Ou Viability Smogon

ou viability smogon
These are resources that apply to most if not all generations this group is about. Obviously.

Rule Variants:
Outlines Official Metagames sanctioned by Nintendo, from Nintendo Cup 1997 to VGC 2012.

Smogon Rules:
It’s a touch outdated but nonetheless useful knowledge. Sufficient for general play.

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Smogon Discord:
A good place to discuss Smogon itself.

Ruins of Alph Discord:
Discuss Past Gens in live chat here. Less toxic than Showdown at least.

Smogon Strategy PokeDex:
ou viability smogon check more ou viability smogon
This is Smogon’s way of compiling Pokemon Analysis’s, which is excellent for those looking into team building. Make use of it whenever possible. Note that it is best to deviate from the sample sets so your team isn’t predictable as all hell.

Past Gens Resource Thread:
This gives you some amazing pointers for finding resources, pity they didn’t link the most important ones directly. Still extremely useful if you’re getting into it all though.

Ruins of Alph Sample Teams;
Copy the Pastebin Links for when you’re thinking about building off a sample team. Very useful.

ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
Smogon Forums Past Gen Section:
Maybe make RMT Threads here? Inactive post-wise, but very useful.

Past Gens Research Thread:
Crystal_ posts here a lot. Very well known for where Rage Mechanics were found.

Underleveled Pokemon:
ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
Useful for playing Stadium and Stadium 2’s cups that require low leveled Pokemon.

One of the biggest threats in Pre-Split, Zapdos in generally should be researched in detail. Don’t sleep on this article.

A Flying Press Article on Gengar’s Competitive History. Very useful to keep around as a SpinBlocker and Anti-Lead, especially in ADV OU.

ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
Smeargle has a rough history, and has impacted the metagame significantly. Thus, useful to read.

I HIGHLY recommend using Starmie on almost every team you make, this Pokemon is amazing in Pre-Split. Especially Gen 1, though.

Pokemon Battle Historia:
ou viability smogon ou viability smogon
Very useful website for Nintendo Cup Play. Most notable application is playing Poke Cup (AKA Nintendo Cup) in Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2.

Stats, etc in RBY-GSC:
Very good in depth explanation of stat mechanics along with other tidbits. Useful knowledge for sure.

Physical-Special Split:
Gives a nice table on the attacking types.

ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
False Swipe Gaming:
In depth legacy analysis of Pokemon from Gens 1-6 atm. Some Gen 7. Extremely useful.

Pannenkoek for Gens 1-2, contributes to Pokemon Showdown’s legacy tiers a lot.

The Smog Archives:
ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
Old Webzine relating to Smogon during DPP OU, and I believe it went into BW2 OU at some point. Use for context in older metagames if need-be.

Flying Press Archives
Use the Tags to check for Past Gens, but it can also be used for current metas too. Very useful, moreso than The Smog to some degree.

The Player Archives:
This is a much more casual thing, more for community stuff than competitive play. But it has some info in there, use when you’re having a case of burnout.

ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
The Competitor Archives:
This gives Smogon Tournament Coverage, which isn’t exceptionally well written or anything. Just there, really. Honestly, Smogon’s first webzines were pretty mediocre (as is their website).

Save Battery Replacement Guide (By me):


ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
This is by far one of the most complicated metagames, and you should look into the mechanics if possible. It can get a little weird with things like Burn/Paralysis Stat Drop Stacking, but it’s quite simple in context.

RBY Battle Guide:
Primarily aimed at OU Play, but still useful nontheless.

RBY UU Discussion:
It’s a fun meta until Dragonite pops out.

ou viability smogon informational ou viability smogon
RBY NU Discussion:
Long dead thread, sadly. Some glimpses there, although apparently the list assumed Wrap was banned.

Pokemon Online Gen 1 Tier List:
This assumes Wrap is banned, keep in mind. Useful as a guideline for Wrap-banned metagames, as well as for Gen 1 NU.

RBY OU Viability Rankings:
ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
Tauros is still the King. You may all feel at peace.

Nintendo Cup 1997 Viability Rankings:
Click the Pokemon for an analysis if applicable. It’s in Japanese, so using Chrome to auto-translate is recommended.

Nintendo Cup 1998 Viability Rankings:
Click the Pokemon for an analysis if applicable. It’s in Japanese, so using Chrome to auto-translate is recommended.

ou viability smogon informational ou viability smogon
Nintendo Cup 1999 Viability Rankings:
Click the Pokemon for an analysis if applicable. It’s in Japanese, so using Chrome to auto-translate is recommended.

Petit Cup Viability Rankings:
Done by myself to assist with those playing through my hack once it drops, but those looking to play it on Showdown are free to look.

Pika Cup:
ou viability smogon informational ou viability smogon
Details every possible legal Pokemon, also considering Tradebacks in a separate area. Extremely helpful.

