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salem twitlonger
I’m writing this twitlonger to clear things up again. I am a bit scared to post this as normally I have someone proof read and revise what I write but I’m not going to do so this time. (Mostly because every time I allow such things important are not heard out the way they should) Now, I had made a video on this subject some time ago but had it unlisted as for some reason it was the most watched video and is not the thing I want people going to my channel for. (That and it’s a bit embarrassing. I really don’t like seeing myself on camera or hearing myself talk honestly.) Temporarily I will remove it from unlisted and have it public for some time. (At first I thought it had got deleted as I couldn’t find it. But no, I’m just bad at navigating created youtube videos. Video is here: )

I recommend watching the video first even though I prefer people not to watch it. With this I’ll also do a writeup here as well, the reason for this is because people only have read some reddit post about me or only has read @RickyMacFL (AKA Balls) ignorantly made twitlonger about me without full context. (For reference: ) As well this will cover my thoughts about the rest of the Nairo situation and for last my thoughts on the smash community and what I’ve been up to. This is the last time I’ll be writing about this or even mentioning this situation and this will be a very VERY long post. If you want to get to the main points of this twitlonger you will have to read quite a bit to understand everything. Sorry I didn’t include a tl;dr. So here goes.

I will start with explaining myself and who I am from the beginning while moving forward into story of how I met zack and the things that later came to be. Some things may or may not match up with the video as I’ve been trying to not think about the past as much for obvious reasons, so I may have forgot some details or some things.

I’m not a very social person nor do I know things like everybody else does due to being homeschooled most of my life without proper teaching from my mom. (who was a teacher by the way) I lived with my mom roughly for about 16-17 years growing up while dealing with my family constantly being physically and mentally abusive. I’m not like anybody else. Though I wish I was sometimes.

I use to go to school at an early age (I don’t remember exactly when) but my first love interest was a girl named Angelica. She had blonde hair with blue eyes. Zero Suit Samus reminds me of her. So I kind of think of Samus as my type of best friend that I’ve known for a while. I stopped going to school some time early as it wasn’t fun or interesting to me, there as well was some other kids who’ve tried to bully me but I never understood what they were doing except being annoying. Though I mainly quit because my goals were to be a president or “someone of importance” to help people in this world, I wanted to be a hero. I decided that such things through school didn’t feel like they were possible to me. That and my mom was a teacher so it felt like a waste of time doing everything there.

My name “Salem” of course isn’t my real name. My real name is Saleem Akiel Young. But Salem might as well be my real name and I prefer to be called that. It always sounded cooler to me and was originally the name I gave to my fire emblem OC that looked similarly to my favorite fire emblem character, Marth. I didn’t get the name from the cat named “Salem Saberhagen” from sabrina the teenage witch. Though, I do love cats but not for that reason, the name being tied to a cat is eerily fitting for someone like me. “Bane” was something I heard of somewhere and learned it meant “Poison” so I thought it was a cool second name to have. These names together can mean “Peaceful Poison” and or many different variants of the same or similar. The name Salem is important to me for many reasons. Because it keeps me distant from my family who I don’t want to be related to and because since having learned the name is tied to a cat it reminds me of the cats I use to have.
salem twitlonger salem twitlonger

Puff, Newt, China, Ashley, These are the names of the cats I use to have. This is a major part of my life because I didn’t understand the concept of death till these events and I loved my cats dearly just like family. I’ve told this story to many people before but for once I’ll tell everyone publicly too.
My family owned 4 cats. Puff(Male, tons of fur, big black and white cat) Newt(Male, black cat with a white star on his chest) China(Female, Orange tabby) and Ashley(Female, black cat with a pink collar with her name on it. Had shiny fur.)

Ashley and sometimes Puff would often stay in my room (though never at the same time because they sometimes didn’t like eachother) I had a large drawer that had a huge mirror attached to it. It seemed like it wasn’t something particularly put on properly as it could wobble some. But my cats never jumped on it so it didn’t matter. Newt would stay in my brothers room that often had all kinds of stuff (mainly being used as a type of tools and storage room) China was a scared cat that stayed to herself and hid in her own personal room away from everything.

