Monster Girl Ng+

monster girl ng+
Welcome to the Monster Girl Quest New Game Plus Discord!
This is an automated message to introduce you to our chatroom.

For the sake of easy visibility, we sort users into a few classes. These classes are purely cosmetic, there are no super secret channels hidden away behind them.
Please reply to this message with the number corresponding to the class you want to join. Make sure to check the pinned messages in any channel once you’ve chosen one.
1)If you are just joining this channel out of curiosity, to chat with people, ask questions, post suggestions or just to idle, you belong in the “Player” class. Being in it will leave you with no responsibilities and all chat permissions of the other classes.
2)If you wish to take a more active role, you could pick the “Tester” class. From time to time, small snippets of the game are released in the #announcements channel for the purpose of proof reading and bugtesting. For your efforts in helping the mod, you will also earn a place in the credits, provided you actually participate in the testing. Inactive Testers may be demoted to the Player class until they start testing again.
3)If you have artistic talent, please consider joining the “Artist” class, since the game requires a lot of drawings for it’s various scenes. So far, we’ve been getting by through the reuse of assets from the Original and Paradox, the contributions of mainly one very talented and equally busy artist named jfc and lastly the efforts of Ecstasy himself. To improve the overall quality of the game and take a load off of the shoulders of it’s creator, it would be great to get more people willing and able to make the CGs. If you wish to apply for this class, make sure to send Ecstasy some examples of previous art and if he judges it to be good, you can start contributing to the game by making drawings of the scenes he requests of you. By adding artwork you created yourself to the game, you will also gain a place in the credits, listed under “Artists”.
4)We don’t really expect this out of anyone, but if you are very confident in your programming skills, you may apply for the “Programmer” class, currently only held by by Ecstasy himself. The engine NG+ and the Original run on is not documented and, according to Ecstasy, not very well usable either, so it would take significant effort on the side of you to become able to contribute to the programming of the game. If this still doesn’t deter you, chat up Ecstasy and start learning. Anyone willing to do this will get special thanks in the games credits.

monster girl ng+ monster girl ng+
Moderators are appointed by Ecstasy himself so don’t ask for this class.

Other Info/FAQ here:
monster girl ng+

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