Permanent Hwid Spoofer

permanent hwid spoofer
This is a spoofer that I used when my PC got hwid banned by Vanguard using cheats 

Permanent Hwid Spoofer

I have tested a lot of spoofer, many of which works fine with EAC and battleye but no with Vanguard or Faceit as it is a kernal level anti-cheat 

This is where come in 2 spoofer 

1) Lydian spoofer 1.8.1 (cracked) (not by me)

2) Demon spoofer (this one is for shadow ban MW warzone) (again cracked but not by me)
permanent hwid spoofer permanent hwid spoofer

This is currently (time which I am writing this post) works but once it gets attention I dont know how much long will it work

Steps For spoofing (Vanguard)

1) Go to discord server
permanent hwid spoofer check more permanent hwid spoofer

2) react to spoofer icon in roles tab 

3) download Lydian spoofer 1.8.1

4) Uninstall Vanguard and Valorant too

5) turn of any antivirus (I can assure the file is not a virus as I myself use it)

permanent hwid spoofer permanent hwid spoofer
6) Run Lydian spoofer and when it ask for key type a random number (I is cracked so it dosent matter)

7) Next it will ask for hwid id number, type random number and letter (all capital) and no symbol 

8) hit enter and let spoofer do its work

9) the spoofer after finish will restart your pc take a screenshot before this (old serials)

​Compare it latter

permanent hwid spoofer permanent hwid spoofer
10) This is a permanent spoof, restarting will not reset it but there is a Uninstall option to revert back (If you wish latter)

11) Use disk serial changer and change disk serial number 

12) Use T-Mac to spoofe Mac

(Spoof windows serial for extra protection)

13) Run Demon spoofer (also at discord Link)
permanent hwid spoofer permanent hwid spoofer

14) press the option to create new windows user ( this also spoofs windows installation time )

15) install Valorant 

16) Create new account

17) Connect VPN to run the game (to bypass val 51 error) (this doesn’t happen for all user only a few)

18) after in lobby disconnect VPN to improve ping 
permanent hwid spoofer informational permanent hwid spoofer

19) Enjoy

20) repeat Steps For everything you cheat again and get banned 

At Time of writing this best it is working but I don’t know for how long it will 

permanent hwid spoofer


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