Where Is The Thing?!


Yoshiyuki: SOLDIER M-Class, Drop (Junon, Alarm Junction)

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Apocalypse: Ancient Forest

Heaven’s Cloud: Iron Man, Morph

Ragnarok: Iron Man, Drop

Ultima Weapon: Crafted on the Weapon Shop on the World Map
close to Gongaga.

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Sensei Glove (Triple AP): Shinra HQ, Shop

Powersoul: Dropped by Powersoul Keeper, Mt. Nibel

Master Fist: Dropped by Ho-Chu, Ancient Forest

God’s Hand: Mover, Morph

Premium Heart: Crafted

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Gatling Gun (Triple AP): Shinra HQ, Shop

Pile Banger: Armored Golem, Drop

Max Ray: Armored Golem, Morph

Missing Score: Crafted

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Seraph Comb: Given by Bugenhagen when he dies as an alternative of the
Limited Moon

Behemoth Horn: King Behemoth, Drop

Spring Gun Clip: King Behemoth, Morph

Limited Moon: Crafted

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Guard Stick (Triple AP): Gelnika

Fairy Tale: Pollensalta, Morph

Wizard Staff: Pollensalta, Drop

Princess Guard: Crafted

Scimitar: North Crater, Left-Down Path
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Grow Lance: Crater Dragon, Drop

Spirit Lance: Crater Dragon, Morph

Venus Gospel: Crafted

Magic Shuriken: Dragon Zombie, Drop

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Rising Sun: Gelnika

Oritsuru: Zombie Dragon, Morph

Conformer: Crafted

Battle Trumpet: Junon Sub Dock

Starlight Phone: Master Tonberry, Morph
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HP Shout: Crafted

Sniper CR: Malboro, Drop

Supershot ST: Ancient Forest, Chest

Outsider: Malboro, Morph

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Death Penalty: Crafted

Masamune: Crafted


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Fire Armlet: Unknown 1, Morph (Gelnika)

Aurora Armlet: Unknown 2, Morph (Gelnika)

Bolt Armlet: Unknown 3, Morph (Gelnika)

Adaman Bangle: Adamantaimai, Morph

Gigas Armlet: Hyndrangea, Temple of the Ancients

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Imperial Guard: Iron Man, Rare Steal (Crater, Left-Down Path)

Aegis Armlet: Kasumi, Drop (Wutai, Disc 3) (Unique)

Fourth Bracelet: Mimic, Drop (Unique)

Warrior Bangle: X-ATM, Drop (Unique)

Shinra Alpha: ????, Drop (Shinra Mansion, Disc 3) (Unique)

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Dragon Armlet: Crater Dragon, Rare Steal (Crater, Pre-Split)

Minerva Band: Pollensalta, Rare Steal (Crater, Right Path)

Escort Guard: Gighee, Rare Steal (Crater, Left/Up Path)

Mystile: Masked Man, Drop (Dark Cave)

Ziedrich: Binah, Drop (KOTR Cave, Disc 3) (Unique)

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Relic Ring: Dragon Zombie, Rare Steal

Curse Ring: Death Dealer, Rare Steal

Ribbon: Master Tonberry, Morph
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X-Potion: Thundercracker, Morph

Turbo Ether: Jersey, Morph

Elixir: Trickplay, Rare Steal
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Megalixir: Vlakorados, Morph

Smoke Bomb: Vice, Steal

Speed Drink: Sonic Speed, Morph

Hero Drink II: Battle Square (Disc 3)

Vaccine: Battle Square (Disc 3)
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Shrapnel: Bomb, Steal

Right Arm: Bomb, Drop

Hourglass: Search Crown, Morph

Kiss of Death: Sneaky Step, Morph

Spider Web: Jayjujayme, Morph
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Dream Powder: Twin Brain, Steal

Mute Mask: Dorky Face, Morph

War Gong: Gi Champion, Morph (Cave of the Gi)

Loco Weed: Griffin, Steal

Earth Drum: Flower Prong, Drop
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Earth Mallet: Flower Prong, Morph (Form 3)

Deadly Waste: Heg, Morph

M-Tentacles: Bad Rap, Morph

Stardust: Bad Rap, Rare Steal

Vampire Fang: Kimara Bug, Morph
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Ghost Hand: Rilfsak, Steal

Vagyrisk Claw: Cokatolis, Morph

Light Curtain: Guard System, Steal

Lunar Curtain: Guard System, Steal

Mirror: Mirage, Morph
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Holy Torch: Unknown 2, Drop

Bird Wing: Zuu, Morph

Dragon Scales: Junon Trooper, Rare Steal

8-Inch Cannon: Junon Trooper, Morph

Graviball: Flapbeat, Drop
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T/S Bomb: Unknown 1, Steal (Gelnika)

Ink: Bludown, Steal (Junon Area, Beaches)

Dazers: Kyulviduns, Morph

Dragon Fang: Nibel Dragon, Rare Steal

Cauldron: Jayjujayme, Rare Steal
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Battery: Ice Golem, Morph

Oversoul Shard: Battle Square (Disc 3)

Syncher: Speed Square

Cactuar Gun: Speed Square

Zenogias Feather: Ultimate Weapon, Drop
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Save Crystal: ??????

