Feb-11, 2020- First contact on TechSupport for help to diagose some BSOD issues and crash restarts.
Recommnedation was to run Memtest86+ to verify if memory was the culprit (non-QVL).
Ran a test over night and awoke to 18+ erroes (all seemed to indicate CPU error).
ie_ “Test: 7 Addr: 2F8035630 Expected: FFBFFFFF Actual: FFBDFFFF CPU: 7”
Feb-12, 2020- Purchsed new RAM that was QVL according mobo’s documentation.
Reinstalled a fresh Win 10 installation and started to reinstall my normal applications
BSOD again occured a few times doing light load work.
Feb-13, 2020- Ran Memtest86+ on new ram and got many errors once again.
BlueScreenView utility shows IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL / ntoskrnl.exe+1c1510

I have not tested single memory sticks or change swapped ram to other 2 available slots.
ntoskrnl.exe+1c1510 website ntoskrnl.exe+1c1510
AMD chipset and GPU drivers were installed new and are current.

Feb-13, 2020- Per @+Bjoolzern ‘s recommendation. Further testing of memory
**CPU** 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 <—-Memory slots on Mobo.
Stick 1 – Fail slots 2 and 4
Stick 2 – Fail slots 2 and 4

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