Rastan Arcade Rom

rastan arcade rom
FILE NAME: roms-360.txt

My notes on using MAME on Ubuntu 19.04

.–. .–. .–.
| OO| | 00| / O.-‘ .-. .-. .-. .”.
| | | | ‘-. ‘-‘ ‘-‘ ‘-‘ ‘..’
|//| |//| ‘–‘

Official MAME documentation is at: https://docs.mamedev.org/

rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
Install MAME and CURL with: sudo apt install mame curl

There is a list of publicly available 0.208 ROMs at:

Save these notes in your home directory with name: roms-360.txt

Ubuntu expects ROM files to be located here: ~/mame/roms/

So make that directory: mkdir -p ~/mame/roms
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom

Change into that directory: cd ~/mame/roms

Generate a list of 360 games (plus 31 dependencies) from these notes:
grep \.zip ~/roms-360.txt | cut -d’ ‘ -f1 > romlist

Specify the $URL for curl to work with:

The next step downloads 391 files, totaling approximately 2.9 Gigabytes.
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
Use a “for” loop on curl to do the work:
for i in $(cat romlist) ; do echo $i; curl -#OLC – $URL/$i; done

Run mame from the command line, in the left column of the interface,
select “Available”. Use TAB to move around the UI, and RETURN to launch a game.

### SOME BASIC IN GAME CONTROLS #################
5 Insert a virtual quarter for Player 1.
1 Start the game for Player 1.
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
TAB Adjust Settings
` Access Volume and Picture settings
P Pause
ESC Escape a game or quit MAME
F3 Reboot a game
F10 Speed through boring intros.
F12 Take a screenshot, found in ~/.mame/snap/
Alt+Enter Switch between Windowed and Fullscreen.
Arrow Keys Move character
CTRL Fire or Attack (usually)
rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom
ALT Jump (usually)
Spacebar Special attack (sometimes)

## List of 360 MAME 0.208 ROMs (Merged) Arcade Games

10yard.zip 10-Yard Fight (football, 1983)
1941.zip 1941 Counter Attack (shmup, 1990)
1942.zip 1942 (shmup, 1984)
1943.zip 1943 Battle of Midway (shmup, 1987)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
1944.zip 1944 The Loop Master (shmup, 2000)
19xx.zip 19XX War Against Destiny (shmup, 1996)
3wonders.zip Three Wonders (adventure, 1991)
720.zip 720 Degrees (skateboarding, 1986)
88games.zip 88 Games (Olympics, 1988)

aburner2.zip Afterburner II (1987)
aerofgt.zip Aero Fighters (1992)
aerofgts.zip Aero Fighters Soecial (1996)
airass.zip Air Assault (shmup, 1993)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
airduel.zip Air Duel (shmup, 1990)
airwolf.zip Air Wolf (side-scroller, 1987)
ajax.zip Ajax (heli-shmup, 1987)
agallet.zip Airgallet (shmup, 1996)
aliens.zip Aliens (1990)
alpinerd.zip Alpine Racer (1994)
aof.zip Art of Fighting (1992)
aof2.zip Art of Fighting 2 (1994)
aof3.zip Art of Fighting 3 (1996)
arkanoid.zip Arkanoid (1986)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
arknoid2.zip Arkanoid 2 (1987)
armwar.zip Armored Warriors (robot brawler, 1994)
assault.zip Assault (tanks, 1988)
asteroid.zip Asteroids (vector graphics, 1979)
astdelux.zip Asteroids Delux (vector graphics, 1980)
astyanax.zip The Astyanax (axe brawler, 1989)
atetris.zip Tetris (1988)
athena.zip Athena (1986)
avengrgs.zip Avengers Galactic Storm (fighting, 1995)
avsp.zip Aliens vs Predator (brawler, 1994)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom

