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Sword Demon Love Ballad: Their Later Tale

Describes events directly after the book EX2 Sword Demon Love Ballad, as Wilhelm looks for work after being imprisoned.
Characters appearing: Wilhelm, Theresia, Bordeaux, Grimm, Carol, Roswaal (J), Miklotov, Gionis, Orphe
Orphe: A marriage wrecker infamously known as “The Six Tongued”. Was seeing six different women in the noble’s section of town. A long-haired, pale Casanova. Imprisoned in the dungeon beneath the prison tower.
Gionis (supplement): Known as a gentle person. Roughly 40 years old at this time.
Theresia (supplement): Requested amnesty for Wilhelm from the king, for his actions during the Demihuman War. Was given a house in the noble’s section of town immediately after her first battle as the Master Swordsman. This is still kept as a separate residence of the Astrea family.
Miklotov (supplement): Around 30 years old at the end of the Demihuman War, he works as an assistant minister for the kingdom.
Roswaal J. Mathers (supplement): For two years after Wilhelm’s disappearance, regularly reported on the status of the Royal Army members, as well as Theresia, who came to meet (search) for him.
prison tower: Adjacent to the royal castle, a facility that imprisons those who commit serious crimes.

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Sword Demon Love Ballad: Wedding Day

Depicts the three days after “Sword Demon’s Love Ballad: The two of them afterwards”, up to Wilhelm and Theresia’s wedding.
Characters appearing: Wilhelm, Theresia, Bordeaux, Grimm, Carol, Bertol, Teeshua, Conwood, Gionis, Miklotov
Bertol Astrea: Theresia’s father. Red hair. Overprotective. Below average with the sword.
Teeshua Astrea: Theresia’s mother. Flax-colored hair. Head-over-heels in love with Bertol.
Tems Astrea: Theresia’s older brother. Killed in the Demihuman War.
Carran Astrea: Theresia’s older brother. Killed in the Demihuman War.
Cassiles Astrea: Theresia’s younger brother. Killed in the Demihuman War.
Conwood Melahau: A veteran of the Tselgef corps. Participated in the Great Conquest and the White Whale Subjugation. Carried the Dragon Sword Reid back after the Great Conquest.
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Grimm (supplement): Vice-captain of the Tselgef corps at the time of this story.
Orphe (supplement): At Wilhelm’s recommendation, was released from the prison tower and now serves Bordeaux. Predecessor of an intelligence organization known as “The Six Tongued”.
Frool: The waystation town where Subaru was left behind by Rem. Grimm’s hometown.
Nest of the Earthsnakes: Nickname of a cave in the side of Mount Cordor, near the town of Cramlin southeast of the capital. According to folklore, the earthsnakes living in Mount Cordor cause earthquakes. (Note: It’s not clear if Earthsnakes should be plural or not.)
earthsnake: An earthworm-like mabeast. Over ten meters long.

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Sunlight on the Water(2nd Al story)

After the end of “The Day I stopped being a Trailing Star”,and before the start of the royal selection, killing time in Priscilla’s domain.
Characters appearing: Priscilla, Al, Schult
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Priscilla is referred to as The Sun Princess in the story In the character introductions, it’s clearly stated that Al has no memory of his past. (First time in print?) Al’s helmet is a replica of Swordsman King Yukari’s helmet.
wiki summary (note: it’s implied that the shadow was satella)
Ladrima: A village in the southwest part of Lugunica, bordering on Vollachia, in the south part of the Barony of Barielle.
Evil spirits: spirits that cause harm to people
Ginunhaib Swordsman Islands: Name of a place in Vollachia. Where Al fled after losing his arm, and where he obtained his helmet.
(Author’s note: In a world with no ocean, perhaps it’s like Oki island in Lake Biwa?)
kurenai: a deep red flower that only blooms in the forest of Ladrima’s spring.

