Parietal Bone

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Parietal Bone

What is parietal bone

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parietal bone

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This video covers the anatomy of the parietal bone: parietal bone location, landmarks, sutures and articulations. Take our quiz on the lateral and posterior view of the skull at

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The parietal bone is a roughly square-shaped, paired bone that forms large parts of the top and side of the head.

Its concave internal surface is covered with several grooves and landmarks for other structures inside the skull, such as the middle meningeal artery, the sigmoid sinus and the superior sagittal sinus. The convex external surface shows a parietal foramen, through which a parietal emissary vein connects the veins of the scalp with the superior sagittal sinus.

The two parietal bones meet each other in the midline of the skull roof, forming a serrated margin known as the sagittal suture. Apart from its opposite counterpart, each parietal bone is surrounded by 4 other bones: frontal bone, occipital bone, temporal bone and the sphenoid. It is connected to each bone by a suture.

In this tutorial we will go over the most relevant facts about the parietal bone anatomy:

– 0:09 parietal bone location and shape
– 0:33 internal and external surface of the parietal bone
– 1:13 parietal bone sutures

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