I Want To Kill Everypony In The World

i need to kill everypony on the earth
>Anon is “Invited” by Twilight to Lauren/Equus/PonyWorld/Whatever whereas attempting to forged a brand new spell.

“What the…”

>By exterior components, the variations between the human world and the horse and others mumbo jumbo yadda yadda, Anon can not return to his world.


>Anon passes by way of the Kubler-Ross mannequin and comes to simply accept that he maybe won’t ever return to Earth, and that he’s the one Homo Sapien in a world inhabited by coloration horses, minotaurs, dragons and different creatures of fable.

“Nah… okay, may very well be worse, not less than right here nobody pressured me to face for somebody accepted by society.”
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>Anon discovers that Equestria shares many similarities with Earth, however one…
>He additionally realizes Equestria’s gadgets and mechanisms are approaching the extent of know-how commonplace to which he’s accustomed, although most of them want not less than three important components to work.
>Jewelry, magic… and Unicorns.

>Anon asks Twilight how magic works, and the reason lets him analyze and are available to the conclusion that magic in Equestria is just a unique interpretation of the legal guidelines of nature tailored to the distinctive qualities of this world.
>Anon then asks himself if the rules of Human Science can adapt to Pony Magic.
>Anon assessments his concept, and after every week of experimentation, trial and error, reveals the outcomes to Twilight.
>A country propulsion system jetpack, with a primitive system of handbook management.
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>Anon makes use of the machine and will get raised 5 meters above the bottom, earlier than shedding management and crashing into the workplace of Mayor Mare.
>After many apologies to the Mayor, the fee of the damages, and recriminations by Twilight, she forbids Anon to ever attempt to invent one thing extra complicated than a Sandwich (Meatless as a result of pigs and turkeys are thought of aware creatures and cannibalism is punishable with Tartarus in Equestria.)
>Usually different ponies would obey the order and issues would finish effectively, simply as a 22 minute kids cartoon containing a lesson ethical would.

>But Anon shouldn’t be a pony, and far much less from Equestria.

>Anon is set by two issues: to indicate Twilight that know-how can match the magic of Equestria, and to discover a solution to return to his world.

>For now, Anon decides to maintain a low profile, get a job first as a blacksmith, a spot the place a pair of fingers, an concept, a dedication, could also be occupied and in a position to contribute to society, in addition to spend the following months enhancing their designs and preconceptions, with the smart recommendation from a grasp blacksmith, whereas, by way of the curiosity of assorted purchasers, making completely different devices that provide non-unicorn ponies with the flexibility to complete magical duties:

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>Mechanical fingers that can be utilized within the place of hooves to facilitate and enhance the efficiency of arduous duties, a improvement methodology to enhance the flexibility of elevated lens microscopes, which make it simpler for medical doctors to enhance their evaluation, programs of elevators that first work with pulleys after which steam, and at last, a rudimentary lighting system.

>Anon’s accomplishments obtain notoriety, and acquires a fame that removes the stigma the ponies initially had, of a cannibal hairless ape.
>Eventually, he will get a little bit money to get himself unbiased, and buys a home that turns into his invention workshop, making him an individual recognized all through Equestria because the “Inventor”.

>His machines, created to enhance work and lives, makes everypony completely satisfied.

>Everypony, besides Twilight

>Twilight is indignant with Anon- no, she’s FURIOUS.
i need to kill everypony on the earth i need to kill everypony on the earth

>Anon promised he wouldn’t invent the ridiculous devices that do not even work, they usually threaten each him and everypony else.
>And now, not solely did he break his promise, however he makes the opposite ponies consider their machines can change magic and the trouble of the WHOLE neighborhood, believing as an alternative that one pony is ready to do what would usually would take a dozen or extra performing in a day’s work.

>And the worst half, is that he makes all of them consider that he is NOT utilizing magic!

