AGCH3025 – Chemistry and Biochemistry of Foods
AGCH3026 – Food Biotechnology
AGEC2103 – Production Economics
AGEC2105 – Applied Econometric Modelling 1
AGEC3101 – Agribusiness Management
AGEN1001 – Shaping our Landscapes
AGRO3004 – Managing Agro-Ecosystems
AMME2301 – Mechanics of Solids
AMME2302 – Materials 1
geos3520 keyword geos3520
AMST1001 – Global America
AMST2601 – American Foundations
AMST2801 – American Studies Exchange
AMST2802 – American Studies Exchange
AMST2803 – American Studies Exchange
AMST2804 – American Studies Exchange
AMST2805 – American Studies Exchange
AMST2806 – American Studies Exchange
ANAT2008 – Principles of Histology
ANAT2009 – Comparative Primate Anatomy
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ANAT2010 – Concepts of Neuroanatomy
ANAT2551 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT2552 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT2553 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT2554 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT2555 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT3004 – Cranial and Cervical Anatomy
ANAT3006 – Forensic Osteology
ANAT3007 – Visceral Anatomy
ANAT3008 – Musculoskeletal Anatomy
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ANAT3551 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT3552 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT3553 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT3554 – Anatomy and Histology Exchange
ANAT3904 – Cranial & Cervical Anatomy (Advanced)
ANHS1600 – Foundations for Ancient Greece
ANHS1601 – Foundations for Ancient Rome
ANHS1602 – Greek and Roman Myth
ANHS1801 – Ancient History Exchange
ANHS2601 – Ancient Imperialism
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ANHS2605 – Ancient Greek Religion
ANHS2609 – Alexander and the Hellenistic World
ANHS2612 – Historiography Ancient and Modern
ANHS2613 – Ancient Greece and Rome on Film
ANHS2616 – Tragedy and Society in Greece and Rome
ANHS2804 – Ancient History Exchange
ANHS2805 – Ancient History Exchange
ANHS2806 – Ancient History Exchange
ANHS2810 – Ancient History Exchange
ANHS2811 – Ancient History Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ANHS3601 – The Mediterranean World and Civil War
ANTH1001 – Cultural Difference: An Introduction
ANTH1002 – Anthropology and the Global
ANTH1801 – Social Anthropology Exchange
ANTH1802 – Social Anthropology Exchange
ANTH2601 – The Ethnography of Southeast Asia
ANTH2606 – Culture and the Unconscious
ANTH2623 – Gender: Anthropological Studies
ANTH2625 – Culture and Development
ANTH2627 – Medical Anthropology
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ANTH2629 – Race and Ethnic Relations
ANTH2630 – Indigenous Australians and Modernity
ANTH2631 – Being There: Method in Anthropology
ANTH2654 – Forms of Families
ANTH2655 – The Social Production of Space
ANTH2666 – History of Anthropological Thought
ANTH2667 – The Anthropology of Religion
ANTH2804 – Social Anthropology Exchange
ANTH2805 – Social Anthropology Exchange
ANTH2806 – Social Anthropology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ANTH2810 – Social Anthropology Exchange
ANTH2811 – Social Anthropology Exchange
ANTH3601 – Contemporary Theory and Anthropology
ANTH3602 – Reading Ethnography
ARBC1611 – Arabic Introductory 1B
ARBC1612 – Arabic Introductory 2B
ARBC2613 – Arabic Language and Literature 3B
ARBC2614 – Arabic Language and Literature 4B
ARBC2633 – Arabic Advanced Language & Literature 3A
ARBC2811 – Arabic Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARBC2812 – Arabic Exchange
ARBC2813 – Arabic Exchange
ARBC2814 – Arabic Exchange
ARBC3615 – Arabic Language and Literature 5B
ARBC3616 – Arabic Language and Literature 6B
ARBC3635 – Arabic Advanced Translation & Writing 5A
ARBC3636 – Arabic Advanced for Media Studies 6A
ARBC3637 – Arabic Advanced Translation & Writing 7A
ARBC3638 – Arabic Advanced for Media Studies 8A
ARCA1001 – Ancient Civilisations
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARCA1002 – Archaeology: An Introduction
ARCA2601 – Laboratory Methods
ARCA2602 – Field Methods
ARCA2605 – Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia
ARCA2606 – Maps,Time and Visualisation
ARCA2610 – Minoans and Mycenaens
ARCA2612 – A Greek Odyssey: The First Millennium BC
ARCA2613 – Athenian Art,Architecture and Society
ARCA2614 – Contact and Exchange in South Italy
ARCA2625 – Urbanism and Industrial Transition
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARCA2801 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA2802 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA2803 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA2804 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA2805 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA2806 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA2807 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA2808 – Archaeology Exchange
ARCA3601 – Research in Australasian Archaeology
ARCA3605 – Dialogue of Civilizations: East and West
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARCA4011 – Archaeology Honours A
ARCA4012 – Archaeology Honours B
ARCA4013 – Archaeology Honours C
ARCA4014 – Archaeology Honours D
ARHT1001 – Art and Experience
ARHT1002 – Modern Times: Art and Film
ARHT1801 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARHT2610 – Art and Society in Trecento Italy
ARHT2613 – The Art of France
ARHT2614 – Expand your Mind: Pollock to Psychedelia
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARHT2632 – Modern Australian Art and Cinema
ARHT2633 – Postwar Australian Art and Film
ARHT2636 – Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art
ARHT2640 – Modern and Contemporary Asian Art
ARHT2641 – Art and Archaeology of South East Asia
ARHT2652 – From Silent to Sound Cinema
ARHT2653 – Memory of the World: Key Films
ARHT2657 – Contemporary Hollywood
ARHT2671 – Art,Travel,Empires
ARHT2810 – Art History and Theory Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARHT2811 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARHT2812 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARHT2813 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARHT2814 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARHT2815 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARHT2816 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARHT2817 – Art History and Theory Exchange
ARIN2600 – Technocultures
ARIN2610 – Web Transformations
ARIN2620 – Cyberworlds
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARIN2630 – Digital Arts
ARIN2801 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN2802 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN2803 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN2804 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN2805 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN2806 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN2807 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN2808 – Digital Cultures Exchange
ARIN3620 – Researching Digital Cultures
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARIN3640 – Computer Games and Simulation
ARIS1671 – Arabs,Islam & Middle East: Introduction
ARIS1672 – Arab-Islamic Civilisation: Introduction
ARIS2673 – Islam and Muslims in World History
ARIS2674 – Islam and Politics: Modernity Challenges
ARIS2675 – Gendering History in the Arab World
ARIS2801 – Arab World Islam & Middle East Exchange
ARIS2802 – Arab World Islam & Middle East Exchange
ARIS2803 – Arab World Islam & Middle East Exchange
ARIS2804 – Arab World Islam & Middle East Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARIS2805 – Arab World Islam & Middle East Exchange
ARIS2806 – Arab World Islam & Middle East Exchange
ARIS3680 – Approaches to Arabic and Islamic Studies
ARNE2603 – Introduction to the Archaeology of Iran
ARPH2612 – Historical Archaeology
ARPH2616 – Public Archaeology
ARPH2617 – Analysis of Stone Technology
ARTS2801 – Arts Exchange
ARTS2802 – Arts Exchange
ARTS2803 – Arts Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ARTS2804 – Arts Exchange
ASLT2602 – Revolutionary Writing?: 1960s and beyond
ASLT2619 – Australian Gothic
ASLT2622 – Australian Modernism
ASNS1601 – Introduction to Asian Cultures
ASNS1602 – Modernity in Asia
ASNS1801 – Asian Studies Exchange
ASNS2613 – Chinese Thought
ASNS2618 – Remaking Chinese Society,1949-Present
ASNS2626 – Religious Traditions of South Asia
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ASNS2631 – Origins of Japanese Tradition
ASNS2632 – Modern Japanese Social History
ASNS2636 – The Enigma of Japanese Power
ASNS2641 – Traditional Korea
ASNS2642 – Modern Korea
ASNS2651 – Asian Studies Exchange
ASNS2652 – Asian Studies Exchange
ASNS2653 – Asian Studies Exchange
ASNS2654 – Asian Studies Exchange
ASNS2655 – Asian Studies Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ASNS2656 – Asian Studies Exchange
ASNS2660 – Islam,Trade & Society-Arabia to SE Asia
ASNS2663 – Social Activism in Southeast Asia
ASNS2670 – Mass Media in East Asia
ASNS2672 – Japan in East Asia from 1840 until Today
ASNS2677 – Beyond the Geisha/Samurai Binary
ASNS3618 – Popular China
ASNS3690 – Approaches to Research in Asian Studies
AWSS1003 – Art Practice
BBCL1001 – Reading Bible: Narrative,Law and Ritual
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BBCL1002 – Biblical Themes: Joshua to Kings
BBCL2607 – Biblical Poetic Books
BBCL2608 – Biblical Wisdom Literature
BBCL2609 – Historical Jesus to Written Gospels
BBCL2610 – The New Testament as Literature
BBCL2801 – Biblical In-Country Study A
BBCL2802 – Biblical In-Country Study B
BCHM2071 – Protein Biochemistry
BCHM2072 – Human Biochemistry
BCHM2552 – Biochemistry Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BCHM2553 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2554 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2555 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2556 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2591 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2592 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2593 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2594 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM2971 – Protein Biochemistry (Advanced)
BCHM2972 – Human Biochemistry (Advanced)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BCHM3071 – Molecular Biology & Biochemistry- Genes
BCHM3072 – Human Molecular Cell Biology
BCHM3081 – Mol Biology & Biochemistry- Proteins
BCHM3082 – Medical and Metabolic Biochemistry
BCHM3092 – Proteomics and Functional Genomics
BCHM3551 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3552 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3553 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3554 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3555 – Biochemistry Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BCHM3556 – Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3591 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3592 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3593 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3594 – Advanced Biochemistry Exchange
BCHM3971 – Molecular Biology & Biochem- Genes (Adv)
BCHM3972 – Human Molecular Cell Biology (Advanced)
BCHM3981 – Mol Biology & Biochemistry- Proteins Adv
BCHM3982 – Medical and Metabolic Biochemistry (Adv)
BCHM3992 – Proteomics and Functional Genomics (Adv)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BDST1602 – Introduction to Buddhism
BDST2613 – Zen and Chan Buddhism
BDST2615 – Buddhism and Contemporary Issues
BINF3101 – Bioinformatics Project
BINF3551 – Bioinformatics Exchange
BIOL1001 – Concepts in Biology
BIOL1002 – Living Systems
BIOL1003 – Human Biology
BIOL1551 – Biology Exchange
BIOL1552 – Biology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BIOL1591 – Advanced Biology Exchange
BIOL1902 – Living Systems (Advanced)
BIOL1903 – Human Biology (Advanced)
BIOL1911 – Concepts in Biology (Advanced)
BIOL1991 – Concepts in Biology (Special Studies)
BIOL1993 – Human Biology (Special Studies)
BIOL2010 – Intro to Tropical Wildlife Biology
BIOL2016 – Cell Biology
BIOL2021 – Zoology
BIOL2022 – Biology Experimental Design & Analysis
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BIOL2023 – Botany
BIOL2024 – Ecology and Conservation
BIOL2028 – Introduction to Marine Field Ecology
BIOL2553 – Biology Exchange
BIOL2554 – Biology Exchange
BIOL2555 – Biology Exchange
BIOL2556 – Biology Exchange
BIOL2557 – Biology Exchange
BIOL2591 – Advanced Biology Exchange
BIOL2592 – Advanced Biology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BIOL2593 – Advanced Biology Exchange
BIOL2594 – Advanced Biology Exchange
BIOL2910 – Intro to Tropical Wildlife Biology (Adv)
BIOL2916 – Cell Biology (Advanced)
BIOL2921 – Zoology (Advanced)
BIOL2922 – Biol Experimental Design & Analysis Adv
BIOL2923 – Botany (Advanced)
BIOL2924 – Ecology and Conservation (Advanced)
BIOL2928 – Introduction to Marine Field Ecology Adv
BIOL3006 – Ecological Methods
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BIOL3007 – Ecology
BIOL3008 – Marine Field Ecology
BIOL3010 – Tropical Wildlife Biology
BIOL3011 – Ecophysiology
BIOL3012 – Animal Physiology
BIOL3013 – Marine Biology
BIOL3017 – Fungi in the Environment
BIOL3018 – Gene Technology and Genomics
BIOL3025 – Evolutionary Genetics & Animal Behaviour
BIOL3026 – Developmental Genetics
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BIOL3551 – Biology Exchange
BIOL3552 – Biology Exchange
BIOL3553 – Biology Exchange
BIOL3554 – Biology Exchange
BIOL3555 – Biology Exchange
BIOL3556 – Biology Exchange
BIOL3557 – Biology Exchange
BIOL3591 – Advanced Biology Exchange
BIOL3592 – Advanced Biology Exchange
BIOL3593 – Advanced Biology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BIOL3594 – Advanced Biology Exchange
BIOL3906 – Ecological Methods (Advanced)
BIOL3907 – Ecology (Advanced)
BIOL3908 – Marine Field Ecology (Advanced)
BIOL3910 – Tropical Wildlife Biology (Adv)
BIOL3911 – Ecophysiology (Advanced)
BIOL3912 – Animal Physiology (Advanced)
BIOL3913 – Marine Biology (Advanced)
BIOL3917 – Fungi in the Environment (Advanced)
BIOL3918 – Gene Technology and Genomics Advanced
geos3520 keyword geos3520
BIOL3925 – Evolutionary Gen. & Animal Behaviour Adv
BIOL3926 – Developmental Genetics (Advanced)
CHEM1001 – Fundamentals of Chemistry 1A
CHEM1002 – Fundamentals of Chemistry 1B
CHEM1101 – Chemistry 1A
CHEM1102 – Chemistry 1B
CHEM1551 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM1552 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM1591 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM1592 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHEM1901 – Chemistry 1A (Advanced)
CHEM1902 – Chemistry 1B (Advanced)
CHEM1903 – Chemistry 1A (Special Studies Program)
CHEM1904 – Chemistry 1B (Special Studies Program)
CHEM2401 – Molecular Reactivity and Spectroscopy
CHEM2402 – Chemical Structure and Stability
CHEM2403 – Chemistry of Biological Molecules
CHEM2404 – Forensic and Environmental Chemistry
CHEM2552 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2553 – Chemistry Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHEM2554 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2555 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2556 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2591 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2592 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2593 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2594 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM2911 – Molecular Reactivity & Spectroscopy Adv
