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My Visit To The Quick Stop Convenience Store Where Clerks Was Filmed

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quik stop

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Smaller in real life then it appears on screen and an essential part of my trip to America was my stop at the real life Quick Stop before heading of to jay and silent bob’s secret stash comic book store in nearby Red Bank. I filmed a little tour of the store and area, unfortunately RST video has now closed down and the signs are no longer there but a peak in through the glass window shows that the cash register and video tapes used in the film are still there, perhaps a shrine to Kevin Smiths classic indie film. I even had a photo standing in the sacred dealing spot occupied by Jay and Silent Bob, Legendary. This was a big highlight of the trip for me having met Jason Mewes the year before at a convention. I hope you enjoy this rare glimpse of the Quick Stop in its ordinary existence. please rate and comment. thanks.

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