RBY Stat Debuffs with Burn/Paralyze Research:
TLDR if you Paralyze or Burn something and start boosting, the stat will keep going down. This makes Slowbro’s Amnesia Set extremely scary.

Smogon University Section:
Just generally useful knowledge.

ou viability smogon check more ou viability smogon
Non-OU Pokemon in Gen 1 OU:
Articuno, Dragonite, Hypno, Persian and Victreebell are detailed. Articuno is particularly good, in my opinion.

This is an alternative metagame for Gen 1 where you play with moves you can trade back from GSC. Imagine Nidoking with Amnesia. Yeah, that shit is fucking scary.

Tradebacks 2:
ou viability smogon ou viability smogon
A more in-depth look at tradebacks for the Gen 1 OU Tradeback Meta.


One of the more defensive metagames out of the 3 discussed here, this one is also quite easy to get into. Use Snorlax.

GSC Introduction:
Remember The Smog? It’s still useful.
ou viability smogon informational ou viability smogon

GSC UU Thread:
Includes a Sample Team to build off of.

GSC NU Thread:
This is an extremely underplayed meta. Includes a list from Crystal_ on the Mt. Silver Forums.

GSC NU Tier List:
ou viability smogon ou viability smogon
Scroll down a bit. It’s from the previous resource.

GSC OU Viability Rankings v.3:
The latest Viability Rankings for GSC. Obviously, this is very useful.

GSC UU Viability Rankings:
Nidoqueen is really good in this tier, almost like Snorlax in how it can sweep quickly. Carry a Ground Type or, quite honestly, you’ll die.
ou viability smogon informational ou viability smogon

GSC Team Building Guide:
Literally the only one around, very useful to keep around. Use it when making a team, you won’t regret it at all.

Nintendo Cup 2000 Viability Rankings:
Click the Pokemon for an analysis if applicable. It’s in Japanese, so using Chrome to auto-translate is recommended.

Nintendo Cup 2000 Team Building Guide:
ou viability smogon ou viability smogon
It’s in Japanese, so use Chrome for auto-translation. It’s surprisingly informative, but it’s probably better to use Smogon’s stuff with some transcription.

Smogon University Section:
Just generally useful knowledge.


ou viability smogon check more ou viability smogon
This is one that is more close to today’s metagames, most like Gen 4. Just Pre-Split. Also Tyranitar is really good.

ADV OU Viability Rankings:

ADV UU Viability Rankings:
Use Kangaskhan to relive Gen 1 Tauros. That fucker was SWOLE.

ADV Ubers Viability Rankings:
ou viability smogon informational ou viability smogon
It’s probably not useful, but it’s here anyway.

ADV OU Team Building Compendium:
Very useful thread that teaches you how to go about making your team. Any questions on terminology, I’m sure someone will help you.

ADV OU Team Archive:
Building off of these is a good starting point. Don’t just parrot the first one you see, though.
ou viability smogon check more ou viability smogon

Old Gens PU:
This details some Gen 3 PU, which isn’t a true tier, but it is there.

ADV Doubles Primer:
Up for some VGC? Haha…

Smogon University Section:
ou viability smogon ou viability smogon
Just generally useful knowledge.

Magic Stat Numbers:
This is a HUGELY important article that gives you the optimal way to do EV Spreads. Very, very few people even know about this, so make use of it when you can. It is AMAZING when used with Showdown’s Teambuilder.


ou viability smogon check more ou viability smogon
This is some other stuff that may or may not be helpful. Probably not too useful, but can’t be too sure.

Spaceworld Demo Dump:
Maybe if this ever gets emulated on a higher level, we could see how the meta could have played out? There’s some interesting type matchup information here.

Pokemon VC Transfer-Only moves:
Curse Octillery!

ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon

Obviously you’re probably all wondering about Netplay. Don’t worry, I got you covered right here.

Pokemon Showdown:
This is Smogon’s Battle Simulator, one of the absolute best ways to play Competitive Past Gens. There’s a ladder here, so you can put all your skills to the test. Go ham on it!

Pokemon Stadium Netplay:
ou viability smogon best of ou viability smogon
Works for all 3 N64 Stadium Games. Use Stadium and Stadium 2 though, the JP one is pretty awful. Has updated graphics and runs at ~60 FPS. Very useful for those looking to play the best version of Gen 1 (since Hyper Beam and Focus Energy aren’t glitched to hell).

Gens 1-3 Netplay with VBALink:
Similar to how SM64 Online worked. Useful knowledge.

I highly recommend using PKHeX for making saves to use with Stadium, Stadium 2 and Gens 1-3. It makes play much easier, and will take you a long way. I do have saves with Comp Dexes for Gen 1, which can be used with Stadium. I may make a pack for that.
ou viability smogon check more ou viability smogon

ou viability smogon

L5r Rokugan Map

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Strategy Guide