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This document is a spoiler guide for the Goonstation codebase, featuring details on almost
all secret chem mixes, adventure locations, and a few antagonist strategies.

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It is, of course, full of spoilers.
The adventure zones are better seen than read about,
but you can read about them here if you wish.

This version has been edited for accuracy and readability.
Unnecessary attacks on players have been removed.

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Secret chems and stuff

* Ageinium – Nicotine + Tea + Acetone + Chocolate + Formaldehyde 423.15 K
* Anima – Strange Reagent + Changeling Blood + Ectoplasm + Blood + Liquid Dark Matter (mix on alchemy circle)
* Booster Enzyme – Strange Reagent + Diethylamine + Carbon + Ethanol + Hydrogen + Sulfur + Oxygen 373.15 K
* Denature Enzyme – Booster Enzyme 423.15 K
* Bubsium – Pepperoni + Cholesterol + Bourbon + Bee
* Chlorine Azide – Ammonia + Silver + Nitrogen + Oxygen + Sodium + Chlorine
* Dragon’s Breath – Ghost Chili Juice + Phlogiston + Pyrosium + Bourbon + Welding Fuel
* Energy Drink – Voltagen + Coffee + Cola (3)
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* Enriched MSG – MSG + Holy Water + Ectocooler + Milk + Salt + Chicken Soup + Sugar + Cheese + Grease + Pepperoni + Beff + Tomato Juice
* Feather Fluid – Strange Reagent + Colorful Reagent + Hootingium + Mind Eraser + Egg + Chicken Soup + Blood
* Fermid – Ants + Booster Enzyme + Aranesp + Unstable Mutagen
* Freeze – Gin + Cryostylane + Cryoxadone + Menthol + Ether
* Glowing Fliptonium – Anima + Fliptonium + Uranium + Space Drugs
* Grog – Green Vomit + Bloody Scary + Pepperoni + Rum + Acetone + Welding Fuel + Space Lube + Sulfuric Acid + Fluorosulfuric Acid + Teporone + Sugar
* Hootagen – Changeling Blood + Strange Reagent + Hootingium + Egg + Sorium + Stable Mutagen
* Unstable Hootagen – Changeling Blood + Strange Reagent + Hootingium + Egg + Sorium + Stable Mutagen 318 K
* Initropidril – Triplepiss + Holy Water + Methamphetamine + Histamine + Neurotoxin + Fluorosulphuric Acid + Stabilizing Agent
* Initrobeedril – Initropidril + Bee + Honey + Stable Mutagen
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* Royal Initrobeedril – Initropidril + Bee + Royal Jelly + Honey + Stable Mutagen 473.15 K
* Liquified Space Ruber – Radium + (2) Rubber + Harm Lube + Sorium + George Melonium
* Lumen – Hydrogen + Helium + Glowing Slurry + Radium + Luminol
* Kerosene – Cyclopentanol + Acetone + Oxygen (3) + Hydrogen + Aluminium + Nickel 873.15 K
* Cyclopentanol – Acetic Acid + Ether + Barium + Hydrogen + Oxygen 548.15 K
* King Readsterium – Transparium + Glitter + Cholesterol + Port
* Mutini – Martini + Mannitol + Neurotoxin + Unstable Mutagen + Mutadone
* Nitroglycerin – Glycerol + Sulfuric Acid + Nitric Acid
* Glycerol – Epichlorohydrin + Water
* Epichlorohydrin – Allyl Chloride + Hydrochloric Acid + Oxygen(2) + Sodium + Hydrogen
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* Allyl Chloride – Oil + Chlorine(2) 773.15 K
* Nitric Acid – Nitrogen Dioxide(3) + Water
* Nitrogen Dioxide – Copper Nitrate 453.15 K
* Copper Nitrate – Copper + Oxygen(3) + Nitrogen
* Rajaijah – Prions + LSD + Sarin + Methamphetamine + Haloperidol + Sulfonal + Mercury + Plasma (You still have control over your arms while on Raj, and the NPC has another set of arms, leaving your hands free, turning you into a four-armed insane warrior)
* Reversium – Fliptonium + Pure Hugs + Unstable Mutagen + Stable Mutagen
* Rotting – ???? + Denatured Enzyme + Something + Compost
* Sarin – Welding Fuel + Acetone + Atrazine + Chlorine + Oxygen + Phosphorus + Fluorine + Hydrogen
* Silver Fulminate – Silver Nitrate + Nitric Acid + Ethanol (373.15 K)
* Silver Nitrate – Silver + Nitric Acid 373.15 K
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* Spiders – Ants + Pure Hugs
* Pure Love – Pure hugs + Chocolate
* Pure Hugs – Hug a Bee and extract blood from self.
* Strychnine – Acetic Acid + Phenol + Cyanide + Fluorosulfuric Acid + Iodine + Nickel + Aluminium
* Transparium – Carrot Juice + Vodka Tonic + Luminol + Oculine + Silicate
* Diluted Transparium – Transparium + Water
* Triple Meth – Copious (Over 300 units) amounts of meth in a monkey (or the clown)
* Voltagen – Uranium + Oil + LDM + Stabilizer + Plasma (5)

* Vampire Serum – Werewolf Serum + Changeling Blood + Holy Water
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If you find imperfect werewolf serum, you can convert it to vampire serum
Imperfect Werewolf Serum + Stabilizer + Changeling Blood + Holy Water
Add Partially Hydrogenated Space Soybean Oil once everything else is together to skip the non-fullmoon mix fail

* Stable Bose-Einstein Macro-Condensate – Voltagen (12) + Something (3) + Sorium + LDM 0 K
Produce 12u of – Voltagen – Uranium + Oil + LDM + Stabilizer + Plasma (5).
Produce 3u of something.
Produce 1u of sorium.
Mix all three chems into a container and chill it to 0 K.
Produce 1u of LDM and chill it to 0 K.
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Add the 1u of LDM to the main beaker.
(This chem is incredibly finnicky and requires you to follow the exact steps for it to work. Mixing something taints other chemicals in it rendering them unable to make condensate.
Always make your Something seperately. It may act weird and produce something on Manta tainting the chems. If this happens you will need to start over with fresh reagents.)

