Quality Of Life Terraria Mod

quality of life terraria mod
This is a comprehensive list of the many Terraria mods that /tg/ (Terraria General) says are worth checking out.
Mods in each category are roughly arranged from most to least preferable, top to bottom.

• • • Good additional-content mods – Mods that add lots of new content to the game:

• Thorium
Adds loads of items, 2 new classes, 1 biome, several bosses, and new NPCs. Unless something better comes along in the distant future, this is the golden standard that all content mods should strive for. Yes, you can play the healer class in single player by using armor and accessories that boost radiant damage and self-healing. Bards can be played in single player to an even greater degree. Buffs from bard weapons apply to you too, not just allies.
• Fargo’s Mod
Adds a few NPCs that allow the purchasing of boss summoning items, event summoning items, and most types of wood. This also adds several dozen accessories. Many of the accessories added by this mod range from slightly OP to very OP, but are kind of, sort of balanced by the insanely long grinds (days/weeks for most of the slightly OP ones, weeks/over a month for all of the truly OP ones) you have to carry out to obtain them.
• Unusacie’s Battle Rods
Adds over 50 items, mostly weapons and accessories, that are based around using special fishing rods as weapons. Cast multiple lures simultaneously (up to 38 in the endgame) and take advantage of new items to make fishing fun ᵃᶰᵈ ᵒᵛᵉʳᵖᵒʷᵉʳᵉᵈ.
quality of life terraria mod quality of life terraria mod
• Spirit
Adds more items, a new ocean event, 1 mini-biome, several NPCs, and several bosses. It’s okay, but expect less content, more bugs, and significantly more item bloat in your inventory than you get from Thorium.
• Chad’s Furniture
Adds over 600 furniture items.

• • • Quality of life mods – Mods that are highly recommended for any playthrough as they make things less tedious or less annoying:

• Magic Storage
Connected storage containers for simple item management. Includes a search feature to quickly find items in storage units, allows players to craft items inside the storage units without having to find and withdraw the items needed to craft them one by one, and allows up to 10 of any crafting furniture items (work benches, furnaces, etc.) to be integrated into the aforementioned crafting interface.
quality of life terraria mod check more quality of life terraria mod
• Where’s My Items
Let’s you search nearby chests for items. Basically a much, much lighter version of Magic Storage.
• Recipe Browser
Makes the guide nearly useless by letting you search for any item and view any crafting recipe at any time.
• Instant Respawn
Does what it says.
• Shorter Respawn Time
A less cheat-y version of Instant Respawn.
• MaxStackPlus
Sets the max item limit on most items to 9999.
quality of life terraria mod informational quality of life terraria mod
• Better Buffs
Adds three significant improvements to the buff system. This doesn’t make buffs more powerful; they’re just quality of life changes, like left clicking a buff icon to start automatically re-applying it as it runs out.
• Player Health and Mana bar
Adds a miniature version of your HP and mana bars just below your character. It’s very useful and easy to get used to.
• Yet Another Boss Healthbar
Shows health of bosses and minibosses (like the Dungeon Defender enemies) on the bottom of the screen.
• Boss Checklist
Checklist for all the bosses (modded ones included.) Includes instructions for how to summon each boss.
• Auto Trash
Place a block or item in the special autotrash slot to automatically destroy them as you pick them up.
quality of life terraria mod check more quality of life terraria mod
• No More Tombs
Characters will no longer drop tombs on death.
• imkSushi’s Mod – Old Recipes Enabler (You must also install imkSushi’s Mod.)
Rare accessories, weapons, and other items that may not spawn in a world such as lava charms, certain dungeon chest weapons, etc. become craftable. This mod also lets you “sidegrade” items, e.g. craft adamantite into titanium, craft crimson accessories into corruption accessories, craft gold into platinum, and so on.
• Helpful Hotkeys
Adds more hotkeys for things like cycling ammo, auto torches, etc.
• Banner Bonanza
Lets you craft an item that holds any banners you put in it, while also giving you the buffs from said banners at the same time.
• Which Mod is This From?
Show’s what mod the item is from in the tooltip.
quality of life terraria mod quality of life terraria mod
• Clear Events
Useful if you’re the kind of person who likes to build but doesn’t want to deal with events like Blood Moons or Goblins. (No forum post, only in the mod browser!)
• VeinMiner
Hold the hotkey, mine one ore, and watch as all identical ores touching it break instantly. Dirt, stone, etc. are off by default but can be configured to be vein-destroyable.
• Teleporters unchained
Adds wireless teleporters. One big drawback is that they’re only craftable post-Plantera, using ectoplasm.
• No Text Pulse
Makes ingame text on longer have the annoying pulsing color effect.
• Item Stats+
Improved item tooltips.
quality of life terraria mod best of quality of life terraria mod
• Colored Damage Types
Does what it implies, making the damage numbers colored to match specific damage types. (e.g. melee damage uses red numbers, magic damage uses blue numbers, etc.)
• JPAN’s Bags of Holding mod
Adds craftable, reforgeable bags that can hold and automatically pick up specific items. For example, the wood bag automatically stores wood and acorns if it’s equipped in an accessory slot. Bags can be crafted together to hold a wider variety of items, culminating in a bag that will automatically store any stackable items you pick up. The only downside is that there’s no interface. To retrieve items you must left click a bag, move your mouse outside of your inventory, and left click again to dump all of its items into your inventory at once.
• Old One’s Forgery
Eternia invasion (AKA Dungeon Defenders 2) weapons and accessories become craftable. The armor sets and sentry rods/canes/staves must still be bought with defender medals. Fortunately, medals can now be crafted. Unfortunately, you must still unlock the ability to use sentry rods/canes/staves outside eternia invasions by successfully completing an invasion on any difficulty, or visiting a world on which an invasion has already been completed. After visiting such a world, your character will permanently be able to use any rod/cane/staff on any other world.

