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nomad vore
Anon’s record of top of the range Giantess/Size fiction
Version 2

In my years of lurking DA and giantessworld I’ve learn a variety of actually, actually horrible fiction, but in addition a variety of actually good things too.
This record is barely the most effective (completed) stuff.
If you are new to this factor and do not need to learn a novel, begin with asterisk marked tales. They are stand-alone or usually on the brief facet.

*Rowena sequence:
Campy fantasy adventures of the light however playful giantess Rowena and her tiny admirer Cedric
First story has my all-time favourite physique exploration scene in it too
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*Innocence by TheArchvile:
Best story set in Felarya for my part. It’s acquired motion, light interplay, vore, respects the setting, and is well-written.

Also, in case you’re not accustomed to Felarya, it is like if Sigil and Catachan had a child, however as an alternative of the apex predators being Catachan Devils, it is a bunch of big man-eating monster women.
Needless to say, vore is frequent within the setting, however there’s loads of room for regular non-vore adventures to occur. Felarya was created by Karbo on DA.
More data:
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Most Felarya writing is shit, however it’s type of a neat kitchen sink fantasy/sci-fi setting.

Homunculus by Cayce http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=458:
Novel size story of a tiny boy caught with an abusive household (notably his mom). Lots of foot stuff and basic cruelty interspersed with heartfelt light scenes.

Jacksmith’s work:
Arguably the best GTS author of all time. This man has an entire understanding of all points of the fetish and he truly finishes the tales he begins. All of his stuff is top-notch, however I like to recommend these:
Rise of a Princess: http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=2226
*Sandra’s Throat: http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=2274
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The Freshman: http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=2405
The Shrink Act Files: http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=4261
Watch Over: http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=4659
*Omega: Inheritance http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=4395
Omega: Homecoming http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=4719
Omega: Touch http://giantessworld.web/viewstory.php?sid=5174

Ackbar’s Omega sequence:
Probably the most effective factor on right here from a literature/creative standpoint. Setting is fashionable earth, besides people have advanced into two races, the traditional sized Alphas and the tiny Betas. Alpha society historically treats the Betas like subhuman trash, however the arrival of the enormous sized Omegas and their Aegis group has pressured that to vary by punishing the Alphas and defending the Betas. While the setting is considerably contrived, Ackbar makes it work, with properly written characters and highly effective emotional improvement.
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Jacksmith has written a number of nice tales on this setting as properly.

Prinny-Dood’s work:
This man writes a variety of actually good Felarya tales, largely vore-focused.
The sequence that begins with this story:
*Trails and Tribulations
Is extra of an journey although, a few human water mage and a tiny neera surviving and escaping the Felaryan jungle.

The Titan Empire:
This sequence was began by Johnnyscribe on giantessworld, however later acquired its personal web page when it turned a collab between JS, Openhighhat, Tinydann, and DX Machina. While the sequence will get kinda circle-jerky within the later tales, Physics, Exile, and Nomad are superb. You in all probability will not just like the sci-fi setting in case you don’t love Humanity, Fuck Yeah, although.
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nomad vore

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