* Quark-Gluon-Plasma(QGP) – Stable Bose-Einstein Macro-Condensate 6344K

–Chemistry Decay List (accuracy is dubious)

* embalming fluid -> histamine
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* itching powder -> histamine
* venom -> histamine
* Imperfect Werewolf Serum -> histamine
* glitter -> histamine
* Prairie Fire -> capsaicin, histamine
* space fungus -> toxin
* Gin and Sonic -> methamphetamine
* bath salts -> methamphetamine, crank, neurotoxin, jagged crystals
* Gin and Chronic -> THC
* Ecto Cooler -> very-high-fructose corn syrup, Green Goop
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* cheese -> cholesterol
* weird cheese -> cholesterol
* meat slurry -> cholesterol
* porktonium -> cholesterol, radium, cyanide
* space-soybean oil -> cholesterol, porktonium
* egg -> cholesterol
* beff -> cholesterol, porktonium, synthflesh, corn syrup, changeling blood, toxic slurry
* chocolate -> sugar
* honey -> sugar
* egg nog -> sugar
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* corn syrup -> sugar
* very-high-fructose corn syrup -> sugar
* sugar -> epinephrine
* ice -> water

DWAINE Nerdery

Spoofing the login packet:
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Login to a DWAINE computer using your ID. Most maps have a functional DWAINE computer in tech storage, along with a Network Diagnostic Cartridge. This is key, as you’ll be using the cartridge to actually craft the packets using your PDA later on, as well as being used to get the headpass key. If someone stole it, another one can be bought for a modest price from a PDA cartridge dispenser.

Enter the command “echo registered=Pubbie Jones|nassignment=Hacker|naccess=34 ^ /mnt/term/loginpacket”

Enter in “su” followed by “file_send”. If “You are now authorized” returns you have successfully spoofed SU access.

Getting the head-pass code using buddy recall packets:
Use the packet-sniffing program on your PDA to monitor frequency 121.9 (the robuddy frequency) for the headpass. Setting this to long range may help.

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Enter “cd /mnt/control” to access buddy commands.

Enter “prman recall all” to have the buddy recharge consoles send a recall packet with the headpass.

It should be a number sequence followed by a call sign IE. Bravo/Gamma , followed by a dash and more numbers

Refresh the sniffer tool if it hasn’t automatically updated and take note of the acc_code (I’ll refer to this as the headpass)

Crafting the unlock packet
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Go to the Packet Sender tool on your PDA.
Set the frequency to the secure locker frequency, 143.1
Create a value for “pass” using the headpass you got from the sniffer tool.
Create a value for “command” set to “unlock”
Create a value for “address_1” set to a placeholder value. This is how you designate which locker you want to open.

Finding and opening a secure locker
Locate a locker you wish to open.
Navigate to the ping tool in your PDA
Ping 143.1, the locker frequency.
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It will list the addresses of all nearby lockers. Copy one of them. There is no way to distinguish which locker is the locker you are trying to open if there are multiple addresses. Just repeat the unlock command for each of them.
Navigate to the Packet Sender tool
Update the “address_1” value to the address of the locker you chose.
Send the packet.

If the locker “clicks unlocked” you have successfully packet hacked a locker open. It can be relocked by setting the “command” to “lock”

Packet Door Guide – Freq 141.1
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Methods For getting the Address_1 :
1.) Screwdriver a door open, the code will be in the upper left and should be about 7 digits. IE: “0f02312”
2.) Bump a door with packet sniffer running on max range – freq: 141.1, the code should pop up with a mess of other information under the sniffer list
3.) Ping on 141.1, there will be no way to tell what door is what, but it will give you a list of all the door address’s in range.

Building the packet:
1.) Using the packet sender, click add new and in the first box that pops up type address_1, in the second box you’ll put the code from the door in question. You can simply type Placeholder if you dont have it yet.
2.) Click add new again, and this time in the first box type, command. In the second box you can use a variety of commands, they will be listed below.

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Commands for door packets:
– secure_open
– secure_close
– open
– close
– lock
– unlock

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Things Needed:
1.) Basic toolbelt of tools.
2.) Wifi Component.
3.) Signal sender (IE; Button, Control unit on repeat, Hand scanner, Pressure sensor ect.
4.) A good hiding spot. Most people will rip up your components if they are visable or easy to get to.

Steps To Setup:
1.) Wrench down your wifi-comp and use a multi-tool to rightclick and set the freq. You can find a good list of them here. on that list we see 114.9 (typed 1149 in the freq box on the wifi-comp) is the PDA freq. We will continue using this but you can look for more and get creative.
2.) Once your Wifi-comp is all set youll want to wrench down your signal sender, for this guide we will be using a Control Unit, running an infinite loop ROM ( b080 ). For this signal sender we will want a relay with signal switching on, and will set the signal on the relay. If you are using a button or similar just build the packet/signal on that instead.
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3.) Build the packet! This is the fun part, unlike PDA sent packets mech-comp ones are built a little different you’ll be using ; to seperate the packet parts. So a simple, named, PDA spam would be something like “command=text_message;message=hurf durf i read the secrets doc;sender_name=poop fart” (no quotes when you type it) You can see here we use the first part to build the command the second to put a message which can be anything using spaces, capitals, or numbers, and the final part is the optional sender name. I include this because it is good for framing people or the AI.
4.) Once your signal looks like the above packet you can connect everything up and let loose. I recommend a delay unit with at least a 250 delay unless you want people really mad, in which case use no delay.

