Hornet Larvae Skyward Sword

hornet larvae skyward sword
80000000: Game ID (all the time SOUE01 in ASCII)
805A9C52: Total present rupees (utilized by shopkeepers, doesn’t replace show)
80955C24-27: Pouch slot 1, 4 bytes. Is saved XXXXYYYY, during which the X is aux information like defend sturdiness (should be higher than 0 for defend to not break on equip), quantity seeds in a seedpouch, Hot Soup time, and many others. Y is the merchandise. Full record underneath development at pastebin.com/VWPJBhai
28: Pouch slot 2
2C: Pouch slot 3
80955C44-47: Item Check slot 1. 4-bytes. Storage works the identical as within the Pouch
48: Item Check slot 2
4C: Item Check slot 3
This repeats for all slots.

hornet larvae skyward sword informational hornet larvae skyward sword
This entire half is a large number.
Bugs and treasure are saved in 2-byte pairs; Hornet larvae and Bird feathers, for instance. But they are not 8-bit bytes: They’re 7-bit.
It’s saved like this: 00 AAAAAAA BBBBBBB. The first two bits are ignored. AAAAAAA shops a quantity between (decimal) 0 and 127: The ‘first’ merchandise, on this case Bird Feathers. BBBBBBB shops one other quantity between (decimal) 0 and 127: Hornet larvae. If you are utilizing the Dolphin Memory Engine, you’ll view these in hex. The second merchandise is saved within the second byte, 00 via 7F. If the primary digit is bigger than 8, subtract it. (This method, FF = 7F) The first merchandise is saved in each bytes, with the primary digit storing a a number of of 32, the second digit a a number of of two, and the 1 being saved as a +80 (hexadecimal) within the second byte.

80955E98-99: Goddess Plume, Golden Skull
80955E9A-9B: Blue Bird Feather, Evil Crystal
80955E9C-9D: Ornamental Skull, Monster Horn
80955E9E-9F: Monster Claw, Jelly Blob
80955EA0-A1: Dusk Relic, Amber Relic
hornet larvae skyward sword examine extra hornet larvae skyward sword
80955EA2-A3: Ancient Flower, Eldin Ore
80955EA4-A5: Lizard Tail, Tumbleweed
80955EA6-A7: Bird Feather, Hornet Larvae

80955EA8-A9: Starry Firefly, Sky Stag Beetle
80955EAA-AB: Eldin Roller, Gerudo Dragonfly
80955EAC-AD: Sand Cicada, Lanayru Ant
80955EAE-AF: Blessed Butterfly, Volcanic Ladybug
80955EB0-B1: Skyloft Mantis, Deku Hornet
80955EB2-B3: Woodland Rhino Beetle, Faron Grasshopper
hornet larvae skyward sword examine extra hornet larvae skyward sword

80955EB4-B5: Gratitude crystals, 2 bytes. This can also be an instance of messy bitwise stuff. It’s saved as a quantity between (decimal) 0 and 127, like so: 000000AA AAAAA000. This means
80955EC3: Value to be copied to the Rupee Display
80B809BB: Rupee Display
hornet larvae skyward sword

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