>Obviously, Anon is utilizing a type of human magic, as a result of as Twilight, the star pupil of Princess Celestia, the Element of Magic, AND the Princess of friendship, it’s inconceivable to consider that Anon created these issues utilizing solely his claws- addendums -han- no matter, and the concepts in his head to construct the easy, distinctive, extraordinary issues that nopony had even THOUGHT to do earlier than, as a result of even when somepony did earlier than, noPONY is basically wanted!

>For your individual sake, and naturally, the sake of Equestria, Anon should be stopped.

i need to kill everypony on the earth i need to kill everypony on the earth
>Dear Princess Celestia …
>It has been 8 months, 3 weeks and 5 days since Anon was expelled from Equestria.
>Following your orders, we organized all of the innovations and instruments that he had constructed and made a requisition of everypony who was in possession of his creations.
>At first, there have been some difficulties, as a result of a couple of ponies insisted on preserving them, however after displaying them the Edict signed by you, they agreed to ship, even with remorse.
>Contrary to what we thought at first, the Anon innovations weren’t solely utilized by the inhabitants of Ponyville, but in addition Las Pegasus, Manehattan, and even locations as far-off as Appleloosa and Vanhoover.
>We have reviews that innovations have additionally been present in Griffinstone, The Aldebaran Horde, and even the Crystal Empire.
>Every kingdom besides the latter refused any negotiation to ship the artifacts.
>I suppose the easy indisputable fact that we would like them makes them suppose they’re extra worthwhile than they are surely.
>Once we acquired most of their tools, we proceeded to destroy them.
>The solely factor that actually saddened me was having to take the innovations Anon had created particularly for my mates.
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>The irrigation system, and an odd steel wagon with an enormous plow on the again, created for Applejack, which was apparently constructed to assist with harvesting wheat, merely named a “tractor”.
>Then there was a wind tunnel(?) for Rainbow Dash, to assist enhance her resistance to antagonistic climate situations and improve maneuverability.
>A stitching machine made particularly for Rarity, whose diamond needle might refine even the toughest gem.
>One Automatic feeding system for animals of Fluttershy and…
>Can you truly consider that ANON was the one who created the cheese ice cream cake with lunar blackberries? Pinkie Pie insists that he even constructed a conveyable cooling system to distribute it all through Equestria! She Pinkie-Promised!
>Anyway, this, and all of the innovations have been destroyed, and the “science,” as he known as it, will now not THREATEN the peace and concord of Equestria!
>…Still, regardless of all of this being accomplished for the welfare of everypony, even I can not shake my head of the phrases of Ditzy Doo, once we took her corrective lenses, one of many presents of Anon who claimed it could assist together with her imaginative and prescient issues when flying:
>”I-I do not perceive,” Ditzy Doo mentioned with tears in her eyes, watching the guards destroy her lenses with a hammer “H-how can one thing that does a lot good, be so dangerous?”
>Twilight Sparkle.
i need to kill everypony on the earth i need to kill everypony on the earth

>Months in the past, on the recommendation of Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia ordered the human Anon journey to Canterlot, to be submitted to a board of specialists and students about his unnatural actions in opposition to the peaceable order of the dominion of Equestria.

>Twilight anticipated to Anon rethink his actions, and settle for that the style during which the ponies did issues was the most effective and solely the proper to reside, that his outrageous machines, steel home equipment, and steam, brought about extra issues than it solved, and when actual issues had been current, ponies would all the time have the Magic of Friendship to emerge victorious.

>At first, Anon willingly accepted to go present his “know-how,” and the nice it might do for everypony, however the specialists in Canterlot are principally noble Unicorns, Anon like one beast solely second to Tirek, the monster that had left Tartarus to steal their magic, their dignity, and most significantly, the place of energy over the complete pony class.

>”…You do all this stuff?” asks the senior choose unicorn.

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“Of course!” Anon replies enthusiastically, “If I-”

>”Guards! Arrest him!” the Judge orders the Grand Magistrate, bringing in two heavy horses with sharp spears.
>They pounce onto Anon, knocking one among his innovations to the ground and shattering it.


