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haunter smogon
Hi there, it’s haunter here. If you’re reading this pastebin, then you probably already know what happened to me in the
last few days, so I won’t waste time explaining that. I just want to say that I was really disappointed by the treatement I received from Smogon higher ups. I was banned overnight, without even being able to present my side of the story and labeled as a
manipulative person, which I am not. I know I will probably sound selfish here, but someone who’s worked so hard for the
site over the course of 7 years and without earning a single penny in return, probably deserved more respect. Anyway, mind you, I don’t hate Smogon and I don’t seek revenge. I have left a lot of good friends on Smogon and wish the site a long and fruitful existance. I’m only typing this file to explain my side of the story and to say farewell to the hundreds of people who’ve made my experience on Smogon unforgettable.

So, a few days ago, someone who used to go by the name of Princess Natalie/Silver Puppy pms Zarel and reports me for
sexual harassment. I was kinda surprised of said report, considering that my interactions with this person had been
extremely limited and I had never discussed anything sexual with her, being aware of her young age. Anyway, a few hours
after I was informed about said report, I confronted Natalie on PS and asked her why she was trying to frame me. Below is the log of the conversation:

[21:04:19] ~haunter: I’d like to know why you told Zarel that I harassed you
haunter smogon here haunter smogon
[21:04:25] ~haunter: when it’s just not true…..
[21:04:48] Silver – Puppy: Your pushing it a bit far there
[21:05:17] ~haunter: what am I pushing?
[21:05:19] Silver – Puppy: I still care about you haunter, I just don’t want things to fly too far south in our friendship
[21:05:27] ~haunter: what?
[21:05:39] ~haunter: I haven’t talked to you in months
[21:05:54] Silver – Puppy: Cause I never see you on
[21:06:02] ~haunter: I mean
[21:06:14] ~haunter: I don’t understand why you felt the need to lie
[21:06:24] ~haunter: when I’ve been nothing but a friend to you
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[21:07:41] Silver – Puppy: well
[21:09:01] Silver – Puppy: sometimes people aren’t who they seem
[21:09:12] ~haunter: I agree
[21:09:27] ~haunter: I thought you were a nice person and did my best to help you
[21:09:32] ~haunter: and you’re repaying me with this
[21:09:51] Silver – Puppy: I am a nice person….only with some different sides to me
[21:10:00] ~haunter: different sides?
[21:10:16] Silver – Puppy: mhm
[21:12:00] Silver – Puppy: I’m sadistic. By you getting mad, it’s only making me feel a bit better. And last night I cried
so much, just needed some cheering up. I’m saying I used you, but you helped me only in a different way.
haunter smogon website haunter smogon
[21:12:10] Silver – Puppy: *not
[21:12:16] Silver – Puppy: *not saying I used you
[21:12:17] Silver – Puppy: fuck
[21:12:20] Silver – Puppy: typing
[21:12:23] ~haunter: omg dear
[21:13:00] Silver – Puppy: I still care for you
[21:13:06] ~haunter: I mean, you do realize that what you did is wrong, right?
[21:13:13] Silver – Puppy: yeah
[21:13:16] Silver – Puppy: ik ;-;
[21:13:23] ~haunter: gdi
haunter smogon here haunter smogon
[21:13:33] Silver – Puppy: ?
[21:13:51] ~haunter: Natalie, my dear
[21:14:00] ~haunter: I like you and I want to protect you
[21:14:10] ~haunter: but what you did to me is a crime
[21:14:15] ~haunter: it’s called defaming
[21:14:18] Silver – Puppy: I know…..
[21:14:25] Silver – Puppy: I’m sorry….
[21:14:28] ~haunter: Im a grown up person and a lawyer
[21:14:42] ~haunter: you could cause me serious troubles
[21:15:07] Silver – Puppy: I’m sorry! I didn’t know there was rules to it!!!!
haunter smogon read more haunter smogon
[21:15:50] Silver – Puppy: Why didn’t you just ban me from ps…..
[21:15:53] Silver – Puppy: WHY
[21:16:02] ~haunter: it’s a game for you… it’s serious stuff for me
[21:16:24] Silver – Puppy: I didn’t know!!
[21:16:34] ~haunter: if this thing escalates any further, I’ll be forced to alert the authorities and have them prosecute
[21:16:53] Silver – Puppy: plz dont
[21:17:06] Silver – Puppy: i have enough problems…..
[21:17:17] ~haunter: please pm Zarel and explain to him what you did
[21:17:32] Silver – Puppy: okay
haunter smogon more info haunter smogon
[21:17:35] ~haunter: I’ll try to bury this
[21:17:42] Silver – Puppy: im really sorry
[21:17:45] Silver – Puppy: i really am
[21:17:48] Silver – Puppy: i didnt know
[21:17:49] ~haunter: and for god’s sake don’t play with people’s lives
[21:19:40] Silver – Puppy: can you tell him…,, im crying to hard/
[21:20:44] ~haunter: it’s important that you tell him