baddudes.zip Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja (brawler, 1988)
badlands.zip Bad Lands (racing, 1989)
batman.zip Batman (movie tie-in, 1991)
batrider.zip Armed Police BatRider (schmup, 1998)
batsugun.zip Batsugun (shmup, 1993)
berzerk.zip Berzerk (1980)
bionicc.zip Bionic Commando (1987)
blaster.zip Blaster (space shooter, 1983)
blazer.zip Blazer (tanks, 1987)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
block.zip Block Block (breakout, 1991)
bloodbro.zip Blood Bros (western, 1990)
bodyslam.zip Body Slam (wrestling, 1986)
boogwing.zip Boogie Wings (side-scroller, 1992)
brkthru.zip Break Thru (side-scroller, 1986)
btime.zip Burger Time (1982)
bubbles.zip Bubbles (1982)
bwidow.zip Black Widow (vector graphics, 1982)
bzone.zip Battle Zone (tanks, 1980)

rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom
cabal.zip Cabal (1988)
cadash.zip Cadash (adventure, 1989)
captaven.zip Captain America and the Avengers (brawler, 1991)
carnival.zip Carnival (turkeyshoot, 1980)
cavenger.zip Cosmic Avenger (side-scroller, 1981)
cawing.zip Carrier Air wing (side-scroller, 1990)
cbasebal.zip Capcom Baseball (1989)
cbdash.zip Boulder Dash (1995)
cchasm.zip Cosmic Chasm (vector graphics, 1983)
cclimber.zip Crazy Climber (1980)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
centiped.zip Centipede (1980)
charlien.zip Charlie Ninja (ninja, 1995)
chasehq.zip Chase HQ (racing, 1988)
chopper.zip Chopper (heli-shmup 1988)
commando.zip Commando (run’n-gun, 1985)
congo.zip Congo Bongo (1983)
contra.zip Contra (1987)
cotton.zip Cotton (side-scroller, 1991)
cotton2.zip Cotton 2 (side-scroller, 1997)
cshift.zip Chicken Shift (1984)
rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom
csprint.zip Championship Sprint (racing, 1986)
cstlevna.zip Vs. Castelvania (1987)
cyvern.zip Cyvern (shmup, 1998)

darkseal.zip Dark Seal (Fantasy, 1990)
dblewing.zip Double Wings (shmup, 1993)
dbreed.zip Dragon Breed (1989)
ddonpach.zip DoDonPachi (cool shmup, 1997)
ddp2.zip DoDonPachi 2 Bee Storm (shmup, 2001)
ddp3.zip DoDonPachi 3 (shmup, 2002)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
ddpdfk.zip DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu (shmup, 2008)
ddpdojt.zip DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Tamashii (shmup, 2010)
defender.zip Defender (side-scroller 1980)
desertwr.zip Desert War (heli-shmup, 1995)
digdug.zip Dig Dug (1982)
dino.zip Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (brawler, 1993)
dkong.zip Donkey Kong (1981)
dkongjr.zip Donkey Kong Junior (1982)
dmnfrnt.zip Demon Front (2002)
dotron.zip Discs of Tron (1983)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
drifto94.zip Drift Out 94 (rally race, 1994)
dspirit.zip Dragon Spirit (shmup, 1987)

ebases.zip Extra Bases (baseball, 1980)
edrandy.zip Ed Randy: The Cliffhanger (1990)
elevator.zip Elevator Action (1983)
elvactr.zip Elevator Action Returns (1994)
elim2.zip Eliminator (vector graphics, no sound, 1981)
esb.zip The Empire Strikes Back (vector graphics, 1985)
espgal.zip Espgaluda (shmup, 2003)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
espgal2.zip Espgaluda 2 (shmup, 2005)
esprade.zip ESP RaDe (shmup, 1998)
exprraid.zip Express Raider (western, 1986)

ffight.zip Final Fight (brawler, 1989)
frogger.zip Frogger (1981)
futspy.zip Future Spy (no sound, 1984)

galaga.zip Galaga (1981)
galaxian.zip Galaxian (1979)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
gauntlet.zip Gauntlet (1985)
gaunt2.zip Gauntlet II (1986)
ganryu.zip Ganryu (ninja brawler, 1999)
ghostb.zip The Real Ghostbusters (1987)
ghouls.zip Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (1988)
gng.zip Ghosts ‘n Goblins (1985)
goldnaxe.zip Golden Axe (sword brawler, 1989)