One day my mom and dad took me out for Halloween. It was a typical night out but we came back a bit early. What we came back to however was Ashley laying down in the kitchen. She was dead. I never understood what death was at the time so I didn’t know how to feel about it at first so I didn’t even cry. I simply went to my room as my family prepared her burial in our backyard. When I got to my room I came to find out the mirror broke in my room. I don’t remember if I left the door open to my room or not. But if I had… then that possibly could have meant that Ashley came into my room, jumped on my drawer and caused the mirror to fall on her, she would later have died then. Least that’s the scenario I had in mind. There was no other explanation to her sudden death. Especially on that day out of all things. Things didn’t stop here however. A week since that time we found out China suddenly had died. I still didn’t fully understand the concept of death here for some reason. Though something made me feel off and distant in some way. It may have been because I didn’t really hang out and felt that close with China much (though she kind of stayed away from everyone anyway) I still should have felt sorrow or something, either way it was yet another mysterious death. Another week past and not too soon after then we had found out Puff was dying from a mysterious disease. My mom had asked the family if we wanted to have him put to sleep at the Vet or to let him pass away normally. We couldn’t make a decision yet as it was too soon. Not that it mattered as my mom decided to make the decision to have him put to sleep anyway. A few days before then Puff was extremely happy and lively. I had just came back from going out and I was extremely tired. He was constantly meowing at me for some reason, though I think it was because he was just happy to see me and wanted to play. I was too tired though so I just went to rest. I regret doing that having thought about it. But the day Puff was taken to the vet to never be seen ever again, I cried and I cried a lot. I miss him… I miss all my cats still even to this day. They were the most family I ever had.

Most of my time back then I spent on nintendo’s nsider forums. The first few things I became interested in thanks to that place was writing, comics and sprite editing / pixel art. I read a lot of pokemon fanfics and a lot of starfox fanfics mainly. Later I started learning coding in game maker and I also learned graphic design through using gimp. I learned and read a ton on there. It had a RP forum and a social forum. Though on the social forum I mainly trolled there and often would talk to my friend there named DarkLegend28. I found out they were a fire emblem and final fantasy fanatic and they somewhat looked like Bella from Twilight. She was my second love interest. Though I never thought to ask her out or anything.
Moving forward back to focus on my family. My mom would often get annoyed at the entire family (me, my two younger sisters and my older brother) and basically call them useless and not to talk back even when she was more often than not wrong about things. Towards me especially she would do this and be more hostile as I looked like my dad who she hated and even threatened to pull a gun on at some point if he stepped past our houses gate, even though he has to come to see me and his two daughters. The reason for this hostility is due to their breakup ever since a misunderstanding with some woman and my dad even though nothing happened. She was a paranoid type of person so there was often misunderstandings.
salem twitlonger salem twitlonger
My older brother had anger issues often which scared me a lot. But he was the only person who’d listen to me talk, brainstorm ideas with and play games with me often. Though he was usually the one better than me most of the time. Eventually there came a point where he got angry and punching me dead hard in the chest one day. I did tell my mom but somehow all this did was wind up with her punching me in the chest too.

This is something I haven’t really told anyone, but ever since that time I may have got some sort of chest or heart problems. I never got checked up for it but it has always felt like there’s something there holding on to my heart. I’m often tired and have low energy from this feeling, it takes a lot of work and energy just for me to play a match in smash, so tournaments themselves are extremely taxing for me. I have tried working out and various other methods to fix this, to no avail nothing has changed.

My two younger sisters would often lie and get me in trouble with their lies and my mom would almost always believe what they said simply because they were girls. Yes, they were sexist towards males, part of this is also why I’ve had Gynophobia (Fear of women) for years before overcoming it later. I would often get beatings and called all kinds of names because of this. As well this is what made me wish I was born female to avoid such problems even if they’re considered small to other people. It would have also helped me have an easier time with relationships as I had a strong preference for men over women (Bisexual with hard lean towards men) At the time a lot of people were simply in the closet because being gay still wasn’t that widely accepted too. So it was hard for me to just feel like me for a very VERY long time. I juggled all these problems and issues while looking for a relationship, at the time I’ve been in many relationships (though mainly online) and many breakups and they were all mentally taxing as I felt to remove the void of a broken up family that I once loved I needed someone to be there for me and love me. As sad and selfish as that sounds.

