Pokecord Exchange

pokecord exchange

Find out how to get your first pokémon!
Pick your starter pokémon!
Get credit rewards every day for just clicking a button!
Display the help menu!

pokecord exchange pokecord exchange
Display your selected pokémon’s information.
Select a different pokémon.
Catch a wild pokémon when it appears in chat.
Get a hint to help you guess the wild pokémon’s name.
Give your pokémon a nickname.
pokecord exchange pokecord exchange
Battle another user.
Display your pokémon’s moves and movepool.
Teach your pokémon a move.
Mega evolve your pokémon.
Release pokémon back into the wild. (Confirmation Needed)
pokecord exchange best of pokecord exchange
Display a list of the pokémon you own.
Display a list of your favourite pokémon you own.
Add a pokémon to your list of favourites.
Remove a pokémon from your list of favourites.
Drop the item your pokémon is currently holding.
pokecord exchange informational pokecord exchange
Give the item your pokémon is currently holding to another of your pokémon.
Display your active XP booster.

Display the shop menu.
Access the global marketplace.
Trade with another user.
pokecord exchange pokecord exchange
Buy something from the shop.
Display your credit balance.

Displays the server’s current settings.
Redirect all wild pokémon in this server to a chosen channel.
pokecord exchange informational pokecord exchange
Enable/Disable commands and pokémon spawns in a channel.
Enable/Disable all level up messages in the server.
Toggle your level up messages.
Change the order of your pokémon lists.
Toggle viewing of IVs on !info.

pokecord exchange check more pokecord exchange
Get an invite to the official Pokécord server.
Get the link to add Pokécord to a server.
Support the bot and it’s development.
Exchange your redeems for pokémon or credits.
Display some information about the bot.
pokecord exchange pokecord exchange
Display the bot’s ping to Discord.
pokecord exchange

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