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I also saved a few screenshots of our conversation, to further prove my innocence:
haunter smogon check here haunter smogon

Eventually this person also admitted having been suggested by someone (I’m omitting their names, cause I wasn’t able to confirm this) to fabricate evidence against me:

[23:07:11] Silver – Puppy: I CAN TELL U WHERE I GOT THE IDEA
[23:07:14] ~haunter: I’m just too angry right now
[23:07:20] Silver – Puppy: I KNOW WHO WANTS U GONE
[23:07:27] ~haunter: who???
[23:07:37] Silver – Puppy: there is 2 people on ps
haunter smogon get more info haunter smogon
[23:07:45] ~haunter: one is **
[23:07:48] ~haunter: and I know that
[23:07:53] Silver – Puppy: and the other is **
[23:07:58] ~haunter: **?
[23:08:00] ~haunter: who’s that
[23:08:05] Silver – Puppy: they dragged me into this
[23:08:30] Silver – Puppy: they wanted me to tell them what u have being saying and stuff
[23:08:43] ~haunter: who is **?
[23:08:56] Silver – Puppy: **
[23:09:01] ~haunter: …
haunter smogon check here haunter smogon
[23:09:15] ~haunter: I don’t even know who that is
[23:09:22] Silver – Puppy: shes friends with **
[23:09:32] Silver – Puppy: they dragged me into it

Natalie eventually agreed to provide me counter-evidence against **, but then I got banned from Smogon, so I lost any
interest and gave up.

Natalie, if you’re reading this, know that I never meant to actually send you to jail for what you did, even tho defaming people is
horrible and against the law in most states. I hope you learned your lesson and, for what matters, I have no grudge
against you. Please, and for your own good, detach from people who try to use you for their selfish purposes.
haunter smogon website haunter smogon

Anyway, those are the facts, you can judge them as you prefer. You might think that I was being manipulative but, before
making such judgement, think about it: how would you react if you were falsely accused of an extremely serious crime and
the person accusing you admitted to be making false accusations? How would you feel knowing that there are people who’re
fabricating evidence against you, in order to make false reports? Trust me, it is a terrible sensation.

In the next two days, I’ve known that Smogon had been getting other reports about me being “manipulative” and in certain
cases “harassive”. I’m not sure whether said reports were documented or not, but I know for a fact that I have never
harassed anyone. I am a playful person and if with my jokes I have offended someone, I sincerely apologize. I never meant
to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Mind you, I’m not a saint, but the very few people I flirted with during my time on
haunter smogon check here haunter smogon
Smogon/Showdown were all of age and all consenting. I won’t drop their names to not cause them unnecessary
stress/attention. Anyway, I’ve never harassed people on Smogon/PS, I have never harassed anyone in real life and I will
never, ever, harass women, it’s just against my principles.

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I also want to say to not believe to the many fake logs that are circulating on PS these days. Apparently in one of them I
claim being from Cali (lmao). Faking logs is extremely easy and people love drama in this community.

Anyway, what’s done is done, I just needed to clarify my position, since my sudden ban from both Smogon and PS prevented
me from doing so. I needed to do it to clear my name and I owed it to my friends/fellow staff members. I could easily
evade my ban, but trust me, I’ll never log on Smogon/PS again. I have no interest in coming back. I’m done with Pokémon as
haunter smogon website haunter smogon
a whole and, as I told Joim a few weeks ago, I was going to quit anyway, probably at the end of the summer. haunter is
dead and I’m completely detaching from the Smogon/PS community.

chaos, if you somehow read this, know that I don’t hate you for hastily judging my actions despite my contributions to Smogon. You chose to protect your creature and I totally understand and respect that. I only wanted to leave on good terms and be remembered as a somewhat harsh but very dedicated community leader. I hope you believe that I’ve always served Smogon with loyalty and all I did in these years was in the best interest of the community.