gorf.zip Gorf (1981)
gogomile.zip Susume! Go Go Mile Smile (maze, 1995)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
gravitar.zip Gravitar (vector graphics, 1982)
growl.zip Growl (Indiana Jones?, 1990)
groundfx.zip Ground Effects (F-1 racing, 1992)
gseeker.zip Grid Seeker (shmup, 1992)
gstream.zip G-stream G2020 (shmup, 2002)
gunbird.zip Gunbird (shmup, 1994)
gunbird2.zip Gunbird 2 (shmup, 1998)
gunforce.zip Gun Force (1991)
gunforc2.zip Gun Force II (1994)
gunnail.zip Gun Nail (shmup, 1993)
rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom
gunsmoke.zip Gun.Smoke (western, 1985)
gyruss.zip Gyruss (tube shooter, 1983)

hangon.zip Hang-On (motor-cycle racing, 1985)
hattrick.zip Hat Trick (hockey, 1984)
heatbrl.zip Heated Barrel (western, 1992)
helifire.zip Helifire (Submarine warfare, 1980)
hogalley.zip Vs. Hogan’s Alley (1985)
horizon.zip Horizon (side-scroller, 1985)
hyperspt.zip Hyper Sports (Olympics, 1984)
rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom

ibara.zip Ibara (shmup, 2005)
ikari.zip Ikari Warriors (run’n-gun, 1986)
inthunt.zip In The Hunt (Submarine side-scroller, 1993)
indyheat.zip Indy Heat (racing, 1991)
indytemp.zip Indiana Jones Temple of Doom (1985)
invaders.zip Space Invaders (1978)
invadpt2.zip Space Invaders II (1979) SoundFix:https://samples.mameworld.info
ironhors.zip Iron Horse (westerm, 1986)

rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
jackal.zip Jackal (jeep shmup, 1986)
jailbrek.zip Jail Break (side-scroller, 1986)
jedi.zip Return of the Jedi (1984)
jetwave.zip Jetwave (jet-ski, 1996)
joust.zip Joust (1982)
jrpacman.zip Junior PacMan (1983)
junglek.zip Jungle King (1982)
junofrst.zip Juno First (vector graphics, 1983)

kchamp.zip Karate Champ (fighting, 1984)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
kicker.zip Kicker (fighting, 1985)
klax.zip Klax (connect tiles, 1989)
knights.zip Knights of the Round (sword brawler, 1991)
kod.zip The King of Dragons (sword brawler, 1991)
kotm.zip King of the Monsters (fighting, 1991)
kotm2.zip King of the Monsters 2 (1992)
krull.zip Krull (movie tie-in, 1983)

ladybug.zip Lady Bug (1981)
lastblad.zip Last Blade (1997)
rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom
lastbld2.zip Last Blade 2 (1998)
le2.zip Lethal Enforcers II (western, 1994)
lightbr.zip Light Bringer aka Dungeon Magic (fantasy, 1993)
lkage.zip The Legend of Kage (1984)
llander.zip Lunar Lander (vector graphics, 1979)