>Anon ended up being arrested on costs of sedition.
>Twilight tried to protest, however because the Great Judge, an elected official by the Parliament, he was not topic to the authority of the Princesses, as it could undermine the individuals’s confidence of their sovereign.

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>Twilight spoke to the Princess, however Celestia clarified that, as a Princess of Equestria, she should respect the rules of the regulation, and utilizing her title in such a manner could be taken as an act of nepotism.
>Yet, she promised that Anon could be handled with dignity, and would have the proper to a protection, and that the trial could be in every week and so.
>Anon could be detained, in the meantime.

>Though, the strangest factor of all, is Anon, as an alternative of arguing or combating had remained calm, and solely requested books, encyclopedias of History, Geography, Politics, Law and even Magic, in addition to denying the presence of a pony lawyer.

“No downside, I will defend myself.”

>”I’ve been informed that one who respects himself has a idiot for a consumer,” his cell-guard says.

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“Then I have the proper lawyer!” Anon solutions with a smile, earlier than going again to his books.

>Per week later, and the trial begins in anticipation of Equestria media containing the final breath.

>The costs are learn, the reviews mentioned, the witnesses interviewed, the proof offered, the assessments proven.

>And Anon is silent on every depend.

>The Great Judge harasses with the rudeness from his title, and with the inflexibility of his authority, even handed the testimonies of the Elements of Harmony, and all advocates for the innocence of Anon.

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>Another week, and the case turns into more and more controversial.
>The controversy over the true nature of the trial encourages doubt from the inhabitants of Equestria.
>’What is the crime of the hairless monkey?’ “Dis he attempt to use his gadgets to enslave the ponies?’ ‘Was he planning a coup in opposition to the princess?’ ‘Did The Great Magistrate use this judgment to return as probably the most highly effective pony after Celestia?’ ‘Are Anon’s innovations are as unbelievable because the ponies say?’

>Then lastly, the day of the decision is right here.

>Because of the controversy generated by the trial, and the harm to his fame, the Great Judge, the Council of Elders, and Princess Celestia herself give the ultimatum to Anon.
>”Withdraw your entire pernicious concepts and publicly apologize to the Princesses, or else face expulsion from the Kingdom of Equestria!”

“…Can I suppose?”
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>”ANSWER NOW!” the Great Judge shouts, shedding the final little bit of his mane.

>”Apologize, Anon!” Twilight shouts, involved in regards to the absurd stubbornness of Anonymous, “There’s no disgrace in admitting you had been fallacious!”

“Wrong? Wrong in what?”

>”In science not being higher than magic!”

>The look of Anonymous, as soon as serene and cheerful, deepens into an indignant and severe expression.
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“Your Honor, the jury ponies, everypony… More than six months in the past, I was delivered to his world in opposition to my will,” he says, Twilight, who lowers her head sheepishly, “And after surviving the tradition shock, (and three consecutive Pinkie holidays of my arrival, the acquisition of my citizenship, AND the inauguration of my workshop,) and the truth that I can NEVER return to my house, regardless of all the guarantees made to me, I satisfied myself that the one solution to transfer ahead was to utilize my distinctive expertise: my intellect- please, don’t misunderstand me, you’re nice creatures. You do issues that my species might by no means hope to do, however there ARE some issues that may be accomplished higher with just a bit assist, and that is my inventions- an additional pair of hooves.”

“Is not that what Harmony is?”

“To do your half within the grand scheme of issues?”

“Do no matter you must do, ponies…”

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>If seems to be might kill…

>The Great Judge tried to sentence Anonymous to Tartarus, however the proper solely belonged to Celestia, so as an alternative, Anonymous was condemned to exile, which was an enormous shock to everypony, as in over a thousand years, nobody had been condemned to the Badlands.

>I, who takes very stoically, nearly fortunately, tried to speak to him, ask him to recant, to apologize, to push his foolishness apart and acknowledge his error.

>…But I’ll always remember the look he gave me.
>The sickened mixture of disappointment and disgust.