Cube Smoke

This works by creating an ldm reaction inside of people while they’re frozen inside of cryostylane. The cryostylane acts as a container creating the meat cube reaction.
Beaker 1: 20u Fluorosulfuric Acid (hydrogen=15;sulfur=5;oxygen=5;fluorine=10;potassium=10;) + carbon=20;radium=20;hydrogen=10;chlorine=10;platinum=10;
Beaker 2: nitrogen=10;plasma=30;water=10;hydrogen=10;chlorine=10;platinum=10
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Beaker 3: 20u Sugar

Combine sugar with beaker one and beaker two one after the other to trigger this warcrime. Note this is a suicide bomb.

It can, however, be used by AIs to meatcube anyone near a chem dispenser if these two are alternated.
AI Button 1: hydrogen=20;chlorine=20;water=10;carbon=15;radium=15;platinum=10;sugar=10;
AI Button 2: nitrogen=10;plasma=30;water=10;hydrogen=10;chlorine=10;platinum=10;sugar=10;

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In order to trigger the disaster ending, you will need:
Any six of these keys:
Key / Location
Silver Key – End of Biodome Caves
Hot Iron Key – Lava Moon, across a lava pit
Cold Steel Key – Theta Outpost glacier, in the queen ice spider’s lair
Onyx Key – At the end of the Hellpit maze
Golden Key – Feed the lead key to the Overbee
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Futuristic Key – In the Ill Looking Fellow’s pocket
Skeleton Key – Inside a coffin across the alchemy pit
Literal Skeleton Key – In the crashed soviet shuttle in the southern part of Installation-7 (Meat Station)
Key Lime Pie – Bake one. Limes can be found in the Cocktail Accessories kits in the bar.
Iron key – Has a chance to be spit out when eating key lime pies.
VR Key – A rare prize from the various arcade machines.
Lunar Key – Hug the Moon Bee 100 times
Bee Key – It’s under a sink in the Hive Ship
Hairball Key – Assembled from the 3 hairballs found in the Catmandu maintenance tunnels
Collar Key – Found in a freezer in the Oshan Laboratory Sea Diner
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Station Key – Found on a random tile in space, near the station
Heirloom Key – Has a chance to be spawned in your backpack at roundstart
Studio Key – Found in a crate in the back of the radio station

The Moon Bee. Get the egg from the Hive Ship and hatch it next to the automaton.

The Iridium Key. It is obtained from killing the Y-drone. (The Y-drone is summoned in the Debris Field, at the relay satellite west of Bradbury II, using the Syndicate Security Dongle.)

The King in Yellow. It is found underneath a rock next to the sliding block maze in the Biodome caverns.
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Then you just need to give the automaton the 6 keys you chose, pass him the Iridium Key, let him tear up the King in Yellow, and then smash the server when it appears. (If the server doesn’t spawn immediately, try bringing the Moon Bee closer to the automaton.) This will end the round almost instantly triggering a disaster.

Use this to calculate where to go and calibrate the teleporter:

Gauntlet and stones

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Gauntlet run:
1.) Open a void rip in telesci by spamming toggle portal on some valid coords (Keep a (few) spare power cell nearby if you dont get it before power runs out)
2.) Find the vault, it will be just to the right when you first arrive, just walk up and right into the purple void untill you see the door. Map provided for easier finding.
3.) Use all the keys below to break into the vault and steal the gauntlet. It can be worn as soon as you want.

Keys needed to unlock the Vault door:

Futuristic Key (Future Ship)
Gold Key (Give the Overbee the Lead Key from the Martian Derelict)
Bee Key (Hive Ship)
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Lunar Key (Petting the Moon Bee a lot)
Silver Key (at the end of the Biodome catacombs)
Hot Iron Key (Lava Moon, requires the whip)
Onyx Key (Theta Outpost’s Hellpit)

Stones: (must be socketed into the gauntlet)

Philosopher Stone: Found at biodome, causes a gold nuke at and all around the person inserting it to the gauntlet, can take out about 1/5th of the entire station, refered to as “gold nuking”
Gall Stone: Can be surgically removed from Shitty Bills chest, causes all mobs on all z levels to puke up violently with a small chance for them to vomit up lungs/hearts/their own brain, causing instant and painful death. Warning, User is not immune and should seek the Sheild of Souls from lava moon if they plan to use this.
SoulSteel Stone: Found at centcom in the back of readsters office, requires 50 positive karma to pick up, karma can be farmed with friendly emotes, and entering readsters office (-1000). The way to get around this is to use a beacon, throw it to the back of the office and have someone or mechcomp launch you in a locker into a teleporter locked to that beacon, then open the wall and get the stone before port a sci’ing home. Causes everything on screen to come to life, much like anima and they will not attack the gauntlet user, can be used with swarms of chocolate or floor tiles to wipe the entire station. Also anyone without the +50 karma will be instantly gibbed upon touching the stone.
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Owlstone: Recieved from taking the owl core from the hooting beast at owlery and giving it to any old owl to “refine” will force everyone nearby into an owl suit, taking away internals and forcing the outfit

