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Green Sofa: The Future Lies In Precision Agriculture

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green sofa

Source – Syngenta

In this episode, the #GreenSofa dives into science and explores the origin of the molecules that protect the health of crops. At Syngenta’s Research & Development Center in Stein, Switzerland, Green Sofa host Christa Rigozzi talks to Camilla Corsi, Head of Syngenta Crop Protection Research. Corsi discusses her childhood connection to agriculture, the role science plays in ensuring plant health, and the capabilities that AI and digitalization add to the mix.

What is “Green Sofa”?

A literal green sofa is the main focal point of our new multi-part video series. Conversations focus on food production topics, modern agriculture and the role crop protection plays in our daily lives.

Moderated by Christa Rigozzi, the episodes involve a variety of guests from Switzerland. All have one thing in common: they are experts in their respective fields, and they care deeply about the quality of our food and the protection of plants.

Supplementing the conversations are segments that provide insight into the working environment of each guest—whether a vineyard, a restaurant kitchen or a research laboratory. Whatever the specific topic, the green sofa is the symbol of the importance of protecting the earth and the plants that, too often, many of us take for granted.

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