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>So, Anon was performed in a carriage by Pegasi, with nothing greater than his garments and a bag of provisions, and brought to the Badlands.

>And Anonymous the Human went away, forsaking the Kingdom of Equestria, divided into two.

>Now, Equestria has modified.

>-No, the WORLD has modified, however Equestria refused to alter.

>No one anticipated so many ponies to go away their houses, jobs, and households to observe Anonymous to the Badlands.
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>With the large absence of Earth Ponies and Pegasi, the life-style of the Canterlot Unicorns suffered a giant change, having been accustomed to having all the pieces on a silver platter solely as a result of they might use magic, and now having to have interaction in farming, climate management, development and plenty of different jobs that the Not-Unicorns had dealt with so effectively.

>The Elite of Canterlot locked itself in a bubble of elitism and vanity, forcing Princess Celestia to lastly dissolve the parliament and name a sequence of social reforms, in addition to repeal noble privileges, as they weren’t nobles, however ponies, because the Princess did effectively to remind them.

>Meanwhile, with the assistance of the ponies, Anonymous constructed a metropolis in the midst of nowhere.
>Everypony mentioned it was a insanity that may be devoured by the monsters of the desert, or finally succumb to starvation and thirst.

>But after 9 years, they’ve expanded their territory to the ocean, establishing its borders to lie from the mountains to the Valley of Despair.
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>”Princess Twilight Sparkle?” One soldier says, “We have arrived.”

>I open my eyes and watch the present earlier than me.
>A metropolis of glass and metal, surrounded by steep mountains that smoke like sleeping dragons, and a fertile valley crossed by a river of silver whereas within the distance, a tower of iron challenges the horizon.

>After touching right down to what they name an “airport,” which led by Pegasi, Griffons and Earth Ponies, I see that the bottom shouldn’t be paved, however a uniform grey segmented with white traces from begin to end, in addition to a excessive tower in yellow, and a smaller, much less sober constructing with massive home windows displaying ponies inside strolling from one facet to a different.

>”Incredible…” Twilight says quietly.

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“I’m glad you prefer it… your highness,” mentioned a severe, drained, however not defeated voice.

>Twilight flips round in direction of the voice, trying in awe on the acquainted hairless monkey earlier than her, carrying a worn face and a beard hiding his skinny lips, early grey hair crowning his head like a wreath in winter.

>”Anonymous…” Twilight responds, remorse noticeable in her voice.

“Welcome to Eureka, Princess.”

>He smiles.

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>Oh, how the time has handed…

>”Yes, I…” Twilight stops herself, then recovers her composure, turning into as soon as once more formal, “Greetings Mr. Anonymous, chief of Eureka, I, Twilight Sparkle, representing the Sovereign of the Sun, Princess Celestia, And princess Luna, Sovereign of the Moon, have come to your nation for the aim of building diplomatic relations between the 2 nations.”

>Anon outlines a brief smile.

“Yeah, simply an official go to? I thought you had been coming to see me?”

>”Ahem,” she continues, “As the Princess of Friendship, it’s my responsibility to unfold concord amongst all ponies from and past Equestria. Mr. Anonymous, for 9 lengthy years, you and your individuals have reduce off all diplomatic contact with the Kingdom of Equestria, however have established political and business alliances with the Gryphon Kingdom, the Horde of the Minotaurs, and even the Zebra Nation, however have refused to simply accept our ambassadors, and even reply our messages-”

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-“Perhaps it is since you had been about to invade below the pretext of defending your nation with a “preemptive strike,” or in accordance with what the Great Judge mentioned… uh, what’s his name- Ah!- Tostada!-”


“Yeah, that loopy previous man. He demanded to make a holy conflict with a view to eradicate the, “Hairless demon and traitor ponies who had deserted the protecting mantle of the Princesses,” bear in mind?”

