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This is a powerful utility created by Henk with the help of the Honey Select community to help ease the pain of modding.
Regardless of how or where the game was obtained, this utility will try to ensure that your game is:
> Fully updated (DLC NOT INCLUDED).
> Uncensored.
> Patched to enable modding.
> Translated (partial).
> Organized.
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This utility does not work well with Fakku’s version (Honey Select Unlimited Extend).

With this utility, you can:
> Install core mods.
> Organize mods and “sideload” them.
> Resolve ID conflicts.
> Install StudioMODS without the need for legacy utilities such as HIR.
> Use mods that use the expanded slotIDs without using the MoreSlotID patcher.
> Identify known mods.
> Save mod names into cards.
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More information regarding sideloading is down below.

Drag everything into your HoneySelect folder.

[NEO Items]
To populate the item list, you must install IPA and patched your game EXEs.
Afterwards, run the StudioNEO Patch and Launch .exe to load up the game.
This will create an item list in the HoneySelect folder.
The installation checker can now find Neo’s Basic Sphere.
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4K Skin Diffuse
Linear Rendering Experiment
Save these for last, after you’ve installed everything else. For more information, see the following:
The recommended setup is LRE5+IBL5 from Joan’s website.

[Mod Folders]
This section contains a list of folders that house your mods.
In the Settings Tab, ensure that the Mod Loader is active.
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To add a folder, press the [Add Folder] button in the lower left.
Locate your mod folder and select it.
Once it has been done, the folder should appear in the item list.
You can add multiple folders.
Use this to organize mods.
> Clothing Mods
> Studio Mods
> Tattos
> Hair Styles
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When you download a mod, you can leave it in the zip or extract the content’s into the mod folder.
Some zips are not compatible with the loader.
Compression may make it take longer to open mods in-game.
You can use multiple sub folders to further organize your mods.
You can structure your mod folders as you see fit.
As long as the mod exists somewhere inside the designated mod folders, the resolver will look for it.

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By using mod folders, you ensure that your abdata remains clean even if you have over 500gb of mods installed.
You can use mod folders to test mods without losing sight of where it is.
You can easily uninstall mods by simply removing them from designated mod folders.
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Mod folders still work even if you’ve already heavily modded your game.

[Mod Loader Compatibility]
Can use Mod Folders
> Content Mods like clothes, hairs, tattoos, skins, etc
> Studio items
> Maps

Must be Manually Installed
> Anything that asks to replace.
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> SBX2.5e
> Uncensor2
> Metagraphic/GChaos/Oreo base bodies
> Plugins
> Skintex
> RendereEditor Textures
> Anything that comes with plugins
> Graphical Mods (4K/LRE/IBL)

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