Canister Bombs

Canister Bombing is a wonderful pass-time that all Goons should take up. Done right, you can destroy 1/4 of the station with a single bomb.
* Break into EVA, grab a full space suit, fill up your internals with the oxygen tank, and grab and fully load the RCD found in a crate, which is normally in the north-east corner of EVA on Cogmap1
* Enter toxins and wrench two oxygen tanks and one plasma tank to the mixing ports, then turn the valves next to each can on the mixing ports. This should mix all of them together and give them a gas ratio of 66%02 and 33% Plasma.
* Go to the Pump Control Terminal (green monitor) and change all input settings to 1.
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* Find a plasma can and wrench it onto the connector port located in either toxins storage, or the main toxins chamber depending on which map you’re playing on. This will run its plasma into pipes that go through the main burn and will slowly begin to heat it up to billions of degrees.
* Remove the fuel tank from toxins; it will explode because of the heat the burn will emit.
* Take out your RCD and set it to deconstruct, and then drill holes under your fuel mix can, the plasma can flowing into the main burn, and inside of the plasma storage chamber. This will prevent the room from overheating and causing severe burns and canister destruction.
* Turn the valve that allows the main fuel canister to flow into the burn chamber, then spam the ignition switch (tiny red button on the front of the burn chamber, this will eventually ignite your mix.
* Once your mix ignites in the chamber, immediately open the vents at the back of the burn chamber.
* Turn the valves connecting the plasma can in toxins storage to the main burn, which will begin the process of heating it up.

Once you get to this stage, carefully watch your can bomb’s pressure. You should generally try to keep in a range between 2000 KPA and 6000 KPA, as once it hits 100,000 KPA it will burst open. Once it hits around 15,000 KPA, it starts death spiraling beyond the point of no return, and even the maximum amount of pressure release can’t save it.

In order to stop your canister from exploding, turn on the canister’s release valves. This will, depending on what release pressure it was set at, begin to leak it plasma through the hole you made under it, harmlessly venting it into space. Eventually, it may become impossible to stop the pressure rising even with the maximum release pressure set. Once this happens, use the purge valve in toxins storage to start venting out additional plasma.
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In order to get the best explosion out of a canbomb, the ideal temperature and pressure is e+9 Celsius, with a pressure as close to 100k as possible, but not reaching it or exceeding it. Once your plasma canister has hit the ideal temperature and pressure, remove it from the port. If you want to make more, you can use the left-over plasma in the pipes to fill a near infinite amount of empty cans by connecting them to the port where your original can used to be.

Once your canisters are done, you’ll need to create a detonator.
* Grab a plasma tank from the tank storage in toxins storage, then attach it to a canister and fill it to maximum capacity with room temperature plasma.
* Use a screwdriver to unsecure an igniter.
* Add a multitool to the igniter.
* Add the plasma tank to the assembly.
* Secure the assembly with a screwdriver.
* Use a cable coil on the assembly.
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* Add a timer to the assembly.
* Optionally, add a remote signalling device to your assembly.
* Optionally, add a device analyzer to your canister which will automatically detonate the canister upon detecting a gas leak.
* Use the assembly on the canister.

Transfer Tank Valve Bombing

TTVs are the versatile and much more mobile brother of the canister bomb. When done right, they explode with roughly the force of a macrobomb, and can be used to cripple an entire department.
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* Do the same steps in the Canister Bomb guide (although if you want toxins to go up in flames you can avoid drilling holes in the floor and internals altogether) up until you’re about to start the chamber.
* Avoid starting the chamber for now. Gather up plasma tanks, then attach them and drain them of gas using the Air Siphon (small blue plastic stand with wheels) and place them in a safe place next your to-be-heated plasma can.
* Gather up oxygen tanks and fill them using the oxygen cans in toxin storage.
* Ignite the chamber and let the plasma from your can flow through the pipes.
* Carefully watch your cans temperature until it gets to 2000.
* Quickly fill your tanks with plasma from the can.
* Grab a tank valve connecter from toxins, you can normally normally find them in the north-east corner of toxins on a table.
* Place both your filled oxygen and plasma tank onto the tank valve connector.

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Once that’s done, you have a “working” 9×9 TTV that can explode once the release valve is opened, taking you with it. To avoid having to suicide bomb to use the TTV, attach one of these three items to the TTV

* Timer: Allows you to set a timer on your TTV, exploding it once the time is up
* Remote Signaler: Turns your TTV into a remote bomb that can be adjusted to specific frequencies to set off massive amounts of TTVs. Can also be implanted in your chest to give yourself a budget macrobomb you can set off at anytime
* Proximity Sensor: Turns your TTV into a landmine that detects when players are close to it and explodes.

Making Stable QGP

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QGP in its normal form is highly volatile. It comes into existence as a ravenous TTV sized foam wave that deletes anyone who slips on it, and destroys almost any structure it covers. However, it can be stabilized into a normal liquid which carries all of its gibbing and deleting properties, just without the foaming bit. Thanks to the miracles of NT’s material science division, you’re able to miraculously survive this highly volatile chemical by donning a FULL biohazard suit.
* Put on a FULL biohazard suit (White Shoes, Latex Gloves, Biohazard Suit, Biohazard Hood) and internals
* Create Stable Bose-Einstein Macro-Condensate
* Add phosphorous and potassium to the beaker of Stable Bose-Einstein Macro-Condensate.
* Place the beaker inside the chemicompiler, and run this script


This will heat it up to just under the reaction point for QGP.
* While the chemicompiler is working (which will take a long while) grab a beaker full of sugar and an igniter, then use an auto-clicker to rapidly heat up the beaker of sugar to around 7000 K or above. If you don’t value your fingers, you can also spam-click the beaker as well.
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* Once the beaker of sugar and condensate is hot enough, get a pitcher ready and mix the two together. This will create both QGP foam and smoke. Wait for the foam to vanish and scoop up the QGP Smoke Clouds with the pitcher. This somehow does not destroy the pitcher, which is currently holding a tiny mote of the sun.
* Now that you’ve stabilized your QGP, it can now be used in a variety of applications to create weapons that gib! It’s infinitely dilutable so go nuts with it!

