I also hear people ask a lot what Touhou is and how to get into the series if you’re new to it.

Touhou is a series of vertical arcade style shmups, with a few official fighting games.
The simplest way to break into the series is to download TH6 or TH7 and start playing, they can be found here:

If you’re interested in the characters, background or setting, there is a wiki full of information about every aspect of the series here:

If you’re not into shmups or fighting games, there are also many official mangas that portray the characters and world well, and can be found here:

Finally, Touhou has a huge, dedicated fanbase that produces a lot of great content, particularly music remixes and fangames.
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Many great fangames are linked here:
And there is a huge jukebox with a ton of remixes here:

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