CHEM2912 – Chemical Structure and Stability (Adv)
CHEM2915 – Molecular Reactivity & Spectroscopy SSP
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHEM2916 – Chemical Structure and Stability (SSP)
CHEM3110 – Biomolecules: Properties and Reactions
CHEM3111 – Organic Structure and Reactivity
CHEM3112 – Materials Chemistry
CHEM3113 – Catalysis and Sustainable Processes
CHEM3114 – Metal Complexes: Medicine and Materials
CHEM3115 – Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM3116 – Membranes,Self Assembly and Surfaces
CHEM3117 – Molecular Spectroscopy & Quantum Theory
CHEM3551 – Chemistry Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHEM3552 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3553 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3554 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3555 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3556 – Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3591 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3592 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3593 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3594 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3595 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHEM3596 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3597 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3598 – Advanced Chemistry Exchange
CHEM3910 – Biomolecules: Properties & Reactions Adv
CHEM3911 – Organic Structure and Reactivity (Adv)
CHEM3912 – Materials Chemistry (Adv)
CHEM3913 – Catalysis and Sustainable Process (Adv)
CHEM3914 – Metal Complexes: Medic. & Mater. (Adv)
CHEM3915 – Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry (Adv)
CHEM3916 – Membranes,Self Assembly & Surfaces(Adv)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHEM3917 – Mol. Spectroscopy & Quantum Theory (Adv)
CHNS1101 – Chinese 1A (For Beginners)
CHNS1102 – Chinese 1B (For Beginners)
CHNS1201 – Chinese 1C (For Advanced Beginners)
CHNS1202 – Chinese 1D (For Advanced Beginners)
CHNS1303 – Chinese for Background Speakers 1
CHNS1304 – Chinese for Background Speakers 2
CHNS1600 – The Chinese Language,Present and Past
CHNS1601 – Understanding Contemporary China
CHNS1801 – Chinese Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHNS1802 – Chinese Exchange
CHNS2601 – Chinese 2A (Lower Intermediate)
CHNS2602 – Chinese 2B (Lower Intermediate)
CHNS2611 – Classical Chinese A
CHNS2612 – Classical Chinese B
CHNS2613 – Communication and Social Change in China
CHNS2650 – Chinese In-Country Study A
CHNS2651 – Chinese In-Country Study B
CHNS2652 – Chinese In-Country Study C
CHNS2653 – Chinese In-Country Study D
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHNS2654 – Chinese In-Country Study E
CHNS2655 – Chinese In-Country Study F
CHNS2656 – Chinese In-Country Study G
CHNS2657 – Chinese In-Country Study H
CHNS2810 – Chinese Exchange
CHNS2811 – Chinese Exchange
CHNS2812 – Chinese Exchange
CHNS2813 – Chinese Exchange
CHNS3601 – Chinese 3A (Upper Intermediate)
CHNS3602 – Chinese 3B (Upper Intermediate)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHNS3603 – Chinese 4A (Advanced)
CHNS3604 – Chinese 4B (Advanced)
CHNS3605 – Advanced Chinese Studies A
CHNS3606 – Advanced Chinese Studies B
CHNS3607 – Chinese Buddhist Texts
CHNS3610 – Chinese Translation
CHNS3611 – Chinese for Specific Purposes 1
CHNS3612 – Chinese for Specific Purposes 2
CHNS3633 – Lu Xun and China’s Modern Literature
CHNS3634 – Gender in Modern Chinese Literature
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CHNS3640 – Chinese History Through Chinese Eyes
CHNS3645 – Classical Chinese Prose
CHNS3647 – Classical Chinese Poetry
CLAW2208 – Business Regulation,Risk and Compliance
CLAW2209 – Intellectual Property for Business
CLCV1801 – Classical Civilisation Exchange
CLCV1802 – Classical Civilisation Exchange
CLSS2804 – Classical Civilisation Exchange
CLSS2805 – Classical Civilisation Exchange
CLST2601 – Defining the Celts
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CLST2602 – Old Irish 2
CLST2603 – Middle Welsh 2
CLST2604 – Middle Welsh 1
CLST2605 – Celts in History
CLST2606 – Old Irish 1
CLST2607 – Modern Irish Linguistics
CLST2608 – Modern Welsh Language and Culture 1
CLST2609 – Modern Welsh Language and Culture 2
CLST2610 – Modern Irish Language and Culture 1
CLST2611 – Modern Irish Language and Culture 2
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CLST2612 – Scottish Identity,History and Culture
CMPN1000 – Composition Through Improvisation 1
CMPN1003 – Composition Through Improvisation 2
CMPN1611 – Instrumentation and Orchestration
CMPN1612 – New Music,New Thinking
CMPN1631 – Electroacoustic Music 1
CMPN1632 – Electroacoustic Music 2
CMPN2006 – Sound Recording Fundamentals
CMPN2007 – Sound Recording Advanced
CMPN2613 – Comp Techniques: Number and Process
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CMPN2614 – Comp Techniques: Tonality and Process
CMPN2633 – Computer Music Fundamentals
CMPN3634 – Computer Music Advanced
CMPN3635 – Writing Music for the Moving Image
CMPN4666 – Advanced Analysis
COMP2007 – Algorithms and Complexity
COMP2121 – Distributed Systems & Network Principles
COMP2129 – Operating Systems and Machine Principles
COMP2555 – Computer Science Exchange
COMP2556 – Computer Science Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
COMP2557 – Computer Science Exchange
COMP2558 – Computer Science Exchange
COMP2591 – Advanced Computer Science Exchange
COMP2592 – Advanced Computer Science Exchange
COMP2907 – Algorithms and Complexity (Advanced)
COMP3109 – Programming Languages and Paradigms
COMP3308 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
COMP3419 – Graphics and Multimedia
COMP3456 – Computational Methods for Life Sciences
COMP3520 – Operating Systems Internals
geos3520 keyword geos3520
COMP3556 – Computer Science Exchange
COMP3557 – Computer Science Exchange
COMP3558 – Computer Science Exchange
COMP3559 – Computer Science Exchange
COMP3591 – Advanced Computer Science Exchange
COMP3592 – Advanced Computer Science Exchange
COMP3593 – Advanced Computer Science Exchange
COMP3594 – Advanced Computer Science Exchange
COMP3608 – Intro. to Artificial Intelligence (Adv)
COMP3615 – Software Development Project
geos3520 keyword geos3520
COSC1003 – Introduction to Computational Science
COSC1551 – Computational Science Exchange
COSC1591 – Advanced Computational Science Exchange
COSC1903 – Introduction to Computational Sci (Adv)
COSC3011 – Scientific Computing
COSC3551 – Computational Science Exchange
COSC3552 – Computational Science Exchange
COSC3591 – Advanced Computational Science Exchange
COSC3592 – Advanced Computational Science Exchange
COSC3911 – Scientific Computing (Advanced)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
CPAT3201 – Pathogenesis of Human Disease 1
CPAT3202 – Pathogenesis of Human Disease 2
CPAT3551 – Cell Pathology Exchange
CPAT3552 – Cell Pathology Exchange
ECMT1010 – Business and Economic Statistics A
ECMT1020 – Business and Economic Statistics B
ECMT1551 – Econometrics Exchange
ECMT2130 – Financial Econometrics
ECMT3130 – Forecasting for Economics and Business
ECMT3150 – The Econometrics of Financial Markets
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ECON1001 – Introductory Microeconomics
ECON1002 – Introductory Macroeconomics
ECON1003 – Quantitative Methods in Economics
ECOP1001 – Economics as a Social Science
ECOP1003 – International Economy and Finance
ECOP1004 – Economy and Society
ECOP1551 – Political Economy Exchange
ECOP1552 – Political Economy Exchange
ECOP2011 – Economic Theories of Modern Capitalism
ECOP2550 – Political Economy Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ECOP2551 – Political Economy Exchange
ECOP2552 – Political Economy Exchange
ECOP2601 – Analysis of Business Cycles
ECOP2612 – Economic Policy in Global Context
ECOP2911 – Political Economy Honours II
ECOP3012 – Global Political Economy
ECOP3014 – Political Economy of Development
ECOP3015 – Political Economy of the Environment
ECOP3016 – Gender in the Global Economy
ECOP3019 – Finance: Volatility and Regulation
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ECOP3551 – Political Economy Exchange
ECOP3552 – Political Economy Exchange
ECOP3553 – Political Economy Exchange
ECOP3620 – Political Economy of Inequality
ECOP3622 – Work in the Global Economy
ECOP3623 – The Political Economy of Neoliberalism
ECOP3911 – Theories in Political Economy
ECOP3912 – Research in Political Economy
ECOS1551 – Economics Exchange
ECOS2001 – Intermediate Microeconomics
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ECOS2002 – Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECOS2201 – Economics of Competition and Strategy
ECOS2551 – Economics Exchange
ECOS2552 – Economics Exchange
ECOS2901 – Intermediate Microeconomics Honours
ECOS2902 – Intermediate Macroeconomics Honours
ECOS2903 – Mathematical Economics A
ECOS3002 – Development Economics
ECOS3003 – Hierarchies,Incentives & Firm Structure
ECOS3004 – History of Economic Thought
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ECOS3005 – Industrial Organisation
ECOS3006 – International Trade
ECOS3007 – International Macroeconomics
ECOS3008 – Labour Economics
ECOS3010 – Monetary Economics
ECOS3011 – Public Finance
ECOS3012 – Strategic Behaviour
ECOS3015 – Law and Economics
ECOS3016 – Experimental and Behavioural Economics
ECOS3017 – Health Economics
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ECOS3018 – Economics of Growth
ECOS3019 – Capital and Dynamics
ECOS3020 – Special Topic in Economics
ECOS3021 – Business Cycles and Asset Markets
ECOS3022 – The Economics of Financial Markets
ECOS3023 – Personnel Economics
ECOS3551 – Economics Exchange
ECOS3552 – Economics Exchange
ECOS3553 – Economics Exchange
ECOS3554 – Economics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ECOS3901 – Advanced Microeconomics Honours
ECOS3902 – Advanced Macroeconomics Honours
ECOS3903 – Applied Microeconomics Honours
ECOS3904 – Applied Macroeconomics Honours
EDGU1001 – Creativity,Youth Culture and the Arts
EDGU1002 – Youth and Digital Culture
EDGU1003 – Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport
EDGU2000 – Teaching English Internationally 1
EDGU3000 – Teaching English Internationally 2
EDUF1018 – Education,Teachers and Teaching
geos3520 keyword geos3520
EDUF1019 – Human Development and Education
EDUF2006 – Educational Psychology
EDUF2007 – Social Perspectives on Education
EDUF3026 – Global Poverty and Education
EDUF3027 – International Education
EDUF3028 – Mentoring in Educational Contexts
EDUF3029 – Psychology of Learning and Teaching
EDUF3030 – Australian Schooling Systems
EDUF3032 – Curriculum and Evaluation
ELEC1103 – Fundamentals of Elec and Electronic Eng
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ELEC3506 – Data Communications and the Internet
ELEC3609 – Internet Software Platforms
ELEC3610 – E-Business Analysis and Design
EMHU3001 – Electron Microscopy and Imaging/Theory
EMHU3002 – Electron Microscopy and Imaging/Prac
EMHU3551 – Electron Microscopy Exchange
EMHU3552 – Electron Microscopy Exchange
ENGG1801 – Engineering Computing
ENGG1802 – Engineering Mechanics
ENGG1803 – Professional Engineering 1
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ENGG1805 – Professional Engineering and IT
ENGL1008 – Australian Texts: International Contexts
ENGL1009 – Reading English Texts
ENGL1011 – Introduction to Film Studies
ENGL1026 – Constructing the Fictive Self
ENGL1801 – English Exchange
ENGL1802 – English Exchange
ENGL2613 – Literature,Politics and Modernity
ENGL2627 – Screening Sexuality
ENGL2638 – Literature and Cinema
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ENGL2640 – Shakespeare
ENGL2648 – Travellers’ Tales
ENGL2653 – Western Theories of Language
ENGL2656 – From the Metaphysicals to Milton
ENGL2658 – Love and Desire in Early Modern England
ENGL2659 – The 18th Century: Scandal & Sociability
ENGL2660 – Reading the Nation: American Literature
ENGL2662 – Deceit,Disguise and Medieval Narrative
ENGL2664 – Transpacific American Literature 1838-99
ENGL2811 – English Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ENGL2812 – English Exchange
ENGL2813 – English Exchange
ENGL2814 – English Exchange
ENGL2815 – English Exchange
ENGL2816 – English Exchange
ENGL2817 – English Exchange
ENGL2818 – English Exchange
ENGL3612 – Metaphor and Meaning
ENGL3633 – Introduction to Old English
ENGL3635 – Old Norse
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ENGL3642 – Medieval Literature: Dreams and Visions
ENGL3651 – Christopher Marlowe
ENGL3655 – The Literary in Theory
ENGL3658 – Narrating Trauma
ENSE1002 – Choir 2A
ENSE1015 – Choir 1
ENSE1019 – Choir 3A
ENSE2003 – Choir 4A
ENSE2008 – Choir 5A
ENSE2012 – Choir 7A
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ENSE3016 – Choir 6A
ENSE4020 – Choir 8A
ENTO2001 – Introductory Entomology
ENTO4003 – Integrated Pest Management
ENTO4004 – Insect Taxonomy and Systematics
ENVI2552 – Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVI2553 – Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVI2591 – Advanced Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVI2592 – Advanced Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVI3111 – Environmental Law and Ethics
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ENVI3112 – Environmental Assessment
ENVI3114 – Energy and the Environment
ENVI3551 – Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVI3552 – Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVI3591 – Advanced Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVI3592 – Advanced Environmental Studies Exchange
ENVX3001 – Environmental GIS
ENVX3002 – Statistics in the Natural Sciences
ENVX4001 – GIS,Remote Sensing and Land Management
EUST2607 – Comparing Cultures: Europe and the East
geos3520 keyword geos3520
EUST2610 – Europe and its Others
EUST2613 – Romanticism and Revolution
EUST2616 – European Modernity and the Greek Ideal
EUST2805 – European Studies Exchange
EUST2806 – European Studies Exchange
EUST2807 – European Studies Exchange
EUST2808 – European Studies Exchange
FILM2601 – Cinema Today: Traffic in Moving Images
FILM2810 – Film Studies Exchange
FILM2811 – Film Studies Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
FILM2812 – Film Studies Exchange
FILM2813 – Film Studies Exchange
FILM2814 – Film Studies Exchange
FILM2815 – Film Studies Exchange
FRNC1611 – Junior French Introductory 1
FRNC1612 – Junior French Introductory 2
FRNC1621 – Junior French Intermediate 3
FRNC1622 – Junior French Intermediate 4
FRNC1631 – Junior French Advanced 5
FRNC1632 – Junior French Advanced 6
geos3520 keyword geos3520
FRNC1801 – French Exchange
FRNC1802 – French Exchange
FRNC2611 – Senior French Intermediate 1
FRNC2612 – Senior French Intermediate 2
FRNC2614 – French Reading 1: Text and Society
FRNC2615 – Literature and Theatre
FRNC2621 – Senior French Intermediate 3
FRNC2622 – Senior French Intermediate 4
FRNC2651 – Introduction à la Linguistique
FRNC2655 – Professional French
geos3520 keyword geos3520
FRNC2681 – French Narrative Cinema
FRNC2692 – The Second French Revolution?