• • • Recommended smaller mods – Mods that don’t offer as much content as the additional-content mods above, but still provide something that makes playthroughs a bit more interesting:

quality of life terraria mod best of quality of life terraria mod
• Terracustom
Customize the way your world is generated, from ore vein frequency and sizes to completely removing biomes.
• Large World Enabler
Lets you make worlds that are 2x the size of a vanilla large world. (Works with Terracustom.)
• WorldGen Previewer
Lets you see the world while it’s being created. Never again waste hours exploring worlds only to see that a chunk of corruption spawned in the middle of your jungle.
• Equippable Lanterns
Adds 4 equippable lanterns that work like the mining helmet, but don’t take up the helmet slot so you can actually equip your main armor set. Provides better perks in hardmode.
• Summoner’s Association
Adds three new items to make summoners more viable and fun to play as.
quality of life terraria mod check more quality of life terraria mod
• imkSushi’s Mod
Adds an assload of recipes for items, several mods supported, quality of life items like a potion to spawn meteorites in your world, etc. This mod must be installed in order for imkSushi’s Mod – Old Recipes Enabler to work.
• Wing Slot
Adds a dedicated wing slot to free up one accessory slot.
• Visual Radar
Makes the radar item useful by displaying a very small icon for each nearby mob on the center of the screen, showing you exactly which direction each one is in and how close they are. Doesn’t create any visual clutter, except a little during invasions.
• Wormholes
Adds rarely spawning wormholes that teleport you to a random location on the map. You’ll always spawn in a spot that won’t kill you immediately, e.g. not on spikes, not on hellstone, not inside solid blocks, etc.
• Dual Wielding
Lets you dual-wield weapons. Pretty much just that.
quality of life terraria mod best of quality of life terraria mod
• Vending Machines
Craft vending machines out of NPC souls for easy shops.
• Better Yoyos
Gives yoyos special effects similar to what the Terrarian has.
• Wood Armor Bonuses
Makes all types of wood armor worth using in the very early game, and arguably pearlwood too in early hardmode.
• Loot Bags
Enemies drop loot bags that give random items with tiers of loot depending on current progression.
• Item Checklist
A checklist of every item you’ve picked up/crafted.
quality of life terraria mod quality of life terraria mod
• /tg/ mod
Adds factions (Elves and Dwarves) that have special buffs/debuffs when at certain heights/depths, adds gimmicks that each player gets special debuffs when in certain conditions (e.g. “Vampire” lights you on fire when in sunlight). Only really possible in multiplayer, since trading between factions is highly recommended due to the depth-related debuffs for each faction.
• /tg/ Waifus
Adds a pet Nurse that drops hearts.
• Googly Eyes
Adds googly eyes to bosses. Not so evil now, are they?
• WeaponsOut
Held weapons are shown on your player, adds tents for temporary spawnpoints, several weapon types like whips, more shields, and support items.
• Expeditions
A quest system for your world that grants rewards for completion, adding one new NPC in the process.
quality of life terraria mod quality of life terraria mod
• Prefixes for Enemies
*** Does not work well with some other mods like Thorium ***
Adds item prefixes to enemies, such as “Hardened Small Slow Zombie” among others. Applies to bosses as well.
• Enemy Affixes
Basically the same thing as Prefixes for Enemies, only this one is less glitchy and still being updated semi-regularly. Development of Prefixes for Enemies has stopped as of September 2017.
• Terraria Overhaul
Adds rolling, edge-climbing, fire spreading, better and juicier gore, and a few more things that make Terraria a bit more “crunchy”, I guess. Most mechanics (like fire spread and item durability) can be disabled in the configs.
• Solutions Mod
Adds more clentaminator solutions, as well as new mechanics for the clentaminator.
• Omniswing
quality of life terraria mod informational quality of life terraria mod
Allows any weapon to be auto-fired, similar to items like the Muramasa.
• HERO’S Mod
Lets you cheat in single player. This is useful for things like changing or locking the time of day or weather, summoning bosses, spawning items, etc. It allows you to do pretty much everything.

