Monk Mod

monk mod
monk mod advancements

level 1:
break 10 wood logs

level 2:
meditate while watching a sunset or sunrise

level 3:
swim until your lungs nearly burst (1 heart)

monk mod keyword monk mod
level 4:
break 5 stone blocks with bare hands

level 5:
pet 20 animals (right click)

level 6:
sprint 200 blocks (time spent jumping does not count)

level 7:
monk mod keyword monk mod
lay 10 hostile enemies to rest

level 8:
dodge a skeleton’s arrows 5 times in a row without getting hit

level 9:
break 4 blocks of iron with your bare hands

level 10:
take a boat upon the ocean and contemplate the midnight moon
monk mod keyword monk mod

level 11:
peacefully coexist among the Endermen without scaring them

level 12:
walk 10 blocks through fire

level 13:
break 1 obsidian blocks with your bare hands

monk mod keyword monk mod
level 14:
convince a creeper to give up exploding by giving it a friendly kiss

level 15:
travel to a nether fortress and win a staring competition against a wither skeleton

level 16:
take a very high leap of faith onto hay

level 17:
monk mod keyword monk mod
sleep on a “bed of rock”. Remember to look before you sleep.

level 18:
You are now blind. To restore your sight, slay 5 enemies.

level 19:
fight and kill 1 “Wither” enemies, using your bare hands.

level 20:
fall into the void.
monk mod keyword monk mod
monk mod

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