The Decision
From: Martyr Dienekes
Sent: 2016-05-03 20:18:00
To: Internet Terrorists, ToonLad, elsemus



Following 3 weeks of soul searching and crushing boredom from Outer Ring, I have spoken with nearly all of our active players in the corporation and believe that from the options presented we have come to a decision as a group. (Sorry if I missed any of you)

Starting 24 hours after this mail (likely from the time it hits reddit) we will be preparing to drop Internet Terrorists out of Spacemonkey’s Alliance and we will be joining Circle of Two.
Prior to us joining Co2 we will move from outer ring to Low security space (Not Saranen). Once we are able to accept our corporation invite, we will move to M-O which should be our new staging system.
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Please wait for instructions regarding the move from lowsec to our new space once we are in Co2. I want you guys to be safe when moving assets so we will work as a group to ensure this!

I have spoken at length to Da Winci about what Co2 offer and we will have Large scale fleet combat again, sizable capital fleets (that get used!!!), SRP, 0% tax as well as PVP on our doorstep, There are also areas to mine and rat to get your wallets back up too. Da Winci also seems to be an extremely level headed and reasonable alliance Co-CEO which will be a welcome change. No doubt it will not all be rosy, as I am sure Reddit will tell us, however we will work through any issues together.

I won’t lie, it does pain me to leave a group whom I have known do great things over the last 2 years including significant real world charity work, however many of the people that made it great have themselves moved onto other alliances, to such an extent that I do not feel that by leaving we are betraying anyone. We all pay CCP for our accounts in ISK or coin and we should get value for our money,

If you still feel a bond with the remaining monkeys, I will not stop you from leaving us to stay with SMA and I wish you the all best in the future you choose.
Toonlad after he left created a new corp in SMA called Evolution. I would hope that if you are staying you join up with Toonlad to give him, Dante and Patricio your support. If you feel you want to join any of the other corporations, it is after all your choice, just let me know if you need help getting into them and we will see what we can do to help.
If / when things go south for SMA you are all welcome to re-join us, I am not being facetious when I say that. I just have some knowledge of what is coming SMA’s way.
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Fly Dangerous
Martyr Dienekes Corp CEO
Saaj Vrikul Corp Co-CEO

PS. If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter
PPS. If this does leak, for all the pilots we have flown with in SMA, the CFC and later the Imperium we thank you.


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Early exit
From: Martyr Dienekes
Sent: 2016-05-03 21:11:00
To: Internet Terrorists

So after getting Shalazan, Elsemus and Lord Voras transfered to a SMA corp with thier supers, Shalazan stole the remainder of the corp assets (I had moved all valuables and left 4 cynabals and 2.5bil in the master wallet, in case something like this happened)

We were then removed of all roles and booted from SMA. If anyone logging in wants to stay with the alliance after that, I urge you not to.

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Super classy and the reason IWI is after them. just be careful if you are in 4c or Saranen.

Please start purging API’s now.


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