Red Crystal: Summon Materia, Drop

Lucky Pill: Battle Square/Junon Leagues

Hero Medal: Nemesis, Drop

Sun Curtain: Battle Square
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Astral Curtain: Battle Square

Gospel Spark: Battle Square

SS-Mine: Battle Square (Disc 3)

Fletch Rockets: Junon Leagues

Shinra Bomb: Junon Leagues
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Yellow Wave: Battle Square/Junon Leagues

Synthesis Cell: I forgot :I

Magitek Ashes: Magitek Bit, Drop

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Key Items//

White Materia: Defeat Mimic in Forgotten City

Dark Matter: Break up the Cait Sith cult in ??????

X-ATM Core: (Finally) Defeat X-ATM Scorpion

Micro-Engine: Defeat Love Buster in Rocket Town
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7777 Needles: Defeat Kaktuar within the Purple Materia Cave

Pulse Ammo: Defeat Tseng in Rocket Town

LuvLuv G: Defeat Spectral Hojo within the Dark Cave Sidequest

Black Materia: Clear the Dark Cave sidequest

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MP Plus: Won from Ziegfried, a forest encounter that replaces
the Mystery Ninja encounters.

HP Plus: North Crater, Left-Down Path

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Speed Plus: Dark Cave, Jormungandr

Magic Plus: Dark Cave, Spectral Hojo

Luck Plus: Dark Cave, Masked Man

Mega-All: Purple Materia Cave

Slash-All: Ancient Forest

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Double Cut: Extra Battle: Gold Match

HP-MP Swap: Powersoul Keeper

W-Magic: North Crater: Left-Up Path

W-Summon: Earth Harp, Trade to Kalm Traveller

W-Item: Extra Battle: Platinum Match

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Command Counter: Mt. Corel, train-tracks (Disc 1)

Comet: Corel, after prepare incident

Contain: Hojo, Drop (Midgar Raid, Disc 3)

Full Cure: Cosmo Canyon, Shop

Shield: Diamond Weapon, Drop

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Planet: Extra Battle: Silver Match

Enemy Skills//

Frog Song: Touch Me (Gongaga Forest, World Map)

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L5 Suicide: Mu, Chocobo Ranch (World Map)

Vital Hammer: Razorweed, Wutai (World Map) – Manip.

White Wind: Zemzelet, Junon (World Map) – Manip.

Big Guard: Beachplug, Corel (World Map – Beach) – Manip.

Stasis Lock:

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Dragon Force: King Bub, Boss (Kalm Traveler)

Death Force: Adamantaimai, Wutai (World Map – Beach) – Manip.

Antipode: Ark Dragon, Mythril Mines

Laser: Deathclaw, Corel Prison (or Parasite, North Crater)

Matra Magic: Custom Sweeper, Kalm (World Map)

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Bad Breath: Icy Oscar, Gaea Cliffs (or Malboro, North Crater)

Beta: Jemnezmy, Temple of the Ancients (or Stilva, Gaea’s Cliff)

Aqualung: Garuda, Da Chao

Trine: Thundercracker, Mt. Nibel (first two screens)

Magic Breath: Malboro, North Crater

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????: Jersey, Shinra Mansion

Goblin Punch: Boxer, Gongaga (trails)

Chocobuckle: Any chocobo (world map) – Use L5 Suicide after
feeding them Mimett greens

L5 Death: Parasite, North Crater

Death Sentence: Gi Spectre, Cave of the Gi
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Alpha: Midgar Zolom

Shadow Flare: Ultimate Weapon

Pandora’s Box: Yahcobo (Kalm Traveller)

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-) Cloud’s Lv.4 Limit
On Disc 3, go to the Shinra Mansion basement to set off a brand new
twist on the particular Flashback scene displaying Cloud and Zack’s
escape from Nibelheim.

-) Barret’s Lv.4 Limit
On Disc 3, go to North Corel and speak to the brand new NPC ready
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there; he’ll direct you to the Corel Reactor the place a treasure
chest, and a sure adversary, are ready.

-) Tifa’s Lv.4 Limit
On Disc 3, go to Nibelheim and play the music on the piano to
uncover Zangan’s letter; nonetheless, the reward he left for you
has been stolen by certainly one of his different pupils! Track him down
to the Junon Leagues and beat him within the particular Meteor Cup.

-) Aeris’ Lv.4 Limit
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Visit the Forgotten City and head all the way down to the Altar.

-) Red XIII’s Lv.4 Limit
Visit Bugenhagen whereas he is dying to get a Key that unlocks the
Cave of the Gi. Head for the again of the cave.

-) Yuffie’s Lv.4 Limit
Visit the Pagoda in Wutai and speak to Godo; you need to have picked
up Leviathan’s Scales from the Junon Submarine Dock.

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-) Cait Sith’s Lv.4 Limit
On Disc 3, head for the ruins of the Temple of the Ancients.

-) Vincent’s Lv.4 Limit
Visit Lucrecia’s Cave twice, the second time after combating a
sure variety of random battles.

-) Cid’s Lv.4 Limit
Visit Rocket Town after buying the Bronco and defeat every of
his pupil’s innovations.
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-) Dark Cave Sidequest
When the Gold Saucer re-opens, go to Dio in his Museum in Battle
Square to get phrase about an excavation crew exploring the outskirts
of the Sleeping Forest. Head there and climb the vine to achieve the
cave up above. Bring a packed lunch.

-) Extra Battle
Found in Battle Square when the Gold Saucer re-opens on Disc 2.

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-) Junon Leagues
Found in Junon after buying the Buggy; go to the Respectable Inn
and speak to the 2 new soldier NPCs discovered there.

-) Letter to SOLDIER
Started from the Accessory Vendor in Junon, the previous man desires you
to ship letters for him to his former colleagues.

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