At this same time when I was dealing with my family issues and looking for a relationship I’ve dealt with constant bullying online on a website called allisbrawl. This is where I learned that people are generally evil. Obnoxious, Annoying. Since then I simply remained quiet most of my life, shortly later around this time was when I seriously got to enter tournaments. The first tournament I entered I almost didn’t even get to go because my mom was paranoid of me being taken there by a stranger (CT Chia) so my mom took me there herself, the one time she did anything actually good for me. Since that time I wanted to go to more tournaments but I couldn’t because my mom didn’t trust strangers and she couldn’t take me to a lot of tournaments. There finally came a time for me to leave though.

My dad had bought me and my sisters a dog named Benny. They were a mixed breed type of dog. I don’t particularly remember what type of breed but they were a really energetic dog. I wanted another pet ever since the entire mysterious cat incident that happened in my life. But my mom said no and that got me upset and my sisters upset, they even started crying. For some reason, even though they both basically screwed my life up I got extremely angry at my mom and got tired of things being this way. So I told her off and my brother got mad at me and I told him off too and if he tried ANYTHING I would get the police to deal with him. So whatever he may have tried it better be to kill me. He didn’t bother with me then. But I was so annoyed and upset with them both that I decided to just leave, I didn’t even bring my shoes either. I wanted to just run away and never come back. Which I guess I sort of did, but I really just ran to my dads house which was nearby (because he wants to be near his kids) luckily my dad was home. I told him everything and how tired I was of her treating everyone. I was pissed off and crying. Just all of it made me so tired of people in this world. At the same time the dog my dad had got me and my sisters was there and they stopped being hyperactive as they heard how upset I was. Benny usually would bark and jump around in his cage but not during that time. After this all happened I transitioned to living with my dad. Got my stuff from my moms house and just never dealt with her ever again.

salem twitlonger best of salem twitlonger
I got to attend tournaments often then because my dad wasn’t as restrictive compared to my mom. Though he was often busy so he wasn’t around much. But it was fine, better than dealing with my mom. I would often go to philly to hangout with Vex and Chia. I had a lot of fun there and that was where I spent most of my time as I would sometimes go from there to a tournament or to a tournament to there. Sometimes I accidentally would get stuck there and couldn’t get home. But Vex is a nice person and let me stay there, even for weeks or longer at a time.

Though sometimes I needed my dad to drive me to smashfests or take me to tournaments. I almost missed Apex 2013 because of this BUT I only missed day 1 which was just doubles. (I was suppose to team with dabuz, sorry dabuz.) He drove me to dapuffster’s house and I believe I practiced a bit late at night. I’m not sure if I did go to sleep or not but I was someone else that tournament. I didn’t feel like I felt anything when I was playing and I was trying my hardest. I tried even harder when Vinnie lost to Dojo. He was crying because he lost to him so I told him I’ll beat him for him. Which I proceeded to do and then went even further to beating mew2king in two sets (wfs and gfs) and winning the tournament. I believe I learned almost everything I needed to then as a few weeks before apex 2013 I was training with some of the best in the world. mew2king spilled the secret weakness to metaknights mach tornado, which was to SDI it on the initial first hit. I didn’t know you could do that as I was told it’s not possible to SDI the tornado before from other people. I took this even further however and implemented SDI’ing every attack of metaknights as they were all mainly multihit moves. This had me create a perfect mix of an offensive and defensive playstyle with a lot less shielding. Thinking about it now, I learned a lot in a very short time to combat the character effectively in that tournament.

With all this to note. I only knew basic things when it came to morals and rules. (Like killing being bad, racism being bad, pedophilia being bad, etc.) So I often kept to myself, played games, and lived life, what I usually do was talk to people online, write, graphic design, code, etc. Many things, even up to smash 4.