FRNC2803 – French Exchange
FRNC2804 – French Exchange
FRNC2805 – French Exchange
FRNC2806 – French Exchange
FRNC2807 – French Exchange
FRNC2808 – French Exchange
FRNC3621 – Senior French Advanced 5
FRNC3631 – Senior French Advanced 7
geos3520 keyword geos3520
FRNC3655 – French Sociolinguistics
FRNC3682 – French Popular Culture
FRNC3801 – French In-Country Study A
FRNC3812 – French In-Country Study B
FRNC3813 – French In-Country Study C
FRNC3814 – French In-Country Study D
GCST1601 – Introduction to Cultural Studies
GCST1602 – Introduction to Gender Studies
GCST2603 – Animal/Human Cultures
GCST2604 – Sex,Violence and Transgression
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GCST2605 – Race and Representation
GCST2606 – Genres in Cultural Context
GCST2607 – Bodies,Sexualities,Identities
GCST2609 – Masculinity,Mateship and Men’s Lives
GCST2610 – Intimacy,Love and Friendship
GCST2612 – Youth Cultures
GCST2614 – The Body: Theories,Practices,Cultures
GCST2804 – Gender Studies Exchange
GCST2805 – Gender Studies Exchange
GCST2806 – Gender Studies Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GCST2810 – Gender Studies Exchange
GCST2811 – Gender Studies Exchange
GCST2812 – Cultural Studies Exchange
GCST2813 – Cultural Studies Exchange
GCST2814 – Cultural Studies Exchange
GCST2815 – Cultural Studies Exchange
GCST2816 – Cultural Studies Exchange
GCST2817 – Cultural Studies Exchange
GCST2818 – Cultural Studies Exchange
GCST2819 – Cultural Studies Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GCST3603 – Consumer Cultures,Environmental Futures
GEOG1551 – Geography Exchange
GEOG1552 – Geography Exchange
GEOG2552 – Geography Exchange
GEOG2555 – Geography Exchange
GEOG2556 – Geography Exchange
GEOG2557 – Geography Exchange
GEOG2558 – Geography Exchange
GEOG2559 – Geography Exchange
GEOG2591 – Advanced Geography Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOG2592 – Advanced Geography Exchange
GEOG3551 – Geography Exchange
GEOG3552 – Geography Exchange
GEOG3553 – Geography Exchange
GEOG3554 – Geography Exchange
GEOG3555 – Geography Exchange
GEOG3591 – Advanced Geography Exchange
GEOG3592 – Advanced Geography Exchange
GEOL1551 – Geology Exchange
GEOL1552 – Geology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOL2553 – Geology Exchange
GEOL2554 – Geology Exchange
GEOL2555 – Geology Exchange
GEOL2556 – Geology Exchange
GEOL2557 – Geology Exchange
GEOL3551 – Geology Exchange
GEOL3552 – Geology Exchange
GEOL3553 – Geology Exchange
GEOL3554 – Geology Exchange
GEOS1001 – Earth,Environment and Society
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOS1002 – Introductory Geography
GEOS1003 – Introduction to Geology
GEOS1551 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS1591 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS1901 – Earth,Environment and Society Advanced
GEOS1902 – Introductory Geography (Advanced)
GEOS1903 – Introduction to Geology (Advanced)
GEOS2111 – Natural Hazards: a GIS Approach
GEOS2114 – Volcanoes,Hot Rocks and Minerals
GEOS2115 – Oceans,Coasts and Climate Change
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOS2121 – Environmental and Resource Management
GEOS2123 – The Geography of Cities and Regions
GEOS2124 – Fossils and Tectonics
GEOS2551 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS2552 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS2553 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS2554 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS2591 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS2592 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS2593 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOS2594 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS2911 – Natural Hazards: a GIS Approach Advanced
GEOS2914 – Volcanoes,Hot Rocks and Minerals Adv
GEOS2915 – Oceans,Coasts and Climate Change (Adv)
GEOS2921 – Environmental & Resource Management Adv
GEOS2923 – The Geography of Cities & Regions (Adv)
GEOS2924 – Fossils and Tectonics (Advanced)
GEOS3008 – Field Geology
GEOS3009 – Coastal Environments and Processes
GEOS3014 – GIS in Coastal Management
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOS3053 – Southeast Asia Field School
GEOS3101 – Earth’s Structure and Evolution
GEOS3102 – Global Energy and Resources
GEOS3103 – Environmental and Sedimentary Geology
GEOS3104 – Geophysical Methods
GEOS3333 – Geographical Concepts,Skills & Methods
GEOS3520 – Urban Citizenship & Sustainability
GEOS3551 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3552 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3553 – Geoscience Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOS3554 – Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3591 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3592 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3593 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3594 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3595 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3596 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3597 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3598 – Advanced Geoscience Exchange
GEOS3801 – Earth’s Structure and Evolutions (Adv)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GEOS3802 – Global Energy and Resources (Adv)
GEOS3803 – Environmental & Sedimentary Geology(Adv)
GEOS3804 – Geophysical Methods (Advanced)
GEOS3908 – Field Geology (Adv)
GEOS3909 – Coastal Environments and Processes (Adv)
GEOS3914 – GIS in Coastal Management (Advanced)
GEOS3920 – Urban Citizenship & Sustainability (Adv)
GEOS3933 – Geog. Concepts,Skills & Methods (Adv)
GEOS3953 – Southeast Asia Field School (Adv)
GOVT1001 – Government Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GOVT1101 – Australian Politics
GOVT1105 – Geopolitics
GOVT1202 – World Politics
GOVT1881 – Government Exchange
GOVT1882 – Government Exchange
GOVT2112 – Modern Political Thought
GOVT2114 – The Australian Political Party System
GOVT2119 – Southeast Asia: Dilemmas of Development
GOVT2221 – Politics of International Economic Rels
GOVT2225 – International Security in 21st Century
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GOVT2228 – Environmental Politics
GOVT2336 – Gender and Human Rights
GOVT2424 – Politics of China
GOVT2442 – Comparative Politics of Ethnic Conflict
GOVT2445 – American Politics and Foreign Policy
GOVT2603 – Media Politics
GOVT2611 – Capitalism and Democracy in East Asia
GOVT2615 – Topics in Environmental Politics
GOVT2617 – Introduction to Non-Traditional Security
GOVT2618 – Science,Technology and Security
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GOVT2774 – Islam: Democracy,Development and Gender
GOVT2881 – Government Exchange
GOVT2882 – Government Exchange
GOVT2883 – Government Exchange
GOVT2884 – Government Exchange
GOVT2885 – Government Exchange
GOVT2991 – Political Analysis
GOVT3993 – Power
GOVT3994 – Research Preparation
GRKA1600 – Introduction to Ancient Greek 1
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GRKA1601 – Introduction to Ancient Greek 2
GRKA2600 – Intermediate Greek 1
GRKA2601 – Intermediate Greek 2
GRKA2620 – Reading Greek 1
GRKA2621 – Reading Greek 2
GRKA2804 – Greek (Ancient) Exchange
GRKA2805 – Greek (Ancient) Exchange
GRKA3600 – Advanced Greek
GRKA3602 – Greek Epic
GRKA3604 – Greek Philosophical Texts
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GRKA3606 – Classics of Greek Literature
GRMN1111 – Junior German 1
GRMN1122 – Junior German 2
GRMN1211 – Junior German 3
GRMN1222 – Junior German 4
GRMN1311 – Junior German 5
GRMN1322 – Junior German 6
GRMN2611 – Senior German 1
GRMN2612 – Senior German 2
GRMN2613 – Senior German 3
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GRMN2614 – Senior German 4
GRMN2615 – Senior German 5
GRMN2616 – Senior German 6
GRMN2617 – Senior German 7
GRMN2618 – Senior German 8
GRMN2631 – Reading Comprehension and Text Study
GRMN2633 – Topics in German Film
GRMN2637 – Business German
GRMN2641 – German Culture and Society 1806-1848
GRMN2683 – German Literature and Culture
geos3520 keyword geos3520
GRMN2686 – The German Wende in Literature & Culture
GRMN2811 – Germanic Studies Exchange
GRMN2812 – Germanic Studies Exchange
GRMN2813 – Germanic Studies Exchange
GRMN2814 – Germanic Studies Exchange
GRMN2815 – Germanic Studies Exchange
HBRW1011 – Hebrew Modern B1
HBRW1102 – Hebrew Modern B2
HBRW1111 – Hebrew Classical B1
HBRW1112 – Hebrew Classical B2
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HBRW2603 – Hebrew Modern 3
HBRW2604 – Hebrew Modern 4
HBRW2605 – Hebrew Modern 5
HBRW2606 – Hebrew Modern 6
HBRW2607 – Hebrew Modern 7
HBRW2608 – Hebrew Modern 8
HBRW2609 – Hebrew Modern 9
HBRW2610 – Hebrew Modern 10
HBRW2611 – Hebrew Modern 11
HBRW2612 – Hebrew Modern 12
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HBRW2623 – Hebrew Classical 3
HBRW2624 – Hebrew Classical 4
HBRW2631 – Hebrew Accelerated C1
HBRW2632 – Hebrew Accelerated C2
HBRW2651 – Syriac 1
HBRW2652 – Syriac 2
HBRW2801 – Hebrew (Classical) In-Country Study A
HBRW2802 – Hebrew (Classical) In-Country Study B
HBRW3653 – Syriac 3
HBRW3654 – Syriac 4
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HORT3005 – Production Horticulture
HPSC1000 – Bioethics
HPSC1551 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
HPSC1900 – Bioethics (Advanced)
HPSC2100 – The Birth of Modern Science
HPSC2101 – What Is This Thing Called Science?