>”Torquemada actions had been a mistake, however he was pushed by his devotion to the Princesses in-”

“But that did not cease him from utilizing the Alicorn Amulet and attempting to destroy my metropolis, now, did it? I’m glad now that he is rotting in tartarus,” Anon smiles.
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>”Mister Anonymous! I didn’t come to speak in regards to the previous, however,”- she takes a deep breath- “The future, the way forward for each nations, and the likelihood of-”

>Anonymous seems to be at Twilight with a colder expression.

“You didn’t come right here to speak about peace and love, Princess.”


“You simply got here as a result of Equestria wants what now we have. Your Princess despatched you right here as a result of she knew that you would have a greater likelihood at converse with me than the final 20 ambassadors.”
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“The fact, is that Equestria desperately wants entry to our know-how, our science and our improvement, as a result of in political and navy phrases, you’re delayed logistics over different nations.”

>”That’s not true!”

“-The fact is that your individuals more and more relied much less on magic due to the repression suffered by the Unicorn class when Torquemada acquired the title of Chancellor, and your Princess made the error of assigning extraordinary powers to regulate the emigration of its ponies to my homeland once we are TRYING to develop and expand-”

>”N-no, we solely needed to save lots of Equestria! You STOLE our ponies!”

“STOLE? These ponies are NOT issues I maintain in my pockets! They got here right here of their very own accord! I was the primary stunned, after they informed me of the order from Celestia to DESTROY MY INVENTIONS, simply because I was despised by Canterlot snobs that felt they did not need change, and appeared to ME!”
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“NO BUTS! I was the FIRST one who insisted they return to their houses, however couldn’t overwhelm their dedication, nor the Princess’! NONE of you probably did ANYTHING to cease them at the moment, did not dare to take the street the place they’d see you as tyrants, in order that they resorted to Torquemada to do the soiled work, all for the “GOOD” of Equestria!”

>”None of this is able to have occurred when you hadn’t stored up with all this, “SCIENCE”! You PROMISED me you’d by no means return to do extra of the gadgets we possessed-”

“Not to say guarantees Princess, however I effectively bear in mind the promise you made to me the exact same day you took me out of my world and made me fall into this! You PROMISED to do EVERYTHING in you energy to discover a solution to RETURN ME HOME!”

>Inexplicably, these final phrases had a profound impression on Twilight, as out of the blue all her psychological energy and composure crumbled like a home of playing cards, whereas she collapsed on her haunches, being forcefully plunged right into a state of deep mourning.
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>”You do not suppose I TRIED? You do not suppose I have not appeared throughout Equestria, in each single ebook I might discover, simply to ship you again house? I exhausted all of the sources of magic I needed to discover a resolution, and nothing appeared! And everytime you talked in regards to the issues in your world, and the way they might do higher issues than us with out magic, I despaired much more! It was as in case your reproaches for every failed try helped you!”

>Twilight breaks down, crying and shouting, releasing what had been on her thoughts for greater than ten years.


>All the ache, all of the guilt of others paying for her personal mistake weighed on her, all as a result of in a day like another, a spell didn’t go as anticipated and ended up robbing one other world of one among his sons.
>She remembered how at first, she tried to resolve the state of affairs utilizing what she had discovered, and the way all the pieces ended a failure and led to her having to tell Princess Celestia of her mistake.
>And but, collectively, they might not discover a resolution.
i need to kill everypony on the earth i need to kill everypony on the earth
>Once, severely considered utilizing the mirror portal, that unusual gateway to different worlds, as a result of wasn’t Anonymous a kind of bipeds that had elongated claws as an alternative of hooves?
>But then she remembered what it was wish to reside there.
>A special, single place, the place nobody is aware of you are away out of your family and friends, identical to Anonymous.
>It was an answer that may please solely her, however the would deny Anon the return to his household.
>It was not generosity, it was cruelty.
>And Anonymous, by way of the phobia of being alone, being the one one among his form in a world not made for him, figuring out that he would die, and that nobody would cease to remind him that he ever existed, recalled the early days of him coming to Equestria, the phobia, the desperation of figuring out nothing apart from the very fact everybody else would solely see him as a monster.
>The disappointment of the instances Twilight listened to him mourn in his sleep.
>If it was troublesome for her to spend three days in an odd world, then how severe would the burden of 10 years be?

