Hellsing Jumpchain

hellsing jumpchain
Hellsing Jumpchain

You arrive in London, late into the 20th century. It is the calm before the storm, for England would soon become the bloody battlefield between humans and vampires.

To prepare for the upcoming war, you have been given 1000 credits, and must survive for 10 years. Good luck, and Godspeed.

Allegiance & Objective – roll 1d3. If unsatisfied with the result, you may pay 100 credits to choose personally. Successfully completing your allegiance’s objective will yeald a 500 credit bonus to be spend on whatever you wish after the 10 year period.

(1) Hellsing Organization – A powerful organization created and lead by the Hellsing bloodline, they are unique in that they are the only faction to employ true vampires against their adversaries. Though wealthy, the Hellsing Organization lacks public support or governmental sponsorship, meaning that they will always work alone or with payed mercenaries. You are one of such mercenary who only recently reassigned to permanently serve Sir Integra Hellsing. You will have to earn your respect and status, something that only few could accomplish.

Objective – You must prevent London from being burned to the ground and destroy Millennium once and for all.
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(2) Vatican Section XIII: Iscariot – A top-secret group of elites created for the sole purpose to purge the world of the servants of the Devil. Backed by the Catholic Church and several nations around the world, you have almost unlimited resources at your disposal. You are a fresh new recruit, recognized for your talent and potential. You find yourself grouped together with a squadron of highly skilled individuals. You will be payed handsomely for your services to God, and with by far the most manpower and support out of any allegiance, you will lead a glorious crusade against heretics and demons alike.

Objective – You must kill Alucard and shift the Hellsing Organization into irrelevance.

(3) Millennium – An organization shrouded in an enigma, Millennium is unknown to all but themselves. Their agenda is chaotic, their methods deranged, and their goal incomprehensible. Their previous leader, a charismatic first-lieutenant in World War 2, had passed away due to his body rejecting his mechanical life-support. On his deathbed, he saw the most potential in you, one of his most trusted officers, and promoted you to his position. Apart from the army of artificial vampires, you would also take complete control of the entire EU behind the shadows, basing yourself in Germany until the time is right to strike. If you play your cards right, you could create a thousand year empire that the Major had envisioned the entire time.

Objective – You must wage World War III. The war must be remembered as a war, rather than a mere act of terrorism. Victory is not required, but there must be at least a death toll of 10 million. Double your reward if you are victorious and managed to solidify your reich as a major world power.

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The Major will not die if your allegiance is with Hellsing or Iscariot, and you will forget their existence even if you are well versed in Hellsing lore.
Walter will only be a Millennium spy if your allegiance is with Millennium.

Abilities (WIP) –
Combat training
Dark Magic
Holy Magic
Mechanical augmentation
Vampirism – True and artificial
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Seras’s arm thing
Alucard’s demonic pacts

Items (WIP) –
100 Hellsing Arms Anti-Midians 13.7mm – Silver ammunition, 10 round box magazines, 30 round drums. (Free Hellsing)
100 Iscariot Standard Issue – Customized real-life long arm and pair of sidearms. Blessed silver ammo. (Free Iscariot)
100 Nazi Firearms – An armory of WW2-era Nazi infantry weapons, from P08s to Panzerfausts. Internals modernized. Anti-vampire munitions used. (Free Millenium)
200 Harkonnen I – 30mm break-action single-shot cannon. Comes with silver AP depleted uranium, as well HE Incendiary Napalm munitions. (Discount Hellsing)
200 Hellsing Arms .454 Casull Auto – Custom magnum handgun firing steel cased, silver core high explosive ammo. Highly effective against vampires and ghouls. 7+1 round magazines. (Discount Hellsing)
200 Holy Bayonets – You can spawn blessed silver bayonets out of thin air, and throw them with pin-point accuracy at speeds and power rivaling firearms. You can cause them explode violently as will. (Discount Iscariot)
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200 Puppetmaster’s Strings – You can telepathically control 10 sets of neigh-indestructible wire that can slice through steel and deflect gunfire. You can control others, alive or dead, by boring the wires into their body as well. (Discount Hellsing and Millennium)
400 Wunderwaffe – Custom 8.8 cm KwK 43 L/71 cannon. Handheld with a 6 round revolving cylinder. Has similar ammo choices as the Harkonnen. (Discount Millennium)
400 Harkonnen II – Belt-bed 30mm semi-automatic cannon. Able to launch muzzle-loaded thermobaric grenades. Add 200 credits more for a second one. (Discount Hellsing)
400 – Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (Discount Hellsing and Iscariot)
600 Hellsing Arms “Jackal” – The most powerful weapon hellsing has produced 13mm combat pistol, weighing in 16 kilograms. Ammunition is a Macedonian silver cased hollow point filled with an explosive charge of blessed mercury. Propelled by a highly potent NNA9 liquid charge. 6+1 round magazine. Highly effective against magic, and has power rivaling tank cannons.
600 Helena’s Nail –
600 Deus Ex Machina mkII – The original blimp designs has been scratched for an aerial fleet of modernized heavy command carrier cruisers. (Think of the Aigaion from Ace Combat) Each cruiser is fitted with modernized Me 262s and Me 163s.
hellsing jumpchain

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