HPSC2551 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
HPSC2552 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
HPSC2553 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
HPSC2554 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HPSC2555 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
HPSC2900 – The Birth of Modern Science (Advanced)
HPSC2901 – What Is This Thing Called Science? (Adv)
HPSC3002 – Hist & Phil of the Biomedical Sciences
HPSC3016 – The Scientific Revolution
HPSC3022 – Science and Society
HPSC3023 – Psychology & Psychiatry: History & Phil
HPSC3024 – Science and Ethics
HPSC3551 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
HPSC3552 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HPSC3553 – History & Philosophy of Science Exchange
HPSC4108 – Core topics: History & Philosophy of Sci
HSTO3001 – Microscopy & Histochemistry Theory
HSTO3002 – Microscopy & Histochemistry Practical
HSTO3003 – Cells and Development: Theory
HSTO3004 – Cells and Development: Practical (Adv)
HSTO3551 – Histology Exchange
HSTO3552 – Histology Exchange
HSTY1023 – Emerging Giant: The Making of America
HSTY1025 – The Middle Ages
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HSTY1031 – Renaissance and Reformation (1498-1648)
HSTY1044 – Twentieth-Century Europe
HSTY1045 – Modern European History 1750-1914
HSTY1089 – Australia: Blood on the Wattle
HSTY1090 – History of Chinese Civilisation
HSTY1801 – History Exchange
HSTY1802 – History Exchange
HSTY2604 – Popular Culture in Australia 1850-1945
HSTY2606 – China in the Nineteenth-Century World
HSTY2611 – America in World Affairs: A History
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HSTY2612 – High Renaissance
HSTY2616 – The Human Rights Revolution
HSTY2619 – Living in Colonial Australia
HSTY2620 – War and Cinema
HSTY2623 – China’s Traumas,1937-1971
HSTY2626 – Fascism and Antifascism
HSTY2640 – Twentieth-Century China
HSTY2659 – Nationalism
HSTY2660 – Violence in Italy
HSTY2664 – Medieval Cultures
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HSTY2670 – New York,New York
HSTY2672 – Britain and the World: C.1837-1914
HSTY2677 – Australia: Politics and Nation
HSTY2688 – Enlightenment Journeys
HSTY2689 – Civility & Squalor: 18 C. British Isles
HSTY2691 – Writing History
HSTY2805 – History Exchange
HSTY2806 – History Exchange
HSTY2809 – History Exchange
HSTY2810 – History Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
HSTY2811 – History Exchange
IBUS3107 – Business Negotiations
ICLS2622 – Great Books 3: The Twentieth Century
ICLS2634 – Literature and Revolution
ICLS2635 – Science Fiction: The Future is Now
ICLS2801 – Int Comparative Literary Studies Exch
ICLS2802 – Int Comparative Literary Studies Exch
ICLS2803 – Int Comparative Literary Studies Exch
ICLS2804 – Int Comparative Literary Studies Exch
ICLS3631 – What is Literature? Crosscultural Views
geos3520 keyword geos3520
IMMU2101 – Introductory Immunology
IMMU2551 – Immunology Exchange
IMMU2552 – Immunology Exchange
IMMU2553 – Immunology Exchange
IMMU3102 – Molecular and Cellular Immunology
IMMU3202 – Immunology in Human Disease
IMMU3551 – Immunology Exchange
IMMU3552 – Immunology Exchange
IMMU3591 – Advanced Immunology Exchange
IMMU3592 – Advanced Immunology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
IMMU3902 – Molecular and Cellular Immunology (Adv)
IMMU3903 – Immunology in Human Disease (Advanced)
INFO1003 – Foundations of Information Technology
INFO1103 – Introduction to Programming
INFO1105 – Data Structures
INFO1551 – Information Technology Exchange
INFO1552 – Information Technology Exchange
INFO1591 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
INFO1592 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
INFO1903 – Informatics (Advanced)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
INFO1905 – Data Structures (Advanced)
INFO1911 – IT Special Project 1A
INFO1912 – IT Special Project 1B
INFO2110 – Systems Analysis and Modelling
INFO2120 – Database Systems 1
INFO2315 – Introduction to IT Security
INFO2551 – Information Technology Exchange
INFO2552 – Information Technology Exchange
INFO2591 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
INFO2592 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
INFO2820 – Database Systems 1 (Advanced)
INFO2911 – IT Special Project 2A
INFO2912 – IT Special Project 2B
INFO3220 – Object Oriented Design
INFO3315 – Human-Computer Interaction
INFO3402 – Management of IT Projects and Systems
INFO3404 – Database Systems 2
INFO3504 – Database Systems 2 (Adv)
INFO3551 – Information Technology Exchange
INFO3552 – Information Technology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
INFO3553 – Information Technology Exchange
INFO3591 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
INFO3592 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
INFO3593 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
INFO3594 – Advanced Information Technology Exchange
INFO3911 – IT Special Project 3A
INFO3912 – IT Special Project 3B
INMS1101 – Indonesian 1A
INMS1102 – Indonesian 1B
INMS2601 – Indonesian 2A
geos3520 keyword geos3520
INMS2602 – Indonesian 2B
INMS2650 – Indonesian In-Country Study A
INMS2651 – Indonesian In-Country Study B
INMS2652 – Indonesian In-Country Study C
INMS2653 – Indonesian In-Country Study D
INMS2654 – Indonesian In-Country Study E
INMS2655 – Indonesian In-Country Study F
INMS2656 – Indonesian In-Country Study G
INMS2657 – Indonesian In-Country Study H
INMS2805 – Indonesian Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
INMS2806 – Indonesian Exchange
INMS2807 – Indonesian Exchange
INMS2808 – Indonesian Exchange
INMS3601 – Indonesian 3A
INMS3602 – Indonesian 3B
INMS3605 – Autonomy and Human Rights in Indonesia
INMS3606 – Enculturating the Indonesian Nation
ISYS1551 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS1552 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS2140 – Information Systems
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ISYS2554 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS2555 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS2556 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS2557 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS3400 – Information Systems Project
ISYS3401 – Analytical Methods & Information Systems
ISYS3554 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS3555 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS3556 – Information Systems Exchange
ISYS3557 – Information Systems Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ITLN1611 – Introductory Italian 1
ITLN1612 – Introductory Italian 2
ITLN1801 – Italian Exchange
ITLN1802 – Italian Exchange
ITLN2611 – Intermediate Italian 3
ITLN2612 – Intermediate Italian 4
ITLN2631 – Senior Italian 3
ITLN2632 – Senior Italian 4
ITLN2811 – Italian Exchange
ITLN2812 – Italian Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ITLN2813 – Italian Exchange
ITLN2814 – Italian Exchange
ITLN2815 – Italian Exchange
ITLN2816 – Italian Exchange
ITLN2817 – Italian Exchange
ITLN3611 – Senior Italian 5
ITLN3612 – Senior Italian 6
ITLN3631 – Senior Italian 7
ITLN3668 – Issues of Language and Society in Italy
ITLN3678 – Contemporary Italian Fiction
geos3520 keyword geos3520
ITLN3679 – Filming Fiction: The Italian Experience
ITLN3682 – Fiction of Youth
ITLN3685 – Linguistic Issues in Migration
ITLN3687 – Focus on Writing in Italian
ITLN3688 – Advanced Italian: Translation
ITLN3691 – Italian Literature: 1200-1860
ITLN3694 – Dante and the Middle Ages
ITLN3695 – Love in Italian Culture
JAZZ1000 – Jazz Large Ensemble 1
JAZZ1001 – Jazz Large Ensemble 2
geos3520 keyword geos3520
JAZZ1015 – Jazz Ear Training 1
JAZZ1016 – Jazz Ear Training 2
JAZZ1019 – Jazz Harmony and Arranging 1
JAZZ1020 – Jazz Harmony and Arranging 2
JAZZ1025 – Jazz Piano 1
JAZZ1026 – Jazz Piano 2
JAZZ2002 – Jazz Large Ensemble 3
JAZZ2003 – Jazz Large Ensemble 4
JAZZ2016 – Jazz Harmony and Arranging 3
JAZZ2017 – Jazz Harmony and Arranging 4
geos3520 keyword geos3520
JAZZ2022 – Jazz Piano 3
JAZZ2023 – Jazz Piano 4
JAZZ2030 – Jazz Vocal Workshop 1
JAZZ2031 – Jazz Vocal Workshop 2
JAZZ2038 – Jazz Ear Training 3
JAZZ2039 – Jazz Ear Training 4
JAZZ3002 – Jazz Large Ensemble 5
JAZZ3003 – Jazz Large Ensemble 6
JAZZ4002 – Jazz Large Ensemble 7
JAZZ4003 – Jazz Large Ensemble 8
geos3520 keyword geos3520
JCTC1001 – Palestine: Roman Rule to Islam
JCTC1002 – Jewish Settlement Outside Palestine
JCTC1801 – Jewish Civilization Exchange
JCTC2603 – Jews Under the Crescent and the Cross
JCTC2604 – From Expulsion to Regeneration
JCTC2605 – From Emancipation to the Holocaust
JCTC2606 – The Holocaust: History and Aftermath
JCTC2607 – Israel in the Modern Middle East
JCTC2811 – Jewish Civilisation Exchange
JCTC2812 – Jewish Civilisation Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
JCTC2813 – Jewish Civilisation Exchange
JCTC2814 – Jewish Civilisation Exchange
JCTC2815 – Jewish Civilization Exchange
JCTC2816 – Jewish Civilisation Exchange
JPNS1611 – Japanese 1
JPNS1612 – Japanese 2
JPNS1801 – Japanese Exchange
JPNS1802 – Japanese Exchange
JPNS2611 – Japanese 3
JPNS2612 – Japanese 4
geos3520 keyword geos3520
JPNS2621 – Japanese 5
JPNS2622 – Japanese 6
JPNS2660 – Introduction to Japan
JPNS2670 – Love and Death in Japanese Novels
JPNS2671 – Japanese Sociolinguistics
JPNS2672 – Japanese Media and Popular Culture
JPNS2811 – Japanese Exchange 3
JPNS2812 – Japanese Exchange 4
JPNS2813 – Japanese Exchange 5
JPNS2814 – Japanese Exchange 6
geos3520 keyword geos3520
JPNS2815 – Japanese Exchange 7
JPNS3621 – Japanese 7
JPNS3622 – Japanese 8
JPNS3631 – Japanese 9
JPNS3632 – Japanese 10
JPNS3673 – Japanese Society
JPNS3675 – Japanese Cinema
JPNS3841 – Japan In-Country Study 1
JPNS3842 – Japan In-Country Study 2
KOCR2600 – Indigenous Australia: An Introduction
geos3520 keyword geos3520
KOCR2602 – Issues in Indigenous Rights
KOCR2603 – Indigenous Health and Communities
KOCR2604 – Politics of Identity,Gender & Knowledge
KOCR2605 – Speaking Gamilaraay 1
KOCR2607 – Indigenous Creative Expression
KOCR2608 – Speaking Gamilaraay 2
KOCR2610 – Indigenous Community Development
KOCR2611 – Issues in Indigenous History
KOCR2612 – Introduction to Aboriginal Literature
KOCR3602 – Race,Racism and Indigenous Australia
geos3520 keyword geos3520
KOCR3607 – Re-awakening Australian Languages
KOCR3612 – Transnational Indigenous Poetics
KRNS1621 – Korean 1
KRNS1622 – Korean 2
KRNS1801 – Korean Exchange
KRNS2621 – Korean 3
KRNS2622 – Korean 4
KRNS2671 – Translation and Interpretation
KRNS2672 – Issues in Korean Language
KRNS2673 – Korean Phonology
geos3520 keyword geos3520
KRNS2674 – Korean Grammar
KRNS2675 – Contemporary Korean Society and Culture
KRNS2681 – Korean In-Country Study A
KRNS2682 – Korean In-Country Study B
KRNS2811 – Korean Studies Exchange
KRNS2812 – Korean Studies Exchange
KRNS2813 – Korean Studies Exchange
KRNS2814 – Korean Studies Exchange
KRNS2815 – Korean Studies Exchange
KRNS3621 – Korean 5
geos3520 keyword geos3520
KRNS3622 – Korean 6
LATN1600 – Introduction to Latin 1
LATN1601 – Introduction to Latin 2
LATN1801 – Latin Exchange
LATN1802 – Latin Exchange
LATN2600 – Intermediate Latin 1
LATN2601 – Intermediate Latin 2
LATN2620 – Reading Latin 1
LATN2621 – Reading Latin 2
LATN2804 – Latin Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
LATN2805 – Latin Exchange
LATN2806 – Latin Exchange
LATN2810 – Latin Exchange
LATN2811 – Latin Exchange
LATN3600 – Advanced Latin
LATN3602 – Virgil’s Aeneid
LATN3603 – Latin Imperial Poetry
LATN3605 – Latin Republican Prose
LNGS1001 – Structure of Language
LNGS1002 – Language and Social Context
geos3520 keyword geos3520
LNGS1801 – Linguistics Exchange
LNGS2602 – Syntax
LNGS2604 – Discourse Analysis
LNGS2613 – Computer Applications in Linguistics
LNGS2616 – Historical Linguistics
LNGS2617 – Cross-Cultural Communication
LNGS2620 – Phonetics
LNGS2621 – Phonology
LNGS2805 – Linguistics Exchange
LNGS2806 – Linguistics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
LNGS2809 – Linguistics Exchange
LNGS2810 – Linguistics Exchange
LNGS2811 – Linguistics Exchange
LNGS2812 – Linguistics Exchange
LNGS3601 – Semantics and Pragmatics
LNGS3605 – Structure and Use of a Language
LNGS3606 – Phonological Theory
LNGS3608 – Computers,Discourse,Language
LNGS3690 – Issues in Theoretical Linguistics
LNGS3696 – Bilingualism
geos3520 keyword geos3520
LNGS3699 – Linguistics Research Issues
LWSC2002 – Introductory Hydrology
LWSC3005 – Environmental Water Quality
LWSC3007 – Advanced Hydrology and Modelling
MARS2551 – Marine Science Exchange
MARS2552 – Marine Science Exchange
MARS2553 – Marine Science Exchange
MARS3551 – Marine Science Exchange
MARS3552 – Marine Science Exchange
MARS3553 – Marine Science Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MARS3554 – Marine Science Exchange
MATH1001 – Differential Calculus
MATH1002 – Linear Algebra
MATH1003 – Integral Calculus and Modelling
MATH1004 – Discrete Mathematics
MATH1005 – Statistics
MATH1011 – Applications of Calculus
MATH1013 – Mathematical Modelling
MATH1014 – Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH1015 – Biostatistics
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH1111 – Introduction to Calculus
MATH1551 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH1552 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH1553 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH1591 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH1592 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH1901 – Differential Calculus (Advanced)
MATH1902 – Linear Algebra (Advanced)
MATH1903 – Integral Calculus and Modelling Advanced
MATH1905 – Statistics (Advanced)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH1906 – Mathematics (Special Studies Program) A
MATH1907 – Mathematics (Special Studies Program) B
MATH2061 – Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus
MATH2065 – Partial Differential Equations (Intro)
MATH2068 – Number Theory and Cryptography
MATH2069 – Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory
MATH2070 – Optimisation and Financial Mathematics