>Anon’s deal with all the pieces he knew, was his consolation zone, his anchor to a fractured actuality would by no means return, his stubbornness, his pleasure and contempt for every rule that Twilight imposed, rebuking him as if he had been a colt, minimizing his state of affairs, each look of repudiation and worry that the ponies that noticed him confirmed…
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>What else was there to maintain your sanity than the final glimpse of your world?
>The science.

>”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Anon!”

>”You, with out wings or magic, have made what no pony would have ever imagined earlier than. Y-you’ve accomplished extra in 10 years than now we have achieved in a thousand…”

>”You had been proper all alongside… science IS mightier than magic…”
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>Anonymous kneels down and wraps Twilight in his arms.
>She’s stunned at first, then curls up on his shoulder, shedding heavy tears and remaining so for some time, perhaps a second, maybe a life, as time is irrelevant to those issues.

“Okay, okay Twilight…”

>He feels the rhythm of the beating of Twilight’s coronary heart, like a drum taking part in lightning to subside in an ocean of calm.

>Not rather more time was spent a lot time collectively till the hug dissolved.
>Anon cleans the dry tears from his face and smiles.
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“…You need to hear a secret?”

>Twilight slowly nods.

“When I got here to your world, when I got here to this magical land of pastel little horses missing Newtonian legal guidelines…”

>Twilight listens intently.

“I completely freaked out…”
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“But anyway, in the long run, my thoughts made me understand that if I needed to outlive, I was to adapt to the character of this world, mould myself to their tradition and civilization and at last… study.”

“Why I requested you educate me all the pieces about magic, was to cross test my notions and decide what was greatest, after which I understood.”

“Science and magic are simply two sides of the identical coin, two completely different languages for a similar message.”


“With that in thoughts, I calculated what I might do with my human notions mixed with Equestrian magic, so I might out of the blue perceive invent, primarily based on the wants of every pony. If I had been one to guess, I’d say I’d have my Cutie Mark by now.”
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>He seems to be at himself.

“Nope, nonetheless haven’t got it.”

>Twilight giggles.

“So when I was arrested, I solicit all books they might learn, it was apparent that there was not a lot future in Equestria with ponies like Torquemada and his notions closed. You helped a bit in that sense- your obstinacy that magic was above of all the pieces, however I felt a little bit unhappy and disillusioned when you would not see the opposite facet of the coin.”

“But, right here we at the moment are, each nigh for our failures, but in addition grown up, right here in Eureka, everybody can have a brand new starting… Maybe it is time we even have a brand new starting.”
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>”Anon, that may be unbelievable!”

>She stands up, renewed sparkle in her eyes and a heavy weight off of her shoulders.

“Twilight, you, and all those that need to come right here, are welcome to Eureka, as our visitors and as our mates. There are many issues we will study from one another, and even as we speak and tomorrow I’m instructing an apprentice of mine.”

“But, first issues first, manners mine, Princess of Equestria Twilight Sparkle, welcome everypony to Eureka, the town of the longer term. My identify is Anonymous.”

>Twilight rises and extends a bow.
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>”Greetings, Sir Anonymous, Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.”

>For a short second, they each keep severe, stable seems to be.
>Then they snort.

>”You know, Anon, the one remorse I’ve had was not with the ability to take you again house all these years…”

>Anonymous seems to be up on the flourishing metropolis, all of the ponies, diamond canines, minotaurs, and even changelings dwelling and dealing collectively as in the event that they had been one household, whereas on the horizon, the night solar hides within the mountains, and a pegasus of grey fur and golden hair, carrying cool goggles leads a gaggle of Pegasi.
>He sees Griffons and a younger unicorn flying with a harness of metal and silver wings within the flashing, brilliant, starry sky, who look to Anonymous and supply a greeting.
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>He turns again to Twilight, a single tear flowing from his hardened face.

i need to kill everypony on the earth

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