majtitle.zip Major Title (golf, 1990)
majtitl2.zip Major Title 2 (golf, 1992)
mappy.zip Mappy (1983)
marble.zip Marble Madness (1984)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
mario.zip Mario Bros (1983)
martmast.zip Martial Masters (fighting, 2001)
mercs.zip Mercs (run’n-gun, 1990)
mhavoc.zip Major Havoc (vector graphics, 1983)
midnrun.zip Midnight Run (racing, 1995)
miexchng.zip Money Idol Exchanger (1997)
milliped.zip Millipede (1982)
missile.zip Missle Command (1980)
mjleague.zip Major League Baseball (1985)
mk.zip Mortal Kombat (1992)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
mk2.zip Mortal Kombat II (1993)
mk3.zip Mortal Kombat 3 (1994)
mk4.zip Mortal Kombat 4 (1997)
mmpork.zip Muchi Muchi Pork (Japanese shmup, 2007)
monsterb.zip Monster Bash (1982)
moomesa.zip Wild West COW-Boys of Moo Mesa (western, 1992)
mp_gaxe2.zip Golden Axe 2 (sword brawler, 1993)
mpatrol.zip Moon Patrol (1982)
mrdo.zip Mr Do (dig-dug-like, 1982)
msh.zip Marvel Super Heroes (fighting, 1995)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
mshvsf.zip Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (1997)
mslug.zip Metal Slug (1996)
mslug2.zip Metal Slug 2 (1998)
mslug3.zip Metal Slug 3 (2000)
mslug4.zip Metal Slug 4 (2002)
mslug5.zip Metal Slug 5 (2003)
mslugx.zip Metal Slug X (1999)
mspacman.zip Ms. Pac-Man (1981)
mtrap.zip Mouse Trap (1981)
mushisam.zip Mushihime-sama (insect shmup, 2004)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
mvsc.zip Marvel Vs Capcom (1998)
mystston.zip Mysterious Stones: Dr John’s Adventure (1984)
mystwarr.zip Mystic Warriors (ninja brawler, 1993)

nbajam.zip NBA Jam (basketball, 1993)
nbbatman.zip Ninja Baseball Batman (brawler, 1993)
ncombat.zip Ninja Combat (brawler, 1990)
ncommand.zip Ninja Commando (run’n-gun, 1992)
ninjak.zip The Ninja Kids (1990)
ninjakun.zip Ninjakun (platformer, 1984)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
ninjamas.zip Ninja Masters (fighting, 1996)
ninjaw.zip The Ninja Warriors (side-scroller, 1987)

offroad.zip Ironman Off Road (truck race, 1989)
omegaf.zip Omega Fighter (shmup, 1989)
omegrace.zip Omega Race (vector graphics, 1981)
outrun.zip Out Run (racing, 1986)

p47.zip P-47 (side-scroller, 1988)
p47aces.zip P-47 Aces (side-scroller, 1995)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
paperboy.zip Paperboy (1984)
pbobblen.zip Puzzle Bobble: Bust a Move (1994)
pkunwar.zip Penguin-Kun Wars (1985)
peterpak.zip Peter Pack Rat (1984)
phelios.zip Phelios (shmup, 1988)
phoenix.zip Phoenix (1980)
pitfall2.zip Pitfall 2 (1984)
pinkswts.zip Pink Sweets (shmup, 2006)
polepos.zip Pole Position (1982)
progear.zip Progear (side-scroller, 2001)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
puckman.zip Puckman is Pac-Man (1980)
punchout.zip Punch Out (1984)
punisher.zip The Punisher (brawler, 1993)

qb3.zip QB-3 (vector graphics, 1982)
qbert.zip Q*bert (1982)
qix.zip Qix (1981)

rachero.zip Racing Hero (motor-cycle racing, 1989)
rackemup.zip Rack’em Up (pool, 1987)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
radikalb.zip Radikal Bikers (racing, 1998)
raiden.zip Raiden (shmup, 1990)
raiden2.zip Raiden II (shmup, 1993)
raidendx.zip Raiden DX (shmup, 1994)
rampage.zip Rampage (King Kong game, 1986)
rastan.zip Rastan (sword brawler, 1987)
razmataz.zip Razzmatazz (turkeyshoot, 1983)
rbisland.zip Rainbow Island (1997)
redalert.zip Red Alert (Vive la France!, 1981)
redbaron.zip Reb Baron (vector graphics, 1980)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
ridgerac.zip Ridge Racer (1993)
ridgera2.zip Ridge Racer 2 (1994)
roadrunn.zip Road Runner (1985)
robocop.zip RoboCop (1988)
robocop2.zip Robocop 2 (1991)
robotron.zip Robotron 2084 (1982)
rocnrope.zip Roc’n Rope (1983)
rtype.zip R-Type (weird side-scroller, 1987)
rtypeleo.zip R-Type LEO (side-scroller, 1992)
rthunder.zip Rolling Thunder (shooter, 1986)
rastan arcade rom best of rastan arcade rom
rthun2.zip Rolling Thunder 2 (shooter, 1990)