MATH2551 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2552 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2553 – Mathematics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH2554 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2555 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2556 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2557 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2558 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2559 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2560 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2561 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH2591 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH2592 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH2593 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH2594 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH2595 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH2596 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH2597 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH2598 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH2916 – Working Seminar A (SSP)
MATH2917 – Working Seminar B (SSP)
MATH2961 – Linear Mathematics & Vector Calculus Adv
MATH2962 – Real and Complex Analysis (Advanced)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH2965 – Partial Differential Equations Intro Adv
MATH2968 – Algebra (Advanced)
MATH2969 – Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory Adv
MATH2970 – Optimisation & Financial Mathematics Adv
MATH2988 – Number Theory and Cryptography Advanced
MATH3061 – Geometry and Topology
MATH3063 – Differential Equations and Biomaths
MATH3065 – Logic and Foundations
MATH3068 – Analysis
MATH3075 – Financial Mathematics
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH3076 – Mathematical Computing
MATH3078 – PDEs and Waves
MATH3551 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3552 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3553 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3554 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3555 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3556 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3561 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3562 – Mathematics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH3563 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3564 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3565 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3566 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3567 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3568 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3569 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3570 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3571 – Mathematics Exchange
MATH3572 – Mathematics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH3591 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3592 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3593 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3594 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3595 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3596 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3597 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3598 – Advanced Mathematics Exchange
MATH3961 – Metric Spaces (Advanced)
MATH3962 – Rings,Fields and Galois Theory (Adv)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MATH3963 – Differential Equations & Biomaths (Adv)
MATH3968 – Differential Geometry (Advanced)
MATH3969 – Measure Theory & Fourier Analysis (Adv)
MATH3974 – Fluid Dynamics (Advanced)
MATH3975 – Financial Mathematics (Advanced)
MATH3976 – Mathematical Computing (Advanced)
MATH3977 – Lagrangian & Hamiltonian Dynamics (Adv)
MATH3978 – PDEs and Waves (Advanced)
MBLG1001 – Molecular Biology and Genetics (Intro)
MBLG1551 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MBLG1591 – Adv Molecular Biol and Genetics Exchange
MBLG1901 – Molecular Biology and Genetics (Adv)
MBLG2071 – Molecular Biology and Genomics
MBLG2072 – Genetics and Genomics
MBLG2551 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG2552 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG2553 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG2554 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG2555 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG2556 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MBLG2591 – Adv Molecular Biol and Genetics Exchange
MBLG2592 – Adv Molecular Biol and Genetics Exchange
MBLG2971 – Molecular Biology and Genomics (Adv)
MBLG2972 – Genetics and Genomics (Adv)
MBLG3552 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG3553 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG3554 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG3555 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG3556 – Molecular Biology and Genetics Exchange
MBLG3591 – Adv Molecular Biol and Genetics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MBLG3592 – Adv Molecular Biol and Genetics Exchange
MBLG3593 – Adv Molecular Biol and Genetics Exchange
MBLG3594 – Adv Molecular Biol and Genetics Exchange
MCGY1000 – Aural Perception 1
MCGY1001 – Aural Perception 1A
MCGY1002 – Aural Perception 1B
MCGY1003 – Aural Perception 2
MCGY1008 – Harmony and Analysis 1
MCGY1009 – Harmony and Analysis 2
MCGY2004 – Aural Perception 3
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MCGY2005 – Aural Perception 4
MCGY2010 – Harmony and Analysis 3
MCGY2011 – Harmony and Analysis 4
MCGY2600 – Advanced Harmony
MCGY2611 – Music from the Middle Ages to Baroque
MCGY2612 – Music in the Classical and Romantic Eras
MCGY2613 – Music in Modern Times
MCGY2614 – Musical Worlds of Today
MCGY3013 – Late Beethoven Seminar
MCGY3610 – Chant in the West
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MCGY3627 – Paleography of Music
MCGY3629 – Romanticism and the Fantastic
MCGY3630 – New Germans: Wagner and Liszt 1848-76
MCGY3631 – African-American Music Inquiry
MCGY3636 – Classicism and Transformation
MDST2612 – Byzantium between East and West
MDST2613 – Sex and Sin in the Middle Ages
MECH2400 – Mechanical Design 1
MECH3361 – Mechanics of Solids 2
MECH3362 – Materials 2
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MGRK1601 – Junior Modern Greek 1
MGRK1602 – Junior Modern Greek 2
MGRK1621 – Junior Modern Greek 3
MGRK1622 – Junior Modern Greek 4
MGRK2601 – Senior Modern Greek 1
MGRK2602 – Senior Modern Greek 2
MGRK2603 – Style and Expression
MGRK2605 – Theory and Practice of Translation B
MGRK2633 – Social Norms/Stereotypes in Greek Cinema
MGRK2811 – Modern Greek Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MGRK2812 – Modern Greek Exchange
MGRK2813 – Modern Greek Exchange
MGRK2814 – Modern Greek Exchange
MGRK2815 – Modern Greek Exchange
MGRK3633 – Greekness and Hellenism
MGRK3841 – Modern Greek In-Country Study 1
MICR2021 – Microbial Life
MICR2022 – Microbes in Society
MICR2024 – Microbes in the Environment
MICR2551 – Microbiology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MICR2552 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR2553 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR2554 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR2591 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
MICR2592 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
MICR2593 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
MICR2594 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
MICR2921 – Microbial Life (Advanced)
MICR2922 – Microbes in Society (Advanced)
MICR3011 – Microbes in Infection
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MICR3032 – Molecular Microbiology Concepts
MICR3042 – Molecular Microbiology Research Skills
MICR3125 – Microbial Ecology
MICR3551 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR3552 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR3553 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR3554 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR3555 – Microbiology Exchange
MICR3591 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
MICR3592 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MICR3593 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
MICR3594 – Advanced Microbiology Exchange
MICR3911 – Microbes in Infection (Advanced)
MICR3932 – Molecular Microbiology Concepts (Adv)
MICR3942 – Molecular Micro Research Skills (Adv)
MKTG1001 – Marketing Principles
MOBT2551 – Molecular Biotechnology Exchange
MOBT2552 – Molecular Biotechnology Exchange
MOBT3551 – Molecular Biotechnology Exchange
MOBT3552 – Molecular Biotechnology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MOBT3553 – Molecular Biotechnology Exchange
MUSC1501 – Extended Fundamentals of Music
MUSC1503 – Fundamentals of Music 1
MUSC1504 – Fundamentals of Music 2
MUSC1506 – Music in Western Culture
MUSC1507 – Sounds,Screens,Speakers: Music & Media
MUSC2612 – Music Performance
MUSC2614 – Composition Workshop
MUSC2631 – Music and Everyday Life
MUSC2651 – Sounding Australia
geos3520 keyword geos3520
MUSC2653 – Introduction to Digital Music Techniques
MUSC2663 – Survey of Film Music
MUSC2664 – Popular Music and the Moving Image
MUSC2666 – A Global Sound: African American Music
MUSC2679 – Music and Spirituality
MUSC2693 – Fundamentals of Music 3
MUSC3609 – Musicology
MUSC3639 – Music Journalism
MUSC3640 – Rhythms and Sounds of Latin America
MUSC3699 – Understanding Music: Modes of Hearing
geos3520 keyword geos3520
NEUR3001 – Neuroscience: Special Senses
NEUR3002 – Neuroscience: Motor Systems & Behaviour
NEUR3003 – Cellular and Developmental Neuroscience
NEUR3004 – Integrative Neuroscience
NEUR3551 – Neuroscience Exchange
NEUR3552 – Neuroscience Exchange
NEUR3553 – Neuroscience Exchange
NEUR3554 – Neuroscience Exchange
NEUR3591 – Advanced Neuroscience Exchange
NEUR3592 – Advanced Neuroscience Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
NEUR3593 – Advanced Neuroscience Exchange
NEUR3594 – Advanced Neuroscience Exchange
NEUR3901 – Neuroscience: Special Senses (Advanced)
NEUR3902 – Neuroscience: Motor Systems & Behav. Adv
NEUR3903 – Cellular & Developmental Neurosci. (Adv)
NEUR3904 – Integrative Neuroscience (Advanced)
NUTM3001 – Introductory Nutrition and Metabolism
NUTM3002 – Nutrition & Metabolism Advanced Concepts
PCOL2011 – Pharmacology Fundamentals
PCOL2012 – Pharmacology: Drugs and People
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PCOL2551 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL2552 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL2553 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL2554 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL2556 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL2557 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL2591 – Advanced Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL2592 – Advanced Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3011 – Toxicology
PCOL3012 – Drug Design and Development
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PCOL3021 – Drug Therapy
PCOL3022 – Neuropharmacology
PCOL3551 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3552 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3553 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3554 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3555 – Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3591 – Advanced Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3592 – Advanced Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3593 – Advanced Pharmacology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PCOL3594 – Advanced Pharmacology Exchange
PCOL3911 – Toxicology (Advanced)
PCOL3912 – Drug Design and Development (Adv)
PCOL3921 – Drug Therapy (Advanced)
PCOL3922 – Neuropharmacology (Advanced)
PERF3000 – Conducting 1
PERF3001 – Conducting 2
PERF4000 – Conducting 3
PERF4001 – Conducting 4
PHIL1011 – Reality,Ethics and Beauty
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHIL1012 – Introductory Logic
PHIL1013 – Society,Knowledge and Self
PHIL1801 – Philosophy Exchange
PHIL2600 – Twentieth Century Philosophy
PHIL2605 – Early Modern Theories of Perception
PHIL2608 – Distributive Justice
PHIL2612 – History of Ethics
PHIL2615 – Intermediate Logic
PHIL2616 – Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL2617 – Practical Ethics
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHIL2618 – Aesthetics and Art
PHIL2621 – Truth,Meaning and Language
PHIL2622 – Reality,Time & Possibility: Metaphysics
PHIL2623 – Moral Psychology
PHIL2625 – Hannah Arendt
PHIL2627 – Philosophy and Psychiatry
PHIL2629 – Descartes and Continental Philosophy
PHIL2632 – Modernity in Crisis
PHIL2635 – Contemporary Political Philosophy
PHIL2639 – Heidegger’s Phenomenology
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHIL2640 – Environmental Philosophy
PHIL2642 – Critical Thinking
PHIL2643 – Philosophy of Mind
PHIL2644 – Critical Theory: From Marx to Foucault
PHIL2645 – Philosophy of Law
PHIL2646 – Philosophy and Literature
PHIL2647 – The Philosophy of Happiness
PHIL2648 – German Philosophy,Leibniz to Nietzsche
PHIL2650 – Logic and Computation
PHIL2651 – Bodies and Passions
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHIL2804 – Philosophy Exchange
PHIL2805 – Philosophy Exchange
PHIL2806 – Philosophy Exchange
PHIL2810 – Philosophy Exchange
PHIL2811 – Philosophy Exchange
PHIL2812 – Philosophy Exchange
PHIL3615 – Pragmatism
PHIL3622 – Philosophy of Modern Physics
PHSI2005 – Integrated Physiology A
PHSI2006 – Integrated Physiology B
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHSI2551 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI2552 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI2553 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI2554 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI2555 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI2556 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI2591 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
PHSI2592 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
PHSI2593 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
PHSI2594 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHSI2905 – Integrated Physiology A (Advanced)
PHSI2906 – Integrated Physiology B (Advanced)
PHSI3005 – Human Cellular Physiology: Theory
PHSI3006 – Human Cellular Physiology: Research
PHSI3007 – Heart and Circulation: Normal Function
PHSI3008 – Heart and Circulation: Dysfunction
