/tg/ Board Games General Pastebin – updated 4/25/2016

**Places you can find good reviews of, and resources for board games you might like to purchase: (Uses your bbg collection to help choose games to play)

**People / Groups who review board games online:

Tom Vassal / Dice Tower / Miami Dice
Shut up & Sit Down website
Ricky Royal from ‘Box of Delights’
Rodney Smith (Watch It Played)
Board with Life? / Moonrat Media
Joel Eddy’s Drive-thru reviews
Board game brawl
Crits Happen
Lance Myxter’s (UndeadViking) reviews
GAMEBOARD read more
Nick Sibicky
Rab Florence
Board Game Geek TV (boardgamegeektv)
Board Game Closet
Gregory Cornell
The Game boy geek (
Paul Darcy
Drive Through Review read more

**Places you can play board games online with friends:

(Does include support for languages other than English.) click here
(More of a learning curve to use – has a lot of classic hex and chit style war games.)

**Places you can buy board games at reasonable prices:

US / Canada: get more info

Canada: (decent deals, decent sales, decent free shipping within Canada with certain games/prices) click here

Europe: website

South America:

Australia / New Zealand: here

Other: read more

Card Sleeve References

Board Game Add-on Resources: read more
Custom Play Mats,Box Organizers, tokens, etc.

PASTE  Cross_courser Strigidae get more info more info×36#prettyPhoto click here
Galeforce9 Mats

Dice Trays check here

Gaming Table Plans:

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