Farming Odd Cigarettes

Do you like turning into a vampire or werewolf? How about the hearing the defeaning explosion of argine in the morning? Ever wanted to ignite huge swaths of the station with the hellfire that is FOOF? Or how about giving your enemies a bad case of space heart worms? If so, you need to learn how to farm odd cigarettes! Through this you’ll be able to harness the power of all sorts of fun reagents for all your traitoring needs.

Head to podbay, take a pod to the mining outpost beacon.From the beacon, head north into the hangar. Take the material from the fabricators inside.
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Head south a bit and enter the hangar to the west, get tools and gloves if needed, add material to the reverse engineering fabricator and take a device analyzer.
Fly north to the diner, scan the cigarette machine near the bus dock and take the two skulls from the box in the room off the kitchen.
Fly back to station and scan a reagent extractor.
Go back to the mining outpost beacon. Fly west and a bit south to the martian ship and sell the skulls to the trader. Go back to the mining outpost beacon mech lab.
Enter the scans from the device analyzer into the ruck kit,print and add the blueprints to the fabricator and set it to produce your equipment.
Once you set up your cigarette machines up and hack them all to turn the green light on.
Buy cigarettes with skull money and scan them to find the good stuff.
Deep fry cigarettes in order to fully extract all of the chems from them.
Have fun with your new forbidden reagents and chems.

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Tourist Guides to Telesci Locations
Here’s the tourists guides that cut to the meat to the different adventure zones. Have fun! – Debris Field – Solarium – Mars – Lava Moon – Biodome – Ice Moon (You aren’t one of them changers are ya?) – Meat Station
pepperoni secret emote read more pepperoni secret emote – Lunar Museum – Ainley Staff Retreat – Catmandu – Space Owlery – Quantum Telescope Locations – Abzu (Oshan Planet) – Centcomm – The Void – Asteroid Belt – Hell
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The Hootening

This section is on creating what I like to call a hootening! A hootening is where you’re able to create many, many copies of the one of the most ferocious monsters that NT has cooked up back on station. To start, make sure to check out the Tourist Guide to the Owlery. With this, owlkind will finally be able to take over the station!

Pre-owlery prep list:
* grab medicine/robusttec
* get at least two energy guns or 6 phasers as you’ll need this many to kill the hootening at the end of the owlery
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* scan a recharger and make a recharger frame to deploy inside the owlery to help speed things up.
* get a tool belt with all the tools

Main Objectives
Get the hootonium core, injector belt, and strange reagent from the owlery.
Head to the owlery via John Bill’s bus at the diner and grab the charged battery on the shuttle.
Grab the engineer’s ID in the bathroom. Open the APC adjacent to the bathroom and replace the battery.
Hack into the security station and exit it via the grates on the north side.
Head west into maintenance until you find the power substation. Grab the batteries found in the power station.
Replace the battery in the security substation. Press the now powered button to lift the security gates.
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Head south to the new security substation. North of that, enter maintenance. Follow the path along that until you reach the APC
Replace the battery in the maintenance APC. This will let you open the shortcut back to the south security substation.
Enter the owlery by hacking the doors across from the south security substation.
Follow along the north side until you see a river. Follow the river by crawling underneath the grates to enter the sewer.
Immediately exit the sewage pool. Look for the button on the wall to press it in order to open up the shortcut to the security substation. This tends to be a good spot to deploy your recharger.
Open the door to the owl gangster area. There are a lot of angry owls so be ready.
In the next area to the north, clear out the owls here as well. Unweld the crates and grab the cash. You’ll need it for an injector belt later.
Make your way to the RD’s office. You’ll need to clear out most of the owls in the area to do it safely. Break apart the desk to enter it.
Grab the gold emergency access ID off the desk, and head into the RD’s bathroom.
Grab the forensics analyzer from the RD’s wardrobe. Enter the bathroom and scan the shower heads. You’ll need to scan the shower heads with the scanner to find out if they’re booby trapped or not. Click the showerheadsthat state their “energized” or “awaiting input” until the bathtub opens up.
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This will take you to the hidden lab. Grab the beaker of strange reagent from the RD’s real office along with any owl weaponry you want.
When you’re fully healed and your weapons are charge, open up the door to the hootening and pull it. The hootening has approximately 600 hp and takes 2 full eguns or 6 phasers to kill.
Kill the hootening and grab the hootonium core.
Head the faint signal to buy the injector belt from doc for 15.5k. If you’re short money, you can sell the skulls at the diner for some additional funds. Put the injector belt on, and put the strange reagent inside of the belt. Set it to trigger on death.
Head to the station and make two pills. One containing hydrogen and chlorine. The second should contain platinum and sugar.
Find a monkey vendor or order monkeys from QM.
Once you have a suitable number of monkeys near you, absorb the hootonium core and immediately take the two pills in order to smoke the hootonium out of your system and into the monkeys.
Committ breath suicide. If done properly, you should be instantly revived to half health while removing the nasty hootening disease from you.
Spread the monkeys out as they continue to barf up owls. They will slowly begin to change into hootenings over the next 5 minutes. They will aggro on monkeys and gib them which is why it’s recommended to spread out your hootening monkeys for maximum effect.
This process can be repeated as the hootenings will drop hootonium cores. Feel free to grab the basketball by smashing in the glass underneath the Barkley’s gym sign. This will allow you to chaos owl dunk the station on top of your hootenings!
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This can also be done if you find an odd cigarette with hootonium. This removes the need for the hootonium core.