PHSI3551 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI3552 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI3553 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI3554 – Physiology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHSI3555 – Physiology Exchange
PHSI3591 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
PHSI3592 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
PHSI3593 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
PHSI3594 – Advanced Physiology Exchange
PHSI3905 – Human Cellular Physiology (Adv): Theory
PHSI3906 – Human Cellular Physiology (Ad): Research
PHSI3907 – Heart & Circulation: Normal Function Adv
PHSI3908 – Heart & Circulation: Dysfunction Adv
PHYS1001 – Physics 1 (Regular)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHYS1002 – Physics 1 (Fundamentals)
PHYS1003 – Physics 1 (Technological)
PHYS1004 – Physics 1 (Environmental & Life Science)
PHYS1500 – Astronomy
PHYS1551 – Physics Exchange
PHYS1552 – Physics Exchange
PHYS1591 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS1901 – Physics 1A (Advanced)
PHYS1902 – Physics 1B (Advanced)
PHYS2011 – Physics 2A
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHYS2012 – Physics 2B
PHYS2013 – Astrophysics and Relativity
PHYS2551 – Physics Exchange
PHYS2552 – Physics Exchange
PHYS2553 – Physics Exchange
PHYS2554 – Physics Exchange
PHYS2555 – Physics Exchange
PHYS2556 – Physics Exchange
PHYS2591 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS2592 – Advanced Physics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHYS2593 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS2594 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS2911 – Physics 2A (Advanced)
PHYS2912 – Physics 2B (Advanced)
PHYS2913 – Astrophysics and Relativity (Advanced)
PHYS3015 – Topics in Senior Physics A
PHYS3025 – Topics in Senior Physics B
PHYS3039 – Quantum Physics/Comp. Physics & Lab
PHYS3040 – Electromagnetism and Physics Lab
PHYS3042 – Quantum Physics/Astrophysics/Plasma
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHYS3043 – Quantum Physics/Astrop/Comp. Physics
PHYS3044 – Quantum Physics/Plasma/Comp. Physics
PHYS3068 – Condensed Matter Phys/Optics & Lab
PHYS3069 – High Energy Physics/Optics & Lab
PHYS3074 – Condensed Matter/High Energy & Lab
PHYS3080 – Condensed Matter/High Energy/Optics
PHYS3090 – Statistical Mechanics & Physics Lab
PHYS3099 – Stat. Mechanics/Cond. Matter & Lab
PHYS3551 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3552 – Physics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHYS3553 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3554 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3555 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3556 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3557 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3558 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3559 – Physics Exchange
PHYS3591 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS3592 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS3593 – Advanced Physics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHYS3594 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS3595 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS3596 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS3597 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS3598 – Advanced Physics Exchange
PHYS3915 – Topics in Senior Physics A (Advanced)
PHYS3925 – Topics in Senior Physics B (Advanced)
PHYS3939 – Quantum Physics/Comp. Phys. & Lab (Adv)
PHYS3940 – Electromagnetism and Physics Lab (Adv)
PHYS3941 – Electromagnetism & Special Project (Adv)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PHYS3942 – Quantum Physics/Astrophysics/Plasma(Adv)
PHYS3943 – Quantum Physics/Astrop/Comp. Phys. (Adv)
PHYS3944 – Quantum Physics/Plasma/Comp. Phys. (Adv)
PHYS3968 – Condensed Matter Phys/Optics & Lab (Adv)
PHYS3969 – High Energy Physics/Optics & Lab (Adv)
PHYS3974 – Condensed Matter/High Energy & Lab (Adv)
PHYS3980 – Condensed Matter/High Energy/Optics(Adv)
PHYS3990 – Statistical Mechanics & Phys. Lab (Adv)
PHYS3991 – Statistical Mechanics & Project (Adv)
PHYS3999 – Stat. Mechanics/Cond. Matter & Lab (Adv)
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PLNT2001 – Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
PLNT2901 – Plant Biochem & Molecular Biology (Adv)
PLNT3001 – Plant,Cell and Environment
PLNT3002 – Plant Growth and Development
PLNT3003 – Systematics and Evolution of Plants
PLNT3901 – Plant,Cell and Environment (Advanced)
PLNT3902 – Plant Growth and Development (Advanced)
PLNT3903 – Systematics and Evolution of Plants Adv
PPAT3003 – Plant Disease
PPAT4004 – Advanced Mycology and Plant Pathology
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PPAT4005 – Soil Biology
PRFM1801 – Performance Studies Exchange
PRFM2601 – Being There: Theories of Performance
PRFM2602 – Performance: Production & Interpretation
PRFM2603 – Between Impro & Text: Making Performance
PRFM2604 – Sociology of Theatre
PRFM2805 – Performance Studies Exchange
PRFM2806 – Performance Studies Exchange
PRFM2810 – Performance Studies Exchange
PRFM2811 – Performance Studies Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PRFM2812 – Performance Studies Exchange
PRFM3603 – Playing Politics
PRFM3604 – Embodied Histories
PRFM3605 – Cross-Cultural and Hybrid Performance
PRFM3606 – Approaches to Acting
PRFM3611 – Dramaturgy
PRFM3619 – Documenting Performance
PRFM3961 – Rehearsal Studies
PRFM3962 – Inside Rehearsal
PSYC1001 – Psychology 1001
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PSYC1002 – Psychology 1002
PSYC1551 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC1552 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC2011 – Brain and Behaviour
PSYC2012 – Statistics & Research Methods for Psych
PSYC2013 – Cognitive and Social Psychology
PSYC2014 – Personality and Intelligence 1
PSYC2551 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC2552 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC2553 – Psychology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PSYC2554 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC2555 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC2556 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC2557 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC2911 – Brain and Behaviour (Advanced)
PSYC3010 – Advanced Statistics for Psychology
PSYC3011 – Learning and Behaviour
PSYC3012 – Cognition,Language and Thought
PSYC3013 – Perceptual Systems
PSYC3014 – Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PSYC3015 – Personality and Intelligence 2
PSYC3016 – Developmental Psychology
PSYC3017 – Social Psychology
PSYC3018 – Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3020 – Applications of Psychological Science
PSYC3551 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3552 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3553 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3554 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3555 – Psychology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
PSYC3556 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3557 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3558 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3559 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3560 – Psychology Exchange
PSYC3914 – Behavioural & Cognitive Neuroscience Adv
RLST1002 – A History of God,Deities and Demons
RLST1005 – Atheism,Fundamentalism & New Religions
RLST1801 – Religious Studies Exchange
RLST2605 – Christianity and the Medieval World
geos3520 keyword geos3520
RLST2612 – Ancient Gnosticism
RLST2620 – Religion and Violence,Faith and Blood
RLST2624 – The Birth of Christianity
RLST2626 – Witchcraft,Paganism and the New Age
RLST2633 – Religion and Television
RLST2634 – Religion,Media and Consumerism
RLST2804 – Religious Studies Exchange
RLST2805 – Religious Studies Exchange
RLST2806 – Religious Studies Exchange
RLST2809 – Religious Studies Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
RLST2810 – Religious Studies Exchange
RLST3601 – Rethinking Religion
SANS1001 – Sanskrit Introductory 1
SANS1002 – Sanskrit Introductory 2
SANS2601 – Sanskrit Intermediate 1
SANS2602 – Sanskrit Intermediate 2
SANS3601 – Sanskrit Advanced 1
SANS3602 – Sanskrit Advanced 2
SANS3612 – Sanskrit Research Preparation 2
SCGN2952 – Advanced Science Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCGN3953 – Advanced Science Exchange
SCLG1001 – Introduction to Sociology 1
SCLG1002 – Introduction to Sociology 2
SCLG1801 – Sociology Exchange
SCLG2601 – Sociological Theory
SCLG2602 – Social Inquiry: Qualitative Methods
SCLG2603 – Sociology of Health and Illness
SCLG2604 – Social Inequality in Australia
SCLG2605 – Social Justice Law and Society
SCLG2606 – Media in Contemporary Society
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCLG2607 – Social Movements and Policy Making
SCLG2608 – Social Construction of Difference
SCLG2609 – Contemporary Cultural Issues
SCLG2610 – Science,Technology and Social Change
SCLG2611 – Welfare States: A Comparative Analysis
SCLG2612 – Self and Society
SCLG2613 – Sociology of Childhood and Youth
SCLG2615 – Law and Social Theory
SCLG2619 – Sociology of Sport
SCLG2621 – Power,Politics and Society
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCLG2623 – Sociology of Terror
SCLG2624 – Human Rights and Social Protest
SCLG2625 – Sociology of Friendship
SCLG2626 – Sociology of Religion
SCLG2628 – Surveillance and Society
SCLG2629 – Celebrity Society
SCLG2634 – Crime,Punishment and Society
SCLG2805 – Sociology Exchange
SCLG2806 – Sociology Exchange
SCLG2809 – Sociology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCLG2810 – Sociology Exchange
SCLG2811 – Sociology Exchange
SCLG2812 – Sociology Exchange
SCLG3601 – Contemporary Sociological Theory
SCLG3602 – Sociological Theory and Practice
SCLG3603 – Quantitative Methods for Social Science
SCLG3604 – Environmental Sociology
SCLG3605 – Urban Transformations: Society and Space
SCPL2601 – Australian Social Policy
SCPL2602 – The Principles of Social Policy
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP1601 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity A Jnr
SCTP1602 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity B Jnr
SCTP1603 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity C Jnr
SCTP1604 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity D Jnr
SCTP1605 – TSP Biology Activity A Jnr
SCTP1606 – TSP Biology Activity B Jnr
SCTP1607 – TSP Biology Activity C Jnr
SCTP1608 – TSP Biology Activity D Jnr
SCTP1609 – TSP Chemistry Activity A Jnr
SCTP1610 – TSP Chemistry Activity B Jnr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP1611 – TSP Chemistry Activity C Jnr
SCTP1612 – TSP Chemistry Activity D Jnr
SCTP1613 – TSP Computational Science Activity A Jnr
SCTP1614 – TSP Computational Science Activity B Jnr
SCTP1615 – TSP Computational Science Activity C Jnr
SCTP1616 – TSP Computational Science Activity D Jnr
SCTP1617 – TSP Info Technology Activity A Jnr
SCTP1618 – TSP Info Technology Activity B Jnr
SCTP1619 – TSP Info Technology Activity C Jnr
SCTP1620 – TSP Info Technology Activity D Jnr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP1621 – TSP Geosciences Activity A Jnr
SCTP1622 – TSP Geosciences Activity B Jnr
SCTP1623 – TSP Geosciences Activity C Jnr
SCTP1624 – TSP Geosciences Activity D Jnr
SCTP1625 – TSP Mathematics Activity A Jnr
SCTP1626 – TSP Mathematics Activity B Jnr
SCTP1627 – TSP Mathematics Activity C Jnr
SCTP1628 – TSP Mathematics Activity D Jnr
SCTP1629 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity A Jnr
SCTP1630 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity B Jnr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP1631 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity C Jnr
SCTP1632 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity D Jnr
SCTP1633 – TSP Physics Activity A Jnr
SCTP1634 – TSP Physics Activity B Jnr
SCTP1635 – TSP Physics Activity C Jnr
SCTP1636 – TSP Physics Activity D Jnr
SCTP1637 – TSP Psychology Activity A Jnr
SCTP1638 – TSP Psychology Activity B Jnr
SCTP1639 – TSP Psychology Activity C Jnr
SCTP1640 – TSP Psychology Activity D Jnr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP1901 – TSP Showcase Mol Biol and Gen
SCTP1902 – TSP Showcase Biology
SCTP1903 – TSP Showcase Chemistry
SCTP1904 – TSP Showcase Computational Science
SCTP1905 – TSP Showcase Info Technology
SCTP1906 – TSP Showcase Geosciences
SCTP1907 – TSP Showcase Mathematics
SCTP1908 – TSP Showcase Hist & Phil of Sci
SCTP1909 – TSP Showcase Physics
SCTP1910 – TSP Showcase Psychology
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2601 – TSP Anatomy Activity A Int
SCTP2602 – TSP Anatomy Activity B Int
SCTP2603 – TSP Anatomy Activity C Int
SCTP2604 – TSP Anatomy Activity D Int
SCTP2605 – TSP Anatomy Activity E Int
SCTP2606 – TSP Anatomy Activity F Int
SCTP2607 – TSP Biochemistry Activity A Int
SCTP2608 – TSP Biochemistry Activity B Int
SCTP2609 – TSP Biochemistry Activity C Int
SCTP2610 – TSP Biochemistry Activity D Int
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2611 – TSP Biochemistry Activity E Int
SCTP2612 – TSP Biochemistry Activity F Int
SCTP2613 – TSP Biology Activity A Int
SCTP2614 – TSP Biology Activity B Int
SCTP2615 – TSP Biology Activity C Int
SCTP2616 – TSP Biology Activity D Int
SCTP2617 – TSP Biology Activity E Int
SCTP2618 – TSP Biology Activity F Int
SCTP2619 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity A Int
SCTP2620 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity B Int
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2621 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity C Int
SCTP2622 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity D Int
SCTP2623 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity E Int
SCTP2624 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity F Int
SCTP2625 – TSP Chemistry Activity A Int
SCTP2626 – TSP Chemistry Activity B Int
SCTP2627 – TSP Chemistry Activity C Int
SCTP2628 – TSP Chemistry Activity D Int
SCTP2629 – TSP Chemistry Activity E Int
SCTP2630 – TSP Chemistry Activity F Int
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2631 – TSP Computer Science Activity A Int
