No Recoil Script

no recoil script
SendMode Input

_auto := true ;Toggle for the anti-recoil being on or off. default is on

~LButton::autofire() ; When the LButton is pressed run the autofire() function
!LButton::_auto := ! _auto ;Alt + LButton used to toggle the anti-recoil on and off
F1::ExitApp ; F1 used to exit the ahk script file

; autofire() function, name is misleading could easily be antiRecoil()
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global _auto
if _auto ; if _auto == true. i.e. is anti-recoil on?
{ ; anti-recoil on? If yes do this
Loop ; Continuously loop until a ‘break’ command
if GetKeyState(“LButton”, “P”) ; If LButton is pressed
{ ; LButton pressed? If yes do this
Sleep 75 ; sleep for 85 milliseconds
mouseXY(0, 70) ;Call the mouseXY() function which moves the mouse the specified distance. mouseXY( X, Y,)
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Sleep 45 ; sleep for 45milliseconds
else ;LButton pressed? If no do this, i.e. exit the loop
break ;will stop the loop
} ;; loop
} ;; if
} ;; autofire() ; anti-recoil on? If no do nothing

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DllCall(“mouse_event”,uint,1,int,x,int,y,uint,0,int,0) ; moves the mouse could easily be the built in autohotkey MouseMove, X, Y
no recoil script

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