Lafayette Avenue

^MuniNYC – Fulton Street & Lafayette Avenue (Fort Greene, Brooklyn 11217)

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lafayette avenue

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Fulton Street (G)

I filmed this spot really early in the morning as you can tell. Can’t believe I stumbled upon Spike Lee’s 40 Acres And A Mule Filmworks headquarters. This place has She’s Gotta Have It written all over it. Speaking of which, I actually own that joint on Google Play. Whatever happened to Spike Lee, I miss his good sh*t. Couldn’t believe my lil sister went to Brooklyn Technical, which is two blocks away from Spike Lee. Definitely worth a visit for some restaurants, and of course an awesome egg and cheese sandwich. I remember meeting Spike Lee on the way to MBA Rugby World Championships in North Carolina.

Fowler Square
The Smoke Joint
Bar Mullane’s Grill
La Bagel Delight
Academy Restaurant
Bespoke Bicycles
Spike Lee’s 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks – Begat 1986
67 Burger
Scopello Ristorante & Bar
Connecticut Muffin
Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center
Frank’s Cocktail Lounge
Deniz Turkish Mediterranean Cuisine
Brooklyn Technical High School
Brooklyn Tech Broadcasting Antenna
Fort Greene Park
The Brooklyn Hospital Center The entire NYC Subway System on film. Explore New York’s five boroughs with us and let’s make NYC a smaller, friendlier place.

(September 2012)
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