SCTP2632 – TSP Computer Science Activity B Int
SCTP2633 – TSP Computer Science Activity C Int
SCTP2634 – TSP Computer Science Activity D Int
SCTP2635 – TSP Computer Science Activity E Int
SCTP2636 – TSP Computer Science Activity F Int
SCTP2637 – TSP Info Technology Activity A Int
SCTP2638 – TSP Info Technology Activity B Int
SCTP2639 – TSP Info Technology Activity C Int
SCTP2640 – TSP Info Technology Activity D Int
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2641 – TSP Info Technology Activity E Int
SCTP2642 – TSP Info Technology Activity F Int
SCTP2643 – TSP Geography Activity A Int
SCTP2644 – TSP Geography Activity B Int
SCTP2645 – TSP Geography Activity C Int
SCTP2646 – TSP Geography Activity D Int
SCTP2647 – TSP Geography Activity E Int
SCTP2648 – TSP Geography Activity F Int
SCTP2649 – TSP Mathematics Activity A Int
SCTP2650 – TSP Mathematics Activity B Int
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2651 – TSP Mathematics Activity C Int
SCTP2652 – TSP Mathematics Activity D Int
SCTP2653 – TSP Mathematics Activity E Int
SCTP2654 – TSP Mathematics Activity F Int
SCTP2655 – TSP Statistics Activity A Int
SCTP2656 – TSP Statistics Activity B Int
SCTP2657 – TSP Statistics Activity C Int
SCTP2658 – TSP Statistics Activity D Int
SCTP2659 – TSP Statistics Activity E Int
SCTP2660 – TSP Statistics Activity F Int
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2661 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity A Int
SCTP2662 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity B Int
SCTP2663 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity C Int
SCTP2664 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity D Int
SCTP2665 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity E Int
SCTP2666 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity F Int
SCTP2667 – TSP Information Systems Activity A Int
SCTP2668 – TSP Information Systems Activity B Int
SCTP2669 – TSP Information Systems Activity C Int
SCTP2670 – TSP Information Systems Activity D Int
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP2671 – TSP Information Systems Activity E Int
SCTP2672 – TSP Information Systems Activity F Int
SCTP2673 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity A Int
SCTP2674 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity B Int
SCTP2675 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity C Int
SCTP2676 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity D Int
SCTP2677 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity E Int
SCTP2678 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity F Int
SCTP2679 – TSP Pharmacology Activity A Int
SCTP2680 – TSP Pharmacology Activity B Int
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SCTP2681 – TSP Pharmacology Activity C Int
SCTP2682 – TSP Pharmacology Activity D Int
SCTP2683 – TSP Pharmacology Activity E Int
SCTP2684 – TSP Pharmacology Activity F Int
SCTP2685 – TSP Physiology Activity A Int
SCTP2686 – TSP Physiology Activity B Int
SCTP2687 – TSP Physiology Activity C Int
SCTP2688 – TSP Physiology Activity D Int
SCTP2689 – TSP Physiology Activity E Int
SCTP2690 – TSP Physiology Activity F Int
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SCTP2691 – TSP Psychology Activity A Int
SCTP2692 – TSP Psychology Activity B Int
SCTP2693 – TSP Psychology Activity C Int
SCTP2694 – TSP Psychology Activity D Int
SCTP2695 – TSP Psychology Activity E Int
SCTP2696 – TSP Psychology Activity F Int
SCTP2697 – TSP Physics Activity A Int
SCTP2698 – TSP Physics Activity B Int
SCTP2699 – TSP Physics Activity C Int
SCTP2700 – TSP Physics Activity D Int
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SCTP2701 – TSP Physics Activity E Int
SCTP2702 – TSP Physics Activity F Int
SCTP2703 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity A Int
SCTP2704 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity B Int
SCTP2705 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity C Int
SCTP2706 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity D Int
SCTP2707 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity E Int
SCTP2708 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity F Int
SCTP2709 – TSP Plant Science Activity A Int
SCTP2710 – TSP Plant Science Activity B Int
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SCTP2711 – TSP Plant Science Activity C Int
SCTP2712 – TSP Plant Science Activity D Int
SCTP2713 – TSP Plant Science Activity E Int
SCTP2714 – TSP Plant Science Activity F Int
SCTP2715 – TSP Microbiology Activity A Int
SCTP2716 – TSP Microbiology Activity B Int
SCTP2717 – TSP Microbiology Activity C Int
SCTP2718 – TSP Microbiology Activity D Int
SCTP2719 – TSP Microbiology Activity E Int
SCTP2720 – TSP Microbiology Activity F Int
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SCTP2721 – TSP Soil Science Activity A Int
SCTP2722 – TSP Soil Science Activity B Int
SCTP2723 – TSP Soil Science Activity C Int
SCTP2724 – TSP Soil Science Activity D Int
SCTP2725 – TSP Soil Science Activity E Int
SCTP2726 – TSP Soil Science Activity F Int
SCTP3601 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity A Snr
SCTP3602 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity B Snr
SCTP3603 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity C Snr
SCTP3604 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity D Snr
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SCTP3605 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity E Snr
SCTP3606 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity F Snr
SCTP3607 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity G Snr
SCTP3608 – TSP Ag Chemistry Activity H Snr
SCTP3609 – TSP Anatomy Activity A Snr
SCTP3610 – TSP Anatomy Activity B Snr
SCTP3611 – TSP Anatomy Activity C Snr
SCTP3612 – TSP Anatomy Activity D Snr
SCTP3613 – TSP Anatomy Activity E Snr
SCTP3614 – TSP Anatomy Activity F Snr
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SCTP3615 – TSP Anatomy Activity G Snr
SCTP3616 – TSP Anatomy Activity H Snr
SCTP3617 – TSP Biochemistry Activity A Snr
SCTP3618 – TSP Biochemistry Activity B Snr
SCTP3619 – TSP Biochemistry Activity C Snr
SCTP3620 – TSP Biochemistry Activity D Snr
SCTP3621 – TSP Biochemistry Activity E Snr
SCTP3622 – TSP Biochemistry Activity F Snr
SCTP3623 – TSP Biochemistry Activity G Snr
SCTP3624 – TSP Biochemistry Activity H Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3625 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity A Snr
SCTP3626 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity B Snr
SCTP3627 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity C Snr
SCTP3628 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity D Snr
SCTP3629 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity E Snr
SCTP3630 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity F Snr
SCTP3631 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity G Snr
SCTP3632 – TSP Bioinformatics Activity H Snr
SCTP3633 – TSP Biology Activity A Snr
SCTP3634 – TSP Biology Activity B Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3635 – TSP Biology Activity C Snr
SCTP3636 – TSP Biology Activity D Snr
SCTP3637 – TSP Biology Activity E Snr
SCTP3638 – TSP Biology Activity F Snr
SCTP3639 – TSP Biology Activity G Snr
SCTP3640 – TSP Biology Activity H Snr
SCTP3641 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity A Snr
SCTP3642 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity B Snr
SCTP3643 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity C Snr
SCTP3644 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity D Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3645 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity E Snr
SCTP3646 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity F Snr
SCTP3647 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity G Snr
SCTP3648 – TSP Cell Pathology Activity H Snr
SCTP3649 – TSP Chemistry Activity A Snr
SCTP3650 – TSP Chemistry Activity B Snr
SCTP3651 – TSP Chemistry Activity C Snr
SCTP3652 – TSP Chemistry Activity D Snr
SCTP3653 – TSP Chemistry Activity E Snr
SCTP3654 – TSP Chemistry Activity F Snr
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SCTP3655 – TSP Chemistry Activity G Snr
SCTP3656 – TSP Chemistry Activity H Snr
SCTP3657 – TSP Computational Science Activity A Snr
SCTP3658 – TSP Computational Science Activity B Snr
SCTP3659 – TSP Computational Science Activity C Snr
SCTP3660 – TSP Computational Science Activity D Snr
SCTP3661 – TSP Computational Science Activity E Snr
SCTP3662 – TSP Computational Science Activity F Snr
SCTP3663 – TSP Computational Science Activity G Snr
SCTP3664 – TSP Computational Science Activity H Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3665 – TSP Computer Science Activity A Snr
SCTP3666 – TSP Computer Science Activity B Snr
SCTP3667 – TSP Computer Science Activity C Snr
SCTP3668 – TSP Computer Science Activity D Snr
SCTP3669 – TSP Computer Science Activity E Snr
SCTP3670 – TSP Computer Science Activity F Snr
SCTP3671 – TSP Computer Science Activity G Snr
SCTP3672 – TSP Computer Science Activity H Snr
SCTP3673 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity A Snr
SCTP3674 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity B Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3675 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity C Snr
SCTP3676 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity D Snr
SCTP3677 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity E Snr
SCTP3678 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity F Snr
SCTP3679 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity G Snr
SCTP3680 – TSP Environmental Studies Activity H Snr
SCTP3681 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity A Snr
SCTP3682 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity B Snr
SCTP3683 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity C Snr
SCTP3684 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity D Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3685 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity E Snr
SCTP3686 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity F Snr
SCTP3687 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity G Snr
SCTP3688 – TSP Fin Maths and Stats Activity H Snr
SCTP3689 – TSP Geography Activity A Snr
SCTP3690 – TSP Geography Activity B Snr
SCTP3691 – TSP Geography Activity C Snr
SCTP3692 – TSP Geography Activity D Snr
SCTP3693 – TSP Geography Activity E Snr
SCTP3694 – TSP Geography Activity F Snr
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SCTP3695 – TSP Geography Activity G Snr
SCTP3696 – TSP Geography Activity H Snr
SCTP3697 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity A Snr
SCTP3698 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity B Snr
SCTP3699 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity C Snr
SCTP3700 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity D Snr
SCTP3701 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity E Snr
SCTP3702 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity F Snr
SCTP3703 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity G Snr
SCTP3704 – TSP Geology & Geophysics Activity H Snr
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SCTP3705 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity A Snr
SCTP3706 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity B Snr
SCTP3707 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity C Snr
SCTP3708 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity D Snr
SCTP3709 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity E Snr
SCTP3710 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity F Snr
SCTP3711 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity G Snr
SCTP3712 – TSP Hist & Phil of Sci Activity H Snr
SCTP3713 – TSP Immunobiology Activity A Snr
SCTP3714 – TSP Immunobiology Activity B Snr
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SCTP3715 – TSP Immunobiology Activity C Snr
SCTP3716 – TSP Immunobiology Activity D Snr
SCTP3717 – TSP Immunobiology Activity E Snr
SCTP3718 – TSP Immunobiology Activity F Snr
SCTP3719 – TSP Immunobiology Activity G Snr
SCTP3720 – TSP Immunobiology Activity H Snr
SCTP3721 – TSP Info Systems Activity A Snr
SCTP3722 – TSP Info Systems Activity B Snr
SCTP3723 – TSP Info Systems Activity C Snr
SCTP3724 – TSP Info Systems Activity D Snr
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SCTP3725 – TSP Info Systems Activity E Snr
SCTP3726 – TSP Info Systems Activity F Snr
SCTP3727 – TSP Info Systems Activity G Snr
SCTP3728 – TSP Info Systems Activity H Snr
SCTP3729 – TSP Marine Biology Activity A Snr
SCTP3730 – TSP Marine Biology Activity B Snr
SCTP3731 – TSP Marine Biology Activity C Snr
SCTP3732 – TSP Marine Biology Activity D Snr
SCTP3733 – TSP Marine Biology Activity E Snr
SCTP3734 – TSP Marine Biology Activity F Snr
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SCTP3735 – TSP Marine Biology Activity G Snr
SCTP3736 – TSP Marine Biology Activity H Snr
SCTP3737 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity A Snr
SCTP3738 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity B Snr
SCTP3739 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity C Snr
SCTP3740 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity D Snr
SCTP3741 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity E Snr
SCTP3742 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity F Snr
SCTP3743 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity G Snr
SCTP3744 – TSP Marine Geoscience Activity H Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3745 – TSP Marine Science Activity A Snr
SCTP3746 – TSP Marine Science Activity B Snr
SCTP3747 – TSP Marine Science Activity C Snr
SCTP3748 – TSP Marine Science Activity D Snr
SCTP3749 – TSP Marine Science Activity E Snr
SCTP3750 – TSP Marine Science Activity F Snr
SCTP3751 – TSP Marine Science Activity G Snr
SCTP3752 – TSP Marine Science Activity H Snr
SCTP3753 – TSP Mathematics Activity A Snr
SCTP3754 – TSP Mathematics Activity B Snr
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SCTP3755 – TSP Mathematics Activity C Snr
SCTP3756 – TSP Mathematics Activity D Snr
SCTP3757 – TSP Mathematics Activity E Snr
SCTP3758 – TSP Mathematics Activity F Snr