I first met Zack around one of the big houses I attended. He beat mew2king (which at first confused me because I thought nobody knew how to correctly play bayonetta yet) I didn’t know who he was exactly but I assumed he was good because he beat my training partner, I won the set vs him but that was the first time I met him. I later found out he had messaged me some time ago for advice on bayo (I never answered because again, I’m not very social and sometimes I miss messages.) I asked Zack once and we both didn’t remember when we both met exactly, we just remember just hanging out.

Zack was very social and often would make jokes, troll, gossip, listen to music and talk about sexual things casually and with others besides me in the way of an older experienced mature person. (Like the trope of older women getting together and talking about their life and having fun enjoying their conversation) When we became friends we would often hang out and at times he would try to get me to hang out with him or the so called “Bayo group” (Note: In my video I said I no longer associate with them and will no longer be talking to any of them) he would often tell me about his relationships, people he’s interested in and would even introduce me to the people he dates. From my knowledge at the time I assumed they were all the same age. But apparently not. However, again… I’m not a social person like that so I never thought to ask about that because I’m not nosy and Zack is the one who goes around telling people all kinds of things that may or may not be true.

salem twitlonger best of salem twitlonger
From my knowledge Zack would often be in relationships and they would often not work out for him. I related to this quite a bit but I will not talk much about my relationships. When Zack was interested in Nairo I did not think much of it because I assumed Nairo and Zack were around the same age. People assume I knew how old Nairo was due to brawl when I never paid attention to him like that and people often said Nairo was very young and continued to say this further into smash 4. Again, this is me not being nosy. Me “cheering” Zack on for the the things between them is simply me being glad Zack finally has a working relationship as he didn’t go into much detail before when it came to other people he’s been in relationships with. But this one in particular he did. Anything else said is me not knowing it’s not okay to talk to a minor about those types of things even if they may be experienced and as well me saying how things are cute is as well a different story. In context I was saying how it must’ve been cute because I compared it to the thought of things between me and my own boyfriend. Again, won’t go into much detail about that but I wasn’t thinking about children, kids or anyone under 18 that’s for sure. So no, I’m no predator nor do I condone pedophilia.

Now moving forward after that, I assumed Zack and Nairo dating was okay for reasons I just mentioned. They even had pictures together and were often together, even cuddling at times. So I had no idea of anything. Though because of how things were oddly quiet about their relationship I DID later ask Zack if they were dating and I was told from him that “He doesn’t know.” as well he made it sound like Nairo wasn’t sure of a relationship or that he was more interested in a girl. I mainly was interested in their relationship because it had the type of “celebrities are dating” type of vibe. Only later did I learn that the situation was something else entirely as Zack again later told me he made the story up. (I believed him foolishly even though I literally saw him laying down on Nairo’s lap. I must’ve not though about it very much) As well I learned a lot more about Zack. Which I will get to in a bit.

There was another time where Zack got into a relationship with MattyG (who at the time I assumed was young) in this relationship there apparently was a lot of mental abuse and toxicity on both ends as it seemed they mainly talked to eachother online. This happened due to Tamim AKA Mistake who “allowed” them to get together. Tamim was originally the one interested in MattyG and MattyG was also interested in Tamim but due to Tamim’s religion (which he’s very VERY serious about) their relationship couldn’t happen. (Tamim didn’t tell him this though however( But Zack was interested in MattyG so Tamim basically helped get them together despite saying he knew what would happen. At some tournament later something went down between Zack, MattyG and Tamim and Zack and MattyG began arguing through text and calling eachother all kinds of names (so I assume, I did not see the messages) Tamim also was hiding something from Zack and MattyG and what this lead to was Zack getting extra paranoid and crazy to the point where he went to the bathroom and began cutting himself with razors. Luckily friends of his was there to help stop the bleeding, but everyone could see Zack was in a horrible state in mind and it was affecting him physically (he was in fetal position so you could clearly tell) but I was more focused on why Tamim wouldn’t just tell the truth so this could’ve been all avoided and it seemeed that it could’ve got worse if it weren’t for me being there. So me being caught in the middle of things (since this was all happening in my hotel room…) I decided to just tell MattyG the truth and this lead things to immediately calm down. EVER SINCE THIS HERE, Zack and Tamim stopped telling me as much things and this is important for what comes next.

