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BANG: The Forbidden Hunting Story

“Hey, what the fuck man? That was totally not a catch!” Adam proclaims to his buddy TJ, flailing his arms at his propped up phone. “They’re not even gonna replay it? Fuck these ESPN queers I’m so done.” Adam reaches for his phone, whilst accidentally knocking over a half-empty Pabst Blue Ribbon, which he allowed to lethargically stain the carpet of their Old Deer Blind. It was another molasses-paced Saturday for the gang, and Logan was already at the brink of no return: his eyes slowly enveloped in a retarded haze, as he whittled an oaken replica of Kelly Harman.
“My two main concerns right now are bitches and trucks, and I know I can get my fix one way” Logan stammered in a late response to the ruckus. The tears in his Ed Hardy jeans flared as he slammed the door behind him, and sped away in his F-350.
“What’s up his ass?” Exclaimed a giggling T.J., slurping away at a cold one.
“Who knows bro, whatever floats his boat, right?” Adam inquires quizzically. They both cackle, disregarding the core rule of ninja-like silence that comes with hunting for buck. T.J. sighs, and looks back up.
“Maybe we should still ask him if there’s shit wrong with his girl or something, that’s what bro’s are for.”
Adam silently agrees, and heads for the door. He stops.
“Huh? Seriously what the fuck!”
Violently jangling the knob, Adam comes to a harsh conclusion: the door was locked from the outside, again!
“I’m gonna give it to that fucking pussy Logan for trapping me in here like a dipshit. On god, this is the last straw!” T.J. hurries to his bro in an effort to keep their mutual composure.
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“Calm down, big man,” clarifies T.J., “this isn’t that big of a deal;” but he knew it was too late. His buddie’s temples were a volcanic shade, and tears were welling up in his pupils. Adam’s fingers were blasting away at a keyboard, pounding numbers of a Floridian area code. However, his qualms were slowly eased when his broad, striated deltoids got stroked from behind. His cheeks morphed from tense and tear-lubricated to the classic bashful rouge blush.
“Now now, there’s no need to be caught in a bunch like that” T.J. whispers in his ear “we’re just in a tight situation. We’re in it together though, and that’s gonna make it better!” Adam wipes his eyes and grins, ever so slightly. He leans his head back onto warm thighs.
“That’s true as fuck. You are my best friend. Thick and thin, since freshman year. That’s a long ass time, bruh. You’re like the Gigi that I can throw around, bring hunting, and go mudding with: all I ever wanted in a compadre.” This made T.J.’s heart soar; his toes squirmed in fetted Nike socks, and a grin, like a wondrous rainbow, arched ear to ear. The slightest notion that he could coincide in Adam’s dreams and ambitions next to such a beauty was music to the boy’s ears. The room was silent for a moment, but they both knew what would happen next, in unspoken ritual.
Adam so dangerously made the first advance, gently slipping off TJ’s timbs and Nike elites. TJ, trembling with anticipation and desire, watched as his big toe slid directly between his forbidden lover’s salivating lips. His head jerked back violently as Adam went from toe to toe, sucking the lint clean off. Slowly unbuckling his friends pants, Adam locked eyes with TJ.
“Yeehaw,” in a soft, sultry tone was all TJ could muster to his previously homophobic partner in crime. TJ begins to drool as Adam pushes more and more of TJ’s toes into his mouth.
“You’ve got all my little piggies!” TJ says with a nervous giggle nervous.
“Trust me babe, I know…” Adam replies as he nibbles gently on TJ’s toenails sloppily, his speech now impeded by a quintet of tantalizing digits.
TJ skillfully snakes his other foot up to the rim of Adam’s pursed anus, a maneuver he had practiced many times on his various victims. Right as TJ jerked his entire foot into Adam’s rectum, Adam let out a shrill cry that scared away every shootable deer in a 2-mile radius.
After pulling each of his toes out from TJ’s quivering hole, Adam catches his breath and walks over to the corner of the room to grab his Savage M220 Stainless Camo Rifle. As he picks up the rifle, he clenches his cheeks, and turns to TJ, saying:
“Hey, big boy. Wanna help me empty this thick rifle? I can’t do it on my own” he says with a wink. Adam walks over with the gun cleverly hiding his slowly inflating cock. TJ rubs his tummy, staring at the gun where Adam’s cock would’ve been, groaning in disappointment that his view is distorted. Anxiously, wishing he could see more, TJ blurts out “MOVE THE GUN!” He then looks away, trying to hide his tomato-red blush. Adam giggles and walks toward TJ slowly, swinging his rifle back and forth, hypnotizing TJ into his own will. TJ begins to drool from his mouth. Adam walks up and catches his drool on the tip on his swollen cock.
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“Don’t drool, honey. It’s bad manners” he says teasingly. TJ embraces Adam’s cock, pressing his face against the beast as a single tear slowly rolls down his cheek, falling into Adam’s urethra. Adam let’s out a glass-shattering moan as he grabs TJ’s head and directs his mouth towards his own penis. As soon as Adam pushes his penis all the way into TJ’s mouth, TJ gives out a shriek. “Yeehaw!” he let’s out, muffled by the huge cock lodged in his throat.
“Oh… Ohh. OHHHHHHH” Adam let’s out in a cry.
“Bro. Did you just cum?” TJ asks, a little disappointed.
“Yah? So what? I get off easy man. You know what? Fuck this. I’m out man. I was gonna suck you but whatever bro,” Adam pouts as he starts to tear up. TJ lunges forward and grabs Adam by the waist. Adam grins and pushes TJ down on the floor.
“Dude. Get up on your hands and knees. I wanna see your best deer impression” Adam commands. TJ complies and props himself up.
“I’m ready for your rifle now” TJ beggingly replies. Adam preps himself, getting into a starting position. He jogs in place, his erect cock smacking each of his thighs one at a time. Sprinting forward, Adam aims his cock right for TJ’s little hole. Lurching forward, he plunges his cock deep into TJ’s tight, rosy-red ass. TJ moans in great pleasure, feeling a little guilty that he hasn’t wiped in five days, but chooses not to tell.
“Gosh! You’re slippery!” Adam compliments seductively.
“Yo guys you won’t believe the 8-pointer I drop…” Logan is stopped dead in his tracks in the doorway like a white tail deer caught in the headlights of a hemi. His jaw drops as he stares directly at Adam’s shit-covered groin region.
“Wait… You guys aren’t gay… Are you?” Logan inquires the naked boys
“No you fag, what the fuck?” They shout back in unison.
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“Alright, that’s cool with me I guess. I got the buck in the bed, can you two get clothes on and meet me out back?”
“I call shotgun” T.J. retorts.
“Are you joking, man? You got shotgun seat on the way up, uncool bruh.” Adam is weeping a little again as Logan casually strolls out, but not on behalf of the camo Ford cushions that he desires.
“This was the best day of my entire life and stuff, but I don’t want this to change our bro-ship at all.” Adam howls. It was fine with his sensual counterpart, as he embraces him in a giddy hug. They clothe themselves across the room from each other, and start for the door. They share one last passionate, heavy kiss, before leaving their violent spark in the deer blind to settle, at the bottom of an infinite metaphorical abyss. They both hop in Logan’s pickup, as they begin to argue who is the best at sports. THE END
savage m220 stainless camo

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