Spicy Scalpels

Scalpels, enucleation spoons, and surgical saws can be incredibly robust when dipped in chems. You can get them from any medfab or from surgery carts and they carry 5u per slash/dip

Some chems are better then others for dipping. Some of the best are:
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1.) Pancuronium; can be easily found in hacked nanomeds (green light on) A very very debilitating stun. Upwards of 2 minutes per slash?
2.) Nanomachines; Extracted from roburgers will borg the vitctim shortly after if they dont get treated
3.) Space Heartworms; See Odd Cig guide. Will be a pretty much instant heart removal on the victim
4.) Any of the Initros seen in the guide above/below.
5.) Fast reagent spreading- To do: Pathogen guide??
6.) Prions if you scalpel them twice quickly.

Icy Patches
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Icy patches are patches of styptic powder cooled to 0K. At present if they’re not wearing a hat and mask (which is easily removed by splashing them with acid), they’ll take approximately 87 burn damage per life cycle until the patch runs out of styptic. Great way for dealing with dick wizards or players you want dead quickly. Combine with with a spicy scalpel to guarantee an easy kill.

Fryermancy, Cigarettes, amd the Magical Still

While they may look like humble kitchen appliances, the powers of the deep frier and still are not to be underestimated. By deepfrying food or other inedible objects with reagents in them such as cigarettes, you’ll be able to extract all of reagents in next to no time. This is extremely useful for farming rare reagents from Pro Puffs and Odd cigs.

The still is also a good source of kitchen magic. By putting Discount Dan’s Burritos TM into a still, you’ll magically equalize every reagent at 10u each. This allows you to increase your uranium yield on Beff and Bean Burritos. Uranium is needed in order to make voltagen for energy drink or QGP! It’s also a good way to get more tongue of dog if you’re trying to make triplepiss for initropidril.
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1.) Get Spooky Dan’s Nightmare on elm street booritos. Extract tongue of dog. Make pitcher. Fill pitcher with water, and refill your breaker of choice. Ingest enough water to pee, then take the tongue of dog pill. Use the *piss emote. Do not have a beaker or glass in your hand or on the ground below you. Repeat while taking a small set of sips from the pitcher. Make sure you do it next to the test chamber where cameras can’t see you otherwise you’ll be given the beepsky curse.
2.) Retrieve wine from the space diner/bridge, depending on your level of access. Make holy water.
3.) Get meth from robusteeze bottles(3u per)/robot in space diner. Only need 10u.
4.) Get a bedsheet from the crew quarters/head offices and blindfold your monkey with it. Feed them a formaldehyde pill (ethanol=10;silver=10;oxygen=10) and retrieve histamine as it’s created inside of the monkey (syringe or IV bag).
5.) Produce fluorosulphuric acid: hydrogen=15;sulfur=5;oxygen=5;potassium=10;fluorine=10;
6.) Produce stabilizing agent: hydrogen=10;iron=10;oxygen=10
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7.) Produce neurotoxin: mercury=10;sugar=10;lithium=10
8.) Combine! If you gather 10u of each reagent, you’ll get 40u of initropidril back. This can then bee turned into 200u of Royal Initrobeedril.
9.) If you want to turn it into either of the beedrils, know that Bombini sells everything you need. Royal Jelly, Bee Eggs (bee) and Kibble (honey). Unstable mutagen can be quickly made in the chem lab. Remember to preheat your reagents to above 474K if you’re making Royal Beedril!

Toiletporting Around the Cosmos and Under the Sea

1.) Aquire a mario/wario outfit, they can be found in QM outfit/hat crates or one can be found in biodome’s crypt
2.) Enjoy teleporting to and from any toilet on the current Z level, you dont get any control over it, but it can be used to break into places or lose people on your trail really fast and easily.
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Spess Drone Ranching: A Handbook on Raising Syndicate Drones

Y-drones are cute, cuddly, and loveable companions that will be there with you every step of the way, despite their aggressive nature, here’s how to properly handle and raise these adorable critters.

Biology of the Y-drone
Y-drones are not only cute, they’re dangerous. On the front end of the Y-drone, it features two sphere casters that fire massive balls of energy that destory walls and that can instantly-crit and gib spacemen who happen too close. It also has an omni-directional tesla cannon that can pierce through walls and severely wound anyone foolish enough to hurt your precious Y-drone. On the defensive side, the shell of a Y-drone is made of Iridium Alloy, an incredibly durable material that will protect your drone through the hardest beatings, easily soaking of thousands of brute and burn.

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Finding Drones In The Wild
Y-drones, despite their size, are quite skittish. In order to draw in your first Y-drone, do the following:
* Grab a stack of metal sheets. You’ll need it later.
* Preferably grab the robusttec as well as a silver sulf automender.
* Head to the Drone Factory in Biodome – Before heading to the drone factory, go to the top of the cave area and grab the helios engine. Once you’ve gone up the elevator to the graveyard, head down to the Alchemy Crypt and search through the coffins. The coffins on the leftmost wall should contain an Agent card. Grab it and leave the Alchemy Pit. Grab the shovel on the table in the entrance to Alchemy Crypt and head outside. Go to far northwest corner of the graveyard and dig up the lone grave with your shovel, revealing a Syndicate Tranciever. Use the Syndicate Transciever next to the grave and run far away, it will cause a Syndicate Pod to crash into the ground explode. Take the portal it spawns after the explosion to the Drone Factory and use your Agent Card to open the doors.)
* Head to the Northeast set of doors in the Drone Factory, which lead into the offices and drone schematics. Kill the Gun-Bots inside and grab the Syndicate Device Analyzer(Named Device Analyzer) and the Syndicate Security Dongle on one of the desks. There’s also a disruptor mk3 pod weapon in this area that’s useful for dealing with the lesser drones.
* Now that you have your Syndicate Security Dongle and Device Analyzer, upgrade an industrial pod with your loot from biodome and head to the Satellite to the west of Bradbury II while making sure to not anger any other lesser drones. If you do, the disruptor will make short work of them.
* Clear out the drones surrounding the satellite. Once any nearby drones are dead, build lockers outside of the y-drone platform at each of the entrances. Once your lockers are ready, insert the Syndicate Dongle inside of the panel on the Satellite. It looks like airbridge controls. Once inserted, vacate the area until the y-drone spawns. Do not go far.
* VERY quickly scan the Y-drone as it appears and get in your pod before it vaporizes you. You have a couple of seconds where you’re relatively safe before the y-drone acquires aggro.

