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//npm install irc
// Create the configuration
var config = {
channels: [“#filmsbykris”],
server: “”,
botName: “megabot”

// Get the lib
var irc = require(“irc”);

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// Create the bot name
var bot = new irc.Client(config.server, config.botName, {
channels: config.channels

// Listen for joins
bot.addListener(“join”, function(channel, who) {
// Welcome them in!
bot.say(channel, who + “, my circuits welcome you!”);
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// Listen for any message, say to him/her in the room
bot.addListener(“message”, function(from, to, text, message) {
var msg=text.toLowerCase();
bot.say(config.channels[0], “Heck yeah I am!”);

if(msg.indexOf(“linux sucks”)>=0){
bot.say(config.channels[0], “You SUCK, ” + from);
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