How Much Does A Horsecock Weigh

how much does a horsecock weigh
>you will never watch Wezaleff’s fat horescock tent her robes
>It will never tent that hard because of you
>she’ll never soak her robe with pre because she can barely keep her horsecock under control
>She tries to hide it by turning her back to you
>But her cock is so huge and hard that the tip goes over her head
>she tires to keep walking and pretend it isnt there
>it’s so hard it keeps smacking into her chest and face, leaking pre everywhere

>wezaleff will never grind her massive horsedick over your inferior cock
>wez will never ram your boipussy while making cute void noises
>she’ll never completely smother your cock with her heavy, virile balls while her enormous horsecock drips pre on your face
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>wez will never warm you on a cold day by unleashing her goo in your clothes

>Wezaleff’s horse peepee will never be so big and hard that you can wrap your arms around it and hug it at night
>You will never be soothed to sleep by the warmth and gentle pulsing
>Wez will never wake you up by flopping her heavy, horsecock over your face

A-anon-kun please, it’s getting hard to walk. Can you please… just touch it?
O-oh, right there is perfect. So sensitive…

A-Anon, can you…maybe kiss it?
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>Wez will have cock integration in wrasslin
>she’ll use it for her signature moves
>MFW horsecock wez establishes her dominance amongst all the waifus and husbandos

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>She’ll never forcibly make you dock inside of her while talking about how she’s eating your peepee

>wezaleff has to masturbate 15 times a day to keep her stallion controlled
how much does a horsecock weigh website how much does a horsecock weigh
>she gets so horny that can barely control herself
>her horsecock is always hard and throbbing, and she cant even keep it hidden under robes
>You will never do your best to help her take care of it
>you will never tagteam a tavern wench with Wez, her fat horsedick completely outperforming you

>Wezaleff getting so horny and bored she spends the entire carriage ride sucking her own cock
>her meaty horsecock flaring wide as she spurts liters of cum down her throat
>she sighs and leans back, her own cum splattered all over her face
>her Horsecock is standing completely erect, wobbling under it’s own weight as the carriage goes over the bumps
>you watch the veins and ridges pulse and throb continuously
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>she notices you staring and winks at you before greedily gulping down her fat horsedick again

>wez learns advanced magic
>she creates multiple clones of herself
>they all surround you and slap you to the ground with their cocks
>they all jerk over you until you are DRENCHED with her sugary, creamy goop

>wezaleff’s horsecock distracts all the village women
>it’s musky smell and throbbing veins almost too much for them to resist
>wezaleff spends the whole night breeding each and every one
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>in the morning, she’s asleep on top of a pile of thoroughly fucked women, their bellies swollen her potent void-seed

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>wezaleff having to walk with her legs apart because her fat, heavy balls get in the way of her thick void thighs

>Offer to take Wez to a brothel to satisfy her throbbing dick
>She says no and that she only wants you to do it
>you take her there anyway
>her horsecock completely overwhelms her self control
>she goes into a frenzy breeding and rutting with every woman she can get her hands and horsecock on
>the entire brothel is filled with screams of ecastasy as her primal rutting continues into the next day
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>Wez has to hold her horsecock in both hands while she walks or or else it flops around gets pre everywhere
>her massive balls get in the way of her void thighs, so she has to walk with a wide legged gait
>she has to jog to keep up with you sometimes since her horsemeat weighs her down so much
>when she jogs she totally loses control of it despite having both hands on it
>pre gets flung everywhere, and her jiggling balls and thick void thighs slow her down even further
>you always go slightly too fast for her because you love seeing her try to run with her massive throbbing horsedick

>N-No! Anon, don’t look away, I want you to see it…
>See? Look how big and hard it is. When you put your hand on it you can feel it throbbing, like a heartbeat. Bu-bum, bu-bum…
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>It got like this because of you, you know.
>Anon, you…you know I really like you, right?

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>Wez, i’m trying to sleep!
>I can’t help it, the barmaid’s dress was so low, i could see right down it when she leaned on the counter…
>Well just clam it down or something, i can HEAR it throbbing
>I-I can’t! it’s so hard i cant bend it so i can reach the tip…..
>alright, fine. but i’m only doing this because i want to sleep without that thing tenting all the blankets
how much does a horsecock weigh

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