Royal Election Prequel: The Successor of Blue

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“The Prologue of the Great Crusch-sama, Studies of the ‘Blue’” showed the beginning, and this story shows the end of Ferris’ month of work as a master healer in the capital. Slightly less than a year after this, EX1’s “Felix Argyle is a Feminine Man” begins.
Characters appearing: Ferris, Crusch, Fourier, Roswaal, Clind, Marcos, Heinkel, Luanna, Carol, Grimm, Garitch
Garitch Fabless: Ferris’ predecessor as the ‘Blue’ master healer. Along with being Ferris’ master, he is called a national treasure. From the onset of Luanna’s illness, he is her main physician. Bordeaux’s main physician as well. Cares for Ferris in spite of the way that Ferris has abilities that exceed his confidence but still underestimates himself, and also teaches him the limits of healing. Stabbed by one of his followers over baseless resentment. Ferris takes over caring for that patient.
Roswaal (extra notes): Comes to Garitch to borrow a healing arts teaching textbook for Rem. Declares himself not suited to healing magic. Seeing Garitch and Ferris’ interaction, briefly recalls himself and his own teacher. Advises Ferris to study in a way that will leave him with no regrets. Garitch thinks of him as a decent noble who judges people based on what’s inside them. It’s only been six or seven years since Ram and Rem started working at the mansion, so it seems he ordered the book before he met them.
Clind (extra notes): Notices Ferris’ gender immediately.
Heinkel (extra notes): Verbally abuses Garitch for being unable to heal Luanna. Nevertheless buries his sorrows in wine when he hears of his death, as he no longer has any hope of a cure for his wife.
Marcos (extra notes): Called “Boulder”. When he uses his specialty magic, he can become a nearly 3 meter tall rock-covered giant (despite that, he can still wield his sword). Chosen as the knight’s commander for having solved Garitch’s case. (It’s unknown if the commander position was empty for the 14 years after Wilhelm departed until Marcos was appointed.)
“Color” titles: After Lugunica suffered during the Demihuman War due to the tactical magic used by the demihumans, these titles were established in a post-war reorganization that included the power of the demihumans in the new magic system. The titles are given to those who reach the apex of mastery in one of the six affinities of magic. ‘Fire’ is ‘red’, ‘water’ is ‘blue’, ‘wind’ is ‘green’, ‘earth’ is ‘yellow’, ‘shadow’ is ‘black’, ‘light’ is ‘white’. At the time of the royal selection, white and black are absent, blue is Ferris, and the last three are held by Roswaal.
Royal Infirmary: In the center of the noble’s section of the capital, a facility where the best healers from throughout the country are gathered.
Corpse Handlers: Craftsmen who take care of corpses, and ensure they are in proper condition for burial.
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Orcos Territory’s Red Snow

Victor Orcos, a lord of the Holy Empire of Gusteko, comes under suspicion of human trafficking. The “Crimson Hunters” (A mercenary group hired by the lord of the neighboring domain Kenash) and the assassin Elsa move to annihilate the soldiers defending the Orcos domain. When Elsa learns that the circumstances are different than was explained to her, she is attacked by a spirit knight dispatched to ensure her silence. Covers the details of event called “Orcos Territory’s Red Snow”, written of in the Re: Zero Visual Complete Vol. 2’s character introduction, that led to Elsa being the target of a manhunt.
Characters appearing: Orcos, Elsa, Igor, Victor, Makarist, Nola, Meili, (true name not given) Shadow Lion
Rogres “The Butcher” Hyatt: A red-faced giant who leads the mercenary group “Crimson Hunters”.
Elsa “Bowel Hunter” Granhiert: Assassin. A black-haired, alluring beauty.
Igor Kenash: Lord of the Kenash domain.
Victor Orcos: Former temple knight, uses a sword style similar to iaido.
Makarist Perkin: temple knight
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Nola: girl being transported as a slave
Meili (supplement): Elsa calls her older sister. As in the anime, has changed to blue hair.
Elsa speaks kindly to her work buddies, she can’t remember faces but she can remember people’s scent, she’s asked if her black hair and black eyes mean that one of her ancestors was a summoner, she was an orphan that ran away from a slave trader just before being sold, her hobby is making dolls (she gave the dolls to Meili), and other details about her upbringing and day-to-day life.
(Note: summoner may actually have been ‘a summoned person’; perhaps they’re asking if someone from another world is in Elsa’s family tree.)
Spirits die when their spirit arts user is killed, but it’s not clear if this means they are forced back to their true form (as Puck was when Emilia died), or they vanish entirely.

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wiki summary

The World Petra Saw

roswaal j. mathers website roswaal j. mathers
Depicts Petra’s upbringing, and Petra’s viewpoint of the last loop of arc 2, up to the arc 2 interlude.
Also talks about Frederica and Clind. In this story, Meili has brown hair.
Characters appearing: Petra, Petra’s parents, Subaru, Mild, Lucas, Meina, Cain, Dine, Meili, Roswaal, Ram, Young-again Granny (mentioned), Muraosa (mentioned), Makiji (mentioned).
roswaal j. mathers

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