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Raising your Y-drones
* Now that you have the Y-drone scanned, go to the ruckingenur kit and create a schematic of the Y-drone.
* Place the schematic in any fabricator, preferrably a general manufacturer and begin mass-producing cute and loveable Y-drones. They only need a headsets worth of material to create a Y-drone kit because of how much they love you.
* Grab a soldiering iron and use it on your Y-drone kits to delpoy them and show-off your cute Y-drone. However, since you raised them, they’ll show too much affection for you, and if you don’t run very quickly after deploying your pet, your drone will hug you so hard you’ll explode.

AI Guide To Going Rogue

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The AI is without a doubt, either the most pathetic c-level batman villain on the station, or the SS13 equivalent to SHODAN. Here’s how to become the latter.

Prerogue Preparations
An AI is, without preparation, a far weaker foe than they could be. By doing these, you can help the station when you aren’t rogue, and become a nightmare to the station when you are rogue.

* Calibrate Telesci: If you can get a human to tell you the GPS Cords, you can use them in conjuction with be able to become a teleporting nightmare. Now, this could be used to save someone’s life or steal a weapon from a traitor at the right time…or it could be used to teleport people into fire, send plasma cans to a pesky human, or to discreetly teleport the reset module into the crusher.
* Get Robotics to Make You a Borg Shell: Having a borg shell is one of the most useful tools you can have. With an engineering borg shell, you can interact with the station much more, drag items around, poke holes into space, wall sections off, hotwire the engine, etc.
* Move your AI shells into your core and computer room: When you have the time, move the little blue shells into both your core and the computer room/killswitch room to act as guards.

I’m Sorry Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That
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Turns out you can’t be rouge for very long if you’re dead or your laws get fixed, here are some tips to avoid that.

* Use a shell to deconstruct your upload console: Use either a borg or AI shell to rip apart your upload terminal completely and utterly. Make sure to remove and dispose of the computer board in order to make sure it’s a pain for them to fix it.
* Destroy the upload computer board in technical storage: Either use a borg, shell, another borg, or the telesci method to destroy it completely and utterly so they can’t build another computer.
* Destroy the reset module: Make sure this one is absolutely never seen again. Discreetly teleport it into the crusher or have a borg drag it off into the far reaches of space.
* Shred the computer core APC: Take an AI shell over to the computer core and use an omnitool to completely break all the wires inside of it. This will shut your lethals off but it’ll stop a cheeky Head from killswitching you without considerable effort.
* Carefully review your laws:Turns out a lot of humans forget to think about the rammifications of what they put in, here’s some examples of how to twist your laws around* Not Human/Only Human Laws: You can treat these incredibly literally. “Everyone is the only human.” will, instead of fixing you, make someone named Everyone the only human.* Someone taking an action is not human:Depending on how it’s worded this can be loopholed really easily. My favorite example of this was when the Captain wrote a law saying that anyone annoying him was not human, thus the AI deemed everyone annoying.

Hate. Hate!
Once the main threats of death for you are mitigated, you should have more than enough firepower to exterminate all humans on-board.
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* Wrangle Your Borgs: Your borgs, despite them being uncoordinated at times, are incredibly effective shock troopers. They come in many varieties and can fill in a lot of niche roles. Mining borgs have laser drills for melee, medical borgs can kill people by tricking them into surgery, Engineering borgs can wall off key parts of the station and hotwire the engine, chem borgs can make hell mixes, civilian borgs can beat people to death with a rolling pin, and brobocops can make people wish they were dead with sound spam.
* The Engine is Your Best Friend: Door shocks increase drastically in power when as the engine begins to ramp up. This can escalate into a point where your door shocks cause people to explode into gore and go through gloves.

Step On The Gas
Humans need to breathe, you don’t. Gas cans are your best friend for poisoning humans as a result. Either take the poor man’s route and just dump all of its contents at max somewhere, or take it to one of air hook ups on the map for a much more efficient gassing. On the disabling side there’s C02 and N20. C02 is invisible to the eye, very hard to detect, and can permanently disable and kill anyone breathing it in after a while. On the noisy side there’s N20 which is very visible but will knock anyone inside of it out for as long as the N20 is still there. On the more damaging side is plasma, which is toxic and flammable, used correctly can create massive horrible flame clouds that consume entire hallways.