With that being said and clarified, I want to type a few lines to say goodbye to the many, many, people I’ve interacted
with in these years and who’ve made my stay at Smogon a great experience. It’s next to impossible for me to mention
everyone, so forgive me if I leave out someone.

Thanks to the Smogon Senior Staff group, especially Aldaron, Joim and McMeghan. Aldaron, you’ve been a great leader and a
haunter smogon get more info haunter smogon
good friend, you have my utmost respect and I hope that you stick around to lead Smogon with your experience and
dedication. Joim, you’ve been my most loyal and close friend in the last months, I’ll never forget our chats and the fact
that you chose to believe me, even when everyone was against me. McMeghan, we haven’t known each other for too long, but
I’m glad that you got Super mods and I’m sure you’ll lead the OU tier better than I did. I also want to thank Hollywood
for being an active leader and a good friend. Also goodbye aim, you’re a funny dude and a good player.

Thanks to the OU team, Reverb, ginganinja and AM in particular. Reverb, you’ve been a good friend both on Smogon and
outside of it. You’ve been loyal to me and I always got your back. I hope you believe me when I say that I never expected
things to end this way. I wish you all the best in real life, you deserve it. ginga, you’ve trolled me a lot in these
years, but in the end I knew you considered me a friend and I’ve always reciprocated your friendship. AM, you’ve been the
haunter smogon get more info haunter smogon
most competent and professional moderator the OU forum has ever had, please stick around and earn a spot in Smogon higher
up. I also want to say goodbye to the former OU mods, especially people like Pocket and Alexwolf. You guys worked hard and
never caused me troubles. Thanks a lot and good luck in real life.

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Thanks to the RMT crew, especially harsha, tab, Taylor, IronBullet, Jirachee, Reymedy and good old people like franky.
Take care guys.

Thanks to Pokémon Showdown Upper Staff, especially Jasmine and The Immortal. Jasmine, we used to fight a lot over stupid
shit, I regret not being able to spend more time with you. You’re a great leader and a good person. The Immortal, you
don’t talk much, but when you do, you’re never banal.
haunter smogon check here haunter smogon

Thanks to the global moderation team of PS. I’d have to mention 30+ people here, so forgive me if I only focus on the
closest friends. Dell, I know that you think that I lied to you, but believe me, I never did. I’ve watched over your whole
PS career and I’m sure you’ll get Leaders some day. You’ve been a good friend and I really enjoyed our chats.
Shaymin/Kayo/Dan and the whole THP staff, you’re a great team and I liked all of you as individuals. Keep up the good job.
Astara, you’re the sweetest person I’ve met on PS, please do never lose your pureness. Rosie, Nani Man, Julian and the
whole AUS crew, I’ve always enjoyed spending my free mornings in your company. Nani, you’re a super chill dude and one of
my sincerest friends. Please post your tanned pictures someday!!! SteelEdges, I hope you finally manage to lose some
weight and to take things less seriously. It’s been nice talking to you when you were not angry. Articunt (Articuno*),
you’re super funny and I’ll really miss joking around with you. Good luck on your new job! Goodbye to Scotteh and Bumba,
haunter smogon get more info haunter smogon
greet the mighty Showderp for me and tell them that their favourite PS nerd is finally heading out! I’m certainly
forgetting someone, but believe me when I say that I’ve enjoyed every single moment I spent on Showdown and you all made
my stay unique.

Ciao e grazie al team italiano. Un abbraccio a Test2017, The Quasar ed Inflikted, in particolare. In bocca al lupo a Galbia
e useless trainer. Siete dei ragazzi splendidi ed è stato un onore per me conoscervi e frequentarvi. Vi auguro tutto il
meglio. Sono certo che non crederete alle tante bufale che si dicono sul mio conto in questi giorni. Sappiate che sono
stato sempre sincero con voi e che mi mancherete.

Last but not least, thanks to the hundreds of PS regulars I’ve interacted with on daily basis. Abra, Eyan, sparkychild and
haunter smogon check here haunter smogon
the Lobby staff. Gros Orteil, Bluwing, Prankster, Irraquated and the whole BOF crew. Good luck in your future endeavors
guys. I will miss you all.

Finally, goodbye Bloo, no matter who you are, you’ve been a special person to me.

And this is all, farewell guys and long live Smogon!

haunter smogon

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