Refind Themes

refind themes
# Minimal refind theme

# Hide user interface elements for personal preference or to increase
# security:
# banner – the rEFInd title banner (built-in or loaded via “banner”)
# label – boot option text label in the menu
# singleuser – remove the submenu options to boot Mac OS X in single-user
# or verbose modes; affects ONLY MacOS X
# safemode – remove the submenu option to boot Mac OS X in “safe mode”
# hwtest – the submenu option to run Apple’s hardware test
# arrows – scroll arrows on the OS selection tag line
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# hints – brief command summary in the menu
# editor – the options editor (+, F2, or Insert on boot options menu)
# all – all of the above
# Default is none of these (all elements active)
hideui singleuser,hints,arrows,label,badges

# Set the name of a subdirectory in which icons are stored. Icons must
# have the same names they have in the standard directory. The directory
# name is specified relative to the main rEFInd binary’s directory. If
refind themes here refind themes
# an icon can’t be found in the specified directory, an attempt is made
# to load it from the default directory; thus, you can replace just some
# icons in your own directory and rely on the default for others.
# Default is “icons”.
icons_dir themes/rEFInd-minimal/icons

# Use a custom title banner instead of the rEFInd icon and name. The file
# path is relative to the directory where refind.efi is located. The color
# in the top left corner of the image is used as the background color
refind themes more info refind themes
# for the menu screens. Currently uncompressed BMP images with color
# depths of 24, 8, 4 or 1 bits are supported, as well as PNG images.
banner themes/rEFInd-minimal/background.png

# Tells rEFInd whether to display banner images pixel-for-pixel (noscale)
# or to scale banner images to fill the screen (fillscreen). The former is
# the default.
banner_scale fillscreen
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# Custom images for the selection background. There is a big one (144 x 144)
# for the OS icons, and a small one (64 x 64) for the function icons in the
# second row. If only a small image is given, that one is also used for
# the big icons by stretching it in the middle. If only a big one is given,
# the built-in default will be used for the small icons.
# Like the banner option above, these options take a filename of an
# uncompressed BMP image file with a color depth of 24, 8, 4, or 1 bits,
# or a PNG image. The PNG format is required if you need transparency
refind themes more info refind themes
# support (to let you “see through” to a full-screen banner).
selection_big themes/rEFInd-minimal/selection_big.png
selection_small themes/rEFInd-minimal/selection_small.png

# Which non-bootloader tools to show on the tools line, and in what
# order to display them:
# shell – the EFI shell (requires external program; see rEFInd
# documentation for details)
# gptsync – the (dangerous) gptsync.efi utility (requires external
refind themes more info refind themes
# program; see rEFInd documentation for details)
# apple_recovery – boots the Apple Recovery HD partition, if present
# mok_tool – makes available the Machine Owner Key (MOK) maintenance
# tool, MokManager.efi, used on Secure Boot systems
# about – an “about this program” option
# exit – a tag to exit from rEFInd
# shutdown – shuts down the computer (a bug causes this to reboot
# EFI systems)
# reboot – a tag to reboot the computer
# firmware – a tag to reboot the computer into the firmware’s
refind themes check here refind themes
# user interface (ignored on older computers)
# Default is shell,apple_recovery,mok_tool,about,shutdown,reboot,firmware
showtools shutdown
refind themes

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