Sexlab Aroused Is Ready To Use

sexlab aroused is ready to use
SexLab Attraction is a framework plugin very similar to the Sexlab Aroused.


It assigns attractiveness value to the PC and NPCs between 0 and 100 with a normal distribution meaning for most NPCs it oscillates around 50, about 3 out of a 100 have base attractiveness >80, and about 3 out of a 1000 >90. It also assigns weight and height preference values to the NPCs. Women like buffier men (mean weight preference 75, height 1.05), while men like smaller women (mean weight preference 25, height 0.95). Those preference means for genders can be changed via MCM.

It provides a function to get attraction value which:
– assigns attractiveness and weight preference if they were not assigned before
– dynamically calculate “real attraction” of the NPC towards PC based on many factors:
a) Your attractiveness
B) Your speech
sexlab aroused is ready to use check here sexlab aroused is ready to use
c) NPCs gender preference
c) NPCs gender
d) NPCs weight preference in relation to PCs weight
e) NPCs height preference in relation to PCs height

It comes with MCM with:
– ability to choose whether SexLab sexual orientation should be used or the sexual orientations should be randomized using probabilities set in MCM
– ability to choose whether attraction can influence relationships with NPCs
– ability to set attractiveness of PC
– ability to set attractiveness, weigh and height preference of NPCs
sexlab aroused is ready to use click here sexlab aroused is ready to use

Pressing the ‘n’ key will result in a message about PCs attractiveness. Pressing it with an NPC in the crosshair will instead list NPCs attractiveness and attraction to the PC. The key can be changed in MCM

Initial attraction and attractiveness levels influence relationship with NPCs. NPCs are friendlier to those they are attracted to (chance for a +1 to relationship with a max of 1). NPCs of the same sex as PC can be jealous if the PC is attractive (chance for a -1 to relationship with a min of -1). NPCs that find you especially repulsive don’t like you. This feature can be turned off in MCM. NOTE: This feature needs some other plugin(like Sexlab Approach) to assign attraction stats to NPCs. Otherwise it only works on NPCs you manually select with ‘n’ key.

Planned features:
Racial preference (I’ll try to keep it lore-friendly)
Looks preference if possible (for instance hair / eye color)
Easily moddable modifier
Ideally I’d like to make it, so that NPCs that find you attractive and are close to you would get their arousal elevated (AKA boner when a hot chick walks by Posted Image ).
sexlab aroused is ready to use check here sexlab aroused is ready to use
I’d also like to make it, so that if an NPC finds you repulsive it won’t get aroused by your nakedness, while if it finds you really attractive it will get aroused a lot faster. I’m not sure this is doable without ingeration in Aroused though, so it might be impossible
Right now, it is only used in Sexlab Approach.

What’s New in Version 20-10-2014 (See full changelog)
20-10-2014 – Included the fix for sexuality bug, Includes option for PC preferences and racial preferences
12-9-2014 – I made sure relationships change only by +1, 0 or -1 (-2 was a possibility earlier by oversight). Also changed the way the N key works.
29-8-2014 – Fixed (hopefully:P ) fluctuating stats bug, made sure relationships are only changed once, changed the way wealth is calculated (on equip for player, stored in a faction for npcs) to lower the script load
28-8-2014 – Fixed display bugs in MCM, generally changed a few things in MCM, added a reset button which causes the mod to assign new stats to NPCs, fixed the journal reset bug, changed the way wealth is calculated to make it lighter.
27-8-2014 – Some big changes: Attraction takes wealth and power into account, It calculates lust – how much desire does one actor have for another (takes into account Arousal meaning SexLab Aroused is a requirement now), it works between any two actors now. It also has a function that calculates disparity between social standing of two actors (only takes wealth and power into account right now, but will be expanded upon). When you press the key you will only see how attractive your PC considers the targeted NPC, how PC desires to have sex with NPC and the disparity of their social standing (number > 1 means the NPC has higher position)
18-7-2014 – A few bugfixes, slightly changed the way attraction is calculated, instead of checking ‘playable’ flag now the mod is checking ‘allow PC dialog’ flag which should solve vampire / custom race compatibility problem. Also added Height preference
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3-5-2014 v2 – repacked for use with NMM
3-5-2014 – Several changes:
Added an option to change the function key in MCM
Added options to change the amount of Straight / Gay / Bisexual people in MCM. Mod randomizes sexual orientations, but uses SexLab system (in order to work with other mods, such as Aroused for instance)
A few minor changes to the way attraction is calculated
added a relationship decrease if an NPC finds you repulsive (which is not too easy to achieve 😛 )
restricted inheritance to relationships >= 2. NEEDS TESTING
27-4-2014 – Added an option in MCM allowing users to disable the influence of attraction on relationships
26-4-2014 – First version – No changes from version 26-3-2014, so if you have it installed it’s bit by bit the same.
sexlab aroused is ready to use

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