Another time when I was hanging out with the bayo group. Zack said how he thought Ally was attractive. I assumed that anything between those two would never ever be possible because I assumed Ally was straight and Ally was way older than him. Though I forgot for some reason when it comes to Zack people just don’t care. At CEO 2019 I overheard something from Ally and someone else about Zack but couldn’t clearly make out the words. I did later hang out with Zack and friends, Zack was oddly mean about Ally but I didn’t know why as for some reason secrets were being kept from me. Turns out something happened between them after all and it was all revealed later regardless. I was very conflicted on who to side with as Zack didn’t seem like a bad person to me at the time so I wanted him unbanned.

Now let me move on to why it seems some things are covered up with the Nairo situation. I don’t have too many screens but I have a few to help. Zack started acting funny about the situation with Nairo when Wrath brought up there being documents on him. Zack immediately messaged me suddenly when this happened. I have the screen of this for proof: ( ) ( ) I again asked Zack if things between him and Nairo happened and he again told me he made it up, even going as far as saying it was “A very good and well made up story.” which I DIDN’T FALL FOR AGAIN, though I almost did. It was believable at first to me because Zack also writes fanfics. Though I never read them. At the time when things were slowly being revealed Zack was making his twitlonger he asked me for proof for things using our conversations as the screenshots. I agreed to such and told him he doesn’t need to blur me out. He told me he’ll do what he can to help me since he knows how people are and that he’s sorry. ( ) He didn’t want any of his friends getting involved or bothered by people because of the twitlonger so he had to make another twitlonger anyway to calm down people harassing them. I AT FIRST when things were happening oh so suddenly was actually investigating the situation because I wasn’t sure of anything and was asking zack’s friends questions because I was lied to by zack. At the same time of investigating (when everything was being posted on twitter and things were trying to be covered up) I learned how old nairo was and as well learned how old mattyg was as well (at that point I would not be surprised if zack dated anyone else older either) this investigation I was doing was happening during the resurface of zack and nairo’s situation being covered up with nairo saying how zack lied and made the whole thing up. I literally did not understand why zack and nairo were acting so off. I would have liked to ask nairo himself during the investigation but after what I saw I expected to be lied to again so I never asked.

salem twitlonger informational salem twitlonger
From what I learned about zack after everything came to light and figuring out everything… I do believe he is a manipulative person. There was times he mentioned to me he could easily control the smash community (which he shown he was capable of doing) at first I wanted to believe he wasn’t a bad or evil person and just misunderstood in a way similarly to me. But no, he actually was just evil after all the entire time and got all his friends in a lot of screwed up mess. Whether it’s an accident or not doesn’t matter anymore. It was evil regardless. Everybody is hurt and he has managed to hurt a huge community of people. So I think instead of being negative we should try to repair the damages that we all have suffered big or small.

So that’s it for that. If I was actually a child predator, a pedophile, I’d put myself in jail or even rather off myself. I’m EXTREMELY SERIOUS ABOUT THAT. There’s a reason why a lot of people and top players follow me still to this day, why a lot of people follow me still. It’s because I’m not whatever your friend @RickyMacFL wants you to think I am. Or whoever on reddit or wherever you may have read things up on me from. I’m a very genuine person and what I say are not lies. Not even years of research was a lie. That itself was all information I gathered from huge community figures who’s had to experience negative things for years and as well others experiences with people as well as other hidden information gathered from the connections I have. Though I can’t say from where. There’s a long history and a lot of information I gathered that I will at some point put together fully and put into a video. And again, a lot of top players agree with me on such things, though they won’t say it due to not wanting to be involved in drama or anything. Which is understandable. Which is why I don’t mention those who obviously don’t want to be involved.

NOW, on to what I think about this entire Nairo situation.

I wish everyone actually took more time to look into things first before assuming people are things they’re not and just black listing or banning people. You have to always check both sides even if one side sounds really good and even if you’ve known the person your entire life. You have to actually investigate these things thoroughly and actual investigating can take a LONG TIME. (this can take months or even years to uncover everything) when it comes to the smash community you guys will jump at everything and join the louder side or the side that comes out first right away. That or believe in any screens and a made up story about anyone as long as it’s a possibility for you to get clout, uphold your idea of someone to create a false narrative or to make things easier for yourself in bracket or maybe you’re just spiteful, who knows.

