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pinkward discord
Coaching is offered in a few different ways. Live VOD Review, Recorded VOD Review, and 90minute Coaching. To purchase coaching, donate to PinkWard and email [email protected] with donation confirmation. You will be contacted to schedule your coaching after providing proof of purchase.

Recorded VOD Review is done on or off stream, depending what you’re comfortable with. I will record as I talk over giving feedback of your recent game. $25

Live VOD Review can be done either on or off stream, depending what you are comfortable with. I speak on your overall mistakes providing feedback of a recent game while in call with you. $35

90 min Coaching will include a VOD Review to start off, giving feedback on the game and what to keep in mind. Then will have a live game coaching session where I watch you play a game through Discord Screen Share giving you live feedback on what you should be doing/aiming to do during the game. If unable to screen share, can spectate game with 3minute delay. These will be done before/after stream, so limited times. $75

Weekend Coaching is available but at a higher price – $100 Live VOD Review, $150 90min Coaching Session

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Please DM PinkWard on discord after scheduling with your IGN(In Game Name ex. – “PinkWard”), Region(NA,EUW,LAN,etc.), and your main champ/role
pinkward discord

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