Project 64 Netplay Plugin

project 64 netplay plugin

1. Download Project 64 1.7 + AQZ Netplay Plugin here:

2. Extract it

3. Launch Project64.exe go to Options, Settings in the options tab uncheck Pause emulation when window is

not active, in the Plugins tab change the input controller to AQZ Netplay v0.11

4. Set everything like you would normally do on Project64

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5. Select a game to play (everyone need the same rom). Send the save file for that game to each player you

plan to play with. The save file is located in the “Save” folder by default. If each player does not have

the same save file, the emulators will probably desync.

6. The config window for the plugin you have selected will appear. Check the “Controller is plugged in”

check box for each player playing at your computer. (For example, it is possible for 2 people to play at

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one computer and a 3rd person play at another computer.) Which of the four controllers you decide to plug

in does not matter. The netplay plugin will automatically assign each participating player to player 1, 2,

etc when the game starts. Finally, if you want to be a spectator, uncheck all four “Controller is plugged

in” check boxes. When you are done, click OK.

7. The connect window will appear. Decide who will host the game. This person must leave the host box

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blank, pick a port number (the default, 27999, should work fine), and click Start Server. A message from a

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firewall may appear. Be sure to click Allow. Also, if the host is behind an NAT (home router), the host

must forward the port they selected to their computer. Google how to do that if you don’t know. Every other

player should enter the IP address of the host in the host box, choose the port the host chose, and click

Connect. When everyone has connected, click Start Game. (Note: If anyone is using WiFi (excluding

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spectators), the game will probably be laggy unless they have a strong signal with low interference. You’re

better off using an ethernet cable.)

8. Once the game starts, go to Options, Configure controller plugin, here you can adjust the lag setting.

Set the value as low a possible. If you set it too low, the game will not run at full speed. However, the

higher you set the lag, the more delay between the time you press a key on your keyboard or button on your

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controller and the time that information reaches the game. The optimum lag is dependent on the connection

latency (ping) between the host and each of the other players.

Enjoy Project64 1.7 with netplay support!


project 64 netplay plugin read more project 64 netplay plugin
project 64 netplay plugin

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