Hey Guys its me again 🙂

My first application was hard deleted Omdihar told me. It was due to the fact that I did not know I have to /bump it once a week. Also did not want to come off as desperate/pushy. My bad I apologize.
So here goes round 2 🙂

About you

My Name is Dennis, 26 years old and live in Berlin, Germany. I finished my college bachelor last year and am now working as a High Risk Merchant Processor (And yup it is as boring as it sounds o_O) In my free time I play basketball and video games.

Cheating/Gaming Experience/Links check more

Currently I mostly play League of Legends PUBG and Paragon (However ever since iNIURIA US has discontinued their support for a Paragon hack I tend to play way less often compared to how much I used to play before. Same thing can be said about Last Man Standing – I was playing it non stop while Aimjunkies had a working hack but since like 2 months its still “Updating”. Devs don’t know when the ETA for a working hack is however assure us that the hack is still undetected. Dont know what is really happening there…. Also I used to love playing Smite while I had a good working Aimbot/ESP but that was years ago and unfortunately ever since I haven’t been able to find a new trustworthy one. Occasionally I throw in some H1Z1, CS-GO and WoW Legion nowadays.

Ok now as for what cheats I have used in the past and where I got them from with a link to my profile on the respective sites.

League of Legends
I have been hacking on League since Season 3 if I recall correctly, so yea quite a while one might say. I started off by using League#/Leaguesharp or as some people used to call it As far as a link for my League# account I unfortunately can’t post it anymore cause when I go on its site ( I automatically get redirected to Ensage was Joduska’s side project for Dota 2, however I never played Dota 2. So after Leaguesharp got shut down I bought another League of Legends scripting program from Aimjunkies. Within a month they branched off using a separate site called which I used for a pretty long time, mostly because my favorite League script developer went from Leaguesharp to L++. However apparently their Leadcoder Nullptr just up and left and the last update was on the 13th of June 2017 basically stating that Nullptr will not be returning and they are actively searching for someone who has a base cheat and would like to become the new lead coder.
Here is my profile for L++:

So then I asked Sebby what his plans are and he said he would continue working by himself with his own website: He did in the end partner up with Elobuddy, here is his thread on Elobuddy:
My OKTW profile link is as follows:
As for my Elobuddy account here it is, however please bear in mind that I only created an account there so that I can use Sebby’s OKTW:

So far everything seems to work well on Sebby’s part however one gets his/her account banned pretty freaking fast. Which is not Sebbys fault but more so Elobuddy’s since they are notorious for having next to zero security… Nevertheless I understand why Sebby ended up partnering with Elobuddy cause at that time there were not too many other options… which leads me to the next point. At one point I used Aimtec ( for their Battlerite hack. Many good devs (for example JQuery, Exory, Kornis, iJava, Haki, etc.) from Leaguesharp switched and teamed up with Aimtec. The hype was pretty big, however it took them months to start supporting League. I might just give it a try and hope they are not gonna be as easily and often detected as Elobuddy.
Here is my profile from Aimtec:

That is all I think for League… As you can tell I love that game 😀

Oh good old CS… hehe. It all started with 1.6. I got so addicted to it. Loved it back then. And I played legit. However when I sometimes play CS-GO I use Leaguemode’s hack and here is my profile on there: as well as their homepage: informational
I also tried CS-GO hacks from x22 ( and my profile:
I also gave PerfectAims Cs-GO hack at one point as well as their Battlefield and Paladin hacks
Here is the homepage: as well as my profile:

I love PUBG. At the moment obviously I am relegated to playing it legit but I am still massively enjoying it but can not wait until I finally get my hands on the sweet ESP and Aimbot :rolleyes:
As a matter of fact I did use a hack for PUBG once but got banned 2 days later. It was when Aimjunkies released it very early on into the game before they implemented the application process. When I tried applying they said it would not be possible due to the fact that BattleEye is situated in Germany and due to the reason that I live in Germany I was not allowed to apply. After asking why that is I received no real answer…. Oh well, what goes around comes around seeing as they no longer can support their hack.

As stated above I used iNURIA US’s hack for Paragon. Here is my profile on there: best of

For your convenience sake I think it is best if I put the name of the game, name of the provider and the link of my profile neatly:
League of Legends
League#: N/A anymore

x22: informational


World of Warcraft
Soapbox Rotations:

PerfectAim: check more

Battlefield 1

The Division

Last Man Standing
Aimjunkies: check more
Unknowncheats: (former

P.S. It might very well be that I might have missed some hacks that I used, if so I do apologize.

ID Verification check more


Alrighty that would be it from me for now. This time I will /bump once a week. Thanks for taking your time to read through my app and I hope to be part of the trustees possibly soon.

Best Regards

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