Hempen Bottoms

hempen bottoms
*I will update this as new information comes in*

So you’re on your ERP alt and looking for action

[Keeping in mind you might bypass this entire process by posting a screenshot with your name and server in the thread asking for ERP politely ONLY ONE TIME.]

**Things you will need

A provocatively named Avatar to easily flag yourself as the cum guzzling dick magnet that you are without having to >>tell everyone. Nothing overtly sexual or they’ll think you are trying to be funny. Think pseudo stripper names or ones beginning with V.

hempen bottoms hempen bottoms
An attractive avatar that caters to the interest of potential mates IE: Generic [email protected]/Hyur females/males for general fishing. Roe’s or other races for the /d/ /a/ /tg/ crowd.

Slut gear. Anything besides your underwear [or go for it] because you’re trying not to come off as super despite. Bikini’s are alright just slightly out of place unless you mix and match. Two cheap pieces of gear you can see on my character on display here [http://i.imgur.com/7OrBVbq.png] are the Hempen Camise top [Lvl req 1.] and Hempen Bottoms [Lvl req 10] Almost any top works with a skirt if you color coordinate.

**Things that would help

Being on Balmung. Speaking only from experience.

An up to date F-list [website one can maintain a list of kinks/fetishes] Speeds things up and lets the both of you get down to business faster.

hempen bottoms check more hempen bottoms
A bookmarked online thesaurus for pretty words like “esophagus” and “orifice”

A separate tab for tells in advance of course. Use the gear to filter messages.

**What you’ll need to do

Head to the pub. I’ve had the most success at the adventures guild in Ul’dah and know a couple regulars there already. [Avoid Dkrchris Hellshade his writing sucks and is slow]

Have a seat and wait to be approached. Start chatting people up, or wave and hope they wave back and begin conversation. Making a macro with an emote followed by “motion” will make it not appear in chat if you’re worried about bothering people or staying under the radar for people you haven’t hit on yet.

hempen bottoms check more hempen bottoms
Look for players who seem to be hanging out enjoying the atmosphere. Most enjoy the sudden human interaction.

Openers for a situation like this include “Who are you waiting for” “What have you been up to in game recently” Anything to get them talking about themselves which we all enjoy doing. Chose your own style of flirting. Eventually you’ll be the one who pops the questions “Do you RP” to test the waters and eventually “Do you ERP.” Get used to asking this. Retry until successful. Results may vary.

If this has been useful shoot me a tell in game, mail is fine too. IGN Lusty Nectar.
hempen bottoms

Pidion Bm 150r

3ds Hack 11.6