• • • Not recommended mods – Only a masochist or a teenager with no frame of reference for what makes games good or bad would consider playing these mods. You’ve been warned.

• Calamity
Balancing is rough, pre-hardmode is okay, but after that it just overshadows vanilla/other content mods. Bosses can be difficult as all fuck, with acid rain endlessly falling once Moonlord is beaten. Dev had a sperg moment and fucked off to his Discord bubble when people on the forums criticized the mod and his mod’s terrible balancing. It’s more about quantity over quality. This one’s best used on its own.
• Tremor
quality of life terraria mod best of quality of life terraria mod
A fuckload of half-baked ideas crammed into a single mod that’s just terrible overall. Some content—the fidget spinner yoyo from Calamity, the Ugandan Knuckles item from alchemistNPC, and so on—is even stolen from other mods. (From those item names alone, are you starting to get an idea of what the terrible mods in this category are like?) The devs of this one eventually fucked up so badly that they split apart and work on other things now.
• Joost
Has most of the same problems as Tremor, aside from Joost’s devs not stealing any content. If not for it having memes that appeal to autistic children, nobody would even know this god-awful mod exists.
• Sacred Tools
Most of the same problems as the mods above: poor balance, too many bugs, too many outdated, cringey memes, cringey NPC dialogue, etc. Like every other mod in this category, this is yet another one made by children, for children.
• Antiaris
Fantastic sprites that look out of place in Terraria are the mod’s only arguably good point. It has many of the usual problems.
• Most of the “my first mod” mods and “so-and-so’s weapons”
A lot of these are good to avoid unless you want to just mess around. They’re mostly just things made by those new to modding. They’re not all bad, but a lot of them are just OP weapons or babby’s first ore.

quality of life terraria mod best of quality of life terraria mod
• • •

Most, if not all, of these mods should work together (unless specified).
It’s best to not use all of them at the same time however as you’ll likely be overwhelmed with content or there could be the chance something breaks. Do take note: The more mods you enable, the more memory you’ll use up, which isn’t a problem for the beefier PCs but for you toasters out there, take that into consideration.

Beginners to modded Terraria may wish to pick several quality of life mods, and somewhere around zero, one, or two of the good additional-content mods, such as Thorium.
quality of life terraria mod

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