s1945.zip Strikers 1945 (shmup, 1995)
s1945ii.zip Strikers 1945 II (shmup, 1997)
s1945iii.zip Strikers 1945 III (shmup, 1999)
s1945p.zip Strikers 1945 Plus (shmup, 1999)
samsho.zip Samurai Shodown (1993)
samsho2.zip Samurai Shodown 2 (1994)
samsho3.zip Samurai Shodown 3 (1995)
samsho4.zip Samurai Shodown 4 (1996)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
samsho5.zip Samurai Shodown 5 (2003)
scobra.zip Super Cobra (side-scroller, 1981)
scontra.zip Super Contra (1988)
scramble.zip Scramble (side-scroller, 1981)
secretag.zip Secret Agent (shooter)
seganinj.zip Sega Ninja (run’n-gun, 1985)
sf.zip Street Fighter (1987)
sf2.zip Street Fighter II (1991)
sf2ce.zip Street Fighter II Champion Edition (1992)
sfa.zip Street Fighter Alpha (1995)
rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom
sfa2.zip Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996)
sfa3.zip Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)
shangon.zip Super Hang-On (racing, 1987)
shinobi.zip Shinobi (ninja, 1987)
shogwarr.zip Shogun Warriors (fighting, 1992)
shollow.zip Satan’s Hollow (1981)
skullxbo.zip Skull & Crossbones (pirate brawler, 1989)
skullfng.zip Skull Fang (shmup, 1996)
skykid.zip Sky Kid (side-scroller, 1985)
skykiddx.zip Sky Kid Delux (side-scroller, 1986)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
skytargt.zip Sky Target (F-14, 1995)
smashtv.zip Smash TV (twin-stick shooter, 1990)
sonicwi2.zip Sonic Wings 2 (shmup, 1994)
sonicwi3.zip Sonic Wings 3 (shmup. 1995)
spacduel.zip Space Duel (vector graphics, 1980)
spacfury.zip Space Fury (vector graphics, 1981)
spacewar.zip Space Wars (vector graphics, 1977)
speedup.zip Speed Up (racing, 1996)
spelunkr.zip Spelunker (1985)
spelunk2.zip Spelunker II (1986)
rastan arcade rom informational rastan arcade rom
spf2t.zip Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (1996)
spidman.zip Spider-Man the Game
spyhunt.zip Spy Hunter (1983)
srumbler.zip The Speed Rumbler (run’n-gun, 1986)
ssriders.zip Sunset Riders (western, 1991)
starblad.zip Star Blade (3-D shooter, 1991)
starcas.zip Star Castle (vector graphics, 1980)
stargate.zip Stargate (Defender clone, 1981)
startrek.zip Star Trek (vector graphics, 1982)
starwars.zip Star Wars (vector graphics, 1983)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
suprloco.zip Super Locomotive (1982)
swa.zip Star Wars Arcade (x-wing, 1994) <– Emulation warnings, in Japanese
swtrilgy.zip Star Wars Trilogy Arcade (snow speeder, 1998) <– seems slow
szaxxon.zip Super Zaxxon (no sound, 1982)