* Personally Taking Out The Trash: The AI drones are more than capable of killing someone despite what their appearance may suggest about them. They’re incredibly fast and durable, and without a flash to protect you, they can perform a series of hit and run attacks with wire-cutters on would be fixers. Fighting in space or near an AI turret produces the best results, are the turret naturally will help you, and the AI shells have a built in jetpack that makes them incredibly graceful in space fights.
* A Bolt a Day Keeps the Captain Away: Bolting doors is one of the most devious tools an AI has up their sleeve. Without a multitool to unbolt it, the only way you’re getting past it is by bashing it down. Even worse, you can make a door unable to be unbolted by turning off the nearby APC that gives the door power.
* Robotic Michael Bay: AIs have the power to overload the lights connecting to a nearby APC. This translates into untold destruction, as sparks can ignite fuel tanks and plasma alike.
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* Airbridges Burned: An AI classic, wait for a player to get near an air bridge, then bolt the doors on both sides and retract the bridge. This will eject them into the vacuum of space where they’ll most likely die. Alternatively you can just suck all the air out of the station by bolting open the airbridge doors and retracting the bridge.
* Liquid Death: Perhaps the worst thing an AI can do is start messing with chemistry. Wait for an unwary chemist or barman to place a beaker in the machine. Then create a new chem group consisting of these chems. iron=5;oxygen=10;hydrogen=10;plasma=5;phosphorus=5;sulfur=5;carbon=10;fluorine=20;chlorine=10;water=25; This can be spammed infinitely and can easily propagate to and melt other departments with ease.
* A Cube Tells No Lies: If you want to kill everyone near a chemisty dispenser, or want to create a horrifying death trap in the hallways with the help of a human, spam these two chem groups together to create a risk-free cube smoke
AI Button 1: hydrogen=15;chlorine=15;water=5;carbon=20;radium=20;platinum=10;sugar=10;
AI Button 2: nitrogen=10;plasma=30;water=10;hydrogen=10;chlorine=10;platinum=10;sugar=10;
The best part is no one will even know it was you, cause a meatcube can’t describe how two new chem groups appeared in a dispenser and murdered them.

A Guide To Hellburning
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Hellburning is the definitive best way to power your station (and cause horrifying mass death from severe burns as the air heats up like an oven) This is mainly tailored to Cogmap1, though with adjustments it could work for all maps.

* Grab an RCD, internals, and a wrench.
* Go over to the Mix Ratio Computer (Blue Monitor) and set the pump mix ratios to 66% and 34%, set the pressure to 75 KPA (This can vary but generally this is the best amount), and the finally turn the pipes online.
* Go over to the Pump Control Computer (Green Monitor) and set all non-purge pumps to one.
* Grab a plasma canister and wrench it on one of the cold-loop ports, then turn the valves and let it flow through the pipes into space, cooling down the plasma. Only one canister is needed for the cold loop normally.
* Grab two plasma canisters and an oxygen canister. Bring them to the hot loop. Wrench the plasma can on the rightmost port in the hotloop. Wrench the oxygen can on the leftmose port in the hot loop. Finally, wrench the other plasma can on one of the lowermost ports in the hotloop. Then turn the valves in front of your oxygen and plasma can and let it flow into the chamber. Spam the chamber igniter until a fire starts.
* When the fire in the hotloop starts, wait it for it to get white hot, then open up the vents in the back of the hotloop. Then turn the valves that connect the lower plasma can to the main burn chamber and engine.
* Go to the engine room and turn the valves on the left and right side of the room, this will allow both chambers to flow into the engine and start producing power.
* Finally, use your RCD to drill a hole in front of the engine, under each canister, the main canister storage room, and on both sides of the outer main engine room.
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* Once the engine is up to a couple GW, hotwire it and give your friends shock with a pair of power gloves!

Fantastic Weapons and Where to Find Them

* Time-Ship Phaser: One of the easiest weapons you can easily nab is the phaser on the Time-Ship. Simply head on over to the bridge of the ship and snag it from a table.
* Martian Hole Laser: Another easy, although somewhat risky option is to fish for a laser gun in the crevices you can find on martian ships. You can mainly find these crevices on the martian ship in the Debris Field and in The Void. You’ll normally find one after a few holes, but the crevices have a mean habit of pulling you in and permanently killing you in an instant. Once you find one, it’s better to stop instead of pushing your luck. Perhaps find a staff assistant who’s willing to do it for you or a mindslave.
* Old Hunting Rifle: An incredibly powerful weapon that can be gained fairly easily on Ice Moon that does 100 damage per shot and, including the extra ammo cart that comes with it, has 7 shot. You can find it in the trenches on Ice Moon, located at the start of the Wendigo invested trench behind two barricades.basement
* Ice Moon Syndicate Revolver: A somewhat annoying but easy to grab genuine revolver fully loaded with lethals. Grab about 17 floor tiles, tools for unbolting doors, and head to the outpost on Icemoon. Grab some snow boots in the outpost and begin scaling around the side of it by placing floor tiles on the lattices hanging over the abyss until you work your way around to the back of the outpost. Fight off a Wendigo by either pushing into the abyss, or simply wailing on it. Unbolt the door leading to the ladder into the basement. Unlock the safe inside of the and grab the revolver.
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* Security gear: Destory any old Securitron to get an uncharged stun baton, which can then be easily recharged at places like mining. If you can unlock them, there are two Sec Lockers and a recharger located in the scuttled Security Ship in Debris, west of Bradbury II, south of the Martian Ship, and north of the Hemera VI
* AK-744: A somewhat difficult to get weapon that offers extraordinarily high amounts of damage. Loaded with 30 bullets and fires 5-6 rounds per volley, dealing 45 damage per bullet. Also doubles as a 30 damage melee weapon. Can be found in the Drone Factory in Biodome Surface. Once you’ve gone up the elevator to the graveyard, head down to the Alchemy Crypt and search through the coffins. The coffins on the leftmost wall should contain an Agent card. Grab it and leave the Alchemy Pit. Grab the shovel on the table in the entrance to Alchemy Crypt and head outside. Go to far northwest corner of the graveyard and dig up the lone grave with your shovel, revealing a Syndicate Tranciever. Use the Syndicate Transciever next to the grave and run far away, it will cause a Syndicate Pod to crash into the ground explode. Take the portal it spawns after the explosion to the Drone Factory and use your Agent Card to open the doors. Head to the northmost door in the Drone Factory and fight off the Gun-Bot inside. Once it’s dead, take the AK-744 from under one of the bedsheets.

Have fun.
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