei, Feng, Julia) is -5 to 0
– Spring Kick (Generic) is -20 to -10

• Double Over & Nosebleed Stun
– A Double Over Stun is when you grab your stomach and lean forward after getting stunned. AKA DOS.

– The way to break it is by holding forward.
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– If you get hit by this type of stun and don’t hold forward, you can get lead into a combo.

– Nosebleed Stuns are also very rare (Nina’s b+4, her bad breath, Eliza’s WS2, Alisa’s d/b+2,2, Noctis’ F3, Maven’s d/f+2 or 3).

– Again if this isn’t broken, it can lead to guaranteed damage.

– You always want to hold down when put into a Nosebleed Stun to prevent yourself from being launched.

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• Fuzzy Guard
– Fuzzy Guarding is defending against a mix-up option with a technique that blocks both of them.

– It is a defensive Option Select technique.

– A great example of this is Paul f,f,2,1 which is a Mid, and the other one which is a High.

– To Fuzzy Guard against this, you block the first hit with b, then tapping d/b, then holding b again. What’s happening is you’re defending against the High by tapping d/b, and if he does the Mid, you will stand up fast enough by hold b to block it.

– It is a defensive technique that allow you to Option Select between your opponents offense.
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– This allows you to punish BOTH options that Paul might throw at you, since you’re ducking the High (Safe on block), and the Mid is unsafe on block.

• Parries, Reversal and Chicken:
– A Parry is a move you use to cancel out your opponents move, which then afterwards you need to input your own offense.

– A Reversal is similar, however the attack is automatic.

– A Souvlaki Parry is a punch parry.
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– There are very few universal rules that apply to parry’s, as it is very much character specific, e.g., Jin’s Parry will cancel nearly anything, Alisa’s reversal nullifies all Highs.

– There a lots of moves that can beat out parry’s, depending on what part of the body is being used to attack it. E.g, Eliza or Anna’s booty attacks will go through the parry as there is no animation to grab that part of the body, or Miguel/Katarina’s headbutt, Bryan’s elbows, Bob’s stomach, Kazumi’s knee hop-kick, projectiles, Maven/Yoshi’s sword. These are not hand/feet attacks so they completely counter Asuka’s reversal.

– Performing a Chicken depends on what attack you got reversed. You need to consider 1 & 3, and 2 & 4 to be buddy’s as they are on the same side of your body.
E.g, if you get a 1 jab reversed, you need to press f+1+3
if you get a 2 jab reversed, you need to press f+2+4
The same applies to if you had your 3 or 4 reversed, respectively.

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– Only generic parries/reversals (and Asuka’s Reversal) can be chickened.

– Generic parries/reversals can’t parry running moves.

– For two handed and two footed moves, you need to figure out yourself how to chicken it.

– Parries/Reversals deal more damage the stronger the moves it defends against (up to a maximum).

– Parries/Reversals works against unblockable moves (that are limb-based).

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– Some moves have special animations and damage values when parried and are not chickenable (i.e Frankensteiner, Yoshimitsu Tackle, Paul’s Death Fist).

• Clean Hits

– A Clean Hit is another property certain moves have when it is a “deep” hit. The biggest example being Paul’s Deathfist at very close range. It is essentially a damage bonus modifier for pulling off the move in a “deep” fashion.

– This gives you an incentive to use these moves in a certain way.

– Clean hits are also possible during a combo, influencing which combos you want to use.

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• Frame Advantage After Throws

– Every throw break has it’s own independent recovery frames.

– One way to check is by turning on Recovery Animation in practice mode and seeing who recovers first.
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