tacscan.zip Tac Scan (vector graphics, 1982)
tailg.zip Tailgunner (vector graphics, 1979)
tank8.zip Atari Tank (1976)
tankbatt.zip Tank Battalion (no sound, 1980)
tankbust.zip Tank Busters (1985)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
tankfrce.zip Tank Force (1991)
tapper.zip Tapper (1983)
tdragon.zip Thunder Dragon (shmup, 1991)
tdragon2.zip Thunder Dragon 2 (shmup, 1993)
techromn.zip Tech Romancer (1998)
tempest.zip Tempest (vector, 1980)
thedeep.zip The Deep (submarine, 1987)
theglad.zip The Gladiator (fighting, 2003)
thndrbld.zip Thunder Blade (heli-shmup, 1987)
thndzone.zip Thunder Zone (run'n-gun, 1991)
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
tigerh.zip Tiger-Heli (heli-shmup, 1985)
timeplt.zip Time Pilot (1982)
tmnt.zip Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)
tmnt2.zip Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (1991)
tndrcade.zip Thundercade (run'n-gun, 1987)
tnzs.zip The NewZealand Story (1988)
todruaga.zip Tower of Druaga (1984)
trally.zip Thrash Rally (racing, 1991)
tron.zip Tron (1982)
twincobr.zip Twin Cobra (heli-shmup, 1987)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
twinhawk.zip Twin Hawk (shmup, 1989)

ultratnk.zip Ultra Tank (tanks, 1978)
umk3.zip Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (1994)
upscope.zip Up Scope (submarine, 1986)

valkyrie.zip Valkyrie No Densetsu (1989)
vaportra.zip Vapor Trail (shmup, 1989)
varth.zip Varth (shmup, 1992)
vasara.zip Vasara (shmup, 2000)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
vasara2.zip Vasara 2 (shmup, 2001)
venture.zip Venture (1981)
vf.zip Virtua Fighter (1993)
vf2.zip Virtua Fighter 2 (1994)
victlapw.zip Ace Driver Victory Lap (racing, 1996)
viewpoin.zip View Point (isometric, 1992)
viostorm.zip Violent Storm (brawler, 1993) too bright? check Gamma
vr.zip Virtua Racing (1992)

wboy.zip Wonder Boy (platformer, 1986)
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
willow.zip Willow (movie tie-in, 1989)
wizdfire.zip Wizard Fire (sequel to Dark Seal, 1992)
wotw.zip War of the Worlds (vector graphics, 1981)
wrally.zip World Rally (racing, 1993)

xevious.zip Xevious (shmup, 1982)
xmen.zip X-Men (brawler, 1992)
xmvsf.zip X-Men vs Street Fighter (1996)

zaxxon.zip Zaxxon (no sound, 1982) SoundFix:https://samples.mameworld.info
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
zektor.zip Zektor (vector graphics, 1982)
zeroteam.zip Zero Team (brawler, 1993)

## List of 31 MAME Bios and Device dependencies for the above games.

atarisy1.zip Required for Marble_Madness
cchip.zip Required for Rainbow_Islands
coh1002v.zip Required for Aero_Fighters_Soecial
rastan arcade rom check more rastan arcade rom
coh3002c.zip Required for Tech_Romancer
konamigx.zip Required for Lethal_Enforcers_II
m1comm.zip Required for Virtua_Fighter
m68705p5.zip Required for Arkanoid, Legend_of_Kage
megaplay.zip Required for Golden_Axe_2
midcsd.zip Required for SpyHunter
midssio.zip Required for Disc_of_Tron, SpyHunter, Tron
model1io.zip Required for Virtua_Fighter
namco50.zip Required for Xevious
namco51.zip Required for Dig-Dug, Galaga
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
namco52.zip Required for Pole_Position
namco53.zip Required for Dig-Dug
namco54.zip Required for Galaga
namcoc65.zip Required for Phelios
namcoc67.zip Required for Star_Blade
namcoc68.zip Required for Star_Blade
namcoc74.zip Required for Ridge_Racer
neogeo.zip Required for Metal_Slug, Samurai_Shodown
nmk004.zip Required for GunNail
pgm.zip Required for Demon_Front
rastan arcade rom rastan arcade rom
qsound.zip Required for 1944, Marvel_vs_SF
qsound_hle.zip Required for 1944, 19xx
sente6vb.zip Required for hat_trick
skns.zip Required for Cyvern
stvbios.zip Required for Cotton_2
tms32031.zip Speed_Up
tms32032.zip Mortal_Kombat_4
votrax.zip Gorf
rastan arcade rom

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