Either way, it’s not right that a great role model and community leader like Nairo has to suffer because people literally don’t know how to stop for a second and give time to think. Most people do not stop to actually think about a situation. You don’t give the benefit of the doubt, you don’t give chances. It just feels like just a bunch of kids are mostly here pointing fingers with no maturity and only a mob mentality, they just want negativity and I’m really sick of it. I say MOSTLY because it’s actually been proven most people in this world is negative. This is not a smash community thing either. This is something that’s been happening all around the world with various different things for a very long time and everybody always ignores it and lets a mob of people say whatever they want and create a picture of negativity to place upon anyone or anything. These people do not want to be guided by anything but negativity and that’s why things like Trump becoming president happened. People are more drawn to negativity and hatred more than anything else in this world and that is a FACT. Why else would people allow such evil and negative things to happen?

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So what we’re gonna do and what we’re not gonna do is this–

We’re getting Nairo unbanned from everything and I EXPECT a community apology to him. Whether it’s a twitlonger or a tweet. This community needs to learn to act like an actual community instead of people who are toxic, people who act like bots, clout chasers, drones and sheep.

This as well may be questionable but Ally should maybe get unbanned as well. No one has to agree with me on this here. But it should be considered. There was talk about how there was abuse and manipulative things happening between him and Zack that the smash code of conduct had mentioned and brought to light, along with everything that we know now and with Ally having been going through therapy I think it would be fair to consider it as well. He doesn’t seem like a predator and looked to just be emotionally unstable from all that I read and learned.

Zack is obviously getting permanently banned due to being toxic and dangerous to our community. Among other things already mentioned. He did say that he was fine being banned anyway before. Not like it matters either way.

We are not going to harass anyone that was innocent in this situation as they either didn’t know, didn’t know better or wasn’t sure who to side with at the time. This should be obvious but has to be said, as people like Tweek and Samsora were Zack’s best friend and after reading everything. Do you REALLY think these two would suddenly switch sides and apologize to Nairo or say how they don’t think he’s a danger to the community? This basically says Zack messed up everyone. We’ve all had to deal with this for some time now. Some more than others but this is not a thing of who has it worse. It’s about understanding people are human and we need to treat people as such instead of as objects that cannot redeem themselves.

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We are not going to continue to allow people to spread rumors or lies or try to accuse people of things till we have all factual information.
I have to say this and put this all out here because nobody else will. Nobody wants to tell a whole community of people what you can and can’t do. But I will. Even if I have to talk to every TO, Top player or influencer there is known in this community to get this pushed and said out there. All of this has lasted long enough and it’s time to make this a better place for EVERYONE.

Now for last…

There’s some things I wanted to say for a while but I’ve been busy focusing on other things and have been wanting to just… be alone.

So first I want to say this here. Sorry Pereden. If I remember correctly in my video I had mentioned how someone should’ve did something and that I had expected you out of anyone to have been the one to be the first to stop these things from happening since I assumed you were the most close to Nairo and was on top of everything he did. I apologize for that.

I’ve taken therapy. it has helped a lot and I’ve managed to feel a lot better about things of the past. I have sent an angry email to my mom to say what I had to say as I never got to my whole entire life. She has sent an email back but I’m never going to open it or answer it for obvious reasons.
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I love the smash community but it’s very easy for me to not love it as well due to the type of people I’ve dealt with in the past. I’m going to try to be more social and talk more, I’m going to try to be more involved in the community. Though I am more busy than usual. I want to work on making this community something amazing for everyone.