SCTP3759 – TSP Mathematics Activity G Snr
SCTP3760 – TSP Mathematics Activity H Snr
SCTP3761 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity A Snr
SCTP3762 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity B Snr
SCTP3763 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity C Snr
SCTP3764 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity D Snr
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SCTP3765 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity E Snr
SCTP3766 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity F Snr
SCTP3767 – TSP Microbiology Activity A Snr
SCTP3768 – TSP Microbiology Activity B Snr
SCTP3769 – TSP Microbiology Activity C Snr
SCTP3770 – TSP Microbiology Activity D Snr
SCTP3771 – TSP Microbiology Activity E Snr
SCTP3772 – TSP Microbiology Activity F Snr
SCTP3773 – TSP Microbiology Activity G Snr
SCTP3774 – TSP Microbiology Activity H Snr
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SCTP3775 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity A Snr
SCTP3776 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity B Snr
SCTP3777 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity C Snr
SCTP3778 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity D Snr
SCTP3779 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity E Snr
SCTP3780 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity F Snr
SCTP3781 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity G Snr
SCTP3782 – TSP Mol Biol and Gen Activity H Snr
SCTP3783 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity A Snr
SCTP3784 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity B Snr
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SCTP3785 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity C Snr
SCTP3786 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity D Snr
SCTP3787 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity E Snr
SCTP3788 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity F Snr
SCTP3789 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity G Snr
SCTP3790 – TSP Nanoscience and Tech Activity H Snr
SCTP3791 – TSP Neuroscience Activity A Snr
SCTP3792 – TSP Neuroscience Activity B Snr
SCTP3793 – TSP Neuroscience Activity C Snr
SCTP3794 – TSP Neuroscience Activity D Snr
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SCTP3795 – TSP Neuroscience Activity E Snr
SCTP3796 – TSP Neuroscience Activity F Snr
SCTP3797 – TSP Neuroscience Activity G Snr
SCTP3798 – TSP Neuroscience Activity H Snr
SCTP3799 – TSP Pharmacology Activity A Snr
SCTP3800 – TSP Pharmacology Activity B Snr
SCTP3801 – TSP Pharmacology Activity C Snr
SCTP3802 – TSP Pharmacology Activity D Snr
SCTP3803 – TSP Pharmacology Activity E Snr
SCTP3804 – TSP Pharmacology Activity F Snr
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SCTP3805 – TSP Pharmacology Activity G Snr
SCTP3806 – TSP Pharmacology Activity H Snr
SCTP3807 – TSP Physics Activity A Snr
SCTP3808 – TSP Physics Activity B Snr
SCTP3809 – TSP Physics Activity C Snr
SCTP3810 – TSP Physics Activity D Snr
SCTP3811 – TSP Physics Activity E Snr
SCTP3812 – TSP Physics Activity F Snr
SCTP3813 – TSP Physics Activity G Snr
SCTP3814 – TSP Physics Activity H Snr
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SCTP3815 – TSP Physiology Activity A Snr
SCTP3816 – TSP Physiology Activity B Snr
SCTP3817 – TSP Physiology Activity C Snr
SCTP3818 – TSP Physiology Activity D Snr
SCTP3819 – TSP Physiology Activity E Snr
SCTP3820 – TSP Physiology Activity F Snr
SCTP3821 – TSP Physiology Activity G Snr
SCTP3822 – TSP Physiology Activity H Snr
SCTP3823 – TSP Plant Science Activity A Snr
SCTP3824 – TSP Plant Science Activity B Snr
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SCTP3825 – TSP Plant Science Activity C Snr
SCTP3826 – TSP Plant Science Activity D Snr
SCTP3827 – TSP Plant Science Activity E Snr
SCTP3828 – TSP Plant Science Activity F Snr
SCTP3829 – TSP Plant Science Activity G Snr
SCTP3830 – TSP Plant Science Activity H Snr
SCTP3836 – TSP Psychology Activity F Snr
SCTP3837 – TSP Psychology Activity G Snr
SCTP3838 – TSP Psychology Activity H Snr
SCTP3839 – TSP Soil Science Activity A Snr
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SCTP3840 – TSP Soil Science Activity B Snr
SCTP3845 – TSP Soil Science Activity G Snr
SCTP3846 – TSP Soil Science Activity H Snr
SCTP3847 – TSP Statistics Activity A Snr
SCTP3848 – TSP Statistics Activity B Snr
SCTP3849 – TSP Statistics Activity C Snr
SCTP3850 – TSP Statistics Activity D Snr
SCTP3851 – TSP Statistics Activity E Snr
SCTP3852 – TSP Statistics Activity F Snr
SCTP3853 – TSP Statistics Activity G Snr
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SCTP3854 – TSP Statistics Activity H Snr
SCTP3855 – TSP Virology Activity A Snr
SCTP3856 – TSP Virology Activity B Snr
SCTP3857 – TSP Virology Activity C Snr
SCTP3858 – TSP Virology Activity D Snr
SCTP3859 – TSP Virology Activity E Snr
SCTP3860 – TSP Virology Activity F Snr
SCTP3866 – TSP Histology Activity D Snr
SCTP3867 – TSP Histology Activity E Snr
SCTP3868 – TSP Histology Activity F Snr
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SCTP3869 – TSP Histology Activity G Snr
SCTP3870 – TSP Histology Activity H Snr
SCTP3871 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity A Snr
SCTP3872 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity B Snr
SCTP3873 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity C Snr
SCTP3874 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity D Snr
SCTP3875 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity E Snr
SCTP3876 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity F Snr
SCTP3877 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity G Snr
SCTP3878 – TSP Electron Microscopy Activity H Snr
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SCTP3879 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity G Snr
SCTP3880 – TSP Medicinal Chemistry Activity H Snr
SCTP3884 – TSP Psychology Activity D Snr
SCTP3885 – TSP Psychology Activity E Snr
SCTP3886 – TSP Soil Science Activity C Snr
SCTP3887 – TSP Soil Science Activity D Snr
SCTP3888 – TSP Soil Science Activity E Snr
SCTP3889 – TSP Soil Science Activity F Snr
SCTP3890 – TSP Virology Activity G Snr
SCTP3891 – TSP Virology Activity H Snr
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3892 – TSP Histology Activity A Snr
SCTP3893 – TSP Histology Activity B Snr
SCTP3894 – TSP Histology Activity C Snr
SCTP3895 – TSP Psychology Activity A Snr
SCTP3896 – TSP Psychology Activity B Snr
SCTP3897 – TSP Psychology Activity C Snr
SCTP3901 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Ag Chemistry
SCTP3902 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Anatomy
SCTP3903 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Biochemistry
SCTP3904 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Bioinfo
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SCTP3905 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Biology
SCTP3906 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Cell Path
SCTP3907 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Chemistry
SCTP3908 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Comp’nal Sci
SCTP3909 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Computer Sci
SCTP3910 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Envi Studies
SCTP3911 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Fin Maths
SCTP3912 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Geography
SCTP3913 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Geology
SCTP3914 – TSP Showcase Project Leader HPS
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SCTP3915 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Info Systems
SCTP3916 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Marine Biol
SCTP3917 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Marine Geos
SCTP3918 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Marine Sci
SCTP3919 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Mathematics
SCTP3920 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Med Chem
SCTP3921 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Microbiology
SCTP3922 – TSP Showcase Project Leader MBLG
SCTP3923 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Nanoscience
SCTP3924 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Pharmacology
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SCTP3925 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Physics
SCTP3926 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Physiology
SCTP3927 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Plant Sci
SCTP3928 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Psychology
SCTP3929 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Soil Science
SCTP3930 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Statistics
SCTP3931 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Virology
SCTP3932 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Histology
SCTP3933 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Elec Micro
SCTP3934 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Immu
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SCTP3935 – TSP Showcase Project Leader Neuroscience
SLSS1001 – Introduction to Socio-Legal Studies
SLSS1003 – Law and Contemporary Society
SLSS2601 – Socio-Legal Research
SLSS2603 – Medico-Legal and Forensic Criminology
SLSS2605 – Crime,Media and Culture
SOIL2003 – Soil Properties and Processes
SOIL2004 – The Soil Resource
SOIL3009 – Contemporary Field and Lab Soil Science
SOIL3010 – The Soil at Work
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SPAN1621 – Level 1 Spanish
SPAN1622 – Level 2 Spanish
SPAN1801 – Spanish Exchange
SPAN1802 – Spanish Exchange
SPAN2611 – Spanish Level 3
SPAN2612 – Spanish Level 4
SPAN2613 – Spanish Level 5
SPAN2614 – Spanish Level 6
SPAN2615 – Indigenous Movements in Latin America
SPAN2621 – Spanish Culture 1
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SPAN2622 – Latin American Culture 1
SPAN2631 – Cultural and Social Change in Spain
SPAN2641 – Filmmaking in the Latin American Context
SPAN3611 – Spanish Level 7
SPAN3612 – Spanish Level 8
SPAN3621 – Latin American Film and Literature
SPAN3622 – Introduction to Spanish Translation
SPAN3624 – Spain: A Nation of Nations?
SPAN3671 – The Stories of Spain: Texts and Contexts
SPAN3811 – Spanish Studies Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
SPAN3812 – Spanish Studies Exchange
SPAN3813 – Spanish Studies Exchange
SPAN3814 – Spanish Studies Exchange
SPAN3815 – Spanish Studies Exchange
SPAN3816 – Spanish Studies Exchange
SPAN3817 – Spanish Studies Exchange
SPAN3818 – Spanish Studies Exchange
STAT1551 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2011 – Statistical Models
STAT2012 – Statistical Tests
geos3520 keyword geos3520
STAT2551 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2552 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2553 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2554 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2555 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2556 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2557 – Statistics Exchange
STAT2591 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT2592 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT2593 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
STAT2594 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT2911 – Probability and Statistical Models (Adv)
STAT2912 – Statistical Tests (Advanced)
STAT3011 – Stochastic Processes and Time Series
STAT3012 – Applied Linear Models
STAT3013 – Statistical Inference
STAT3014 – Applied Statistics
STAT3551 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3552 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3553 – Statistics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
STAT3554 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3555 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3556 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3557 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3558 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3559 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3560 – Statistics Exchange
STAT3591 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT3592 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT3593 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
STAT3594 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT3595 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT3596 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT3597 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT3598 – Advanced Statistics Exchange
STAT3911 – Stochastic Processes and Time Series Adv
STAT3912 – Applied Linear Models (Advanced)
STAT3913 – Statistical Inference Advanced
STAT3914 – Applied Statistics Advanced
USSC2601 – US in the World
geos3520 keyword geos3520
USSC2602 – US Politics: Elections,Presidents,Laws
USSC2603 – Americanism and Anti-Americanism
USSC2604 – Sex,Race and Rock in the USA
USSC2605 – US Studies Internship
VIRO3001 – Virology
VIRO3002 – Medical and Applied Virology
VIRO3551 – Virology Exchange
VIRO3552 – Virology Exchange
VIRO3591 – Advanced Virology Exchange
VIRO3592 – Advanced Virology Exchange
geos3520 keyword geos3520
VIRO3901 – Virology (Advanced)
VIRO3902 – Medical and Applied Virology (Advanced)
WORK1003 – Foundations of Work and Employment
WORK2201 – Foundations of Management
WORK2203 – Industrial Relations Policy
WORK2205 – Human Resource Processes
WORK2209 – Organisational Analysis and Behaviour
WORK2210 – Strategic Management
WORK2211 – Human Resource Strategies
WORK2215 – IR and HRM Practice
geos3520 keyword geos3520
WORK2217 – International Human Resource Management
WORK2218 – People and Organisations
WORK2219 – Management and Organisational Ethics
WORK2221 – Organisational Communication
WORK2222 – Leadership in Organisations
WORK2225 – Work and Social Change
WORK2226 – Institutions at Work
WORK3922 – Researching Work and Organisations
WRIT1000 – Writing English: Style and Method
WRIT1001 – Writing and Rhetoric 1: Academic Essays
geos3520 keyword geos3520
WRIT2002 – Advanced Writing and Research
WRIT3001 – Rhetoric in Australian Society

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