I LOVE Melee and the Melee community, just like everybody else You’re the smash community as well though distant in a way as you’re special in comparison to the entire smash community. Hence why you’re called the “Melee community.” But there is one thing I don’t like that the Melee portion of the community does. It often has too much influence. I say this as in… they easily can cause people like Nintendo to become distant. I’ve been told from those close with Nintendo that they had become distant in the past and somewhat scared of us because of things like the Evo incident where Melee wasn’t going to be streamed but the got huge backlash for trying to do so. They still have tried to bring the Melee community together with them regardless through Ultimate to try to mend things. I’d also like you people to know Nintendo has things in store for us but it takes time. If you have the patience they’ll provide over time and will accept feedback. I do not like how we hate on nintendo when they’re inexperienced with dealing with others competitiveness and wants. I also do not like how we get angry at them over them cease and desisting things. They’ve done this for a very long time to fan games and the like. Only now some light is being shined on such. If there’s a problem I very much suggest we make a petition and try to get them to not shut down our fanmade projects and games. It is but a suggestion though. Now, I understand we all love smash and want to make a living off of what we love too. But please do remember they’re a japanese company. In Japan tournament rewards are a bag of rice or a controller. (So what I commonly know and have heard of) It’s not money. America we prefer bigger rewards over things that have sentimental value. But Japan has a natural pride of the game itself. This too explains why they have tons of better players than we do. They aren’t thinking about all those things. They just love the game and that’s where they put all their heart into. So please try to at least respect that and understand they’re not American and don’t do things the same way Americans do. They will take it into consideration though and show us what they can do over time. That is the truth. I have no problems with Melee. I would even like to play it consistently just to show the actual potential of the lameness of the game itself. (Considering people often playing Melee are trying to look cool and fight.) I’ve studied the game quite a lot and theorycrafted often. Though since Melee has moved online I’m kind of discouraged from playing it as it’s already hard enough to learn offline.

I’m going to try to be a community leader. Keyword try. As I’m often busy these days and as well people don’t like me simply because they either. A. Don’t like how I play. B. Assume I hate melee. or C. Think I’m a weirdo because of misinformation. Even if I don’t become a leader or figure I’ll do what I can here to make things better and inform people what is and isn’t right. Originally I just wanted to be an entertainer and just do cool things in smash or just have fun. But I want to do more now. Well, do more now than just play smash and be a competitor.

I’m team nintendo BUT that doesn’t mean I like everything that they do. I agree with a lot of things our community says and wants but I myself rather would be on nintendo’s side for personal reasons. Well… personal reasons I can’t say anyway. Maybe in the future I will. I do not mean any ill will to our community or anyone that wants or demands things from nintendo. In fact I agree with a lot of you.

I currently do not live with MVG. I live with my boyfriend currently, so sorry that my internet sucks sometimes. (I’ve recently got a second line and another router) Nothing has happened between me and my team really. Only thing is I’ve asked for some time off of working with them so I haven’t been in as many videos as of lately. At any time I can decide to go back to living with them and as well working with them. But I’d like time just working on some things that I’m going to mention below and as well as working on myself and being closer to this community for once.
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My current main focus is working on my youtube, doing coaching, possibly streaming again(?) making two projects. One being a furry visual novel / action rpg game, the other is a secret for now. It may take a while for the game and the secret project to be made as I need to put a team together to get it done, the secret project however I can say can come a lot sooner than one expects. But it all does require a lot of money to get all done. I want to use all this to make something special and relatable to people. These things I want to make into the go to type of thing for people. The entry way even. Especially furries considering there isn’t very good furry content out there nor is very big. Well, unless you count beastars I guess. But that in itself isn’t as major as something like demon slayer, attack on titan or something we’re all familiar with, the dragon ball series. I want to go for something on that scale or at least try to. My youtube I could’ve been working on but I’ve been distracted with my two projects. Though after this month I promise I’ll get some actual content on there and not a sad twitlonger disguise as a video on my channel. It’s a lot of writing and planning. But I’m reserving a team for such and will get them all together when I have the money and everything sorted out. If anyone would be interested in helping me it would be much appreciated if you donated (my paypal and as well coaching information will be at the bottom of this twitlonger.) I may make a patreon or gofundme for these later in the future with a whole lot of incentives. Lots of things everybody will enjoy and have fun with.

And… I think that’s all for now. I’ve taken a couple of days to write this twitlonger and I’ve taken time to look over it several times just to make sure I’ve said all I needed to and wanted to say. To those who’ve have been here and read everything… thanks. I don’t like talking about myself or how I feel really. But if you understand, if any of you understand. Thank you for your empathy.

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salem twitlonger

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